Sacrificing for Science

Subject: Sincere Thank You

Dear Professor Wintermute,

It was a pleasure talking with you yesterday. Should you ever require assistance in your research, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, it was a pleasure talking to you. Best to you in your investigations.

Warm regards,

Subject: Help with research

Dear Cynthia:

I very much enjoyed our talk yesterday as well. I was excited by your offer to help with my research. Your willingness to contribute to human knowledge is laudatory. As you know, my research involves the relationship between pain and sexual excitement.

To aid our research protocol, I would ask you to report for the research session in either a skirt or a dress which may be easily raised. During the experiment your skirt will be raised and you will be asked to lie across my lap, so I can properly apply the research protocol which will initially consist of a hand spanking over your panties. The spanking will be given on alternating cheeks in sets of ten. The experiment involves intermixing the painful spanking with caresses of your vulva and clitoris. I would like to request that you wear sheer or lace panties because we have found that thick cotton underwear interferes with our experimental design. During the experiment we will monitor both the warmth of your buttocks from the spanking and the wetness of your vulva.

For the second phase of the experiment I will ask you to remove your panties. The experiment will continue as before, initially. I will ask you to compare the experience of being spanked on your bare buttocks with the same spanking that I gave you previously with your panties intervening. I will also closely monitor your sexual arousal by rubbing your vulva and your clitoris. The amount of lubrication will be carefully noted.

During the last phase of the experiment, I will ask you to remove all of your clothing and retrieve a spanking paddle which will be used during the final phase. Our previous research has suggested that the experience of disrobing and retrieving the implement you will be punished with during the final phase of the experiment is critical to the subjects frame of mind.

As was the case before, you will be asked to place yourself over my lap so that I may continue the experiment with the paddle. We have found that for inexperienced subjects sets of five strokes across their buttocks with the paddle are usually sufficient to induce the proper state in the subject. As was the case in the previous two stages of the experimental protocol, your clitoris will be stimulated. We also have found it effective to stimulate the subjects Graffenburg spot. Once again, the state of your buttocks will be carefully monitored, along with your state of sexual excitement. Depending on the feedback provided by the experimental subject, we generally complete the last stage of the experiment when the subjects buttocks are blushed a deep pink in color. Another sign that the experiment has reached its conclusion is when the subject promises repeatedly to be a "good girl", "never be naughty again" or words of similar meaning. We also regard the experiment a success when the subjects vagina is lubricated and the subject is making undemure requests that are similar to "take me now".

We realize that our line of research involves a certain amount of discomfort on the part of our subjects and we appreciate your willingness to make a sacrifice in the name of science. We look forward to working with you in the future and will close with one final thought: "spankings are supposed to hurt, young lady".


Case Wintermute, PhD
Department of Behavioral Reinforcement Studies
Kremvax, Inc.

July, 2006

Case Wintermute