One Way to Give a Hard Spanking

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less.", Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

A "hard spanking" could be a spanking delivered with a great deal of force, like the classic "school paddling", it could be a spanking that lasts a long time or it could be a very painful spanking.

To paraphrase Mr. Dumpty, when I use the phrase "hard spanking", I mean a spanking that both lasts a long time and hurts a lot.

Whether the reason for the spanking is the pleasure of pain or punishment does not matter. The objective is to make the spanking hurt as much as possible, without unacceptable welting or bruising (and certainly no breaking of the skin). Here, of course, unacceptable bruising is also a matter of personal definition.

Many people don't cry when they get spanked, no matter how much they wish they could or how hard the spanking is. If the spankee is one of those people who do cry when they are spanked, they should be sobbing by the end of a hard spanking. When the spanking is over, they will not be able to sit comfortably for at least a day or two.

To my mind a hard spanking should consist of somewhere between between 90 and 160 smacks/strokes, mostly on the bare bottom. For spanking implements like brushes, where the smacks are given on one cheek at a time, "one smack" means one smack on each buttock.

I don't like the "grab your ankles" or "hands on your knees" as a position for the spankee. These positions can be uncomfortable and unstable positions (although I have to confess that a woman with her panties pulled down grabbing her ankles is a lovely sight from behind).

As far as I'm concerned, the only source of discomfort for a person getting a spanking should be the spanking. For canings, whippings or strappings, I prefer a position either bent over the end of a bed or couch or lying on the bed, with the hips pushed up by pillows. For spankings with the hand, a paddle or a brush, I prefer the over-the- knee position or, if there is too much of a mismatch between sizes of the disciplinarian and the spankee, over pillows on the bed.

Although it is definitely a matter of taste, I like the person taking the spanking to take their punishment without any wiggling or clenching of the buttocks (and certainly without moving out of position).

I like the spankee to stay still, bottom presented, even thought the spanking hurts exquisitely. Clenching or squirming results in extra strokes for each incident. For example, if the spankee is taking an over-the-knee paddling and clenches their buttocks, they might be told that they have earned five extras. If they are recalcitrant and wiggle again, another five extras are assigned. When the paddling is finished the disciplinarian announces that ten extra strokes have been earned. The number of strokes that the spankee is sentenced to does not include these extra punishment strokes.

A hard spanking might consist of the following:

  • 40 strokes with a light paddle or wooden ruler
    • 20 over the panties
    • 20 on the bare bottom
  • 40 strokes with a rattan cane
  • 10 strokes with a synthetic cane or riding whip.
  • 40 strokes with a leather strap or tawse, the last ten given extra hard.
  • 20 strokes with a bath brush or heavy paddle, the last ten given extra hard.

A light paddle is chosen to start the spanking because the paddle stings and reddens the bottom, but does not cause numbing. This allows the caning which follows to be fully appreciated.

This spanking might start by the disciplinarian sending the spankee to their room to undress to their panties (here panties refers to either girl or boy underpants). The disciplinarian may also order the spankee to lay out the implements that they will be punished with. Making the spankee complicit in their own punishment has a certain frisson.

After a period of time, the disciplinarian goes to the bedroom where the spankee has been waiting, naked except for a pair of sheer bikini panties.

The disciplinarian sits on the side of the bed and orders the spankee to hand them the ruler paddle. The disciplinarian (who is right handed) bends the spankee over their left knee. If the spankee is being punished for misbehavior, the disciplinarian may remind the spankee of the reasons why they are going to get a hard spanking.

Some spankees, listening to the list of their misdemeanors and thinking about the implements they are going to be spanked with, may start crying. Many spankees will promise to be good and never misbehave that way again.

The disciplinarian ignores the spankees entreaties to behave in the future and administers twenty strokes with the ruler paddle across the spankee's pantied bottom. The disciplinarian then orders the spankee to get up, pull their panties down and bend over their knee.

The sheer panties don't provide much protection, but the spankee knows that the ruler paddle will hurt even more on the bare bottom. Although the spankee may be reluctant to bare their bottom for punishment, they should obey without delay. If the spankee does not immediately pull their panties down, the disciplinarian should assign extra punishment strokes. This will assure obedience in the future.

Now that the spankee is bent over the disciplinarian's knee with their bottom bared, another twenty strokes are then given with the ruler paddle hard across the buttocks.

The ruler paddle across the spankee's bare bottom hurts and stings. Perhaps the spankee clenches their buttocks twice while taking their paddling. The disciplinarian informs the spankee that ten extra strokes have been added to the paddling. The disciplinarian grips the spankee tightly with their left arm and administers ten additional punishment strokes, very hard.

Now that the paddling has been administered, the disciplinarian tells the spankee to stand up. The spankee is then ordered to move an ottoman to the end of the bed, kneel on the ottoman and bend over the end of the bed for their caning.

The disciplinarian lets the spankee wait for a few minutes. The spankee feels exposed, their bottom presented, as they wait to be caned. The spankee may think about how, at another time, with their bottom presented in just this way, they were given a hard fucking.

The disciplinarian administers twenty cane strokes, hard across the spankee's bare buttocks. The disciplinarian switches sides after the first ten strokes so that the spankee's cheeks will be evenly punished.

The disciplinarian caresses the spankee's bottom, feeling the cane welts, allowing the spankee to catch their breath. The spankees bottom is sore, red and welted.

If the spankee is crying the disciplinarian may caress them and wait for the crying to stop before giving the next half of the caning. Giving the spankee a break in their punishment, where they are caressed and comforted, may actually add to the punishment when the spankee is told that their caning is only half completed and will continue. Some spankees may start crying when they are told to present their bottom for the cane, although the caning has not yet resumed.

