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Wedding Night

A photograph of a wedding night spanking found on the Web

"Tell me a story", said my friend, Kay. "I love your stories and you have not told me a story in a long time". Kay did not want just any story, she wanted a spanking story. This is the story that evolved from Kay's request.

Time flows by, the dark temporal water leaving lines on our faces. I got married for the first time before you were born, my dear Kay. My ex-wife was the first woman I spanked. She liked bondage. I had tied her hands and bent her over the couch. I reddened her bottom with a ruler. That time, at least, she loved it. I fell madly in love with her (or was it lust?)

We got married at a private club with a view of the San Francisco Bay. There were about forty guests and we were married by a retired Federal Judge. There was a lunch afterward. In a modest way it was the wedding version of a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. I am a romantic and I thought that this marriage was going to last forever. I'm not sure what my ex-wife thought. Perhaps she was just doing what she felt was expected of her.

Life takes unexpected turns. Eight years later, Christmas had gone well, but by February my first wife had a very public affair and we were on the path to divorce soon afterward. It was not the affair that destroyed our marriage but the fact that our marriage was no longer important to my first wife.

Although I did not realize it at the time, I was lucky. For one thing, if I had not gotten divorced I would never have met Daphne. I met Daphne on an Internet "bulletin board" devoted to BDSM, about three years before the Web was born. I invited Daphne over for lunch one Saturday in the spring. I'll never forget opening the door after the doorbell rang. There was Daphne in a white dress, her long blond hair flowing over her shoulders.

I spanked Daphne and we made love on the second date. The first two weeks we were together we were obsessed with each other and neither of us got much work done. Daphne was the most sexual woman I had ever known and she loved being spanked. I asked her to marry me. She said "yes" and all these years later we are still deeply in love.

Daphne had been married before too and neither of us wanted another formal wedding. Daphne called up the county marriage bureau and we made an appointment to get married. We invited a few friends, my parents, made a reservation at an Italian restaurant for lunch after the wedding and that was it.

The only traditional part of the wedding was Daphne's dress which was white lace over white cotton. The dress had a scoop bodice that showed off her cleavage. The dress came down to just above her knees and she wore white stockings. Daphne wore flowers in her honey blond hair. We have a picture of her that day and I will never forget how beautiful she looked.

We had put our bags in the car the night before and after lunch we drove down the coast two hours to an Inn named Finestra. Finestra is sited several hundred feet above the water, in among the redwood trees. There is a main building where they serve breakfast and where you check in. The rooms are located in redwood shingled buildings scattered around the grounds, surrounded by redwood, manzanita and bay laurel trees.

We stayed in room 52, on the second floor with a view out over the meadows and fields to the ocean. When we brought out bags up to the room I noticed that Daphne had packed the cardboard poster tube that we used to hold spanking canes when we traveled.

"This is for you", Daphne said as I was unpacking my bag, piling books on the desk across from the bed. She handed me a thin rectangular silver box, tied with a silver ribbon. Inside was a ping-pong paddle shaped spanking paddle made of heavy dark wood.

"It's a wedding present", Daphne said. She came over and kissed me as I held her, cupping her bottom in my left hand. "Will you give me a wedding night spanking?", she said softly into my ear. "Will you spank me hard?"

"Yes, I will. In fact, I think that we should start now." I sat down on the bed and pulled Daphne over my lap. I pulled the skirt of Daphne's dress up so that the material lay at the base of her back. I ran my hand over the sheer lace of Daphne's white Christian Dior string bikini panties, which she wore over the garters holding up her white stockings (yes, that was back in the day when Christian Dior had a lingerie line). I could see the cleft of Daphne's bottom through the sheer material. I started spanking Daphne, alternating sides. I loved the feel of her bottom under my hand, protected by nothing but the sheer lace. After giving her fifteen or twenty slaps on each side I stopped to caress her. The sheer lace outlined the lips of her pussy.

"Such a naughty little girl", I told her as I ran my finger over the cleft formed by the lace over her pussy. I could feel her panties starting to get damp with her excitement. She raised her hips as a slipped my fingers insider her panties, pulling them down to the middle of her thighs.

