A Variation on the Teen Spanking Story

This is a little story that I originally published on the the Google group soc.sexuality.spanking. The story was inspired by another writer, who obcessively writes stories about teenage girls who needed to be spanked so they will not have irresponsible sex. I tried to write a story about hot (responsible) teen sex.

Ann opened the front door when her boyfriend David rang the bell. If David had been a "toon" his eyes would have bugged, his jaw would have dropped and steam would have shot from his ears when he saw Ann standing in the doorway. She was wearing a short pleated skirt and a low cut white blouse. David could see the top of her cream colored lace bra peeking out of the cleavage that the blouse exposed. Ann's hair was up in two pony tails.

"Come on in", Ann said, moving asside to let David in. "My parents will not be back before six, so we have about five hours to ourselves."

David put his arms around her and kissed her. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her. Her outfit had the effect that she had hoped. "You look wonderful" David told her, caressing her bottom.

Ann pulled away for a moment and twirled around. "Do you like it? The school girl thing is going out of style, at least for now. I got the outfit on sale."

The short skirt emphasized Ann's legs, which were bare and muscled from hours spent at swim practice for her high school varsity swim team. Her short skirt curved over her round bottom.

"You look fantastic" David told her. "Good enough to eat. But I don't think that skirt would qualify as 'regulation' school wear. Or that blouse", he said looking down at her cleavage and the swell of her breasts under the cotton fabric.

"I guess that I'm a naughty school girl then" Ann said.

David took Ann in his arms again, sliding his left hand under her skirt, caressing her bottom through her panties as he kissed her. He burned for her, like his veins were flowing with liquid metal. "Yes, you are a naughty school girl. A naughty, slutty school girl to wear such an outfit."

"Oh yes. I've been very naughty. Will you spank me? Spank me hard and make me a good girl?"

He bit her ear gently. "Yes, I will."

They went back to her bedroom and shut the door. He noticed that Ann had put out a square leather paddle and a round wood paddle on the night stand by her bed.

David wasted no time in pulling Ann over her lap and pulling her skirt up. She was wearing cream colored lace bikini panties under the short skirt and they provided very little protection as David started spanking her with his hand, alternating sides. Ann giggled and playfully kicked her feet. After he had given her ten or fifteen smacks on each side, David pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. Ann's bottom was starting to blush pink. He slipped his fingers between her legs and caressed her clit. Her pussy was slick with her excitement. She moved against his hand, her breath coming faster.

"Mmm, you are a naughty little slut", he told her

"You'll just have to teach me a lesson then"

David took the leather paddle from the night stand and began spanking her with it, hard strokes across her bare bottom. Ann loved the sharper sting of the paddle and its thud compared to David's hand. Between sets of strokes David would stop and caress her, driving her crazy as he rubbed her clit. Finally when her bottom was red and starting to get hot, he stopped.

"You can get up now, you naughty girl. I want you to undress so I can give you the rest of what naughty little sluts get."

They undressed, watching each other like a starving person watches a table laden with food. When Ann was naked David piled the pillows in the middle of the bed.

"Over the pillows, young lady"

Ann lay over the pillows, her bottom pushed up, her thighs spread, exposing her pussy. David buried his face between her thighs and sucked her clit, running his tongue over her pussy lips. Ann pushed her hips up, pushing against him as he licked her. He did not want her to come yet, so he stopped and picked up the round wood paddle. He began spanking her upraised bottom with the paddle, alternating cheeks. The wood paddle hurt even more than the leather paddle and soon Ann was crying out with each stroke. He spanked her until her bottom was hot and crimson and she was begging for him.

Ann rolled to the side and David pushed the pillows to the head of the bed. He lay on his back, but kept the paddle in his right hand. Ann got a condom out of the night stand and put it on David's cock. She mounted his cock, moving against him, as he reached back and paddled her. They came together. Afterward he held her for a while before getting up and showering with her.

Both Ann and David were in advanced placement calculus and computer science classes that semester. They spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework and working on a joint computer science project.

When Ann's parents came home they all had dinner together. Ann's parents liked David. Unlike many teens he was a voracious reader (like Ann) and could hold a conversation. David seemed to also be unual in that he really liked girls, rather than simply lusting after them. David's mother had raised him and his sister alone. Ann's mother thought that seeing her struggles might have turned David into something of a feminist.

Both Ann and David would be applying to college soon and Ann's parents did not know what the future held for relationship. Ann and David were young and might have other relationships in front of them. Ann's parents were glad that she had such a good early relationship.

Ann and her mother were close, but Ann was shy about her sexuality. If Ann had thought that her mother would hear the sound of the paddle on her bare bottom she would "just die". Ann's parents tried to give Ann and David as much privacy as they could. When they went out, leaving the two teenagers alone, they made sure that they were never home earlier than Ann expected.

June 2007