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November 2007

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Spanking Blogs by People Involved in the Spanking Erotica Industry
Female Top/Male Bottom Spanking blogs
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S&M Sex Workers (outside of the Bay Area, but in California)
Erotic Photography
Panties to wear for a spanking
Tools for Warming Bare Bottoms
Things to think about before buying a paddle
Graveyard of Dead or Dying Spanking and Sex Related Sites


This web page is a sub-page of my erotic spanking stories site, Wintermute's Spanking Stories. The page started out as a small annotated listing of adult spanking related blogs and web sites that I look at frequently. The number of wonderful spanking related blogs and web sites has grown now to the point where I can no longer read them all. These wonderful blogs are an example of how the Web supports expression and creativity. I have to "discipline" myself (which is never as fun as having someone else do the "disciplining"), since the time I tend to spend reading and responding to these sites is getting in the way of other projects (like writing more spanking stories).

This list was even larger because originally I only had sites that were involved with adult spanking. Without planning it, this list has grown to include other sex and sexuality related sites. I've even added a list of web sites where you can get spanking toys (and a comment on what to look for in a spanking toy vendor).

What I find fascinating about this list of web page links is that the vast majority are written by women. Most of these women are bottoms (e.g., they get spanked, in contrast to tops who give spankings). These sites also reinforce something that I've believed for many years: women write the best erotica.

Write a good blog is a real art. In most cases our lives are not terribly interesting. At least in my case my life consists of going to work, coming home and eating dinner, working on software, reading some of the spanking blogs, perhaps working on a spanking story, reading a book, going to bed, geting up, going to work... Perhaps some snuggle-bunnies thrown in, if I'm lucky a few spankings here and there. You're probably bored just reading the summary I've given here.

Good blog writers are keen observers and good short essayists. Sure they write about their hot spanking sex. But they also write interestingly about the things they observe around them (their relationships, work, past experiences). A good essayist can write about almost anything and make it interesting. I think of the writer John McPhee as the classic example of such a writer. Many of the bloggers linked to here have some measure of McPhee's skill (McPhee has few equals, even among professional writers).

The opposite is a blog that starts with something like "Feeling: bored" and continues with a rambling account of their mother's stubbornness and foibles. The vast majority of blogs are like this, on-line diaries of people's ramblings about their day-to-day lives and thoughts. If you spend several hours every day watching television "Reality Shows", you're just not going to have very interesting thoughts.

If you find your site in this list, please don't take the ordering to heart. All the sites I've listed here are sites that I like. The ordering is really pretty arbitrary.

The blogs listed here are either heterosexual or lesbian. As a sexual spanking fetishist, I don't fit into the majority when it comes to my sexuality. I have always felt a kinship with gay men because of this. But the blogs and web pages listed here are those that reflect my sexual tastes and my tastes don't run to men. The lesbian blogs are here because, like these woman, I am a lesbian (I just happen to have a penis). So far I have not run into any gay spanking blogs, but I know that there is an active community of gay spankos. I find it strange that I have not seen links to gay spanking blogs, so perhaps the gay spanking community is disjoint from the heterosexual and lesbian spanking community (perhaps a topic for a social networking research paper).

There are some types of spanking blogs and web sites that are not included here. I will not include links to the "Christian" slanted "Domestic Discipline" (DD) sites. I support people's right to make what ever choices work for them. This said, the Christian DD stuff makes my skin crawl. The basic premise of Christian DD seems to be that the Bible says that women are supposed to obey their husbands and if they disobey they get spanked. The home page of one Christian Domestic Discipline site includes the paragraph:

Though we believe the Bible gives a husband the authority to use spanking as one tool in enforcing his authority in the home with or without his wife's permission, in today's world we recognize the legality that mandates that all CDD must be consensual. Therefore we will do not condone nonconsensual CDD as a rule.
Greta Christina, who wrote the fantastic novella Bending pointed to the above quote on her Blowfish Blog entry Christian Spanking Porn

It is one thing for someone (male or female) to decide that they will obey and agree that disobedience will result in a punishment spanking. Here a choice is freely made. It is a very different thing to say that because of someone's gender they will be treated like a child and given a punishment spanking when they do not obey because this is what the Bible says. The DD lifestyle also seems heavily based on religious and political views that I find abhorrent (e.g., "Christian Right" Republicans who support G.W. Bush, the worst president in the history of the United States).

Spanking Blogs and Web Sites

  • Wintermute's Spanking Stories (

    I hope you will forgive me for this bit of recursive self-reference. I intended this Web page to be a subpage of my main spanking stories site. However, when people see links that originate from my spanking stories site, they see this page so this is the page they sometimes link back to.

  • My Bottom Smarts

    Reading Bonnie's articulate thoughful blog. Bonnie writes:

    For me, the key is that the submissive's control must never be taken from her. It is given voluntarily to the dominant as a loan. She retains full ownership and the right to recall the loan should circumstances change in a major way. The submissive aspects of my relationship with Randy operate in precisely this fashion. It took a number of years for us to forge this understanding, but it has worked well.

    To me this is the essance of having a power exchange relationship (which includes spanking) that also respects feminist ideals. The bottom gives her power to the top, but it is still hers. This submission is, to me, the core of the turn-on. Willing submission. A woman willingly raising her bottom, offering herself for punishment and then a good hard fucking.

  • Annie's Blog

    This is Annie's account of her live, her love of her husband Robert and the spankings she gets, both as foreplay and as part of their domestic discipline relationship. Annie also has a candle business that sells lovely soy candles. So read Annie's blog and buy a candle. Annie is a fellow spanko-feminist-Democrat, which definitely endears her to my heart.

  • Pink Bottomed Girls

    This wonderful spanking blog starts out

    My wonderful wife, Pink, and I decided to start this blog to share our experiences exploring spanking. We are two women in our mid-20s and have been together over 5 years. After searching the internet we of course found many sites and blogs to read and enjoy, but not very many that depicted our relationship at all, that being real, committed women in a lesbian relationship. We saw the need and decided to begin blogging about spanking.

    That is so beautiful and so sweet (and if you don't think so then see the main page under Republican MoFos).

    Pink Bottomed Girls is written by Pink and Brat two spanking switches (although Pink seems to spank Brat considerably more than Brat spanks Pink). They both love spanking and all of the little games that go along with spanking. When them moved into a new apartment with nice high ceilings they were both shocked by the way sound carried. I suggested, in a comment on their blog, that they try a rattan cane, since canes are both quiet and effective. Pink wrote back that Brat loved things that smacked and everything that smacked of school girl so they were thinking of doing school girl spanking scenes. We will have to imagine the stern Mrs. Pink ordering the naughty Brat to bend over the desk. Mrs. Pink goes to Brat, raises her pleated skirt and lowers her panties...

  • Spanking Blog

    Spanking Blog was one of the original spanking blogs and inspired many others. For this alone, SpankBoss, who writes the blog deserves our collective thanks. The Spanking Blog publishes spanking pictures, commentary on spanking and links to other spanking blogs and web sites. The SpankBoss' love is Bethie, who, as you might guess, he spanks as frequently as the vicissitudes of life permit. Bethie has ber own blog at Spanking Bethie where she describes life from the other side of the paddle.

    As social network theory tells us, being there first means that you can collect a disproportionate number of links. As one of the first spanking blogs, Spanking Blog apparently gets lots of traffic. Web traffic is a valuable commodity: you can charge money for ads.

    SpankBoss runs ads for a variety of spanking sites and video producers. Some of these are located in Eastern Europe and specialize in, what is to me, rather extreme spanking (heavy welts, breaking the skin).

    Most people who like spanking would not criticize a video where the women liked getting an extreme spanking (and yes, there are people, men and women, who like extreme spankings, just ask Mistress Matisse). At one time what me uncomfortable about these videos is that they are made in Eastern Europe, where economies have crashed and people will do what they have to do in order to survive. If a woman takes an extreme spanking for a few hundred dollars in order to put food on the table, this is an uncomfortable thought.

    I am not sure that this criticism is valid for several reasons. One counter example is Lupus Pictures, which is located in the Czech Republic. Lupus makes films that tend to include very hard canings. As Adele Haze notes, however, the women who act in Lupus productions are not doing so through any kind of coercion, economic other otherwise. Ms. Haze was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take part in a Lupus film, as where the other women she met.

    Even if economic factors were there the sole motivating factor, it is worth noting that people go into coal mines and do other dangerous jobs in order to survive. In these cases the danger is not welted bleeding buttocks, but death, dismemberment or shattered health. If we don't criticize the fact that coal mines or the fishing industry hire people who are maimed on the job with unusual frequency, perhaps we have no grounds to criticize those who make extreme spanking films.

  • Spanking Bethie

    Bethie is the beloved of SpankBoss, who writes Spanking Blog, which is one of the oldest spanking blogs on the Web and one of the few written by a man. Bethie's blog discusses spanking from a bottom's point of view. Bethie also has an active discussion group, called the Spanking Den.
  • The Punishment Book

    The Punishment Book blog is a group effort by six women (Angie, Haron, Mija, Natty, Tasha, and Sparkle), all of whome have been active on the USENET group soc.sexuality.spanking. They are all excellent writers. This blog concentrates on domestic discipline and spanking, although each of the women comes at it in a different way.

    Tasha has published a number of beautifully written stories on her Two Shades of Blue web site. I find her spanked school girl stories particularly delicious.

  • The Spanking Writers: Abel and Haron's Spanking Blog

    Haron has also written for The Punishment Book. I seem to recall that Haron and Able are long time contributors to the old USENET spanking groups and soc.sexuality.spanking that existed before the Web really took off with all of these wonderful spanking blogs. Abel and Haron's blog is written with wonderful humor and a zest for spanking. They even have an Amazon store through which you can buy selected spanking and erotic items from Amazon.

  • Jujubees' Journal

    Humans are a deeply flawed, complex species. I sometimes think that we will never fully understand ourselves. One of the most complex parts of people is their sexuality. Our sexuality arises from many different springs. Many of us who are spanking obsessives wonder how we got this way. Why do we think about spanking all the time?

    Ms. Jujubees is wonderful and powerful writer and spanko. Some of us who are obsessed with spanking were never spanked as children. In Ms. Jujubees case she was not spanked, but beaten. She writes about her childhood and reflects on how these roots grew into who she is today.

