I was chosen to serve on a jury. Although you are told that you should not make up your mind until the case has been completely presented, in this case it was obvious that the evidence showed that the defendant was guilty early in the trial. By the time the trial was over the prosecution had made sure that there was not even a glimmer of doubt. The Assistant District Attorney was an attractive dark haired young woman. To stave off total boredom and brain death, I made up a spanking story about her. Other than the fact that Jessica in this story is a beautiful dark haired woman, her name and all other details are complete products of my imagination.

Perfection and Punishment

Red Charls Raised Bottom
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"All rise", the bailiff intoned. "Department 7 is now in session, Judge Angela Ciccone presiding."

Jessica stood up, along with the jury, the defense attorney and the defendant. Jessica's hands where clasped together in front of her and she tried to project a look of confidence, her green eyes fixed on the jury with a look that she hoped said "I never had any doubt that you would find the defendant guilty".

Jessica was wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit over a purple silk blouse. Her dark brown hair fell past her shoulders. Standing, waiting for the verdict always made Jessica nervous. Jessica was sure that there would be a guilty verdict. The case she had presented showed unambiguous guilt, but what made her nervous was that with juries, you never knew.

The judge looked over at the woman who was the jury Foreman. "Have you reached a verdict."

"Yes, your honor. On the count of burglary in the first degree, we find the defendant guilty. On the account of aggravated assault in the first degree we find the defendant guilty."

The defendant was escorted out of the courtroom and the rest of the afternoon involved the formalities of wrapping up the case and scheduling sentencing. Jessica was relieved that the case was over. She had been assigned the case just two weeks ago and had worked hard to prepare it. On Monday, she thought, there would be more court pleadings and cases on her court docket. More cases with little time to prepare.

On Saturday afternoon Jessica drove to Sir's house for tea. She parked her VW "New Beetle" down the block from Sir's house. Old beech trees shaded the block of Victorian houses. Jessica wore the same dark blue pin-stripe pants suit that she had worn in court the previous week, but with a black silk blouse and black high heels.

Sir's house was surrounded by a stone wall, with iron work on top of the stone and a wrought iron gate under a stone arch. Sir had told her that the gate was inspired by a gate designed by the Catalan architect Gaudi. Next to the gate was a bell and an intercom. Jessica pressed the bell.

"Hello, it's me"

Jessica heard Sir's voice through he intercom. "Come in, 'me'", he said as the electronic lock on the gate clicked. Between the gate and Sir's house there was a small garden, with an orange tree, a lemon tree and a stone fountain. The fountain was Japanese, the water flowing over the stone. Sir seemed to pick out things that he liked, mixing them without much regard for a consistent artistic style or origin. A stone walkway lead from the gate to the door of Sir's house.

Sir opened the door as Jessica approached.

"Hello my dear", Sir said. When Jessica got to the door he hugged her.

"Hello, Sir", Jessica said softly.

Jessica followed Sir through the house, back to the kitchen. Sir was wearing a charcoal gray suit, a white shirt and a dark blue tie. At a little over six feet, Sir was six inches taller than Jessica. His dark blond hair was cut just above his collar and he had a graying goatee.

The Victorian era house was paneled with dark wood. When Jessica thought of Sir's house she thought of wood and Persian carpets. The stairs to the upper floor had a carved walnut banister. Jessica could not look at the stairs without remembering Sir caning her while she stood on the bottom step, bent over the banister post. When she had covered her bottom with her hand after a particularly hard stroke he had threatened to tie her to the banister for the rest of her punishment.

The kitchen had dark wood cabinets and green granite counter tops. There was a professional style six burner stove with a big hood against one wall. A kettle was gently steaming on the stove over low heat.

They talked as Sir made tea. The tea was always Yin Hao Special Grade Jasmine that Sir bought from a tea company in Boston. There was a plate with four scones on it and a dish of lemon curd to go with the scones and a jar of honey for the tea. Sir put everything on a tray, along with some napkins and Jessica followed him into the parlor.

