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  1. A Date with a Riding Crop teenage spanking, no sex

    Procrastination in finishing a term paper earns Walter a whipping from his beautiful Nanny, Lisa.

  2. One Summer teen spanking, sex

    A summer romance.

    Lilly is eighteen, two years older than her neighbor Alfred. Lilly's parents are away in France for the summer and Alfred is studying for his University exams. Alfred's Grandmother has to constantly nag him to study. When Alfred finally pushes her too far, she call's Lilly's house, hoping to get her father the Major to help her take Alfred "down a peg or two". Since the Major is unavailable, Lilly agrees to discipline Alfred.

  3. The Beach House Adult spanking, sex, anal sex

    Sometimes spankings are given "just because". In this story Lisa spanks John just because doing so makes her pussy wet.

  4. A Visit to the Spanking Room Adult spanking, anal sex

    Sunday is spanking day when Lisa punishes her husband John. On the Sunday in this story this means a hard spanking and an ass fucking over the spanking bench.

  5. While I'm gone Adult spanking, anal sex

    Lisa gives John a spanking every Sunday. But in this story she is out of town and cannot punish him one Sunday. So Lisa makes an appointment on Sunday for John with a group of dominatrices.

  6. Stepford Spanking

    I read Ira Levin's book The Stepford Wives in high school (along with his book Rosemary's Baby and The Boys from Brazil). Some reviewers classify Levin's books as "potboilers". Perhaps. But I still remember parts of them after all these years.

    I recall that I wrote this story before the remake of The Stepford Wives. But imagine Nicole Kidman with a paddle and a spanking strap (doesn't Nicole look like the would give a really hard spanking?) One view of the Stepford Wives is as a tale of suburban conformity. In this story Jayson tells his wife Daphne the story of his childhood, where the Stepford Wives all spank their children (in exactly the same way of course). After he tells her the story, she sends him to their bedroom to get ready for a spanking.

  7. Ask for it! Adult spanking, age play, anal sex

    On "spanking day" Mommy spanks her boy for all of the naughty things he's done that week. This week Mommy's boy has been very naughty. After Mommy has given him a very hard spanking, Mommy is going to make him "ask for it".

  8. A Punishment for Mommy's Boy Adult spanking, age play, oral and anal sex

    This is a story that tries to capture the fantasy of being punished by Mommy. Mommy loves her boy. He has been a bad boy and needs to be punished so he can learn to be a good boy. Mommy's punishment is severe, but it is also full of the warmth of Mommy's love and her boy's submission to Mommy's authority.

  9. Spanking Him for My Own Pleasure Adult spanking, role play, explicit sex

    One morning Lisa looks at her husband John shaving and wants him. She wants to spank him hard and fuck him. She wants to spank him for her own pleasure, not because he's been naughty, but because listening to him cry under the paddle makes her very wet.

  10. Cutting a Switch on Sunday Afternoon, punishment spanking, anal sex.

    Lisa spanks her husband John every sunday afternoon. One Sunday afternoon Lisa puts John over her knee and paddles him. Then she sends him out to cut a peach switch.

  11. Debbie

    The story teller recounts spankings he received while growing up and his first sexual experiences with spanking.

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