Power (Exchange) Lunch

I wrote this story for a friend. She sent me a very demure email from work. Something along the lines of:

Dear Mr. Wintermute,
Thank you very much for sharing your expertise yesterday. I agree that we are on the right track in these matters. At the risk of sounding cliche, we really should do lunch! Let me know if I may reciprocate in any way.
Best regards,

In this era of Sarbanes-Oxley archiving requirements, when corporate email may never die and when there may be other eyes reading it, I could not respond that Cynthia could show her appreciation by pulling down her panties and lying across my lap. I wanted to write that "doing lunch" would be wonderful, but that she was a very naughty girl and would be sitting much less comfortably after lunch. With this idea in mind, this story just demanded to be written.

Case had arranged a private dining room in the back of Nuovo Italia. The waitress had just finished clearing away the espresso cups and the cookie plate. He knew that he and Cynthia would not be disturbed.

"I always enjoy talking to you on the phone", Case told Cynthia. "After working with you all these months, it's been even more of a pleasure to see you in an informal setting. I hope that you enjoyed lunch?"

"Yes, Sir. Lunch was wonderful."

"Your work in preparing the pricing portions for the materials section of the nanoscale fabrication facility proposal have been good, Cynthia."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I said 'good', but I did not say excellent. You are a woman of intelligence and talent. I would like to think that I've been able to fill the role of mentor in the last few months. Would you say that this is accurate?"

"Yes, Sir. I have learned a great deal over the recent months and I have enjoyed the challenges that this work has provided."

"You have been challenged, but you have not always risen to the levels that you are capable of Cynthia."

"I'm sorry Sir. I hope that you will point out areas where there can be improvement."

"I will be happy to do so", Case said as he stood up and crossed to the couch at the back of the room. Case moved the coffee table away from the couch and sat down.

"Come over here please", Case said, pointing to his right side.

Cynthia walked over and stood by to Case's right. Cynthia gazed down at the rug. She felt for a moment like a school girl who was about to be scolded. She thought back on the work that she had done in the last few months, trying to recall areas that could have been improved. She had to admit that there were a few. Her thoughts were interrupted by Case taking her hand and guiding her across his lap.

As if there were nothing unusual about talking to a woman colleague draped over your lap, Case started talking to her about several mistake he had corrected in the section of the proposal Cynthia had written.

"Please Sir, I don't think that this is appropriate", Cynthia protested.

"I disagree. I think that this is the perfect position in which to discuss how your work can be improved".

Cynthia tried to move off his lap but found that she was held firmly by Case's left arm.

Case reminded her that there were several references to industry publications where she had only listed the first author and in one case she had made a mistake in the title. There were also values in some of the report tables that had been placed in the wrong columns.

"I'll try to be more careful in the future, Sir. Now could you please let me up."

"Not yet, my dear Cynthia."

Cynthia felt her skirt being raised. She tried to move again, but Case held her tightly.

When Case had pulled Cynthia's skirt up he found that she was wearing a pair of sheer black panties over her garters. He could see her skin through the transparent material and the cleft of her buttocks. Case thought that the bare skin of Cynthia's thighs looked lovely between the tops of her stockings and her panties. She looked like one of John Kacere's paintings. Cynthia felt Case's hand caress her bottom, over the thin material of her panties.

"You are a talented young lady, but you need to concentrate on your work", Case said, as he brought the palm of his hand down on her right buttock, then quickly on the left.

"I hope that this will help remind you that talent alone is not enough. Attention to detail is also critical", he said as he continued to spank her, alternating cheeks.

Cynthia felt, for a brief instant, like she was back in High School being spanked over the knee of the beautiful but strict Sister Catherine. Cynthia cried out when a particularly hard slap landed on the lower curve of her right cheek. The slaps stung and Cynthia's sheer panties provided very little protection from Case's hand as he punished her bottom. Cynthia kicked and squirmed.

"Stay still", Case ordered as he spanked the bare skin at the tops of her thighs. That hurt even more and Cynthia obeyed. She hoped that the room was sound proofed because she could hear the slap of Case's hand against her bottom and her cries echoing in the room. The slaps stopped for a moment and she felt Case caress her bottom, stroking the backs of her thighs with the backs of his fingers. His hand moved over the curve of her thigh, down between her legs. Without thinking Cynthia spread her legs. She drew in a breath when she felt him caress her pussy through her thin panties, sliding his finger up over her clit.

"You're panties are wet, my dear Cynthia. I might conclude that your mind has been on other things than punishment and repentance. I might conclude that you've not been paying proper attention to your lesson."

