Giving a Spanking

The Choose a Spanking application generates spanking sessions that you can give to your willing spanking bottom.

This page discusses choosing a spanking session level and administering the spankings in a spanking session. If you and your spanking bottom are both experienced, you can probably skip this page.

Our fantasies are often more extreme than what we actually like in real life. When we fantasize about a spanking, the pain in the fantasy is imagined. When a spankee is getting a spanking on their bare bottom while bent over their disciplinarian's knee, the pain is real, not imagined. As disciplinarian's often remind their spankees, a spanking is supposed to hurt.

People like getting spanked for different reasons. Some people love the feeling of being spanked and eroticize the pain. The pain of a spanking can also be core to submitting, which can also be highly erotic. Others find the anticipation of an impending spanking erotic and they find remembering the spanking sexy. But they don't actually like getting spanked. To them the spanking is a necessary evil for the erotic anticipation and memory. There are also people who deeply need to be spanked, but the spanking has no erotic charge.

When you give a spanking, you need to understand your spankee and their relationship to spanking. This will also play into any role play around the spanking ("Go to your room and pull down your panties, you naughty girl").

Spanking a willing adult is not abuse. What keeps spanking from being abuse is that, ultimately, the spankee is "in charge". The disciplinarian may run the scene and decide on the spanking that will be administered, but the spankee always gives consent and can, at any time, call a halt to the spanking.

The spanking sessions that are generated by the Choose a Spanking application range from light to "punishment". The hard and punishment sessions are going to really hurt, so you should work up to them if that is where you both want to go. If you are not an experienced spanking couple, you should start with the hand spanking in the light session. If the spankee wants more than a bare bottom hand spanking, you can try a medium-light spanking, which may include a light paddling. And so on...

If the spanking session is erotic, then the disciplinarian can intersperse caresses and rubbing with the spanking. The more sexually excited the spankee gets, the more spanking they may be able to take. A sexual spanking may get the spankee so excited that they crave orgasm and the only relief the will have is the pain of the spanking.

The spanking sessions generated by the Choose a Spanking application don't include a lot of detail. This is left to the disciplinarian and their spankee.

The number of smacks for the various spankings can be interpreted in two ways. For spankings that are given on alternating buttocks, as hand spankings or hairbrush paddlings often are, the number can be the total number of smacks or the number of smacks administered to each cheek.

For example, a medium level spanking session might include 20 smacks with a paddle on the bare bottom. If the disciplinarian decides to give the paddling with a hairbrush, they can administer a total of 20 smacks or 20 smacks on each cheek.

The author favors the latter interpretation for hand spankings and paddlings given with smaller paddles. If, instead of giving the paddling with a hairbrush, the disciplinarian used a longer paddle that covered both buttocks, administering 20 smacks would punish both cheeks at once. To similarly punish both buttocks with a hairbrush, the number of smacks would have to be doubled.

Many spankees will not subscribe to this argument. They may argue that from their point of view, over the disciplinarian's knee, each smack hurts, so the spanking should be defined by the number of smacks. The disciplinarian can respond to this argument by bending the spankee over and spanking them with a longer paddle. Or the disciplinarian can bend the spankee over their knee and give them 20 on each cheek with the hairbrush. The spankee can argue spanking legalisms all they want, but it is the disciplinarian that decides how they will be spanked.