  • Brat Under Control

    This is Kay's spanking blog (not my friend Kay who I wrote Even Pirates Get Spankings and Wedding Night for). Kay is definitely an enthusiastic spanko. She loves to be spanked by her beloved Jack. She's an enthusiastic brat and seems to be constantly in need of a spanking. Kay has a taste for Japanese spanking anime pictures, which she uses to decorate her blog.

  • Spanky Loves Kallisto

    This is a really sweet blog. It is co-written by Spanky (the male top) and Kallisto (the female bottom). They love each other and have lots of wonderful spanking sex. According to Spanky's account spanking has greatly improved their relationship, especially their sex life which has become much more active. Kallisto writes "As much as I have always loved Spanky, I never dreamt that we could have what we have now." I envy their wonderful discovery.

  • ZED and Ginger

    This is Zed and Ginger's spanking blog. They are a couple in the US (Kentucky) who have a D/s relationship with a big spanking component. ZED is 50 and Ginger is 32. Ginger loves to be spanked, sometimes very hard (and yes, that's very hard by my standards, so we're talking hard spankings here). Zed loves to spank her. They have lots of wild snuggle bunnies and they both write very well. The blog is a joint effort, which is fairly rare. In addition to spankings and relationship stuff there is a remarkably terrifying (and well written) account titled Meet the Parents.

  • A Taste of the Birch

    Alex Birch, who writes this blog, is a long time contributor to the on-line spanking community, going back to the days of if I'm not mistaken. Alex has a taste for literature. Especially spanking literature and he posts excerpts from various books of spanking erotica.

  • AngleBrat's Blog

    This is a sweet sexy blog about marital spanking. AngelBrat is a true spanko (she fantasizes about uses of kitchen implements that they makers have not considered). She not only loves to be spanked, but she's a brat, as her "handle" suggests and she gets disciplinary spankings too.

    All of these characteristics endear AngelBrat to my heart. AngelBrat's blog reminds me that spanking, especially M/F spanking, has a certain traditional flavor to it. I'm become a very politicized boy these days. My hero is The Rude Pundit. Like The Great Rude One, I'm pretty much enraged about what's happened to my country. So the one fly in the ointment is that for some reason, AngelBrat and her husband somehow seem very red state to me. However, I could be greatly mistaken. And even if I'm right, perhaps I should just view us all spanko brethren, despite our political differences (this is a tough one after "their boy" Karl Rove accused Democrats and liberals of being traitors). Did I mention that rage?

  • New Beginnings

    Finding someone who that fits as your partner is difficult enough, but finding such a person who is a spanko is even more difficult. A common complaint among spankos of both sexes is that they love their partners but the spanking does not work for them. New Beginnings is a blog by a woman (Eli?) who came out to her husband as a spanko and it greatly improved her marriage. She writes:

    When I came out to Nick about spanking I knew it was time to let him know that he was married to a spanko. I really had no idea exactly were it would lead. What form it might take. I am thrilled by what has happened to us. Instead of being pleasant roommates we are truly lovers. I have gone from avoiding sex, avoiding touching, avoiding talking about anything important, I guess really avoiding Nick... to loving sex, loving touch, loving talking to him, just loving him!!

    I'm a terrible romantic. I find this deeply touching.

  • Finding Sara

    This blog is written by Sara, who is a middle aged women in a long term marriage with her husband Grant. Their marriage has evolved into a domestic discipline relationship, with Sara getting spanked. Sara is a very thoughtful women, who thinks deeply about her marriage and it's domestic discipline component.

  • Journey to the Darkside

    This blog is difficult to categorize. The blog is written by a heterosexual couple, Shyanne and Anakin. They are deeply in love with each other. Shyanne loves to be spanked and is a very sensual and sexual woman. They have a D/s Master/slave relationship. The site publishes some lovely pictures of Shyanne.

    Journey to the Darkside also has a Star War's theme, especially from movies I, II and III. As his nom de Web suggests, the Star Wars movies speak to Anakin. I hope that the authors of the site will not take offense when I write that, with the exception of the special effects, I thought that movies I, II and III were disastrous. But art speaks to everyone differently. William Gibson's book Neuromancer speaks to me and there are those who hate it. I find it interesting which symbols we choose for ourselves. In movie III Anakin Skywalker destroys everything he cares for and becomes a monster, but then, Wintermute is a murderous artificial intelligence. Perhaps the power of Darth Vader is attractive. Wintermute is also one part of a two part entity (the other part is Neuromancer), which in my case could be taken to represent my sensual and intellectual sides.

  • AngelGirl in Love

    I have wondered about the cultural context of the spanking kink. For example, if someone had no exposure to the idea of spanking as a punishment for naughty children, would their spanking kink still include this kind of fantasy? What does seem to be clear is that the adult spanking kink seems to be shared by a number of people in western societies. I've had the good fortune to meet spankos in Denmark, Italy, England (of course) and, in Pandora's case, South Africa (Pandora Sox is the nom de spanko of the author of the AngelGirl in Love blog). Pandora's blog entries have a deliciously innocent spanko sexiness about them.

  • Life In Motion

    This is Sparkles's Spanking blog. As I recall Sparkle has been a long time contributor to the spanking community (on and soc.sexuality.spanking). Sparkle is married to Chris, who writes the Chris' Firehouse spanking blog.

    Sparkle seems to be a Democrat and a spanko, so she's a good girl in my book, regardless of how much she may need a hard spanking. Neither Sparkle or Chris wear their religion on their sleeves (as the saying goes) but my impression is that both are Christians. They are a good reminder to me that not all Christians are Republicans and supporters of The Worst President Ever.

    Sparkle writes engagingly of her marriage with Chris and the spankings she gets. I enjoyed her description of the "new rule": no panties or only thong panties in bed.

  • Chris' Firehouse

    This is one of those rare spanking blogs written by a man. Chris is articulate and seems like a nice guy who knows how to wield a paddle to mean effect. Chris is also the husband of Sparkle, who writes for The Punishment Book (below). At the time I wrote this Chris is not only spanking Sparkle but also a spanko friend of theirs who has asked for punishment spankings for behavior she feels needs correction. Spanking two women: it's a tough job but someone's got to do it. My first reaction was a bit of jealousy (since I'm still looking for a spanking friend), but then I'm really not sure how I'd like giving punishment spankings. Perhaps the truth is that it's rather difficult to give a punishment spanking, even when the person receiving it believes that a hard spanking is what they need.

  • Natty's Spanking Blog

    Natty is also a poster to soc.sexuality.spanking. Natty is a woman, who lives in Oregon. She is a good writer and has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, who spanks her for fun and punishment.

  • Aunty Agony

    Aunty Agony has a wonderfully omnivorous taste in spanking: she seems to equally like spanked boys and spanked girls. She writes:

    Aunty is fond of bottoms. Female or male, especially when infused with the red blush, or angry stripes of punishment. Now there's a vision that can make even Aunty sigh.

    Aunty posts various spanking pictures of the day, commentary on spanking and pictures of birthday spankings. Aunty's writing style is Miss Manners meets a deliciously sadistic spanking top. Commenting on a shapely vinyl clad female bottom Aunty writes:

    Aunty thinks she'll take a little taste before applying some stinging spanks to this deserving bottom.

    Aunty has recently been putting up a few short spanking videos from various sources. I've found some of these sexy and I appreciate Aunty's efforts to support the higher bandwidth demands that this entails (remember, boys and girls, bandwith on the Internet is not free).

  • The Spanking Spot

    Many porn sites, including spanking porn sites, pay a small amount of money to people who host sites that result in someone "clicking through" to the porn site. If a site draws enough visitors and they click through to the porn site, all these clicks can add up.

    I get the feeling that The Spanking Spot is a site partially structured to collect these "click fees". The author of this site goes by the nom de paddle of Brushstrokes. Mr. Brushstrokes publishes reviews of some of the spanking erotica pay sites. My favorite feature of this site are the interviews with spanking video actresses.

Spanking Blogs by People Involved in Spanking Erotica

I have been enjoying the spanking blogs written by people who work in the spanking erotica industry (spanking videos and photographs). The women who write the blogs below are all enthusiastic spankos. They are beautiful, articulate and can take a good hard spanking. Obviously Wintermute's kind of women.

I found the film The Notorious Bettie Page extremely depressing. Bettie Page was a fetish model, in the late 1950s and 1960s. Bettie was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1923. She graduated number two in her class in High School and won a scholarship to a teacher's college. However, she hated teaching and became a model. What The Notorious Bettie Page strongly reminded me of is how few options an intelligent woman had until recently. In most cases those options consisted of being a wife, working in a support job like nursing or secretarial work, being a teacher or sex work. If you were a beautiful woman, as Bettie Page was, sex work might have been one of the better paying alternatives.

As far as I'm concerned, feminism is about freedom to make choices (among other things, like equal pay and non-discrimination). I have never bought into the claim that porn exploits women. After seeing The Notorius Betty Page I'd add a caveat. Porn and sex work does not exploit women if, women as a group, have other options that pay well. That is, if this work is a choice among other options.

I don't pay much attention to anything but spanking erotica/porn. What I like about many of the companies that make spanking erotica is that the people who make these films (both bottoms and tops) are spankos and they like their work.

  • Adele Haze's Spanking Model Speaks

    Adele is the name of a woman I pursued for months in college and who, finally, became my lover for a brief but passionate period. Adele is also the name (or nom de Web) of the author of Spanking Model Speaks. Ms. Haze, who lives in England, is a full time student and part time spanking file model who loves her work: she is a spanko who also stars in spanking films. Given the pictures on sites linked to from Ms. Haze's site, she seems to play school girls in the films she appears in. Adele is articulate and passionate, not only on spanking, but on a variety of topics.

  • Pandora's Blog

    Pandora Blake is a spanking model in the UK. Her blog posts a number of photos of Pandora's lovely bottom being punished, especially with the cane (the preferred tool of the English Vice). Pandora also discusses events in her life, both spanko life and vanilla life.

    I'm not sure what the description in the UK would be, but in the United States we would describe Pandora as a progressive liberal. She proposed doing a spanking event to raise money to defeat a law that would criminalize pornography.

    Pandora has a professional site, Pandora's Bot which publishes some of her modeling photos, which include some that demonstrate that Ms. Blake can take a very hard spanking.

  • Clare Fonda Spanking

    Clare Fonda has several spanking erotica sites on the web, including Spanked Sweeties. Ms. Fonda also does spanking videos, both as a top and as a bottom. Her blog as lots of nice pictures from her spanking sites and from others in the "industry" (would that be the "red bottom industry?") Clare also has little posts about events in her life. She posted a picture of herself in a bathtub, with bubble bath and a lovely smile (and yes, she has lovely breasts, but it is her smile that is the so memorable).

