Victorian House

Rare Books and Special Services

"Tell me a bedtime story", she said. And this is the story...

Once upon a time there was a book store in an old two story Victorian house. The walls of the rooms and the wall of the stairway to the second floor were lined with books. The books store carried some new books, but most of the books were used books. Some of these book were very special rare books that book collectors lusted after. These books were kept in a special room on the first floor. There was also a special room on the second floor, hidden behind a book case. This room was for the book store owner and a very special friend, Kathleen.

I haven't introduced the book store owner yet. I think that we will call him Sir. That's what Kathleen usually calls him. Nor have I said yet what is in that special room, but we will get to that.

Most people, especially intelligent talented people, are mixes of personalities. Sometimes these parts of ourselves pull in different directions, as our desires compete with each other. So it was with Kathleen. There was a part of Kathleen that was very hard working and very studious. She did well in school and did all of her homework. Her professors thought she was brilliant and talented. Kathleen sometimes called this part of herself Hermione. Then there was Rocker Girl. This was Kathleen's wild side that wanted to rock and roll all night, playing with musicians and other very un-studious folk. Rocker Girl wanted to go off and play instead of slogging through her school books and writing papers.

One Monday afternoon, around tea time, Sir was surprised to see Kathleen walk into the story. He knew that she had classes that day. Sir had just finished selling an illustrated copy of Richard Burton's translation of The Arabian Nights when Kathleen came in.

"Kathleen, what a pleasant surprise", Sir said. "I thought that you had class all day"

"I did, Sir, but I cut class. They don't grade on attendance and I have a paper that I'm working on. I started to go crazy writing the paper, so I thought that I'd come see you."

"Cutting class, young lady. I'm shocked. This isn't like you.

"Aren't you happy to see me?", Kathleen said.

"Of course I'm glad to see you young lady. You're changing the topic. We were discussing the fact that you're being a bad girl.", Sir said.

"What are you going to do?", asked Kathleen. "Spank me?"

"Well, yes, I think that I will. A good hard spanking is exactly what you need, young lady. But why don't we have tea first. Then we can explore the dimensions of your misbehavior."

Sir made his favorite kind of tea: Yin Hao Jasmine Special Grade which he bought from a tea supplier in Boston. He poured Kathleen some tea and set out some almond cookies.

Kathleen was nearing the end of her studies for her masters degree and was struggling. Rocker Girl was in full bloom. The problem was, it was more fun to be Rocker Girl than it was to be Hermione who studied all the time. Kathleen was being pulled between between immediate and delayed gratification and immediate gratification was winning. It was so darn fun to be Rocker Girl. Much more fun than Hermione, with her work, sacrifice and studying.

"You're almost at the end", Sir said. "You'll be out of school soon and working. Then you can let Rocker Girl out now and then. You need to keep your eye on the finish line. You have come so far and done so well. You can't throw it away now"

"Sir, I hate sports analogies", Kathleen replied.

"Yes, well, I know a naughty girl with a straw man when I meet her. I'm not going to be distracted by your disapproval of my analogies. You need to concentrate on your studies. You can do it. I think that what you need is some motivation. Come with me please."

"Yes, Sir", Kathleen said as she followed Sir. When they reached the stairs he motioned for her to proceed him and he slapped her bottom through her tight jeans. Kathleen had been upstairs before. She knew what was coming and it made her tummy jump. But she could also feel herself getting wet.

When they reached the top of the stairs Sir walked in front of Kathleen again, down to the end of the hall. There was a book case which contained modern and Victorian spanking erotica. Sir removed an original copy of Frank and I and clicked a catch. The book case opened like a door. Kathleen went into the room and Sir closed the bookcase behind them. There was a double bed in the room with a silk bead spread and piles of pillows at the end. Hung on one wall was a line of paddles, moving from thin ruler paddles, to small paddles to big school paddles. Next to the paddles were spanking straps. A selection of canes and riding whips bloomed out of an umbrella stand. A pair of fleece lined leather cuffs hung by chains from the wall near the end of the bed.

Victorian House
A watercolor by Leone Frollo

Kathleen knew that the room was sound proofed. "In the spanking room, no one can hear you scream", Kathleen thought.

"Kathleen, you have been a very bad girl", Sir scolded. "This is not like you to have come so far and worked so hard, only to slack off. What you need is a good hard spanking and that's just what you're going to get."

Sir went to the wall of spanking implements and took down a leather paddle. He put it down on the bed. "Come here, young lady", he told Kathleen. She went over and stood in front of him. He started to undress her. Kathleen hated being undressed. It reminded her that in this room, power and decision belonged to Sir. First Sir took off her blouse. He took her sandals off her feet and undid her jeans, sliding them down her legs. Kathleen stepped out of her Jeans, leaving them on the floor. She knew that Sir hated clothing left on the floor, so this was her tiny assertion of power. Kathleen was left wearing only a sheer black bra and a matching pair of sheer black bikini panties.

