Choose a Spanking

The choose a spanking application selects a spanking session that can be administered to a willing spanking bottom.

The user chooses a level of severity for the spanking session.

The spanking sessions that the application generates for a particular severity level are randomly chosen for that level, so that the spanking cannot be known exactly in advance. For example, a light spanking may have 30 or 40 smacks. The spanking will usually start over the panties, but sometimes the entire spanking will be on the bare bottom. Or, in the case of a medium-light session, a paddling will usually be included. But sometimes the session will just consist of a hand spanking.

An optional punishment fucking may be included at the end of a hard or punishment session. The punishment fucking differs depending on the gender of the spankee. If a punishment fucking is included, a boy spankee will have a 60 percent chance of being assigned an ass fucking. A girl spankee may receive her punishment fucking in either her pussy or her ass. To make her chance of an ass fucking approximately 60 percent, a girl will have a higher chance of getting a punishment fucking since she has a chance of receiving it in her pussy (we assume that this is a less severe punishment than an ass fucking).

The spankings in a spanking session generated by the Choose a Spanking app are ordered from less painful to more painful. So a hard spanking session might start with a hand spanking and end with a caning.

The disciplinarian can administer the spankings in different order. For example, after giving a bare bottom hand spanking, the disciplinarian may administer the caning. The spankee's bottom will be fresh and un-numbed from a paddling, so the caning will hurt more. Subsequent spankings will be over the cane welts, which may make them more painful.

Contrary to what a spankee may claim, the disciplinarian is not limited the the spankings this application generates. For example, if the spankee refuses to pull their panties down or does not properly present their bottom for whipping, the disciplinarian may give additional spankings.

In addition to punishing behavior that is not properly submissive during the spanking, the disciplinarian may give extra spankings even if the spankee's behaves properly during the spanking.

Many spankees don't cry when they are spanked, no matter how hard the spanking is or how much they wish they could cry. If the disciplinarian is blessed with a spankee who cries when they are spanked, an extra spanking may be given just before a punishment fucking so the spankee will be crying while they are fucked.

For a description of a punishment spanking, see One Way to Give a Hard Spanking

I am considering adding a web page for people's experiences with the Choose a Spanking application. If you give or receive a spanking that was outlined by the application and would like to share your experience you can send me email at wintermute128 at yahoo dot com. I will keep your identity anonymous, although permission to use your first name would be great.

Total smacks: 30-40
Implements: hand over panties, bare bottom
Total smacks: 40-50
Implements: hand, paddle over panties, bare bottom
Total smacks: 50-70
Implements: hand, paddle over panties, bare bottom
Total smacks/strokes: 70-100
Implements: hand, paddle, strap bare bottom
Total smacks/strokes: 90-120
Implements: hand, paddle, strap, rattan cane bare bottom
Total smacks/strokes: 110-150
Implements: hand, paddle, strap, rattan cane, synthetic cane bare bottom