  • Leia-Ann Woods Diary

    Ms. Woods is a beautiful young English woman who is involved in the "English Vice" (spanking, in this case, not buggery). She has made a number of spanking films (mostly as a bottom, but in at least one as a top) in the UK and is also involved in the local spanking scene. Ms. Woods posts pictures from her own spanking videos and from those in the industry.

Female Top/Male Bottom Spanking blogs

Female tops in romantic spanking relationships are relatively rare. As more spanking blogs come on line, a few F/M spanking blogs have appeared. A woman who gets wet giving the man in her life a good hard spanking is a rare and precious thing.

  • The Receiving End

    The author of this blog, Reece, describe it as:

    The random musings of an Alpha Male who finds himself, paradoxically, on the receiving end of a Domestic Discipline relationship.

    Ignorant people sometimes assume that people who are submissive sexually or in their relationships are submissive in the rest of life. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    I have a theory that people who are drawn to power exchange sexuality and relationships (like spanking) tend to be control freaks. This is true not only of tops, but of bottoms. Many men and women who choose a submissive role are people who have power and responsibility outside of their spanking relationship. I have exchanged email with one woman who was an officer of a public company and a number of very accomplished professional women, all who craved spankings.

    Reece is an articulate writer, who engagingly describes the domestic discipline relationship he has with his wife and how it developed.

  • Disciplining Ford

    Ford is married to a woman, DW (perhaps disciplinary wife) who seems to be an enthusiastic disciplinarian. DW does not hesitate to spank Ford soundly with a paddle or a strap. One of the things I love about Ford's description of the disciple he receives is the naturalness of the way his wife spanks him.

    DW also makes Ford wear women's panties as punishment. While I definitely understand the sexual associations of panties I don't entirely understand the punishment aspect of panties. Perhaps it is being forced to wear an intimate feminine garment. I'll observe that there are now bikini briefs made for men that utilize some of the same materials as women's panties.

  • Creative Coaching Concepts

    This is Miss Francy's blog and wins the prize for the most vanilla name for a spanking blog on the Web. This may be the result of Miss Francy's experience with having Yahoo site nuked by Yahoo. Miss Francy is a woman who loves to spank men. She writes

    I am a very normal woman, a creative professional in the vanilla world, who also happens to enjoy spanking men immensely and do so often. (I have been known to get spanked myself, but I prefer to keep that to a "boyfriend only" kind of status.) I am endlessly fascinated by this past-time and approach it with great interest, curiosity, vigor and, dare I say, affection.


    All I know is that I'm needing to spank a man a few times a day, it seems. Wouldn't that be a kick? Wake up to a spanking, get a spanking for lunch and then, yup, one more as you lay your head down on the pillow. That would keep ya all in line, now wouldn't it? No more back talk and grouchiness from YOU.

    As it turns out, Miss Francy is also a talented graphic artist.

Most of the spanking oriented blogs are male top, female bottom. Sites that deal with women lovingly spanking their partners are rare. The two sites below have "gone dark" in the sense that their authors are not updating them. However, both sites have such a nice picture of loving (but strict) women spanking their men that I did not want to move them to the "graveyard of dead blogs" at the end of the page.

  • Devonshayde Spankings

    This is Ann and Drew's web site (hosted on a Geocities free hosting web page). There is a great photo gallery of the lovely Ann spanking Drew. Ann appears to be a natural and enthusiastic disciplinarian (just what every naughty boy dreams of). Because this site is hosted on a free Geocities page, it tends to run out of bandwidth if more than a few people look at the pictures.

    As I write this, Ann and Drew's web pages have not been updated for some time.

Blogs with Slow Update

There is a famous Monty Python sketch about a dead Parrot. The pet shop owner insists that the Parrot is merely resting and not actually dead. At times that seems to be the case with some of the blogs listed below. But as far as I know, they're still alive, they're posting is just really slow.

By the way, I should note that I'm not exactly fast when it comes to posting new spanking stories, so no offense is intended. Life is busy and there never seems to be enough time or energy for all of the things we would like to do.

  • Over Her Knee

    This is one of the few male bottom spanking blogs I've seen on the Web. The author lives in Asia (Japan I belive), although my impression is that he is not from there (perhaps British). He travels on business a lot and his blog gets updated slowly as a result (I can understand that: this site does not get updated as often as I wish it did).

    Over Her Knee publishes drawings and a few photographs of men getting spanked by women, along with commentary. This site is a magnet not only for men who like to be spanked, but also for women who like to give men spankings. Some of the most delicious parts of this site are from the women who write in about how they spank their men (I love a woman with a sadistic streak).

  • The Secret Life of Librarygirl

    LibraryGirl loves a nice spanking. She seems to have been a "spanko" from early on and started going to Shadowlane spanking parties. LibraryGirl work as a flight attendent for years and met Matt (outside of work). LinaryGirl and Matt connected almost immediately, fell in love and are now starring in The Secret Life of Librarygirl. LibraryGirl shares little bits of her life, her history and what she likes (in addition to a nice spanking). I read LibraryGirl frequently and I've developed an affection for her as she struggles in this hard twenty-first century world of ours.

  • Herdesires

    Like ...sweetness follows, Herdesires, by Vikki, is one of the early blogs about sex and spanking. Also like sweetness follows the postings have slowed to once or twice a month. But Vikki is a good writer and to me has that great feminist who likes to be spanked feel to her (I too am a feminist who likes to be spanked).

Spanking Story Web Sites

I realize that this is a far from complete list of spanking story sites. I've just included some of my favorites, but there are many more.

  • Two Shades of Blue: Tasha's spanking stories

    As I noted in the notes on The Punishment Book site, Tasha is a fantastically good writer. Tasha's tastes run to non-sexual spanking stories, especially spanked school girl stories. Especially British style spanking (caning, slippers, plaid skirt lifted, panties down "on the bare").

  • NakedOblivion

    My beloved and I have thousands of books. Some of these books I've had for twenty years. Have you ever been looking through your books and found some half forgotten treasure that you read years ago?

    This is how I felt when I found NakedOblivion. Some of these stories were published on-line years ago. I found the link again from the Pink Bottomed Girls blog, having forgotten entirely about these stories. What a wonderful find! What hot sexy stories.

    A couple of people who have read my stories have thought that the author is a woman (apparently Case is not obviously gender specific). I take this as a great complement. NakedOblivion is an example of what I mean when I say that women write the majority of the good erotica.

  • Pablo & Mija's Treehouse

    Mija is another of the contributors to The Punishment Book and another intelligent, articulate, literate, hyper-educated woman who likes spanking. Mija and Pablo met some years ago on the news group soc.sexuality.spanking (or perhaps it was, it was a while ago, so I forget).

    The Treehouse includes a number of Mija's well written stories. Like Tasha, Mija's stories tend to be school girl spanking stories (and one wonderful school boy spanking story where Pablo/Paul gets spanked). Mija also shares with Tasha a lack of sexuality in her stories. She's written about what spanking means to her and it fills something that does not seem to be sexual.

    Although Mija's spanking fetish does not seem to be overtly sexual, it is a fetish none the less. Mija amassed a large collection of hair brushes over the years. She came to realize that even if her hair brushes where salted throughout the house for use on naughty girl bottoms, she had more than could ever be used. So she started selling them on eBay. I suggested that in the interest of product review she post an account of a spanking with an ebony hair brush she was selling. I suggested ten on each cheek over the panties and ten on each cheek, bare bottom.

    Mija, bless her, took me up on my suggestion and went over Pablo's knee for the spanking I suggested. Apparently the ebony hair brush was very effective because she was close to tears by the time Pablo had given her the agreed number of strokes. I will always be grateful to her for being such a brave girl and giving me such a delicious mental image of her getting spanked.

  • El Tercer Ojo

    This is another of Mija's on-line projects. I wonder if this blog is not a reflection of a facet of Mija that is not shown elsewhere on The Treehouse or The Punishment Book. This said, I'm not sure what this particular size is. Perhaps the Chicana Spanko side?

  • Spanking Life: Spanking Stories and Articles

    This is a non-commercial site that allows people to post spanking stories and articles. The story posts are relatively infrequent. Clyde, who has posted a number of F/M stories to and later to soc.sexuality.spanking has posted several stories to this site. The site is apparently run by someone who goes by the name Michael Walker. I did not find any description of the site or Mr. Walker (e.g., his interest in spanking, why he brought the site on-line, etc...)

  • Laura's Spanking Corner

    Laura was also an early poster to (ASS) (the forerunner of the Google group soc.sexuality.spanking). Laura's site archives a large number of spanking stories by a number of authors. Many of these where posters to ASS or even the earlier group, Many of these writers don't post any more, but I still remember their excellent stories. These include Miss Lily O, Flogmaster, the late Bookbabe (a wonderful woman who was taken by cancer) and Rosy B. Goode. Just writing these names takes me back to a time before the Web existed.

    There are even stories behind the stories. There are nine stories archived on this site by "Adrian Hammersmith". Adrian's stories were about a "guardian" spanking his ward. These stories attracted a young woman who went by the name "Summer", who was a college student at the time. As it turned out, Adrian was a man in his 40s, who was married. He ended up leaving his wife for Summer and they eventually married.

    Summer was attracted to spanking for punishment. She had grown up as a bit of a wild child and craved structure. Adrian's stories protrayed just such a world of firm loving discipline. This also attracted her to Adrian as well. But Summer did not actually like being spanked. She had thought that he was spanking her the way the Adrian in the story spanked: for her own good. What she did not seem to understand at first was the spanking was a sexual turn-on for Adrian. It seems like this many have caused some problems, since Summer may have found it a shock that Adrian enjoyed hurting her (which is what sexual spanking is all about, after all).

    Eventually the pattern repeated itself. Adrian re-appeared on-line, this time writing spanking stories for someone else (Adrian and Ashley). I assume that he eventually left Summer for his new spanking partner and their marriage broke up.

    I should mention that Adrian Hammersmith and Summer are no more real names than Wintermute. And the story I've told here may be a work of fiction, gleaned from hints, here and there.

