Go to your room and pull down your panties!

"I'm going to give you a spanking. Go to your room and pull down your panties" Josh told Lela.

Josh loved to watch Lela walk, her long legs, her ass. She was wearing a royal blue skirt with a purple flower print that came to her mid-thighs and a light blue sleeveless top. It was a warm day in the late spring and the skirt was thin and he could see the curve of her bottom under the skirt as she walked.

Lela went up stairs to the bedroom and piled the pillows in the middle of the bed. She got on the bed, kneeling in from the the pillow pile and reached under her skirt to slip her panties down to her knees. Her sheer burgundy string bikini panties would not have lessened the pain of the spanking she was going to get if she had left them on, but Josh insisted in spanking her bare bottom, regardless of how sheer her panties were.

After lying over the pillows she reached behind her and flipped her skirt up. Waiting like this, with her clothes on, made Lela conscious of her bare bottom, pushed up by the pillows under her hips, waiting for punishment.

As Josh came into the bedroom he stopped for a moment to look at Lela. Her long hair flowed behind her head, a honey blond spill of hair over the dark bedspread. The pillows under Lela's hips pushed her bottom up, and her thighs were spread as wide as the panties around her knees would allow, showing the lips of her vulva. It was a position of submission that he loved, Lela ass presented, her pussy exposed, waiting to take her spanking.

He got the ruler paddle, a rattan cane and the punishment strap. He laid the cane and the strap on the bed for later and knelt by Lela's left side. He caressed her bottom and bent down to kiss her bare cheeks. He let his fingers slide over her cheeks, down between her thighs to caress her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and slipped his finger inside her. She was starting to get wet.

"Such a naughty little slut!" he told her. "Have you been thinking about the spanking I'm going to give you?"

"Yes, Sir. And about afterward...", she answered.

He took the paddle and rubbed it over her bottom, letting her feel the smooth wood.

"I'm going to give you a good hard spanking, young lady", Josh told her as he patted her bottom lightly with the paddle.

"I'm going to start you out with twenty strokes with the paddle", he told Lela. He patted her bottom again with the paddle. "It's going to hurt, but I want you to keep that bottom up for me".

She arched her bottom up a bit more, offering her ass for the paddle. He began spanking her, the paddle cracking across her bare buttocks. As he paddled her, her bottom started to blush pink and she cried out, with a soft "ow" after each stroke. Although the paddling hurt, she kept her bottom raised, offered for the strokes.

After giving her twenty strokes across her bottom he stopped to caress her, sliding his right palm over the curve of her cheeks, spreading her and caresses between the hills of her buttocks. She moaned and pushed against his hand as he caressed her clit.

She arched upward as he patted her bottom with the paddle, signaling that he was going to continue her spanking. He began paddling her again, harder this time. The smack of the paddle across her bare cheeks was louder, as were her cries. As the sting built it was harder for her to stay still, her bottom raised and offered for punishment. After he gave her another ten strokes he caressed her again, feeling the growing warmth of her bottom.

"You're starting to get red, my love, but I think that you still need another ten before I cane you."

"Come on, bottom up" he ordered, when she did not immediately raise her bottom when he patted her with the paddle. When her bottom was offered again, he started spanking her. Her bottom was getting very sore and the pain was building. She squirmed, clenching her buttocks and pressing into the pillows.

He caressed her, "You know better than that, my love." His hand moved between her thighs. "Now lie still and take your spanking. I'm going to have to give you five extra punishment strokes for not lying still."

He gave her three more strokes to finish the set of ten. He let her rest a moment while he caressed her. "You have five extras coming", he reminded her. "How are punishment strokes given?" he asked her.

She did not want to answer this question. "Extra hard, Sir" she answered softly, reluctantly.

"Good girl. That's right, girls who clench and squirm get extra strokes, extra hard. I want you to count then out. Now get that bottom up for me."

She arched her bottom up and he brought the paddle down hard across the lower curve of her cheeks. She cried out and counted "one". Her cries got louder as she took the paddle strokes, counting each stroke, until she had finally counted "five".

The sheer burgundy material of Lela's panties was bunched up in the crook of her knees. Josh slipped Lela's panties off her legs. She spread her thighs as he caressed her, pressing against his hand. Her bottom was crimson and hot from the paddling.

"Are you ready to take your caning?", he asked her as he ran his index finger over her slick pussy lips.

"Yes, Sir", Lela answered obediently.

"How hard should I cane you, my love?"

"As hard as you want, Sir."

"Shall I cane you hard enough to make you cry?", Josh asked

"Yes, Sir", she answered softly, thinking about how much the caning would hurt on her already sore bottom.

He moved his fingers against her vulva, rubbing her clit. "I love to make you cry when I spank you", he told her.

He picked up the rattan cane and tapped her bottom with it, measuring his stroke. She moved her thighs together, relaxing her buttocks to take the cane.

Josh caned her slowly, giving her five or ten seconds between each stroke, letting her to feel the burn from the cane.

After giving Lela ten strokes he gave her a chance to rest as he caressed the welts left by the cane, caressing her between her buttocks with one hand while he caressed her pussy with the other. After a few minutes he started to cane her again, starting another set of ten. He spanked hard, the cane whistling through the air, leaving a red welt as it fell across her bottom or upper thighs. Lela started crying after the first few strokes. When he stopped caning her, Lela's bottom and the tops of her thighs were lined with cane welts over the crimson blush left by the paddling.

He took off his pants and briefs. His cock stood out hard and erect.

He kissed her neck. "Almost done, my love", he whispered in her ear. "I want you to take twenty strokes with the strap across that lovely caned bottom. Can you do that for me?"

She sniffled softly. "Yes, Sir. May I have the cock afterward?"

"Yes you may, but you're going to get another five strokes for being such a greedy slut and asking for it."

"Yes, Sir"

"Good girl. Now I want that bottom up. I'll give you fifteen strokes and then you can have a break and then final ten", he told her.

He loved the way she looked, her crimson, welted ass raised and presented for punishment. He brought the strap down hard across her buttocks. Soon she was crying again, but she lay still and took her spanking, her ass raised, offered for the strap.

When he had given her fifteen strokes he put the strap down and moved behind her. She spread her thighs and arched up a bit more. Her pussy lips were slick when he spread then with his fingers, sliding his cock into her. She was still crying from the spanking as he took her. He caressed her neck and shoulders as he gently thrust into her, her cries turning into moans. After a few minutes he pulled out of her.

"Please, Sir..."

"You still have ten strokes, my love" he reminded her. He picked up the strap. "Now, bottom up"

She raised her bottom. He raised his arm high and he brought the strap down hard, cracking across her bottom. Lela's cries joined the crack of the strap and tears were soon seeping down her cheeks. She kept her bottom up, crying into the bed, when Josh finished spanking her. He moved behind her again. When he slid into her he found her very very wet and he felt her heat as he thrust into her, harder this time, his thighs pounding hard against her hot sore ass. She braced her arms against the wall at the head of the bed, her head down, pushing her bottom up, taking his cock deep inside her.

When he had sent her to the bedroom to get ready for her spanking, this was the part that she thought of. She loved the burn of the cane and the kiss of the strap across her sore ass as she cried. But it was the final delicious punishment of his cock as he took her hard, while she was still crying, that she thought of as she pulled her panties down and lay over the pillows to wait for her spanking. Still crying, she came as he took her hard.

September, 2004
Slightly modified February, 2008

Case Wintermute