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If you are not an adult where you currently live, please leave this site. The erotica that is published on this site is intended for adults only.

The erotica on this site involves sexual spanking and spanking fantasies. If you find this offensive, please go elsewhere.


The stories and a few essays published on this web site involve spankings. Some of these stories involve sexual spankings, others are spankings given by adults to children (without any explict sexual content). The "children" in these stories are not actually children. They are proxies for imagined adult role playing.

I think that beating children is terrible. Don't even bother sending me email defending this practice. People who believe in giving children more than an occasional swat on the bottom are usually either Christian fundamentalists, Republicans or both. These are two classes of people that, in general, I despise. What may be erotic in a fantasy context to a spanking fetishist, would, if it were reality, be horrible.

Ok, the disclaimer is out of the way.

If spanking has no sexual frisson for you, then this is probably not the place for you. If you are under 18 and reading this kind of material is illegal where you are, please also go elsewhere. Some of the material here has relatively graphic sexual content.

Everyone else is welcome. These stories represent many hours of work. Some of them were originally published on the USENET group soc.sexuality.spanking. I hope that you enjoy them. If you're a guy, I hope these stories make your cock hard. If you're a girl I hope that they make your pussy wet.

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Last updated: November, 2008