  • Serijules Spanking Stories

    Seri (or Serijules, I'm not sure which is correct) used to post frequently on soc.sexuality.spanking (or perhaps it's predecessor,, which existed until it was killed by spam). Seri is into spanking and BDSM. Sex, spanking and submission are definitely joined together for Seri, as they are for me. She is a very good writer and some of her stories are breathtakingly sexy.

  • SarAdora's Spanking Erotica

    "Such a naughty girl," he whispers back as he positions me over his lap once again. "Such a naughty... sweet girl." from Naughty Girl by SarAdora

    SarAdora is a prolific writer whose love of sensuality, spanking and sex burns through her stories. Reading her stories you can feel the palm smack her ass and feel her burn for her lovers cock. Some of her longer stories have a bit of the feel of erotic spanking Romance works, the story building to conquest and climax.

  • Secret Shoebox

    This is a site written by a woman (I think), who calls herself Owl. It only has a few stories, but they're well written. Most of the stories are "age play". That is, about fantasy children, where the charge in the story is the adult taking part in that role.

Spanking Stories for Fun and Profit

I've never tried to make money from my stories and with all of the wonderful free material I'm skeptical if there is much of a market when it comes to web publications. But I did run into a brief web page about writing commercial spanking erotic: Katy Terraga's Resources for Sex Writers: Writing and Marketing the Spanking Story by Danielle Smith

Spanking Community Sites

  • Happy Tails Forum

    Spanking stories, spanking discussion and spanking personals.

  • Spanking Den

    This is Bethie's spanking community site. Bethie is the love of SpankBoss, the author of Spanking Blog.

  • Bottom Lines Spanking Forum

    This is a UK based site with active discussion groups. They publish stories, include, with my permission, some of my stories. To read the stories or view the photo galleries you have to have some number of posts in the forums. Its a pretty nice community, without the nastiness and bickering that sites sometimes degenerate into. This is probably because the site is moderated.

  • Spanking Community

    Spanking Community includes a range of stories and discussion groups.

  • My Spanking Forum

    This site has discussion forums and member written stories. The site has some rather fetching photos that are, allegedly, of members (mainly femail members).

  • Love and Chains. This is a site that hosts free kinky personal ads. The ads are truely free, no hidden strings as is the case with some sites.

  • Collar Me ( A Problematic Site

    The Collar Me site is a personal ad site that is aimed at the BDSM/Ds community. One of the attractions of this site, compared to sites like, is that they don't play games with fees. The site is free and responding to people is free. The site seems to make its money from advertising.

    Spanking has an obvious overlap with BDSD, so I put a version of my Wintermute Personal Ad up on Collar Me. I was almost entirely ignored, which is a commen experience for men, especially those who are honest about being married. The site seemed reasonable, never-the-less, so I recommended it to a woman friend. Her experience was not good and she soon canceled her ad. My friend wrote:

    Oh my god, I took your advice and posted an ad on, said that I was only into OTK spanking and romantic submission. I said I basically wanted a boyfriend who would spank me, nothing medieval. The response was amazing - HUNDREDS of emails, Chase. And all scary, all terrifying, in fact. These guys have dungeons in their basements! I had the most horrifying emails calling me names, discussing how I'd look trussed with a ball gag in my mouth, a collar, hood and welts on my back, describing how I'd be tortured and beaten, spit upon, I almost threw up. It was terrible. Only one nice guy wrote and said:

    Me thinks, Princess, that you have journeyed to the wrong valley in your quest. Your likeness is quite beautiful, so fresh, with your innocent eyes and long red locks, you are a dominant's dream, in fact. I know any man that resides in this world would happily spank your bottom for you, but alas, you would not like what would come next, for in this world we have far, far darker away, little one.

    I took that advice to heart, and took down my profile, and erased my account.

    There is an active BDSM community in San Francisco and back in the day I got involved in it briefly. The motto that was used is safe, sane and consentual. This is the rule that peole who really play follow. If it gets out that you're not like this, people who soon quite playing with you. I wonder if these Collar Me dweebs have every actually played with anyone.

    Given the experience my friend had, I would no longer recommend this site.

Sex, Spanking or Erotica Web sites

  • Remittance Girl

    Long ago when the movie Body Heat was released, with the fantastically delicious Kathleen Turner, the movie reviewer in Newsweek wrote that this was a movie that was so hot it would melt the Chunkys in your hand. Well, I'm here to tell you that Remittence Girl's writing is so hot that she'll melt the Chunkys in your hand. She is the literary equivalent of Kathleen Turner's little white panties slipping down her thighs. Rimittance Girl is simply one of the best writers I've ever read. Anything she writes is good, but her erotic writing can be white hot.

    Remittance Girl does not usually write spanking erotica, but when she does, it burns like all of her other writing. She has a remarkable talent to get into the heart of a kink, even if it is not her particular obcession. Remittance Girl generously wrote Grown-up Games in my honor. I was left breathless, both for her kindness and because this is one of the finest spanking stories I've ever read. I am humbled by her talent.

    Remittance Girl (RG to her friends) lives in Vietnam, which perhaps accounts for her name (she was born in Canada). She is not only a fantastic writer, be one of the best web site designers I've seen. She posted recently that someone on one of her writer's groups wrote that erotic literature could never really be literature. Well, to summarize RG's response: fuck that.

    I've included RG's web site at the top of the stories section because RG is a wonderful and creative writer. I have thousands of books and the Amazon bills to prove it. My name is Wintermute and I'm book addict. I live through the written word. So when I say that RG is an spectacular writer, I know what I'm talking about.

    Along with recent work, this Web site collects RGs earlier on-line movels The Waiting Room and The Mistress of Dakao.

  • Allegory of an Underage Femme Fatale

    La Petite is a young woman who writes beyond her years. Or to put this another way, La Petite is a young woman and a remarkable writer. She's not a spanko, but she is a deeply sensual and sexual woman who writes prose that will melt your keyboard. La Petite's blog covers some of her erotic history, her musings, a few fantasies and multiple orgasms when she can't sleep. La Petite naturally understands why panties have a sexual resonance and while I can't recall a post I'm sure she understands stockings and high heels. Alas, if she understood the joy of a cane stroke across her lovely bottom it would be perfect. But not everyone can be a spanko.
  • Pretty Dumb Things

    I originally had Chelsea Girl's Pretty Dumb Things blog marked down as a spanking blog. Chelsea Girl does like a good spanking, but she does not seem to be a spanko, a spanking fetishist (like yours truely). Although Pretty Dumb Things is not a spanking blog, it is a very well written sex blog. Chelsea Girl is a wonderful writer and a sexual, sensual woman, with omnivorous sexual tastes for both men and women (she published a delicious account of a woman straddling her face). Chelsea Girl comes up with lyrical sexual images like "he slips inside me like a hot knife into cheesecake". She definitely needs a good hard spanking and much more.

  • Susie Bright's Blog

    Susie Bright is one of the early writers on sex-positive feminism. The sex-positive feminist movement arose in part as a response to the writings of Andrea Dwarkin and other "feminists" who ranted on about the evils of pornography. In this line of feminist thought, sexual activity like spanking was especially evil (beating a woman for sexual pleasure).

    Susie Bright and a whole movement of sex-positive feminists stood up and said that they liked sex. The sex-positive feminists whose taste ran to men they said that they liked being penitrated by a cock and for those whose tastes ran to women, some also stated that they liked being fucked by a dildo. And Susie even wrote that she liked a good spanking now and then.

    As all of the blogs here authored by women will attest, the idea of a successful, intelligent, articulate woman enjoying a spanking is not as radical as it once was. Although Susie Bright's writing may not be as radical as it once was, I still enjoy her essays. Ms. Bright has written a number of books, including essays on sexuality and anthologies of erotica.

  • Clean Sheets

    Clean Sheets is one of the oldest literary erotica sites on the Web. They go back to the early days, when the Web was new and all things seemed possible. Clean Sheets publishes some well known writers like Susie Bright (the lovely Ms. Bright is the author of the book Sex Wise among others. One of the editors of Clean Sheets was Naomi Darvell, who at one time wrote some of the hottest F/F spanking erotica I've ever read.

    In addition to publishing erotica of a variety of flavors (including some very good spanking erotica), Clean Sheets publishes book reviews, non-fiction, poetry and reviews of adult sex toys.

  • Scarlet Letters

    Scarlet Letters describes there Web site as:

    Since February of 1998, Scarlet Letters has been one of the web's premier publishers of humanist, feminist, sex-positive, original and visionary creative and artistic work of all kinds. Unifying our erotic and sexuality content with an array of other types of work, we break boundaries and bridge gaps, crashing the genre barricades in favor of a collection of constantly updated work from some of the most inventive independent authors and artists online. Our goal: to give our readers an intimate and unique perspective on artistic expression without pretension or arbitrary limits. Get ready to look at sexuality, erotica, creativity and online media in a whole new way.


    Sex and other topics of interest to sex positive feminists and the men who love them.

  • Lynn Paula Russell's Spanking Art

    Lynn Paula Russell is one of the best spanking artists whose put pen to paper. Her work has been published under the name Paula Meadows in spanking publications like Janus. Paula is a lifelong spanko, who loves to be spanked. You can feel her passion for spanking in her work.

  • The Spanking Art Wiki

    I remember when the original Wiki came on line. It was interesting, but I did not imagine at the time that it would grow into something like Wikipedia or, for that matter, the Spanking Art Wiki. This Wiki attempts to collect the publicly available spanking art in various mediums. It is a labor of love by the author who has taken on a large task. I suspect that he would welcome the help of individuals who have the same love of all things spanking.
  • A Maid For All Seasons

    This is Devlin O'Neill's web site. Devlin is a middle aged man and the author of the A Maid for all Seasons spanking novels. They are pretty well written. This site publishes some of his short stories to give you an idea of his style.

Dominatrixes and Courtesans with Blogs

Dominatrixes and courtesans are both sex workers whose success depends on being able to understand their client's fantasies and play a role. One obvious difference is that courtesans provide overt sex, which dominatrixes rarely do. Courtesans usual fulfill the role of a temporary lover and companion. Dominatrixes fulfill many roles: mother, teacher, nanny, bitch and cruel ice queen, among others. Both dominatrixes and courtesans have to be intelligent to prosper in their line of work. Not everyone who is intelligent can write well, but these women can.

Since humans have possessed a thin veneer of civilization, courtesans have been sought out by men of power and wealth. This was true in classical Athens, in Rome (though many ages) and in the renaissance era. The allure of courtesans for powerful, wealthy men has been their intellect and conversation as much as their beauty and sexuality. What separates courtesans of the modern era from the courtesans of the renaissance is that modern courtesans have Internet "blogs". As one might expect, these intellectual sex workers write exceptionally well.

