Non-fiction Involving Spanking

  1. Choose a Spanking

    This is a little application that will choose a spanking for you, based on severity.

  2. One way to give a hard spanking

    This is my recipe for a hard spanking. Like a recipe for a delicious dish, a spanking has a certain structure. The pain should build. A spanking should start with sting and end with thud. In the ideal case a spanking should start with "ow" and end with tears (sadly many adults cannot cry during a spanking, no matter how much they wish they could).

  3. Ritual and Spanking

    Ritual often features prominently in spanking fantasy. "Go to your room and pull down your panties", a naughty girl is told. "Bring me the paddle" a naughty boy is ordered. This page discusses spanking ritual and includes a spanking scene where a naughty boy and his two sisters are spanked by their mother.

  4. The Spanking Fetishist James Joyce

    Perhaps college english majors all know this, but it came as a surprise to me that the Irish writer James Joyce was a spanking fetishist.

  5. Who is Case Wintermute?

  6. The Origin of the name Wintermute

Last updated: September, 2004