After the respite in punishment, the spankee receives another twenty strokes with the rattan cane, administered a bit harder this time.

The disciplinarian exchanges the rattan cane for a synthetic cane. The disciplinarian caresses the spankees bottom and reminds them of how much the synthetic cane hurts and warns them of the consequences of not staying still during their punishment.

Ten strokes with the synthetic cane follow. The cane strokes hurt as much as the disciplinarian promised and the spankee cries out as each stroke leaves a welt across their buttocks. The spankee may be sobbing, tears lining their cheeks when the caning is finished.

The disciplinarian may give the spankee another break while they caress them. This may be a time when the spankee is reminded again of why they are being punished.

The spankee is told that they are going to be whipped. When the spankee prepared for their spanking, they laid out the tawse, so they know that their whipping will be especially painful.

The disciplinarian orders the spankee to present their bottom. The spankee reluctantly arches their back, offering their red welted buttocks for punishment with the tawse.

The disciplinarian brings the tawse down hard across the spankees bare buttocks. Fifteen strokes are given on one side and then fifteen strokes on the other side, so the spankee's bottom will be punished evenly.

After administering thirty strokes with the tawse, the disciplinarian informs that spankee that the last ten will be given extra hard. The disciplinarian orders the spankee to present their bottom. The spankee may be crying hard as they arch their back and offer their buttocks for the final part of their whipping. The disciplinarian administers five strokes on each side slowly and very hard.

The disciplinarian may give the spankee a break, especially if the spankee is sobbing. The disciplinarian tells the spankee that they have been good and have taken their spanking well. They caress the spankee and tell that that their punishment is almost over. After the spankee has caught their breath the disciplinarian tells them to get up from the bed.

The disciplinarian sits on the edge of the bed and orders the spankee to bring them the bath brush. The spankee gets the bath brush and holds it out for their disciplinarian to take. The disciplinarian pats their thigh and the spankee takes their position across the disciplinarian's knee, sniffling softly, face wet with tears.

The spankees bottom and upper thighs are crimson and lined with welts from the caning and whipping. As the spankee waits naked over the disciplinarian's knee for their paddling, the disciplinarian caresses them. The spankee's cheeks are hot and the disciplinarian traces their fingers over the welts. As they caress the spankee, the disciplinarian tells them that they going get twenty strokes on each buttock with the bath brush. The last ten on each side are going to be given extra hard.

The spankee's bottom is very sore and feels like it is on fire. The spankee dreads getting spanked with the bath brush more than any other implement. When the disciplinarian tells the spankee that they are going to be spanked with the bath brush, he spankee may start crying as they think about how much the bath brush will hurt on their sore welted buttocks.

The spankee feels the first stroke of the brush, hard on their right buttock, followed immediately by another stroke on the left cheek. The paddling is hard, the strokes given on alternate cheeks, fast, as an angry mother might spank a naughty child. The spankee may be sobbing as they are paddled, each stroke bringing a cry. After the first ten on each side, the disciplinarian gives the spankee a chance to catch their breath while caressing the spankees hot welted buttocks.

"The last ten are going to be extra hard and then it will all be over baby" the disciplinarian tells the spankee. The paddling begins again, the strokes given more slowly this time, very hard, the spankee held tight over the disciplinarians knee.

As the spankee is paddled with the bath brush they may be sobbing, lying limp bent over the disciplinarian's knee, resigned to their punishment. To the spankee, the pain of the paddling stretches time out and the spanking seems to go on for a long time, the world filling with their cries and pain as the brush punishes their bottom.

When the disciplinarian finishes the paddling, the spankee's bottom is crimson, welted and bruised from the bath brush. The spankee will not be sitting comfortably for a day or two.

What happens now that the spanking is over depends on the couple...

After paddling the spankee across their knee, the disciplinarian may comfort the spankee, holding them until they have stopped crying, stroking their hair.

Or the disciplinarian may give the spankee a punishment fucking.

If a girl is being punished, she may be ordered, while still crying from the paddling, to kneel on the bed with her head down, her bottom up, thighs spread, her hands braced. She waits while her disciplinarian undresses and moves behind her. The disciplinarian thrusts deeply into her offered pussy. Her disciplinarian can feel her hot welted bottom as they fuck her hard.

If the spankee has been especially naughty, their disciplinarian may give the spankee an ass fucking.

After being paddled hard over the disciplinarian's knee, the spankee is told to get up and lie on the on the bed, with their bottom propped up by pillows. The disciplinarian orders the spankee to reach back and spread their cheeks. While the disciplinarian gets ready, the spankee waits with their buttocks spread, their anus offered for the punishment fucking they will soon receive.

If the spankee has been crying when they were paddled, they may still be crying as they wait for their fucking, with their cheeks spread.

The spankee should be made to watch as the disciplinarian prepares to give them their ass fucking. The spankee can watch the condom being put on the erect cock that they will soon be taking in their ass. Or, if they are going to be fucked with a dildo in a harness, the spankee should watch as the harness is put on and the dildo they will be punished with is inserted.

If the spankee cries when they are spanked and they have stopped crying while they are waiting to receive their punishment fucking, another spanking may be administered so that they will be crying while they are fucked in the ass.

Once the disciplinarian is ready, the spankee will feel the cool lube on their anus. There will be some initial pain as they are penetrated. Once the spankee's ass has been slowly entered, their punishment fucking can start, first slowly and then harder.

Last updated: September, 2004