These courtesans (or, as they are sometimes referred to, Call Girls) are not sex workers because they are emotionally damaged, addicted to drugs or forced into sexual servitude by vicious oppressive pimps. These are women who have chosen sex work because it pays extremely well and they like the work.

Many blogs die in trivia. I never read those blogs that have something like "Mood today: tired". Writing an interesting blog is not easy. It takes a mind for detal and the talent to write about it. A successful courtesan cannot be boring and self absorbed and these blogs reflect this.

  • Mistress Matisse's Journal

    Matisse is a professional dominant in Seattle. In this blog Matisse share little glimpses of her life (professional and non-professional). She is "polyamourous" and it is interesting to read about how this works in her life.

    Matisse is not only a beautiful woman, but a excellent writer. In addition to her writing for the blog, she writes a column (The Control Tower) for the Seattle alternative publication The Stranger

    Some women who become professional dominants seem to do it because it pays well and they don't have to have sex with their clients. Matisse really likes what she does. She's a natural top and from reading her blog I suspect that she is very good at what she does.

  • Compartments: An Escort's Weblog

    The novel tends to be naturally interesting and for most of us the life of an escort or call girl is novel. The author of this blog writes well. The view the author gives of her work as an escort removes any Pretty Woman romance from her job in sex work. Being an escort pays well, but in many cases it's just a job.

  • The Las Vegas Courtesan Blog

    This is a blog by a call girl in Las Vegas. From what I have read I would not quite call her a courtesan, in that a courtesan presumably provides educated conversation and the illusion of a relationship. She also has Las Vegas Escort Blog and Confessions, which I assume will migrate to the page above.

Play Spaces and S&M Sex Workers (in the Bay Area)

The most common complaint of people who have a kinky sexual obsession, like spanking, is that their partner does not share the obsession. Finding a wonderful person that you love with all your heart and who also shares your sexual obsession so difficult that such a match is almost like winning the lottery.

If you are a woman, with some patience and care, you can pretty much find what ever you want when it comes to erotic or sexual activity. This is not true for men. If you are a married man and a spanking top, it can be very difficult to find a spanking friend. The situation is even more difficult if you are a male spanking bottom. Most of the women in the spanking community are spanking bottoms and are not interested in topping.

For many men one of the few options is a professional Domme (a woman top) or a professional submissive. These sessions do not involve explicit sex (or touching of the other person's genitals). The vast majority of the women who do this work play with spanking or BDSM in their private lives. They are getting paid to do what they like. You should treat them like any other professional (a lawyer, doctor or massage therapist). You should also be totally honest about your level of experience.

If you visit Fantasy Makers or The Gates, or one of the other places places listed below, you should be discrete. Many of them are located in residential neighborhoods and it is not appropriate to wear outrageous dress or carry spanking or BDSM toys openly.

In the United States there are lots of professional Domme's (women tops) and relatively few professional submissives. Some professional submissives do only bondage scenes, and there seem to be even fewer who like to be spanked.

The fact that a link is listed here does not constitute an endorsement. In the majority of cases I do not have any direct experience with these power exchange providers or play spaces.


  • Fantasy Makers

    Fantasy Makers appears to be a cooperative of women who are involved in B&D, S&M, Spanking and related activity. Fantasy Makers is located in San Francisco's East Bay (e.g., across the bay from San Francisco), near Berkeley. Fantasy Makers has women who top and bottom (and some who do both).

  • The Gates

    Like Fantasy Makers, The Gates is a collective of woman tops (Dommes), switches and bottoms. They are located in Emeryville, near the Oakland/Berkeley border in the San Francisco East Bay.

  • Ms. Sara's Domain

    The women who make up Ms. Sara's Domain started out doing scenes at the Backdrop Club in Mountain View. They are a smaller group that either Fantasy Makers or The Gates and also include Dominants, switches and subs.


This section lists independents in the Bay Area. These women all switch (I'm a top, so in general I'm not interested in women who are just Dommes). There seems to be more demand for female tops, so these web sites tend to emphasize this part of their services. As this short list demonstrates, there are few professional submissives (or switches) compared to pro-Dommes.

The links below are found links. These links are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that I am not providing any recommendation. Other than what I can read on the linked web pages, I have no knowledge of the services provided.

Play Spaces

  • SF Citadel

    Wondering where to host your next birthday spanking party? If you live in the Bay Area, the SF Citadel may be the place. The SF Citadel web site shows an attractive space that comes complete with lots of naughty furniture (spanking benches, St. Andrews cross, etc).

  • The Edges Dungeon (in San Jose)

    This is a membership BDSM rental space in San Jose. They have a variety of BDSM equipment (St. Andrews Cross, etc...) They also have fucking machines (you buy your own dildo before using it).

  • The Power Exchange

    The Power Exchage is a San Francisco sex club located in the Mission District. The club includes a dungeon space. There are various events with names like "Sodomy Sunday", for men only. Or the "Fuck Ball", which I assume is an orgy. At least for Wintermute this is all a bit too far on the wild side.

  • The Back Drop Club

    Like The Power Exhange, the Back Drop Club goes back some years. They used to rent a space in Mountain View, but gave this up in 2006 (probably a result of Silicon Valley rents). There continue to be events and classes organized by The Back Drop Club

Guides to Independent Sex Workers (in the Bay Area and elsewhere)

S&M Sex Workers (Outside of the Bay Area, but in California)

  • Fetish Grrls (in Chico)

    This is a collective of women in Chico, who also seem to travel to San Francisco on occasion. They seem to do both dominance and submission sessions.

  • Passive Arts Studios (located next to the Los Angeles Airport) (LAX)

    Passive Arts Studios offers both play space rental and sessions. Apparently some Los Angeles area BDSM groups meet in their rental space. Passive Arts has a relatively large number of pro-subs.

  • The Dominion (West Los Angeles)

    Like Passive Arts, The Dominion has a relatively large number of switches and pro-subs. The web site provides no details on what the various women like to do, unfortunately.

  • The Chateau (central Los Angeles/Hollywood)

    The Chateau is a play space with a few private contractors who use the space.

  • Lair De Sade (San Fernando Valley)

    The Lair De Sade is a membership playspace. They host parties and other BDSM themed events (e.g., bondage classes).

  • Independents

  • Colette Caine (Beverly Hills)

    Ms. Caine seems to have had some bad experiences with clients, which is reflected by the preemptive scolding on her web site. She does appear to be a true professional submissive however and I suspect that if you treat her with respect the favor will be returned.

Erotic Photography

  • Red Charls

    This is the web site of a French photographer who does breathtakingly erotic work. The photographer captures the eroticism and beauty of spanking, bondage and whipping as few people have. The author of this site has the talent and polish of a professional photographer, but oddly there are not prints available for sale on the site.

  • Eroticalee2

    This is a photography site, mainly of the author, Lili, photographing herself and her male love. If you're offended by closeups of pussies and cocks, this is not the site for you.

    Some of the photography on this web site is truely inspired. Lili at her best is a true artist, if rather obcessive about her subject (but so was the painter John Kacere whose work I like a great deal). Lili's photographs runs the gamut between unretouch photographs to heavily photoshopped images.

    Lili also has a companion site, Eroticalee1, where she publishes more photographs and some of her writing.

    When she was younger Lili was a prostitute and some of her writings on this period are both powerful and scary to read. This is not Pretty Woman, but a slice of what it is like to be a call girl, working for a pimp. I'm glad that Lili survived to be here with us today.

Panties to wear for a spanking

I think that one's taste in lingerie is influenced by the styles that were popular when you grew up. I love to see a shapely bottom in sheer or lace string bikini panties. Lingerie is a product that lends itself well to sale from a web site. So there are lots of great sites where you can buy lingerie, like Bare Necessities. I've listed a few sites here that you might not have otherwise found.

  • Retrogirl: the original vintage vamp (eBay Store)

    Retrogirl sells some very sexy custom made panties. They are modeled after panties that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. She has many of them made with only a single layer of nylon in the gusset. This puts just a sheer layer of nylon over the woman's pussy, which is very sexy. These sheer panties don't offer much protection for a naughty girl who is being spanked, which is just the way it should be.

  • Teddy Girl

    Some men who are spanking bottoms wear women's panties when they are going to get spanked. There is a special resonance that women's panties have and that being "forced" to wear women's panties has. But if it's just the sheer fabrics and bikini style that is the attraction, you can now find this in men's panties. Teddy Girl has a selection of men's bikini underwear in sheer materials and silk. My impression is that this is aimed mainly at a gay clientele, but spanko men may like them too.

Tools for Warming Bare Bottoms

  • The London Tanners

    Despite the name, The London Tanners are located in the United States (in Florida, believe it or not). They make excellent spanking straps. First class workmanship and reasonable prices. What more could you want (other than a red bottom).

    The London Tanners straps are are all modeled on historical punishment straps of one kind or another. We own one of their "My Lady's Strap". This is a strap that works very well for a woman's smaller hands. I had a fantasy about being bent over the end of the bed and being spanked with a strap by "Mommy". "My Lady's Strap" fit the bill and "Mommy" was able to apply it soundly to my upraised buttocks (and then I was soundly paddled).

  • Leather Thorn Paddles

    Leather Thorn makes beautiful leather paddles. I can imagine naughty girls falling in love with the beautiful Leather Thorn Rose Blush Paddle. Surely something so pretty couldn't hurt too much. I am sure that this is the perfect gift to give your top, but I'm equally sure that these paddles are not only beautiful but effective.

  • The Hanson PaddleWerks

    The Hanson PaddleWerks make and sell a variety of beautifully crafted paddles. These paddles can be ordered in a range of woods, including exotic hard woods.

    The Hanson Ruler Paddle appears in many of the spanking stories, as does the Hanson ping-pong style paddle. The ruler paddle is stingy and is good for a warm up spanking. The ping-pong style paddle does not look like much, but it really hurts. This is a good paddle to finish a spanking with. Perhaps twenty smacks on each buttock, given nice and hard over the cane welts. If you are fortunate enough to be able to cry during a spanking, the paddle will have you crying like a little girl (or boy).

    The Hanson PaddleWerks gets orders out promptly. I have given a couple of their paddles to my friend Kay, along with replacing our ruler paddle after the original one got worn out on my bottom.