I caressed the smooth curve of her bottom, running the backs of my fingers over the inside curve where her cheeks came together. The slap of my hand on Daphne's bottom echoed in the room as I started spanking her again, each slap leaving a faint, fading, imprint of my hand. Her bottom was starting to blush pink and my hand was starting to hurt.

"Get the ruler paddle out of my bag please", I told Daphne.

Although her skirts fell back into place, Daphne did not pull her panties up. She crossed the room in small steps to get the paddle. She handed me the paddle and lay back across my lap. I pulled her skirt up again. I moved my hand between her thighs and she spread her legs as wide as the panties around her knees would allow. The lips of her pussy were swollen and wet with her excitement. She moaned and raised her bottom as I caressed her clit.

"I am going to give you something to think about over dinner", I said as I moved my finger between her pussy lips. "A hors d'oeuvres spanking, an appetizer for the main course later".

Daphne gave a little cry as I brought the ruler paddle down across her bottom. Her little cries of "ow" got louder as I paddled her. After I gave her ten strokes I stopped and caressed her pussy. She pushed up against my hand as I rubbed her.

"I'm going to give you ten more, my love", I told her. I bent down, my lips near her ear. "Your wedding night spanking is going to be much harder. Is that what you want?", I asked as I rubber her clit.

"Yes, Sir", Daphne said, somewhat breathlessly.

I gave the final ten strokes hard and fast as Daphne cried out under the paddle. Her bottom was blushed pink from the tops of her thighs to the top curve of her buttocks. Daphne stood up and rubbed her bottom, before pulling her panties up.

The Finestra resort has an on-site restaurant named Ciel that is located on a hill across a small valley from the rest of the resort. Ciel is French for sky. The restaurant has a view out over a hill which slopes off to the ocean. We sat on the deck, under one of the heaters. Looking out we could not see the hill, just the ocean and the sky. As we ate we watched the sky darken. There were high clouds in the sky which turned orange and red as the sun set. By the time desert had arrived it was fully dark and we could see planets rise near the horizon.

As we were walking to the car (the walk back to the resort, through the valley, is too long the dark) Daphne stopped to look up at the stars. There are few houses in the area and the only light competing with the star light were the small ground level lamps that lit the paths. I came up behind Daphne, putting my arms around her and she leaned back against me as she gazed up at the stars.

Each room at Finestra has a fireplace. Wood for the fireplace was wood stacked to one side of the door. It was cold at night and we used a lot of wood during that stay. The maintenance people brought wood up several times and we joked that the woodchucks were replenishing our wood store.

When we got back to the room I started a fire in the fireplace. There were two big chairs in front of the fireplace. I sat in one and Daphne sat in my lap until the room got warm.

"I'll go get ready", Daphne said as she got up to go into the bathroom.

I laid out the paddle that Daphne had given me as a wedding present along with the other spanking implements I was planning to use on the side of the bed. There was a leather ottoman between the chairs in front of the fireplace and I moved it to the end of the bed.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed with the leather paddle and the ruler paddle lying on the bed next to me when Daphne came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a white lace bra and the white Dior bikini panties. Daphne came over and stood in front of me. I spread my knees and pulled her toward me, cupping her bottom in my hands. I kissed her lace covered breasts, nuzzling her nipples through the sheer lace. I opened the clasp of her bra between her breasts, pushing her bra off her shoulders, down her arms, letting it fall on the floor. I took Daphne's right nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, gently biting it the way I knew she liked. After a moment I transferred my attention to her left breast. I slid her panties down to the middle of her thighs. I loved the feel of her nipple in my mouth and her bottom cupped in my hands. I slid the edge of my hand between Daphne's legs, sliding my index finger between her pussy lips, which were slick with her excitement.

"You like this don't you, young lady?", I asked

"Yes, Sir. Will you fuck me, Sir?", Daphne said a little breathlessly.

"I believe you have a wedding night spanking to take first, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. But it feels so good when you suck on my nipples."

"And how did you ask me to give you your wedding night spanking?"

"Hard, Sir. Please spank me hard."