Sir was the first person Jessica had ever known who had a parlor. They sat in arm chains and Sir poured the tea. From the start Jessica had found Sir easy to talk to. They talked about Jessica's current cases and other things happening in her life, books they had read or Sir's work. Sometimes he segued into stories about his life or places he had visited.

Jessica had two cups of tea and ate a scone. Sir had baked the scones that morning. She knew that she would want another scone later, but right now she had the nervous anticipation that always preceded a spanking.

Finally they got to what Jessica thought of as "the talk". The talk was about things like parking tickets (two the previous week) and areas where Jessica felt that she had fallen short (she could have done a better job on the closing argument for her last trial).

"I think that it's time for your spanking now, young lady", Sir said calmly. He stood up and went over to the back of the couch. "Come here, Jessica."

Jessica got up and went to where Sir was standing.

"Undo your pants and bend over the back of the couch, please", Sir said.

Jessica unbuttoned her pants and let them fall below her knees. She bent over the back of the couch, her legs spread as far as her pants would allow. Sir pulled up the tail of her blouse. He could see the lips of her vulva outlined through the sheer black material of her panties. He brought his hand down on her right cheek, then her left, spanking her slowly as Jessica gave out little cries as the slaps punished her bottom through the sheer panties. Sir spanked her until his hand was starting to get sting.

Sir caressed her hair. "All right, young lady. You can pull your pants up. I want you to go to the library and get ready for the rest of your spanking."

Jessica stood and pulled her pants up. "May I use the bathroom first, please?"

"You may", Sir said.

In the bathroom, before pulling her pants and panties up, Jessica looked at her bottom in the mirror. Her cheeks were blushed a light pink.

The library was lined from the floor to ceiling bookshelves. There was a dark brown leather couch that faced two dark blue overstuffed chairs. Each chair had a stained glass lamps next to it. Against the wall facing the door was a large carved walnut desk. Light came into the room through two floor to ceiling windows. Sir had told Jessica that the opaque glass in the windows was there to protect the books from sunlight.

Jessica put her shoes together neatly in front of one of the chairs and took off her suit jacket, laying it over the arm of the chair. She put her trousers on top of the jacket, then her silk blouse and bra. Wearing only her sheer black bikini panties, Jessica went to stand in the corner to one side of the door.

Jessica has started to think of the corner as "her corner", as if it was a place in the library reserved for her when she waited for her punishment. Jessica wondered what she looked like, a girl wearing only a pair of sheer panties, standing in the corner amid the dark wood, books and the Persian carpet, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders.

Jessica hated waiting for her punishment. What would Sir spank her with? Next to the desk there was an umbrella stand that held a couple of rattan canes, a synthetic cane and two riding whips. The last time they had met Sir had bent her over the back of the couch and caned her, after spanking her over his knee. She wondered if she would get the cane this time too. If she did get the cane, would Sir give her more strokes than last time?

Over the last few months, the library had been the venue for Jessica's spankings. Sir had also punished her in the dining room, where he bent her over the dinning table, whipping her with the tawse until she was crying. Once, after tea, he had bent her over the arm of one of the overstuffed chairs and spanked her, first with his hand and then with a paddle.

With one exception, all of Jessica's spankings had followed Saturday afternoon tea. About two months ago Jessica's lover Simon had broken up with her. Jessica had been surprised at how much the breakup had hurt her. Perhaps it was because they had been friends for about six months first. Jessica had known that Simon was interested in more than a friendship, but she had told him that she was not interested in him "in that way". But a couple of month later Jessica found that she was falling in love with Simon and they became lovers. Two months later, Simon ended the relationship.

Jessica had been depressed and moody for a few weeks before Sir had invited Jessica to dinner. Sir had told her to bring her overnight things. When she arrived he took her upstairs to a guest bedroom. Jessica fell in love with the room at first sight. It had a huge canopy bed and lace curtains on the windows. There was a white comforter on the bed with a flowered print and lace edges. There were drawings of English cottages on the walls. The room had its own bathroom with stain glass wall lamps and a flowered shower curtain, around a white tub with clawed feet. Jessica also noticed a large flat backed hairbrush on the top of the dresser.