  • Forbidden Expressions

    Forbidden Expressions sells beautifully made floggers, canes and a particularly intriguing implement for over the knee spankings called The Nasty. Their workmanship looks very good and their prices seem reasonable. Their rattan canes have elegant braided handles that may make the cane easier to use (perhaps to the regret of the bare bottom receiving the strokes). However, the web site states that these are 2004 prices so I don't know if these prices still apply in 2007 and beyond.

  • Prysm Creations

    Prysm Creations sells linseed oil saturated canes and other spanking and bondage toys. Prysm Creations obviously takes pride in their products. The canes can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. They have braided handles. Prysm Creations also sells delrin canes, which in my experience hurt even more than rattan canes.

  • Spanking Paddles by Walt

    Other than a sexy pair of panties, the only thing that can enhance the beauty of a woman's bottom is a beautifully crafted spanking paddle. Walt makes a variety of carefully crafted spanking paddles in range of beautiful hard woods. His prices are reasonable and he has a great selection. Among other things Walk has a walnut wood smacker. I have not seen anyone else craft spanking paddles from walnut. Given the density of the wood, I'm sure that this paddle is very effective.

  • Satinwood Hand Crafted Paddles

    This site sells beautifully made spanking paddles. The paddles have shaped, curved handles that seem to be designed to fit naturally into the hand of the disciplinarian. The site also sells delrin canes. Delrin canes hurt more than rattan canes and these canes work well for punishment spankings. Among the paddles in the Satinwood inventory is a heart shaped paddle. Just the thing for a naughty girl to give her husband as a wedding or anniversary present. The beauty and craftmanship of the Satinwood paddles is high and is matched by their prices which is higher than many spanking implement vendors.

  • Adam and Gillian's BDSM Toys

    Adam and Gillian is one of the oldest spanking toy sites on the web. Tehy sell a variety of leather paddles, straps and canes. We've purchased several of these and their quality is excellent. They include "pain" ratings for their toys.

  • Spankinc

    This site in Canada sells beautifully crafted paddles. We have their "Teacher's Rule" and "The Foil" paddles. The paddles made by Spankinc look like they are made with love (to be loving applied to a bare bottom).

    I've been eyeing their "Hairbrush" paddles. I like this paddle because it is 3/4 of an inch thick, so it should have a nice hard smack and really hurt when I'm over Mommy's knee getting punished.

  • Canes 4 Pain by WhypDancer

    The Canes 4 Pain site sells a range of spanking canes. Some of these are works of corporal punishment art. Others are just simple rattan spanking canes.

  • The Vermont Country Store Bath Brush

    A spanking can be more erotic and speak to a deeper part of us when it includes certain rituals ("go to your room and pull down your panties") and implements that are used to administer the spanking. Hair brushes and bath brushes have an association with childhood spanking, over Mommy's or Daddy's knee.

    One of the most popular bath brushes for spanking is the Vermont Country Store bath brush pictured above. It is 3/4" thick and 12" long (1.9 cm and 30 cm). It is made from hard maple and is very reasonably priced (at the time this was written the bath brush was $14.95 US).

    This bath brush really hurts. The only paddle I've felt that hurts more is the Hanson Paddle company "ping-pong" style paddle. Like the ping-pong style paddle, you smack one buttock at a time when you spank with this bath brush. Twenty strokes on each cheek should deliver a memorable spanking. Forty strokes on each cheek will result in a very sore and possibly crying girl or boy (that's adult girl or adult boy). This brush leaves bruises, so don't play with it if marks are a problem.

    The Vermont Country Store writes This Bath Brush Hits the Spot. Indeed it does. I've always wondered how many of these brushes they sell to spankos, vs. how many they sell to people for scrubbing their backs. And does the Vermont Country Store realize how popular this produce is in certain quarters?

  • The Recovery Time Spa Kit

    I not have purchased the Recovery Time Spa Kit but I loved both the price and the look of the dark wood bath brush. Since I have not done business with this vendor I cannot provide a recommendation based on experience. They do provide full contact information so they seem reliable. They give this description for the Recovery Time Spa Kit:

    This great spa kit contains a sisal hand brush, pumice stone w/wood handle, nailbrush, bath brush, body massager, all in an attractive oval wood container. Makes a great gift for any man on your list.

    Indeed, just the thing for the "man on your list". Perhaps the perfect gift for a honeymoon. Or anytime. Order the Recovery Time Spa Kit and when it arrives change into some sexy panties, bring your man the bath brush and tell him that you've been a very naughty girl.

  • The Frugal Domme

    The Frugal Domme sells spanking and corporal punishment toys at reasonable prices. I've purchased one of her carbon fibre canes and it was both reasonably priced and promptly delivered. The Frugal Domme sells a line of gorgeous paddles (see Yo Yo's Paddles).

    The last time I looked at the site it was a bit hard to navigate to find the catalog. The site seems to be evolving. After clicking around I did finally get to the right page. Seeing those lovely paddles and thinking about having them used, hard, across my ass rewarded my efforts.

    Finally, I like the Frugal Domme's politics!

  • Spank 'n Cane See note below

    I tried to buy a couple of canes from this site. The on-line shopping failed. When I write to the site owner, I got no reply. Unless these issues are fixed, I would attempt to buy from this site. When the shopping interface failed I had already entered my credit card information and my address. While this is probably innocent, this is rather disconcerting.

    Spank 'n Cane caries a nice selection of canes (including rubber coated canes), wood, lexan and rubber paddles and leather and rubber straps.

Things to think about before buying a paddle

I recommend knowing who you're buying from.

I have purchased more than one spanking implement from many of the vendors listed above. In all cases these are well crafted spanking implements, made for and by people who do adult spanking.

Most of the people who craft paddle are crafting them for use on adult bottoms. In most cases, when you look at the Web pages of a spanking implement vendor there is no question about what the paddles are for: spanking adult bottoms. Very few people who sell spanking implements would sell to anyone who they knew were going to use the implement on a child. This is true of all of the links above.

Although I have a large spanking implement collection, I always want more. In my travels around the Web looking at sites that sell spanking paddles I've only found one site that really set me on edge. This site sells wooden paddles, leather paddles, a riding crop, and a few floggers. But what caught my attention was their laser engraved paddles. They sell a paddle with the following engraving:

Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him wih the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death. Proverbs 23:13-14

I know that some people have spanking fantasies involving nuns with rulers (OK, it does sound sort of sexy, especially if the "nun" were wearning only stockings, a garter belt and sheer bikini panties beneath her habit). Spank me hard Sister, for I have sinned!

I think that it is only fair to ask someone whether your assumptions are true. The vendor at this site wrote, in response to my question, that the paddles they sold were for "novelty" purposes only. I find this a disingenuous answer. They pointed out that they can't control how a paddle is used once they sell it. And indeed they cannot. In response to a second email, they wrote:

The paddle you are referring to with the laser engraving of the religious phrase was a custom order. The customer had a thing for school type spanking and wanted it for their collection. It is not a paddle we offer for sale and is only there as an example of how much can be engraved on a paddle. Only one paddle was made that I am aware of. 90% of the laser engraved paddles are made as gifts and or joke items.

So with this knowledge it would seem unfair to jump to the conclusion that this paddle vendor is a "Christian" right, MoFo Republican nest of supporters of child abuse. But since there are fine paddle craftspeople who are also spanking fetishists, why not buy from them rather than someone who sells paddles for "novelty" purposes.

So know your vendor and buy from spanking (S/M, D/s) fetishists! They field test their products.

Graveyard of Dead or Dying Spanking and Sex Related Sites

The web pages or blogs listed below have died out or been removed from the Web. When a site is not updated for months, it gets moved here too. Sometimes these sites come back from the dead.

With all of the free "blogging" software out there it is very easy to start a blog and discuss an obsession like adult spanking. Often, after a promising start, the blog simply loses interst for the author. Some people feel like they have written all they have to write on what is, after all, a rather narrow topic (e.g., an obsession with adult spanking).

Olympia, who writes the Postmodern Courtesan blog points out that an author can quickly exhaust the possibilities of sexual description. At least with heterosexual sex there is a cock, a pussy, a couple of other orifices. The variations are not unlimited. I think that spanking has a bit more range, since spanking includes sex and much else beside (all of those little games with naughty school girls, nannies and their naughty boys). But eventually descriptions of spanking reach a limit in their possibilities too.

Successful bloggers who write about sex write about much more than sex. The descriptions of sex and spanking are a thrill, especially for those of us who have an almost limitless obsession with spanking. What is always new and different are the stories people tell about their lives and their relationships. In the end, people's stories are more fascinating than sex (or even spanking).

The self-exposure needed to keep a blog interesting to the author and their readers can be problematic. I've toyed with the idea of putting up "Wintermute's Spanking Blog". The attraction would be to write a warts an all diary of the sensual side of my life. But the whole idea of publishing such an intimate account on the World Wide Web is a rather odd one ("I know, I'll share the most intimate details of my life with my 2-billion closest friends). There is also the danger that a connection between blog to the "other me" would be forged (this has happened to people countless times). Such a connection could hurt those close to you or have unpleasant professional ramifications. In writing about why she shut down her blog I'll Beg, Kasey writes:

I can't talk about my vanilla life -- I have a job that would fire me in an instant for writing "porn." It is in education and has a religious affiliation -- so any 'hints' of reality would be to risky.

While I would not be overjoyed to have my spanking stories connected to the other facets of my public life, I could live with it if it happened. However, a sufficiently honest blog could wreck proportionally more havoc.

  • Katie Spades: The Princess of Spanking™ Punishment and Spanking Blog

    Katie Spades blog has gone dark. Apparently her disappearance from the spanking community is a result of health problems and the fact that Ms. Spades, unlike the majority of people who make spanking erotica, is not a spanko.

    In an interview (MP3) with Ms. Spades on a site with the frat boy name (and frat boy esthetic) of Ms. Spades states that she was looking to start her modeling career. She did not want to do porn and looked around and found the spanking community. Ms. Spades felt that she was much better looking than most of the spanking models and so could be a great success. She was never a spanko who always got a thrill from all things spanking. Ms. Spades was just in it for the money and was, in fact, disgusted by the whole thing. A post on the American Spanking Society, The last of... Katie Spades summarizes the interview in which Ms. Spades abjures all things spanking. Having listened to the interview I can vouch for the accuracy of the the American Spanking Society summary.

