Ritual and Spanking

Ritual seems to be part of the core of most people's spanking fetish. Or to put it more broadly, part of the fetish is fixation on ritual detail. This detail would bore anyone who does not have the fetish, but to the fetishist, the detail is critical. I always wonder how a spanking story reads to someone who does not have the kink. All that fixation on exactly how the spanking unfolds.

For example, a school girl spanking fantasy is usually much more detialed than "she was dressed like a school girl". We know that she is wearing a school uniform and we know all the details. She is wearing a short plaid skirt (she is a naughty girl, so the skirt hem is higher than allowed by school regulations), a white shirt (perhaps with a monogram), a stripped "rep" tie, white ankle sox, hair in a pony tail, or "pigtails", and under the skirt regulation brief panties (or, if she is an especially naughty girl, non-regulation lace string bikini or thong panties, which will earn her "extras").

We also know the finest details about what takes place when our young lady receives her just deserts. She will be scolded by the headmaster or mistress and informed of her punishment (12 storkes with the cane). Assuming that the spanking is given on the bare bottom, the way the young lady's bottom is bared is an important part of the fantasy. The "Head" may order her to pull her panties down and bend over the des. Or she may be ordered to bend over and the "Head" flips up her skirt and lowers her panties. What ever path is followed by our errant young lady between being clothed and bared for her spanking, we know all of the details. Time slows as her punishment draws near. She feels the cool air on her bare bottom as she waits for the first stroke of the cane. Perhaps we know whether her thighs are modestly pressed together. Or perhaps the "Head" has ordered "legs apart", making her spread her legs as much as her panties will allow, giving her disciplinarian a view of her pussy, peaking out between her thighs, as she waits with her bottom presented for the cane.

In a school girl spanking story the punishment is not summarized, but given in blow by blow detail. We know that the first stroke across the naughty school girl's bare bottom burns like hot metal, the pain spreading for a few seconds after the stroke. The "Head" gives the storkes slowly, allowing full appreciation of each one. As the punishment proceeds, and her tears flow, we find out that she clenches her bottocks and squrims. She is warned by the "Head" to stay still and in position, but alas, the pain is too much and she cannot. The "Head" warns that extras have been awarded. Finally, when the dreaded twelve strokes have been received, the now well punished girl is informed that she has two more coming and they are given very hard, burning across her welted bottom.

Ritual is part of the context of submission, which can be such an important part of spanking. There must be something in homo sapiens about the ritual submission of the buttocks. Your girl brings you the paddle and looking down at the floor tells you she's been very naughty and needs a spanking. She bares her bottom, and lies over your lap to take her punishment.

In the bedroom she is kneeling on the bed, her head down, her bottom in the air, the strap lying next to her. You take the strap and spank her offered buttocks until she is red and crying under the strokes and then you fuck her hard, her hot ass under you.

Spanking involves the bottom submitting to the top and all the rituals that go along with that submission. For many people the ultimate act of submission is anal sex. This is loaded with ritual too. A good hard spanking is administered and the bottom is ordered to spread their cheeks. They cup a buttock in each hand. They can feel the welts and the heat from their well punished bottom as they spread their cheeks and push their ass up, waiting for the lube and penitration.

Waiting can be a big part of ritual. The bottom is sent to "their room" to get ready for a spanking. Or the bottom is told that they will be spanked later in the day. Perhaps there is a special day appointed for punishment spankings every week. Waiting might take place after the spanking. A young lady is ordered to bare her bottom and given a hard spanking. Then she is sent to her room to undress and wait, her bottom in the air, for a good hard fucking. Or the bottom waits, lying naked on the bed, hands behind them, spreading their buttocks, waiting for for their ass fucking.

Spanking fantasies involving domestic spanking are full of ritual and detail, although they usually don't have the harsh punishment feel of "Public School" spanking fantasies. A "Public School" caning is a pure punishment spanking (although I suppose that a real Imperial British spanking might be followed by buggery as well). In contrast to the harshness of school spankings, a domestic spanking is loving correction.

Waiting and corner time" is a part of many domestic discipline scene. Some people play with "corner time", before, during or after a spanking. A young lady who has just had a paddling over her "daddy's" knee is sent to the corner, her bare red bottom on display. The corner gives her a chance to think about how sore her bottom is and to anticipate the caning she will get when she is called from the corner to bend over the back of the couch.

Anticipation is a spice that goes along with ritual. One of my favorite anticipation fantasies involves an imaginary domestic spanking. This is one of those fantasies that exist in a fantasy world, from which it will probably never escape. I have two younger sisters. We've all been naughty and earned a spanking. In fact, I suspect that we've earned a very hard spanking, although I try to convince myself otherwise ("we were not THAT bad"). Mom has sent us all up stairs to get ready for a spanking. This means undressing to our underpants. Mom usually lets us wait for a little while, to consider our transgressions. Mom's plan seems to be working. As I sit there in my underpants waiting for my punishment I regret being naughty (or at least being caught). I wonder how much my spanking will hurt. Then we hear Mom's footsteps on the stairs. Mom always gives spankings youngest to oldest, so I know that my little sister will get spanked first.

The walls are thin and I hear my Mom go into my youngest sisters room and shut the door. Now that we're older at least we get privacy when Mom spanks us. I hear muffled voices and a pleading tone from my sister. There is a brief pause. I hear the smack of Mom's paddle and I know that my sister is getting spanked on her bare bottom, over Mom's lap. She starts crying immediately. As the spanking continues, I selfishly wish that my sister's spanking would go on forever, because I know that when it stops I'm one step closer to having Mom's paddle applied to my bare bottom.

Finally the spanking finishes and after a few minutes and Mom leaves my little sister's room and goes into my oldest sisters room, which is right next to mine. I can hear almost everything as she begs not to be spanked. Soon her panties are down and she is over Mom's lap. Her spanking seems to go on longer and she sounds like she is crying when the paddling stops. Mom tells her to get up and bend over the end of the bed. She argues that she's learned her lesson and she does not deserve the strap. My sister and I are only a year apart and I know now that I'm in for a strapping too, since Mom always gives us the same spankings. Mom tells my sister that she will decide what my sister needs and to bend over the bed or get extras. After a minute I hear the smack of leather whipped across bare buttocks and my sister crying again. Finally the sound of the strap and my sister's cries stop. There is a pause and I know that Mom is comforting my sister.

When Mom come into my room I look fearfully at the paddle and the strap in her hand. I feel very naked wearing only my briefs. Mom puts the strap down on the bed and sits down. She calmly tells me why I'm going to get a spanking as I stand on her right side. She pulls my brief down to my knees. I know that it does no good to plead, so I lie over Mom's lap. I can feel her thighs through her thin summer dress. When she starts paddling me, I don't cry out, like my sisters. I know that they can hear me get spanked, just as I heard them and I want to show how brave I am. This probably just makes Mom paddle me even harder. As the pain builds, all I can think about is how much the paddling hurts and soon I'm crying as loud as my sisters were. Finally the paddling is over and I just lie over Mom's lap catching my breath, feeling the sting of my spanked bottom. Mom tells me to get up and bend over the end of the bed. My briefs have worked their way down to my ankles as Mom spanked me and I step out of them. I bend over the bed, naked, my bottom pushed up. Mom picks up the thick leather strap and moves behind me. The first stroke of the strap burns across my bottom, which is very sore from the paddling. Soon I'm crying out again.