Sir sat down on the bed and pulled Kathleen over his lap. "You've been a very bad girl", he said as he started spanking her over her panties. "Very bad indeed. I know that it's fun to be Rocker Girl, young lady. But you need to be disciplined and that's exactly what I'm going to give you." Sir continued to spank Kathleen, scolding her as he did so until she started to cry. She did feel like a bad girl getting a spanking.

"No, Please, Sir...", Kathleen protested as he pulled down her panties to the middle of her thighs.

"No, Kathleen? Did I hear 'No'?", Sir asked.

"I'd never tell you No, Sir. Saying 'No' is your job, Sir. You must be hearing things again, Sir.", Kathleen said.

Sir brought his hand down hard on Kathleen's bare right cheek, then on her left. "I did hear 'No', young lady. No prevarication, naughty girl", Sir said as he spanked her. The spanking hurt more now and Kathleen started to cry harder. Sir didn't stop until she was crying hard like a spanked little girl.

"My hand hurts, young lady", Sir said.

"Oh, poor hand", Kathleen managed to say as she cried. "What about my bottom? You don't seem to feel sorry about that!", she thought to herself.

Sir caressed Kathleen's bottom. The soft skin had blushed pink under his hand and was starting to get warm. He moved his hand between her thighs. The lips of her pussy were slick.

"You're not only slacking off on your studies, but I'm also shocked to discover that you're a little slut. You seem to be enjoying this!", Sir said as he caressed her, moving his hand over her pussy, up to her clit, rubbing. "I don't know if you're learning your lesson at all", Sir added.

"I am Sir. Really I am. I'll study. I promise. I can't help it. My pussy just has a mind of her own."

"Well, I'm sure that she should concentrate on studying as well", Sir said as he picked up the leather paddle and brought it down hard across Kathleen's bottom.

Kathleen cried out as the paddle punished her bare bottom. The damn paddle didn't look that mean, but it hurt. Soon she was crying again, thinking that surely Sir would see that she had learned her lesson. After paddling her for what seemed like a very long time, Sir put the paddle down and caressed her again.

"You're still wet, young lady. In fact, I think that you're even wetter than before. You are supposed to be thinking about your misdeeds, or in this case lack of deeds and regretting your behavior. Instead you show all the signs of a girl who wants to have an orgasm."

"I do want to have an orgasm, Sir. Please, Sir..."

"Not yet, bad girl. You need to take your punishment first", Sir scolded. "All right, you can stand up now"

When Kathleen stood up her panties feel to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Sir took off her bra and lead her over to the all. "Raise you arms", he ordered. He attached the padded cuffs to her wrists.

Kathleen pulled against the cuffs. She wasn't going anywhere until Sir let her go.

"I think that a good hard whipping will give you something to remember the next time you think about skipping off with the Rocker Brethren, instead of finishing your school work", Sir said.

Sir went to the umbrella stand and removed a two foot long black British riding whip. He went back to Kathleen who looked down nervously at the whip in his hand.

"Kiss the whip", Sir ordered.

Kathleen thought of protesting. Sir knew that she didn't like having to kiss the implements that she was going to be punished with. But she knew that was exactly why Sir made her do it. And the fact that he knew that it was hotly erotic for her. She kissed the shaft to the whip, near the end, thinking that soon she would feel that part of the whip across her ass.

"Push that bottom out", Sir ordered. "And spread your thighs"

Kathleen rested her hands on the wall and bent slightly, pushing her bottom out. Sir tapped her bottom with the whip, caressing her, moving the end of the whip between her thighs, over her clit. It felt wonderful, but Kathleen hated waiting for the strokes she knew where coming.

The whip can down hard across her bottom. Sir gave the strokes slowly, allowing her to feel each stroke burn. Soon Kathleen was crying again, the tears running down her cheeks onto the hardwood floor.

"Get that bottom out", Sir scolded after he gave her a hard stroke across the lower curve of her bottom. "You're getting extras on the thighs, naughty girl". The strokes fell across her top thighs, hurting more than those across her bottom, but strangely, connecting directly to her pussy.

Sir moved to Kathleen's other side and started whipping her again across her bottom. She did her best to hold her bottom out, offered for the whip, but it was hard to not move toward the wall as if she could escape the lash as she pulled against the cuffs. Her body was sheened with sweat as she sobbed. Finally the whipping stopped.

Sir put his left hand on her hip, in the front, pushing her bottom out. His right thumb slipped easily between her wet pussy lips, inside her, pushing up against that spot below her mons. The heel of his hand pressed against her clit as he moved in and out of her, first slowly and then faster as she pressed against him.

"Please, Sir... Please may I cum", Kathleen begged.

"You may, young lady", Sir said and her orgasm washed over her. He held her for a few minutes, holding her weight up in his arms. Then he undid the cuffs.

"I hope that you've learned your lesson, young lady"

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