    Ms. Spades posted to a number of blogs and seemed to put some effort into becoming part of the spanking community. As a result, when her interview came out revealing that it was all a cynical ploy, many people felt betrayed. The fact that Ms. Spades described people who are into spanking as "sickos" did not help either.

    Ms. Spades was smart enough to realize that to succeed she would have to take hard spankings, given with a variety of implements. From the pictures posted on her blog, she did indeed get soundly spanked (something I think, in retrospect, she richly deserved). In the interview Ms. Spades said that to get through the odious business of a hard spanking she had to get very drunk and that her boyfriend didn't really want to do it.

    Ms. Spades apparently has some serious health problems. Like many people in the United States in this wonderful (until recently) Republican dominated country, she did not have health insurance and incurred large medical bills. Ms. Spades (or her boyfriend) put up the web site Save Katie which asks for donations to help with Ms. Spades medical costs.

    I suspect that most of Ms. Spades fans are spankos. After describing all of the money she made selling spanking videos and how she holds the spanking community in contempt she may have hurt her fund raising prospects. Also, a number of people in the spanking community felt that Ms. Spades was being dishonest with the spanking community and that, perhaps she is being dishonest about her health issues. I actually think that the health issues are real, but I have no desire to help someone who views me as a pervert.

    Ms. Spades' blog publishes nice pictures of the extremely spankable Ms. Spades, along with accounts of the spankings she gets from her husband Jake. Kate is a true spanko and has also published some of her spanking stories on her blog. The blog links to a site where you can purchase downloadable videos of Ms. Spades numerous spankings. Well, as long as your not a Linux user that is, since the clips are in Windows Media (wmv) format.

  • The Adventures of Spanko Girl

    I miss Naughty One, the author of Adventures of Spanko Girl. She has been an inspiration to me, since she is married and has been able to find a spanking friend, The Professor. All of this with knowledge of her husband. As I wrote this in January 2007 Naughty One has not posted since May 2006. Naughty One mentioned that she is still getting spanked by The Professor, but has moved away from blogging. I hope that at some point she will return.

    The graphic layout on this site is very impressive. NaughtyOne who writes The Adventures of Spanko Girl is articulate, thoughtful and can form those thoughts elegantly into written words. NaughtyOne has a spanking relationship (no sex) with The Professor, who apparently has his own site at Fairchild Academy. The Fairchild Academy is a fantasy site, but at first glance it actually looks like a site for an actual school.

    NaughtyOne has a truely unique, and at times, profound voice. The path that she has walked with her spanking kink has not always been an easy one. She writes of her relationship with The Professor, its early genesis, its difficulties and the spanking scenes they have played out together. NaughtyOne has become one of my favorite spanking writers.

  • Postmodern Courtesan

    Sadly the Postmodern Courtesan has gone dark without any comment. I hope that Olympia is well and making great meals on her professional style range.

    The Postmodern Courtesan writes under the name Olympia. I became a fan of her writing when I read her post on investment and managing one's finances if you lose your job. Sex workers are like professional athletes, the rarely have careers past their early forties. So a healthy investment account and some plan for a second career is wise.

    Olympia wrote about her past life working at [a financial institution] and her early days as a sex work entrepreneur. It's clear that Olympia could have gone the corporate career route that many of us have followed. But she chose a different path.

    The post that really caused me to develop a slight crush on Olympia was when she wrote about something so sexy, so hot that I could not keep my eyes off the pictures: professional kitchen ranges. Olympia is a woman who lives with gusto. No little 40", six burner range for her. No sir. She's going for the dual oven, 60" Viking or Dacor. Some people buy a four or six burner range to make their kitchen look good. But only a serious cook buys a 60" range. In fact, a serious cook who entertains. Perhaps Olympia is planning a second act as a caterer. This would sort of make sense: a caterer simply serves a different set of senses.

    Olympia is obviously a woman animated by the mind, by sexuality, sensuality and food. Or simply put, the core things in life.

    In addition to her excellent writing on Postmodern Courtesan Olympia wrote an insightful article for Sex-Kitten titled Olympia's Thoughts on Dating Older Men. Olympia writes:

    Because the biggest issue when involving yourself with an older man is the inevitable power dynamic. Whether consciously or otherwise, a young girl becomes infatuated with an older man because he has more. More power, more money, more experiences, simply more. I wanted a piece of that more and thought I could get it through a relationship without considering the reality that in a situation where there is more on one side, there is necessarily less on the other.

    Olympia writes that a younger woman who has "less" (less experience, accomplishment, money, power, what ever) can come to be totally dominated by the power dynamic in the relationship. But what the young woman needs to consider is that she has power too. She may be insecure, but so is the man she is involved with. And realizing this, they can meet in the middle and have an equal relationship.

    As a man in his late forties, I think that Olympia's observations are accurate. A middle aged man who has a sexual relationship with a woman in her twenties courts not only the woman, but a whole host of insecurity. For most men our sexuality is not as strong in our forties as it was in our twenties. Our bodies are not as youthful. Many middle aged men, involved with a woman who is young enough to be their daughter, may worry that a younger man will come along and take this lovely woman from them.

  • Elle Wakefield's Butterfield11 web site

    Before Elle's blog went dark she mentioned that she had come to an accomodation where a man, who I'm sure Elle also liked, would make her second profession as a call girl unnecessary. Both Elle's blog and her professional site have gone dark. A brief article on Ellie can still be found on Fleshbot.

    The update on Elle's web site can be very infrequent. Like Olympia, Elle is a high priced courtesan. She has a professional page which can be found here. Like Olympia, Elle appears to be beautiful, well educated and interesting. Unlike Olympia, Elle has another job and the call girl part of her life subsidizes a lifestyle that she otherwise could not afford.

    I suspect that courtesans are a bit like yachts. If you have to worry about how much they cost, you can't afford them. According to Elle's professoinal web site, time with Elle ranges from $4,000 for dinner and drinks to $30,000 to spend a week with her. I am sure that dinner, drinks, and what ever else, with Elle would be divine. For anyone but those with an exceptional income, these are high prices indeed. An evening with Elle costs about as much as a two week trip to Europe. How does the divine Elle stack up to the divine city of Venice? After all, how good can one sensual encounter actually be? But again, I suspect that if one has to make such a comparison, you can't afford her. And maybe I'm just jealous. I don't think that anyone is going to be paying this kind of money to spend time with an extremely well read, well educated middle aged man like me, regardless of what I offered.

  • A Feenix Call Girl

    This blog is written by Melinda, who is a sexworker in Phoenix Arizona and a University student. Being a sexworker pays better than most jobs, but it can exact a cost on the rest of your life. You have to keep what you do secret and it makes outside romantic relationships very difficult. Melinda has written about some of these complications, but she has also written "I love my job". She seems to like sex and men and has found a way to pay for University without going deeply in debut.

  • Bend Me Over and Spank Me with a Spoon

    Ms. Spoon's blog evolved so that there was less spanking and more of her homemade videos, many of which showed her lovely body in various stages of undress. Then the blog disappeared. Where ever Ms. Spoon's adventures have taken her, I hope that she's well.

    The author of Spank Me with a Spoon does not give a first name, so I'll call her Ms. Spoon. Ms. Spoon is a New Yorker. She has at least five boyfriends. They all have numbers. As I recall at least two of these like spanking and spank her. Ms. Spoon writes My preferences are Pink Fucked Drenched Sweetly Spanked and Loved. Who can argue with that?

    From a few pictures she's posted she looks delicious, so I can see why men like her. Ms. Spoon is not only lovely, she also writes in a lovely lyrical way. Ms. Spoon has all of the best traits: brains and body. I'm starting to realize that for many people we're at the start of what might be described as a post-literate world. For many people writing more than a few paragraphs is a stretch. In the world of spanking blogs it is easy to get spoiled by the good writing. Spanking is, by its very nature, an intellectual kink. The barbarians who make up most of the human race just like to fuck. Those of us who are smarter like seasoning with our food and our sex. And Ms. Spoon is a radical gourmet.

  • La Fessee

    La Fessee is spanking in French. Along with Spanking Blog Paul's La Fessee blog is one of the oldest. Paul is a switch and his site includes postings about both women and men getting spanked. La Fessee went off-line for a while, then it came back. Posting was sporadic, with sometimes just a few paragraphs about spanking. La Fessee now seems to have gone off-line. What ever else is going on in Paul's life, I hope that he is finding some happiness and spanked bottoms.

  • Jennifer's Spanking Art Blog

    Jennifer writes on her blog that she gets spanked every saturday night. Lucky girl! If she's been naughty that week the spanking will be given with an implement like a ruler or a hair brush. If she's been a good girl she gets a nice sexy hand spanking.

    Jennifer's Spanking Art web page publishes drawings of spankings. These include classic drawings from Victorian erotica and modern drawings by artists like by Lynn Paula Russell.

    In addition to getting spanked, Jennifer likes nice lingerie. She has a "sister" site with pictures of women in lingerie. These sites seem to be a combination of "labor of love" and commerce. As I've noted above, traffic is worth money, so this might be a nice side line.

  • Analyze Julie

    I find Julie's blog fascinating because she is a female top who likes to top for herself, rather than for a man who likes to be spanked. Julie is a "spanko" and loves all of the little rituals that go with spanking: sending her "boy" to his room, making him pull down his pants before lying over her lap for a hard spanking. Watching his bottom redden as she spanks him soundly (yum).

    Julie has written a very good essay [Dead Link] on her experience as a spanko, how spanking was a draw for her from an early age and how spanking has evolved for her as she grew up. Julie writes

    You have to understand: despite the fact that most of my romantic and sexual life does not include spanking, this is the prime thing I think about whenever I masturbate, whenever I look at porn, whenever I have erotic fantasies. Spanking pushes the buttons in my mind, it pushes them hard, and it is close to the only thing that pushes them. I am perfectly capable of having hot, passionate, fulfilling sex without spanking, but nothing reaches the mental zone that spanking does.

    Yes, this is how it is for me. I guess that the only thing that I would add is that for me because spanking is such a powerful turnon, I crave it. It is like a drug that I always want and the craving for it never goes away.

    Alas, Analyze Julie is no more. Julie has taken her blog off line and with it our little window into her life as a female top. Julie writes:

    I have decided to take this blog down. There have been security breaches, as it were; I don't want to compromise anyone else's anonymity. I also haven't been posting regularly. Thank you to all my dear readers. This blog made a huge difference to me.

