Il Professore e la Cattiva Ragazza (The Professor and the Naughty Girl)

This story has been sitting around partially finished for some time. When ever I saw someone using a wooden pointer during a presentation at work, I thought about how the pointer could be used to spank a young lady's bottom. I remembered how the girl in this story, Liz, was waiting, her bottom bare and presented. I know that naughty girls hate to have to wait while they think about how much their spanking is going to hurt. I have finally finished the story and given Liz the spanking she's been waiting for. I hope, dear reader, that after you read this story you will never look at a wooden pointer in the same way again.

"Please read chapter 12 this week. And remember to turn in your term papers", the Professor said.

The students milled around the bottom of the tiered lecture hall, putting their term papers the box the Professor set out for the term papers. The box and the professors notes were on an old scarred oak table in front of the blackboards. A handful of students crowded around the Professor to ask questions.

When all of the students had left a tall young woman, with ash blond hair came up to the Professor as he was putting his lecture notes away.

"Professor?", she asked.

The Professor was leaning over the table, sorting his notes when he looked up. What he first saw her eyes, which where a gray blue, the color of the sky changing before a storm. She was almost as tall as he was, her ash blond hair falling just past her shoulders.

"Yes?", the Professor asked

The student shifted her weight from one foot to the other, and looked down at the floor for a moment, before her eyes met the Professor's again. "Ah, Sir... I was wondering if I could have an extension on the paper deadline", she said haltingly.

The Professor noted that the student was wearing a dark blue plaid skirt with a hem just above her knees and a tailored white blouse that displayed the swell of her breasts.

"I think that I made the rules about late papers clear on the first day of class. You lose half a grade a day for a late paper."

"But Sir, I really need to get a good grade in this class. Couldn't you make an exception this once?"

"Is there a special reason that you need more time, young lady?"

"My sorority does a lot of community outreach and I took part in some of their projects to provide low income housing. I guess that I just got over committed. I was working to finish a community project, but I guess that I didn't schedule enough time to finish the paper. I promise, it will not happen again."

"Your name is...?"

"O'Neil, Sir. Liz O'Neil"

"Ah, I remember... You wrote an excellent paper 'Religious Belief and the Knights Templar'".

"Thank you Sir. Yes, that was my paper."

"And what sorority do you belong to, Liz? I'm sure that I can find you listed in the campus directory."

Liz looked down at her feet, as if she would find the answer written on the floor. "Beta Epsilon Lambda, Sir"

"I seem to recall that members of your sorority are known as 'Lambdas', aren't they? And I also seem to recall that your sorority is on the Dean's probation list for underage drinking and disturbing the peace reports to the campus police."

"Well... Yes Sir. We do have some wild members, Sir. But I'm not like those girls."

"Your work has been excellent in the past, so I'm willing to discuss this further. Please wait here."

The Professor turned and walked up the stairs on the left side of the lecture hall to the doors. Liz could hear a loud click as he turned the lock on the doors. He turned off the lights over the lecture hall seating, so that only the lights that illuminated the front of the lecture hall where Liz stood were still on. She watched him stride down the stairs to where she stood in front of the table.

"Bend over the table, please", the Professor ordered.


"We need to discuss why it is that a bright, talented young lady like yourself needs an extension on her term paper due date. Now bend over the table."

Liz bent over the table, her palms resting on the top. The Professor moved to Liz's left side, standing next to her.

"If I were to check with the campus outreach program, do you think that I would find your sorority registered as part of the low income housing program?", the Professor asked.

"I don't know, Sir"

The Professor put his left hand on Liz's back and brought his palm down on the seat of her skirt with a muffled smack. Her body jerked and she tried to stand up, but he held her in place.

"Ow! Sir, what are you doing?"

"I think that you have been less than fully truthful with me, young lady", the Professor said as he gave her another smack.

"In fact, I think that rather than working on low income housing, you were at the party that ran over the weekend at your sorority house and caused several visits by the campus police." The Professor's hand slapped her right buttock again, then the left in quick succession.

"Ow. Please, Sir, let me up. Ow. You can't do this! You can't spank me. I'm too old to be spanked."

"I'll decide whether you're too old for a spanking, young lady", the Professor said. His hand slapped her bottom again. "The reason your paper is late has little to do with your commitment to community service and a lot to do with fraternity boys", the Professor said as he spanked Liz. "Isn't that right, young lady?"

"Well.. Ow. OK, yes, Sir. Ow. OK, I was at the party..."

Liz felt the Professor pull her skirt so that it lay across her back. She tried to stand up, but found once again that she was held in place by the Professor's left arm. Underneath her skirt Liz was wearing a pair of sheer rose pink panties. The Professor could see the divide of her buttocks through the sheer material.

"You are capable of excellent work, young lady. You need to learn to concentrate on your studies, not on fraternity boys", the Professor said as he spanked Liz on alternating buttocks. The slaps hurt more now that only Liz's thin panties panties where her only protection between her bottom and the slaps being delivered by the Professor's hand. She thought for a fleeting moment as his hand punished her that she should have put on cotton panties that morning.

"I'll do better, Sir. Ow. I promise. Ow. Please stop spanking me, Sir", Liz protested as the Professor spanked her.

"You are going to do better in the future, young lady", the Professor said as he pulled Liz's panties down to the middle of her thighs. His hand was now spanking her bare bottom, as Liz cried out.

Liz's bottom was starting to blush red under the professors hand. She squirmed under the professor's arm as he spanked her, the sting of his hand causing her to shift her weight from one side to the other has be punished her buttocks.

"The next time you think of partying with the water polo team rather than doing your school work, you will have this spanking to remind you of what happens to naughty girls", the professor told her as he spanked her.