They talked while Sir finished making dinner. They had a long leisurely dinner, with lots of talk and laughing. Jessica felt as if the sun had come out from behind the clouds. There had not been an evening version of "the talk" that preceded Jessica's tea time spankings, but after dinner Sir told Jessica to go up to her bedroom and get ready for bed. He added that he would be up in a little while to give her a spanking.

There was a white cotton nightie with a pair of matching silk panties laid out on the bed when she went up to the bedroom. When Jessica put the nightie on she found that it came down to the middle of her thighs. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Jessica sat on the bed and waited. After what seemed like an age Jessica heard Sir's footsteps on the stairs. When he came into the bedroom Jessica saw that Sir had taken off his jacket and tie. He had a heavy burgundy leather spanking strap in his right hand. He put the strap on the night stand and sat down on the bed next to Jessica, on her left side.

"Are you ready for your spanking, my dear", Sir asked after they had talked for a few minutes.

"Yes, Sir", Jessica replied in a soft, nervous voice.

Sir guided Jessica over his lap and pulled up her nightie. He started spanking her over the sheer silk panties, before pulling her panties down and spanking her bare bottom. After the hand spanking, Sir told her to bend over the end of the bed, her head down, leaning on her forearms. Sir put Jessica's panties on the night stand, replacing the strap which was now in Sir's hand. He pulled up Jessica's nightie and whipped her with the strap until she was crying and her bottom was welted and crimson. When Sir told Jessica to get up, he was sitting on the bed again and she saw that the hairbrush she had seen on the dresser was in Sir's hand. She went over to Sir's right side, pulled her nightie up and lay across his lap. Jessica was sobbing when he finally stopped spanking her with the hairbrush. Jessica sat on Sir's lap, her bottom hot and sore from the spanking and cried against Sir's shoulder as he held her. When she had stopped crying Sir tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight.

Standing in the corner of the library, Jessica remembered that she had slept soundly that night, feeling safe, loved and soundly spanked. The next morning Sir made sourdough crepes, stuffed with fresh raspberries and honey for breakfast, along with strong coffee.

Jessica was thinking about how much she hated corner time when she heard Sir's footsteps. She knew that she would get extra punishment if she was caught peeking behind her, so she kept her eyes on the wood grain. Jessica heard the desk drawer open, followed by the sound of Sir sitting down on the leather couch.

"Come here Jessica ", Sir said

Jessica turned around and walked toward Sir. He was sitting in the middle of the couch. She felt self-conscious as she crossed the room, almost naked, to Sir's right side. Jessica suspected that Sir liked looking at her, but she also knew that he had her undress to her panties to emphasize her submission.

Jessica stood at Sir's right side looking down at his lap. She saw that the ruler paddle was lying on the floor on Sir's left side. Jessica knew what was going to happen next, but it was not until Sir said "Over my knee, young lady" that she lay across his lap, with his right thigh under her hips.

"You are being punished for two things today, young lady", Sir told Jessica as he patted her bottom over the sheer material of her panties. "There are the parking tickets, a recurring problem, I'll point out. A more serious problem is that you are very hard on yourself. You work very hard and have done well in your career. Yet you constantly feel like you do not measure up to an impossible standard of perfection. Is there anything else that we need to discuss my dear?"

"No Sir"

"All right then", Sir said. "Why don't we get started?" Sir began to spank Jessica, alternating sides, the smack of his hand slightly muffled by her panties. He could see her buttocks and the divide between them through the sheer material.

Jessica felt like a naughty little girl being spanked over Daddy's knee. Her thin panties provided very little protection from Sir's hand, but the hand spanking hurt even more after he pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and spanked her bare bottom. When Jessica through back on the spankings that Sir had given her she always thought about the intimacy of Sir's hand spanking her bare bottom. Sometimes she wished that she could lie over his lap and that the spanking would go on and on until she was crying like a little girl.

"My hand is starting to hurt, young lady. Could you please pass me the paddle?"

Sir never counted the number of smacks he gave Jessica when he gave her a hand spanking. He spanked her until her bottom was starting to blush pink and his hand started to hurt. As he had told Jessica on a number of occasions in the past, paddles existed so that the spanking would hurt her more than it hurt him.