"I will my love. Now over my knee"

Daphne looked so beautiful lying over my lap, naked except for her panties around the middle of her thighs. I stroked her bottom for a moment and then began spanking her, feeling Daphne's bare bottom under my hand, alternating cheeks. When my hand started to sting I started using the leather paddle. I brought the paddle down, first on one side, then on the other. The punishment the paddle delivered was milder than the loud smack it make when it connected with Daphne's buttocks.

Daphne's bottom was starting to blush a light pink when I stopped paddling her. I pulled her panties off her legs, dropping them on the floor next to her bra. I moved my hand between her legs and she obediently spread her thighs, opening her pussy to my hand. Her pussy lips were swollen and slick. I pushed my thumb inside her, rubbing the base of my index finger against her clit. When she started to move against my hand I withdrew my thumb.

"Do that some more. Please Sir", Daphne said.

I picked up the ruler paddle and rubbed the smooth wood over the soft skin of Daphne's bottom.

"You can have more after you've had some ruler paddle, young lady", I told Daphne as I started to spank her with the thin paddle. The ruler paddle hurt more than the leather paddle and soon the smack of the paddle was followed by little cries from Daphne. I gave her ten strokes or so and then stopped to tease her pussy until she was pushing her hips up and pressing her clit against my hand. Then I would start to paddle her again, letting the pain cool her down a bit before teasing her again.

Her bottom was warm under my hand when I caressed her, starting to blush a deep pink from the paddling.

"You can get up now, my love", I told Daphne as I gave her a slap on her right buttock. She stood up and rubbed her bottom. I put a pillow on the end of the bed, in front of the ottoman.

"Lie over the end of the bed", I told Daphne.

She knelt on the Ottoman and lay over the end of the bed, the pillow under her hips pushing her bottom up, her thighs spread. Looking at Daphne in this position, her bottom presented for punishment, her thighs spread, her pussy exposed made me want to take her right then. My cock was very hard, pressing against my pants and becoming uncomfortable. I undressed, piling my clothes next to Daphne's bra and panties and picked up the rattan cane from the side of the bed.

I tapped the cane against Daphne's bare bottom, letting her think about the strokes that were going to burn across her bottom. She pushed her bottom up a little, offering her cheeks. I put the tip of the cane between pussy lips gently pushing the shaft against her clit. The cane was stiff enough to tease her, but not stiff enough to give her any satisfaction when she pushed against it. I tapped her bottom again with the cane, her bottom pushing up again, her buttocks spreading like the halves of a ripe peach. I brought the cane down across her bottom.

"You're such a good girl to keep your bottom up for me", I told her as I caned her, the cane leaving light pink lines across her bottom as I spanked her. As the strokes got harder her buttocks would contract as the pain of the stroke washed over her cheeks. Then her bottom would relax again as she pushed up a little bit to take the next stroke. I gave her a harder stroke across the lower part of her bottom, just above her thighs and she squirmed moving from side to side for a moment as the stroke burned across her bottom.

"Naughty girl. You know better than to move out of position"

"But it hurts, Sir. I couldn't help it"

"Spankings are supposed to hurt, young lady", I reminded her. "Now put your legs together. You're going to get extras for not staying still"

Daphne put her legs together. She cried out as I gave her two strokes across the tops of her thighs.

I put the cane down on the bed and moved behind her. She opened her thighs when she felt my hand between then. Her pussy was very wet and I entered her easily. I felt her bottom hot from the cane as I thrust into her slowly. She was so beautiful, so delicious that I had to concentrate to not cum as I fucked her. She started to move against me, trying for a faster rhythm.

"Stay still, young lady, or I'll have to punish you"

"But you feel so good...", she said breathlessly, pushing back against me. She moaned when I pulled out.

I picked up the cane and started to spank her again, giving the strokes harder, each swish of the cane followed by a little cry from Daphne as she held her bottom up, offered for the next stroke. I would cane her until her cries got louder, her buttocks contracting, the cane leaving a red line across Daphne's lovely bottom. Then I would enter her again, fucking her slowly until she started to move and I would again scold her, withdraw and cane her more. Each time her bottom felt hotter under me.

I leaned over the bed, putting my arm over Daphne, sliding my hand under her right breast so that I could roll her nipple between my fingers. "I'm going to put you over my knee and give you another paddling and then your spanking will be over", I said softly into her ear as I gently pinched her nipple.