Liz felt like her bottom was on fire under the Professor's hand. A few tears ran down her face as the Professor punished her. Finally the slaps stopped and the Professor removed his hand from her back, letting Liz stand up. Her skirt fell down and she rubbed her bottom through the fabric, giving the Professor an injured look.

"That hurt!", Liz said.

"Spankings are supposed to hurt young lady. That's why spankings are used to punish naughty girls. I will give you a two day extension on your paper. I expect you to work hard over the next two days and I expect a paper worth of an A."

"Thank you, Sir. I promise I will not disappoint you."

"Don't thank me yet, young lady. You're not getting a free ride. Now take your panties off and give them to me", the Professor ordered.

Liz's bottom was sore from the spanking the Professor had just given her. Any rebellious response she might have had was gone now. She stepped out of her panties and handed them to the professor, who put them in the pocket of his tweed jacket.

"Bend over and stay there until I tell you that you can get up. If you move before I give you permission, your deadline extension is going to evaporate like the morning dew, young lady. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir"

Liz bent over the table again. As she thought about the Professor's penchant for purple phrases she watched him step to the blackboard and pick up a wooden pointer with a black rubber tip. He returned to her side and flipped her skirt up over her back. Liz started to get up when she felt the cool air on her bare bottom.

"I meant what I said, young lady. Do not get up until I give you permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir", Liz said

"You're used to getting your way because you're a beautiful young woman. Your spanking is not over yet, young Miss. Turning your paper in late has consequences, either for your grade or for your bottom. Now lean forward, with your arms on the table and your head down. That's right"

The Professor took off his jacket and put it down on the table and picked up the pointer. He tapped the inside of Liz's thighs, which where pressed together in an attempt to preserve some measure of modesty. "Spread your legs. Wider!", the Professor said sharply.

Liz was totally exposed in this position, her pussy displayed, her bottom pushed up and presented. The Professor moved to her side and slipped his hand between her thighs, caressing her pussy lips.

"You're soaked, young lady. Do you think that this something to be enjoyed?"

Liz was mortified. "No, Sir. Really Sir, I've learned my lesson. I'll never turn a paper in late again."

"Your lesson is done when I say it is, young lady." The Professor stepped away and tapped Liz across the bottom with the pointer.

"Please Sir, not too hard. Really, I'll be a good girl."

The professor brought the pointer down hard across Liz's bottom. The stroke burned and Liz gave a little cry but stayed bent over, her head down, her bottom presented. The Professor watched Liz's buttocks clench and then relax. As the Professor continued to spank Liz with the pointer, her cries get louder and she promised to be a good girl, if only the Professor would stop spanking her. When he did stop her bottom was lined with light red welts and her face was streaked with tears. He moved his hand between her thighs. His thumb slipped easily between her slick pussy lips. He moved the base of his index finger over her clit as he fucked her with his thumb. Liz started to move against his hand.

"While you may have the mind of a scholar, you have the pussy of a slutty sorority girl, don't you my dear?", the Professor said.

Liz pushed harder against the Professor's hand, rubbing faster. He slapped her bottom. "None of that, young lady." He withdrew his hand. "I'm afraid that your lesson is not over yet."

Liz moaned. "I'll be good Sir. I promise, I write the best paper ever and I'll never be late with an assignment."

"I'm glad to hear that", the Professor replied. "My job to make sure that you remember. Now get that bottom up, young lady!"

Liz pushed her bottom up as the Professor moved to her other size and started spanking her again with the pointer. As he spanked her, tears again joined her cries of pain, until she was crying softly as the strokes burned across her bottom.

The Professor put the pointer down on table next to Liz.

"Spread your thighs wider" the Professor ordered. Liz moved each of her feet a couple of inches wider. The Professor pushed his thumb inside her again. She was very wet, her vulva swollen and hot with her excitement.

"Slutty sorority girls like to be fucked, don't they? In fact they like to be fucked so much that they play with frat boys, rather than doing their work. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Sir. But I've learned my lesson", Liz said pleadingly.

The Professor moved away from her for a moment and got a condom from the pocket of his briefcase. Liz heard the zipper of his pants. The Professor pushed down his briefs, freeing his cock, which stood out hard in front of him. He put the condom on and moved behind Liz, guiding his cock into her with his hand, pushing easily into her wet pussy.

The Professor began to thrust into her and Liz braced her arms on the table. The Professor leaned forward, his left arm on the table and reached around her with his right arm, his fingers on her clit as he took her. He could feel Liz's bottom under him, hot and he was sure, sore, from the spanking he had just given her. Liz started breathing faster, making little cries as she took the Professor's thrusts. The Professor could feel her orgasm build and then she shuddered as she came. Still insider her he pushed himself up, holding her by the hips, his hands on the front of her thighs as he took her hard, his thrusts fast and deep as he came.

The Professor leaned over and kissed Liz, before straighting up and pulling out of her. His pants and briefs were around his ankles. He shuffled over to his briefcase and got two tissues. He put the condom in them and stuffed them in the briefcase pocket.

"May I get up now, Sir?", Liz asked.

"You may", the professor said as he pulled up his briefs and trousers. "You're a good girl for remembering to ask."

Liz stood up, her skirt falling into place. She got a hairbrush out of her handbag and brushed out her hair.

"Do you want to go to the Szechwan Garden for dinner, my dear?", the Professor asked.

"That sounds wonderful", Liz said. She pouted and rubbed her bottom. "My bottom hurts"

The Professor raised her skirt with one hand and slapped her bare buttock with the other. "It's supposed to hurt. Now lets get some dinner. We can get some hot food to go with your hot bottom, my love."

"Ah, can I have my panties back now?"

"No, I don't think so. I'm not sure that I'm done with you yet. Perhaps I will have you again for desert."

June 2007

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