Jessica hated having to take part in her punishment by handing Sir an implement that she would be spanked with. This was, she suspected, exactly why Sir made her do it. Jessica reached down, picked up the ruler paddle from the floor and passed it behind her back to Sir. She felt the smooth wood caress her bottom and then felt the smack of the ruler paddle across her bare cheeks. "God damn that paddle stung", she thought. Sir spanked Jessica at least twice a month and Jessica thought that someday she'd get used to the ruler paddle. But it hadn't happened yet. Sir delivered more strokes, hard across her bottom, just above her thighs. Jessica tried to be a good girl and keep her bottom pushed up, offered for punishment, but it was hard not to clench her cheeks and press her thighs together as the paddle burned across her ass.

Jessica's pale skin was starting to redden under the ruler paddle. Sir held her tightly with his left arm, his hand on her hip as he paddled her. She started to squirm and kick her legs. Sir put the paddle down for a moment and slapped her thighs with his hand.

"Be a good girl and stay still, young lady, or you'll get extras", Sir warned. Jessica managed to stay still through the rest of the paddling.

Sir caressed Jessica's bottom, the soft smooth skin hot under his hand. The paddling had left her bottom blushed a deep pink. He pulled her panties off her legs and dropped then on the couch.

"All right young lady, you can get up", Sir said

Jessica stood up. She wanted to rub the sting from her bottom which felt like it was still echoing with the smacks of the paddle. But she knew from past experience that Sir didn't allow this.

Jessica followed Sir across the room to the desk. She watched as he opened the drawer and took out the burgundy leather spanking strap.

"Over the desk please", Sir said.

Jessica lay over the top of the desk, the smooth wood under her breasts, the edge under her waist. Lying naked over the desk, Jessica felt very exposed as she waited for the strap, her thighs spread and her legs slanted out behind her.

The strap cracked down hard across Jessica's bottom. Sir gave the strokes hard and Jessica raised one foot and then the other as if somehow moving from side to side would ease the burn of the strap punishing her bottom. After Sir gave her ten strokes he moved to her other side.

"Stay still, my dear", Sir said as he caressed her bottom. "Now get that bottom up for me."

Jessica pushed up on the balls of her feet, raising her bottom. The strap burned across her bottom again, as Jessica cried out. A few tears started to fall on the polished wood of the desk. After giving Jessica another set of ten strokes, Sir again crossed to her other side. When he had finished giving her two more sets with the strap, Jessica was crying and her bottom was crimson and lined with welts.

Sir helped the crying girl stand. He held her for a moment, petting her hair. Sir exchanged the strap for a paddle ball shaped hardwood paddle. He gently took Jessica's hand and lead her back to the couch. When Sir had seated himself on the couch, Jessica lay over his lap.

Sir ran his hand down her back, almost as if he were petting a cat. "Almost over, Jesse, almost over." He held her tightly with his left arm and start to paddle her, alternating cheeks. Jessica's bottom was sore from the strap and the hardwood paddle hurt exquisitely. Soon she was crying again and she kicked her feet, trying to escape the pain of the paddle as Sir held her tightly. As Sir punished her, her cries turned to sobs, her body shaking with her cries, her bottom relaxed, resigned to her punishment.

When Jessica's paddling was over, Jessica sat in Sir's lap, her head buried against his shoulder as she cried and he held her. After a time, when she had finally stopped crying, she stood up.

"May I rub, Sir?", Jessica asked.

"Yes, you may"

Jessica rubbed her punished buttocks. Her bottom was hot and very sore as she tried to rub some of the pain and the sting out. She could feel the raised lines of the welts from the strap across her cheeks. Sir left the library and Jessica dressed. She felt light, as if she were walking on air. All of the tension and concerns from the past week seemed far away. Somehow the things that she had worried about seemed smaller.

Jessica found Sir sitting in the parlor. He walked her to the front door. He held her in his arms for a moment and then handed her a scone, wrapped in a paper napkin.

"Thank you for the spanking, Sir", Jessica said softly.

"It was my pleasure, my dear", Sir said.

Sir opened the door for her and Jessica walked out into the sunlight of Sir's garden.

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