    For me, the "security breach" was one person who I wrote about outing another person who I wrote about to a third party. It mostly came down to the untrustworthiness of person #1, but it freaked me out because I don't want to compromise ANYONE's identity who I write about.

    However, I agree that there is a huge chill right now. I'm dying to know what's going on with Panties3 [a blog on the joys of womens panties by Brett and Hiromi which was shut down - Hiromi's blog can still be found here], and Aunty Agony's "agony" about whether to go on... [Aunty did decide to continue] I can so sympathize with her. I'm not sure why it's all happening at the same time, but it sure does seem emblematic of something larger.

  • Domestic Discipline Dreams

    This is Leigh's blog about her domestic discipline lifestyle with her British husband. As a good child of Her Majesty's Empire, Leigh's husband spanks her with a cane when she's a naughty girl. Good hard cane strokes, from Leigh's account of being spanked for smoking too much. Not only is Leigh's husband British, but they live in England (an isle famous for the "English Vice", sexual spanking).

    I'm sorry to report that the notoriously sadistic Wintermute things that she should be spanked frequently for smoking. Wintermute, in fact, made his beloved give up smoking in the early days of their relationship. I want her with me for a long and healthy life and smoking does not contribute to this.

  • Unwrapping the Layers

    *J*'s blog not only seems to have gone off-line, but it's been replaced by a spanking porn web page, with links to some pay spanking porn site. I assume that what's happening here is that some spanking porn provider started watching for blogspot spanking blogs that went off line. They then installed their own spanking porn page at the same address. There are lots of fine members of the spanking erotica and porn community that act in an ethical manner. There is no reason to deal with unethical people like this. This is doubly true when you consider that some unethical web porn sites keep charging credit cards after the user tries to cancel or have poor customer security so that some customer information is stolen.

    Unwrapping the layers is a blog about a Dominance and Submission (D/S) relationship between *J* and Himself, a long term married couple (I love the way that sounds). *J* is a good writer and can make ever her mundane adventures sound interesting. Best of all, she loves a good spanking

    The perfect spanking begins in the morning, perhaps over espresso, when my beloved says "I think I'll spank you tonight." Or, maybe he says, "You are in sooo much trouble! Just wait until tonight!" or maybe, "Need a little play time tonight, Hmm?"

  • Moonlighting Escort

    From The Courtesan Connection: The light of a new Moon:

    Moonlighting is closing her blog.

    Evidently after her comment on CCG's blog, some individuals took it upon themselves to prove to her how easily she could be identified. The amount of effort they spent, and were willing to continue to spend, as well as the implied threat to her privacy, were enough to cause Moonlighting concern.

    Now comes the additional fallout. How many other providers with blogs will close their blog? How many more will censor what they have to say, simply because they wish some privacy? I cannot see CCG continuing her blog after this, and I would not expect they will be the only two.

    Perhaps Moonlighting did have a false sense of security regarding how well her identity was cloaked. I wonder in driving that point home until she felt harassed, vulnerable, and frightened really did any good. Or perhaps those who sent the emails felt they were somehow morally and intellectually superior.

    What I see is another voice silenced. More stories lost, more words unspoken. Another chance to see, learn and grow destroyed by pettiness and ignorance.

    You are precious Moonlighting, you will be missed.

    There are courtesans and there are call girls. Along with beauty, education and conversational skills, a courtesan provides the temporary illusion of a relationship. I imagine that an outing with a courtesan is like a date with a beautiful, fascinating woman who will focus all of her attention on you. But in the case of a courtesan it is a foregone conclusion that you will have sex with her.

    Only people who are rich and who can behave in sophisticated company have to opportunity to experience a courtesan. Call girls are for ordinary mortals. Moonlighting Escort is a call girl, not a courtesan. Like Elle, Moonlighting Escort has another job. She seems to live outside of the United States (or Britian). She mentions that her apartment is 360 square feet (about 10 square meters), which is something that is usually only found in Tokyo.

    Moonlighting Escort provides another view of the life of a sex worker. This is not as sophisticated as the world of Olympia or Elle, but Moonlighting Escort's world has the grittier feel of the world that most of us live in.

  • David Nunes da Silva Spanking Games web page

    I've always found games involving spanking sexy. For instance, the person to be spanked draws a set number of cards and gets a spanking indicated by adding up the cards.

    I once created a hand drawn version of Snakes and Ladders with spanking. There are a few "spanking rooms" scattered around the board. When the (un)lucky player's piece lands on the spanking room they have to roll doubles to get out, or three turns. The numbers rolled on the dice while a player is in the spanking room are summed and when they finally leave, they get a spanking of that many smacks.

    David Nunes de Silva has a web page of spanking games. I particularly like the "Russian Woodshed Roulette". These games seem like a wonderful way to spend a winter evening by the fire, roasting bare buttocks with a paddle.

  • Spanking Fantasies for Dummies

    Katy, who writes this blog is a wonderful writer. But my impression is that the blog was an experiment and it seems to have gone in active. Which is too bad since the last entry was about an encounter at a grocery story which a woman who may give Katy a spanking. But we never do find out what happened.

    Katy, the author of Spanking Fantasies for Dummies writes that she was inspired by the wonderful Brat and Pink (aren't we all). Katy writes that she has all of these fantasies and she decided to share them with us. Katy is a wonderful writer who can draw you into her scenes. Katy's blog is new and I think that she is just starting to feel out where she wants to go with it. Where ever it goes, I'm glad that Katy has been kind enough to share her innerself with her readers.

  • Thoughts from a Spanko

    This blog is written by a man who signs himself hbspanker. Along with Spankophile (above), and of course this web site, Thoughts from a Spanko is one of the few spanking blogs written by men. The author writes about sexual spankings and light punishment spankings he gives his wife. His descriptions are short, but can be delicious. One day, he writes, he came home and his wife greeted him at the door with a hairbrush and her pants undone. She had been a naughty girl, but being a good girl at heart, she knew she needed a spanking.

  • Disciplinarian

    This is a wonderful blog written by Nikki, who has a domestic discipline relationship with her "significan other" D. Nikki can be very strict and she appears to have been the driving force behind the domestic discipline relationship. Nikki's SO, D. also has a blog, Disciplined One, where he recounts the view from the bare bottom side of the paddle.

  • Saucybaggage

    A number of my readers have noted that my story production has taken a dive (although as I write this I have just finished a story). Writing well takes a lot of work and energy. And writing poorly is pointless. A lot of good blogs die because people "run out of steam". Some go "dark" because people worry about privacy. I'm sorry that Sausybaggage has gone "dark". She is a very naughty girl and I hope that she's well, happy and getting spanked soundly.

    This is Saucybaggage's blog where she discusses the continuing evolution of the D/s and spanking relationship between she and her husband. I have also been fascinated by the challenges that she and her husband have encountered in their exploration of D/s.

    Saucybaggage has a bratty side, which is one reason I love reading her blog (and her comments on other blogs).

    When Saucybaggage is not being a slut who needs a spanking (which I mean in the most complementary fashion), she is a teacher. Which, of course, fuels all of those schoolroom spanking fantasies.

  • HoneyBun Sex Spank Sex

    I don't know what the history of HoneyBun is or what inspired the idea of various creams for spankos. The blog associated with the HoneyBun product was supposed to have been written by the HoneyBun girl, who was a spanko herself. But on the Internet, no one can tell you're a dog. As it turns out, the person behind HoneyBun is a man named Knox Bronson, at at least that's what his Instrumentality web site says his name is.

    There is an "up from the ashes" post on the honeybun site as of January 2007. Mr. Bronson notes that he still gets lots of hits, but as of January there was a note that the spanking cream business was, at the very least, in hiatus.

    HoneyBun is a company: they sell spanking creams and oils. An oil that increases the sensation and a soothing oil for naughty girls and boys after they've had a hard spanking.

    The HoneyBun blog is a blog of spanking commentary and pictures by the CEO, founder and chief spankee of HoneyBun.

  • WhippyGEAR

    WhippyGEAR seems to have gone out of business

    I would describe WhippyGEAR as high tech meets spanking. WhippyGEAR makes synthetic paddles and a sort of high tech spanking crop. Their flexible paddles, especially the ping-pong style paddle, look particularly interesting. They have nice pictures of attractive women modeling the paddles and other products.

  • ... sweetness follows (now a link to a page of porn links)

    This is one of the early kink and spanking related blogs. It is written by Mike and Michelle. They are so wonderfully in love that their posts can be a treat to read. Michelle loves a good hard spanking and Mike loves to give it to her. Their blog slowed down a lot and it is still not updated that frequently. The posts are worth the wait. For example, this one, posted by Mike:

    Except now this morning I wake up, and Chelle's already up. I look for the new spanker, so as to administer her morning spankings, but it's not with the cane where I left it. Strange.

    So, I ask Chelle if she's seen it, and yes she had. Right before she hid it.

    She hid it.

    This takes brattiness to a whole new level.

    She assures me it's still in Canada, but other that, no hints.

    Eventually I'll find it. Spankin's will re-commence. Oh yes, yes they will.

    Isn't this delicious. You can just imagine the lovely Michelle getting spanked for being such a bratty young lady.

  • The Collar Purple

    I hope that the Collar Purple blog by Invidia and TheBoss will rise from its hiatus. Invidia is a remarkable artist and I have always enjoyed her posts. Most of all, I hope that she, TheBoss and their family are well and happy.

    This is the blog of Invida and The Boss. Invidia is a talented artist who works with computer rendered 3D images. She specializes in D/s and spanking images. This blog publishes Invidia's work.

    The Collar Purple blog also discusses the D/s relationship Invidia has with The Boss. I have found this little window into their lives fascinating. From reading their blog since the start I have come to like and respect Invidia and The Boss.

  • Spanka Alpha Delta

    According to the authors, they shut this site down because they got too much email from clueless dweebs. Perhaps it was because it was a female top site and women, sadly, get treated with less respect. I have been fortunate to have gotten only a little bit of email from idiots and lots of wonderful email.

    This is Beth and Michiel's spanking web page, which like Devonshayde Spankings is hosted on a free Geocities site (and like Devonshayde Spankings runs into bandwidth problems. Spanka Alpha Delta has a number of spanking stories by both Beth and Michiel, plus pictures of Michiel getting spanked. Beth's discipline of Michiel has a loving, warm maternal feel to it. She spanks her boy because he needs it. Sometimes these spankings have to hurt a lot, but that's what Michiel needs. The Michiel in the stories is blessed with being able to cry during his spankings.