Cynthia pushed back against Case's hand as he rubbed her clit through the sheer material, her breath coming faster. Case moved his hand away and Cynthia felt him pull her panties down. Her first though was that his hand would return, stroking her clit without her panties in the way. Instead she felt the slap of his hand on her bare cheek and she cried out. The spanking hurt more now without her panties. Soon her cries were echoing in the room again and she was promising to be a good girl, to never make mistakes and to always pay attention to detail.

Cynthia was a little breathless from crying out when the spanking finally stopped. Her bottom felt hot and it hurt. Case moved his arm away from Cynthia's back and let her get stand up. Her skirt fell down over her bottom and her panties fell down to her ankles as she rubbed her sore cheeks.

"Step out of your panties", Case ordered, "kneel on the couch and lean against the back".

After being spanked like a naughty little girl, Cynthia did not think to argue. She reached down and pushed her panties over her high heels, stepping out of them, leaving them on the floor. Case picked her panties up and put them in his pants pocket. He guided her over the back of the couch, pulling her skirt up and making her spread her thighs. Cynthia leaned into the back of the couch, putting her head down and pushing her bottom up. The spanking had excited her and she thought that now that her spanking was over, Case would take her. Instead, Cynthia watched as he went over to the door where he had left his briefcase. He put the briefcase on the dining table, opened it and took out a long thin paddle made from dark wood.

"Please Sir, I'll be a good girl. I will try to pay more attention to detail, I promise. Please don't spank me more. I've learned my lesson."

Case caressed Cynthia's thighs, sliding his hand up to her bottom, her skin was blushed a deep pink and warm. "Try, cara mia? It is not 'try', but 'do'."

He caressed her bottom with the smooth wood of the paddle, gently patting her cheeks. "I can see that I was right. The lesson you need is not over." He ran the edge of his index finger over her pussy lips, which were swollen and slick with her excitement. Cynthia put her hand down and pushed herself against his hand, rubbing her clit against him.

"You need to be spanked, don't you, my love?"

"Yes, Sir", she said in a soft high voice.

"Say it. Tell me what you need, kitten"

She pushed against his hand, harder, faster. "I need to be spanked, Sir."

She cried out softly when he moved his hand away from her pussy, his left hand on the small of her back, the paddle in his right hand.

The first slap of the paddle across her bottom surprised Cynthia, but she wanted it too. Or maybe she wanted Case's hand back on her pussy, or she wanted him inside her. Cynthia was crying out again as Case paddled her. The paddle hurt and it stung. When she clenched her bottom and squirmed Case gently scolded her: "good girls stayed still for their punishment." Then, to remind her, he spanked the top of her thighs with the paddle before continuing to spank her bottom.

After giving Cynthia a set of strokes, he would stop paddling her and caress her inner thighs and her pussy. When Cynthia was pushing against his hand, her excitement building, he would start spanking her again. She started to get used to this rhythm, so that when the paddle stopped punishing her, she expected to feel his hand on her pussy. Instead she heard Case say "Stay right as you are, cara mia"

As Case undressed he admired the way Cynthia looked, her bottom crimson from the spanking he had just given her, her thighs spread, her bottom and pussy exposed. He went to his briefcase and took out and condom and slid it on his hard cock. He moved behind Cynthia, bending at the knees slightly as he guided his cock inside her. She pushed her bottom up, taking him deeper inside her. Case leaned over the couch, bracing himself on one arm, reaching the other around to Cynthia's clit as he thrust into her. Her ass was hot under him and he knew that she would feel it as his thighs pounded into her sore bottom. Cynthia pushed back against him, pushing him deeper, her breath coming hard as her orgasm built and he felt her come. He moved his hand, standing now, holding her waist in his hands, thrusting his cock deeply into her as he came.

They lay together afterward on the couch, Cynthia lying on top of Case, catching their breath, as he held her.

"I think that this has been a productive lunchtime meeting, Ms. O'Neil? Would you agree?"

"Yes, Sir. I have learned a great deal, Sir. I will give my work renewed concentration."

"I'm glad to hear that, Ms. O'Neil."

"I hope that I will continue to benefit from your instruction, Sir."

"We can discuss these issues during future lunches, care mia", Case said. "I can see that you are someone who can bloom in an environment of discipline."

"Yes, Sir. I appreciate your instruction"

"May I have my panties back, Sir?" Cynthia asked later, as Case was dressing.

"You may have them when we get to the car", Case told her.

Cynthia retrieved her shoes and put them on, smoothing her skirt down. She got a hair brush out of her purse and brushed her hair. She looked at herself in her compact mirror. Things were back in place. As she followed Case out of the private room and down the corridor and though the main dining room Cynthia wondered for a moment if people looking at her pass would somehow know that she was not wearing panties, that she had just been spanked like a naughty little girl and had just been fucked hard.

July, 2006

Case Wintermute