Even in fantasy I don't like spanking for serious misbehavior. Chronic speeding, driving under the influence, stealing, smoking when you have asthma, not taking important medication are all examples of serious misbehavior. In my view these things need to be dealt with in an adult fashion and this does not involve spanking. Mixing the seriousness of real problems with the spanking does not work for me.

I do love spanking for little offenses. For example, assuming that it is paid on time, a parking ticket would be a perfect pretext for a spanking. Other spankable offenses might include late library books, not being in bed by a particular time or not wearing panties (an offense that just cries out for a spanking, since the girl's bottom is already bare).

The Naughty Girl Trifecta

That Saturday was a warm spring day and Daphne was wearing a sleeveless white blouse and a light blue pleated skirt that came down to her mid-thighs. When She arrived home from running errands, she found Sol in the kitchen making lunch. He was slicing some focaccia he had baked that morning for chicken sandwiches. He added the sliced grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard. When Sol had assembled the sandwiches, he put them on the dining table in the kitchen. Daphne was standing at the table, reading the beginning of an article in Vanity Fair. Sol came up behind her and kisses her neck. His right hand slipped down and caresses her bottom through her skirt and then moved under the skirt.

"Hmmm, what a naughty girl you are", he said, kissing her neck again. "No panties. Naughty little sluts go out in skirts without panties, don't they?"

"Yes, Sir", Daphne said.

"Girls who don't wear panties need to be spanked, don't they", Sol purred into Daphne's ear, as he caressed her bare bottom.

"Oh please, Sir. Don't spank me. I promise, I'll never forget to put on panties, ever again."

"What? Never?"

"Well, hardly ever Sir"

Sol looked over at Daphne's purse. He noticed a parking ticket and a receipt for five dollars in late library book fines next to the purse, on the table.

Sol moved to Daphne's side and picked up the parking ticket and the receipt. The parking ticket was for twelve dollars.

"I can see that you've achieved the naughty girl trifecta: a parking ticket, late library books and no panties. I'm afraid that you're in for a spanking, young lady."

"But I was only parked in the red zone for five minutes...", Daphne said, hoping for mercy.

"Do you want to get spanked before or after lunch", Sol asked.

"Oh, before I guess" Daphne could never eat when she knew she would be getting a spanking afterward.

"OK, young lady, go get the strap and the round paddle, please"

When Daphne returned a few minutes later with the implements she would be punished with, she found Sol standing near the couch in the living room. She handed him the strap and the paddle. He put the paddle down on the coffee table, keeping the strap in his right hand.

"Bend over the arm of the couch, young lady", Sol ordered.

Daphne lay over the arm of the couch, her chest and head resting on the seat cushions, her bottom up in the air. Sol raised her skirt. Now that her bottom was bare, waiting for the strap, she really did wish that she had worn panties. Maybe Sol would have let her keep her panties on, at least for the start of her spanking. Even sheer panties would have been better than taking the strap across her bare bottom.

Sol caressed her bottom. He loved Daphne's ass and the smooth feel of her skin.

"Spread your legs", Sol told her.

Sol caressed her inner thighs, which felt very good and almost made Daphne forget the spanking strap Sol had in his hand. Daphne felt very exposed in this position, her vulva on display, her bottom slightly spread and exposed.

The leather of the strap caressed her bottom. "You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?"

"Yes, Sir", Daphne said, trying to sound as contrite as possible.

The strap moved away and Daphne felt the leather burn across her bottom. Daphne gave a little cry.

Sol gave her ten strokes across her bottom and then stopped to caress her. His hand felt very good as it caressed her bottom and inner thighs. The strap cracked across her bottom again as Sol started another set of ten strokes. The strap hurt and Daphne's buttocks clenched and relaxed a little with each stroke. She was struggling now to be a good girl, to stay still and keep her bottom up. Sol caressed her again, moving his hand between her thighs, caressing her pussy.

"You're very wet, young lady. I think that this shows a marked lack of repentance, which means more strap" he said, as he pushed his thumb inside her, caressing her clit. She started pushing against his hand, just as it moved away.

"Twenty more, you naughty little girl. And no break this time."

"Please, Sir", Daphne said as she started to protest the number of strokes. But then the strap was punishing her bottom again and she was crying out. The burn of the leather across her bottom started to build and she started to squirm over the arm of the couch. Sol put his hand on her back, holding her in place as he spanked her.

"OK, you can get up now", Sol said.

Daphne stood up. For a moment she though that her spanking was over, but when she glanced over at the coffee table she remembered the paddle.

Sol picked up the paddle and sat down in the middle of the couch. "Over my knee, young lady"

Daphne lay over Sol's lap, obediently positioning her bottom over his right thigh for punishment. Sol raised her skirt and caressed her bottom. Her cheeks where blushed a deep pink, a few darker red welts crossing her buttocks from the edges of the leather strap.

Sol patted her bottom with the paddle, first on the right cheek, then on the let. "I'm going to give you twenty on each side, good and hard. And then we can have lunch. I want you to think about what a naughty girl you've been".

Sol put his left arm around her, his hand on her hip, holding her firmly over his lap. He started paddling her, the round paddle cracking down first on one cheeks, then the other. Her bottom was already sore from the strapping and she cried out under the sharp pain of the paddle. Daphne tried to count at first, but soon lost track as each smack of the paddle was echoed by her cry. Daphne was crying softly as her paddling finished. Sol helped her stand up and Daphne sat on Sol's lap. He caressed her and kissed her as she caught her breath, drying a few tears on her cheeks. He slipped his hand between her thighs. The her pussy was slick with her wetness.

"I want you to bend over the arm of the couch again", Sol told Daphne.

"But Sir, I've just been spanked. I'll be a good girl, I promise", Daphne said, thinking that she was going to get spanked with the strap again.

Sol kissed her. "I know you're going to be a good girl. And now I'm going to give you something for good girls. Now over the couch, or I will have to give you more strap".

Daphne pulled her skirt up and lay over the arm of the couch. She heard Sol undressing behind her and then she felt his cock against the lips of her pussy. She pushed her bottom up and felt him slide inside her. She braced her arms on the seat of the couch, as Sol started to thrust inside her, slowly at first then deeper and harder. Daphne felt her orgasm build and she pushed her bottom up, taking Sol deeper inside her as she came and a moment later she felt Sol's orgasm follow hers.

Daphne found sitting a bit uncomfortable when they ate lunch. For some reason Daphne found that being spanked soundly and taken hard made the sandwich Sol had made her taste especially good.

As she was washing the dishes, Sol came up behind her and caressed her bottom beneath her skirt, feeling the warmth of her skin from spanking.

"I'm going to give you another spanking at bed time, my love", Sol told her.

"But I just got spanked", Daphne protested, pouting.

"That spanking was just to remind you of what you have to look forward to. Your bedtime spanking is going to be much harder."

August 2007

Case Wintermute