I got the dark wood paddle that Daphne had given me and sat down on the side of the bed. Daphne lay across my lap, settling her hips over my right thigh. I caressed the soft curve of her buttocks, feeling the faint welts and her hot skin.

I patted her bottom with the paddle. The heavy dark hardwood reflected the fire light. She made tiny side to side movements, her bottom clenching. Daphne knew that the paddle she gave me would hurt. Later it would be the paddle I used when I gave her punishment spankings.

"I am going to give you twenty on each cheek, my love", I told her. "It's going to hurt a lot, but then your spanking will be over. Can you take that for me?"

"Does it have to be so many, Sir?"

"I want you to show me that you're mine, my love. That you will take the pain for me. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, Sir"

I tapped her right buttock with the paddle. "Now ask me to paddle you. Hard."

"Please, Sir, will you paddle me? Paddle me hard!"

I brought the paddle down on her right cheek, then on her left. As the hardwood cracked down on the lower part of her bottom, Daphne cried out with each stroke. I gave her twenty strokes on each side, hard without a break, spanking her like a naughty girl.

I put the paddle down and caressed Daphne's pussy, letting her catch her breath, pushing my thumb into her again, rubbing her clit. She was very wet and the slickness of her pussy had spread over her mons. Her bottom was crimson and very hot.

"Do you want to ride my cock, young lady?"

"Yes please, Sir"

She got up and I lay on my back in the middle of the bed, the paddle in my right hand. Daphne straddled me, guiding my cock inside her. She thrust down, riding my cock, leaning over me, her honey blond hair cascading down. As she moved faster I reached behind her and started to spank her with the paddle, alternating sides. I could feel her orgasm building and I spanked her faster and harder, paddling her right cheek, not switching sides now. As the wave of her orgasm swept over her I stopped spanking her.

Daphne leaned over and kissed her, her hair covering both of us.

"I want to take you from behind", I told her after a moment.

She raised up and moved to my right side, kneeling, her head down on the bed, her bottom up, her thighs spread.

I entered her, guiding my cock into pussy with my hand. I loved the feeling of her hot bottom against me, the knowledge that she would be very sore from the spanking I had given her.

"I'm going to take you hard", I told Daphne.

She put her arms straight out in front of her, her hands braced against the head board of the bed. I started to thrust into her, giving her long hard strokes as I slammed into her, slapping her hot punished bottom with my hips as I fucked her. She was breathing hard under me, making little noises as she had when I spanked her. I wanted to keep fucking her hard like this forever and I held off my orgasm as long as I could. When it finally came it was like a blinding flash of white light, filling the world.

We lay together afterward, Daphne spooned against me in my arms as I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. After a while Daphne went into the bathroom again as I put the screen in front of the fire. We both slept deeply, Daphne's bottom pressed against my hips. When I woke again in the morning my cock was hard, pressed against her bottom.

While Daphne showered I built a fire in the fireplace and went out to get breakfast. Daphne was sitting in front of the fire in a bathrobe when I brought back raspberries, granola, croissants and coffee.

After we had eaten breakfast Daphne came and sat in my lap. I slipped my hand under her bathrobe, caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples gently between my fingers while I kissed her. After a time we got up and moved over to the bed. I slipped Daphne's robe off and got the ruler paddle from where it lay on the night stand.

"I just got a spanking", Daphne complained as I pulled her over my lap. "My bottom is still sore", she added.

I caressed her bottom, which was covered by a pair of sheer black bikini panties. The thin material covering her pussy was damp as I caressed her.

"You're awfully wet for a girl who doesn't want another spanking", I pointed out. I pulled her panties down and began spanking her with my hand. I stopped and caressed her more, sliding my index finger over her clit.

"I don't think your pussy wants me to stop", I said.

"Well, my pussy didn't ask my bottom."

I picked up the ruler paddle and began spanking Daphne. "I'm afraid that your bottom is going to have to pay the price for your slutty pussy then". I could tell that the ruler paddle hurt more than usual on her sore bottom as I spanked her. When her bottom was blushed red, I had Daphne bend over the bed and I took her hard from behind.

January 2007

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