A motorcycle leads to a sore bottom

When Sol came home he found Daphne sitting at the dining room table. Her blond hair was tied back in a ponytail and flowed down her back over her white eyelet blouse. Sol kissed her on the back of her neck, then on the lips.

A number of glossy brochures were spread out in front of her. When Sol looked over Daphne's shoulder he saw that they were from brochures from Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda. Sleek motorcycles with names like Katana, Ninja and Interceptor covered the pages. There were also catalogs with pictures of women in leather pants and jackets, styled to match the colors of the motorcycles next to them.

"Look at these cool bikes, Daddy!" Daphne said, holding up the Suzuki brochure. "Aren't they beautiful"

"I didn't know that you liked motorcycles" Sol said

"Well, yeah. I used to have a motorcycle when I was in high school. I still have my motorcycle license"

It was pretty obvious to Sol that Daphne's interest in motorcycles was not entirely academic.

"Why the sudden interest in motorcycles again after all these years" Sol asked.

"Well.. I went riding with Lela yesterday after we went shopping. Lela has her own motorcycle, its a Kawasaki Ninja and it looks really cool. After I showed Josh that I still remembered how to ride, Josh let me borrow his bike."

"You did not tell me any of this yesterday. I thought that you just went shopping."

"I guess I forget to mention it" Daphne said. "Don't worry. I wore an extra pair of Lela's leather pants and one of her leather jackets.

It was really, really fun. I forgot how much fun motorcycles can be. And the new bikes are amazing.


"Yes", answered Sol

"Daddy, can I have a motorcycle?"

"Absolutely not."

"But why?" Daphen pouted

"Because I love you. I don't know much about motorcycles, but those all look like high performance models. I don't want my beloved girl to go off on some Japanese superbike and come back to me all broken up."

"I'm careful. I never got in an accident when I had a motorcycle before. And these new bikes are so fun. And you can get these cool matching leathers and helmets that go with the bike. Think of how sexy I'll look, Sol. Like Trinity in The Matrix"

"You can have all the leather outfits you want, but no motorcycle young lady"

"You are so mean" Daphne pouted. "I had a bike before. I should be able to have one now."

"What did happen to your motorcycle anyway?" Sol asked

Daphne looked down. "My father made me sell it. But I'm a big girl now and..."

"Why did he make you sell the motorcycle, Babe?"

"Well, cuz, ah, I got some speeding tickets. But I'm a big girl now and I'm more responsible. I won't get speeding tickets now."

"My dear, why would you get one of these motorcycles if you were not planning on going fast?" Sol said pointing to one of the superbikes.

"Because they look really cool."

"The answer is no" Sol said firmly. "You can have a pony" he added

"I don't want a stupid old smelly pony" retorted Daphne

"I'm just joking, love. OK, no pony. No motorcycle either"

Daphne stood up, pushing the chair back. She was wearing a short flower print skirt. "You're not the boss of me. I should be able to have a motorcycle if I want. I'm a big girl." Daphne said, stamping her foot.

"Look at these motorcycles" Sol said pointing to one of the brochures. "When you ride one of these things you're pretty much putting that lovely ass of yours on top of a big engine and rocketing down the highway. I'm sure they are really, really fun. But they are also really, really dangerous. I'm afraid that I am 'the boss of you'. I will not have my beloved killed riding some superbike!"

"I want a motorcycle" Daphne said, her voice rising, her lovely face darkening with anger.

"Daphne, I want you to go to the bedroom and cool off. I'll there in fifteen minutes and we'll talk more."

"Fine" she said, stamping out of the room and down the hall. Sol hear the door slam.

When Sol came into the bedroom fifteen minutes later he found Daphne lying across the bed, her face buried in a pillow. Her skirt was pulled up a couple of inches and he could see the bottom of the sheer white panites whe was wearing.

Daphne turned her head toward Sol and gave him what he sometimes called the "black cloud" look. When Daphne was in a bad mood Sol felt he could almost see a black cloud floating over her head. He even made up a little song that the "black cloud" sung. Sol would sing Daphne to try to get her mood to lighten. The song was:

  "I'm just a little black rain cloud,
     Hovering over the lovely Daphne.
   I'm just a little black rain cloud,
     Pay no attention to me"

(with apologies to the Winnie the Pooh cartoons)

"I want a motorcycle. If Lela can have a motorcycle, how come I can't? I'm a big girl and I should be able to have one."

"Daphne, I want you to undress to your panties" Sol told her firmly.

"Why? I don't want to undress" Daphne replied with firmness that she thought matched Sol's.

"Because I'm going to give you a spanking"

"I'm not going to undress. I don't want a spanking. I want to know why I can't have a motorcycle."

Sol moved closer to Daphne on the bed and unbuttoned her skirt and started to unzip it. Daphne rolled away from him. "All right. I can do it myself!" She hated it when Sol undressed her before a spanking.

Daphne got off the bed and let the skirt fall to the floor and kicked it away. The unbuttoned her blouse and threw it down to join the skirt. Then she turned away from Sol and slipped off her bra.

Sol got the ruler paddle from the drawer in the night stand. "Come here, love" he told Daphne.

"No. I don't want a spanking" Daphne said, trying to make a last stand.

"If I have to come get you I'm going to have to give you extras" Sol warned her.

"OK, fine!" Daphne said, stomping over to where Sol sat on the bed. Daphne pulled the sheer panties down to her knees and flopped over his lap. "You're bigger and stronger. I know that this is were I'll end up. Go ahead, beat me, I can't stop you. You are so mean!"

Sol ignored the "Drama Queen" provocation and caressed Daphne's bare bottom. Daphne loved the feel of Sol's caresses, but she refused to let herself enjoy it. "You are acting like a spoiled little girl. You're throwing a tantrum. I've told you why I don't want you to have a motorcycle, but you don't want to hear that. So you're going to get a spanking."

Daphne said nothing, her face buried in her arms, her honey blond hair flowing over her face.

Sol held her firmly with his left arm and brought the thin paddle down hard across Daphne's clenched buttocks. Daphne was silent as she was spanked, her body rigid, her legs pressed together, the room echoing with the smack of the paddle on her bare bottom.

Sol stopped for a moment and caressed Daphne, petting her hair and caressing her thighs and bottom. He brushed the hair away from her face and saw that her cheek was wet with tears. She turned her face away, covering it with her arm. Sol shifted his left arm, gripping Daphne tightly and started to paddle her again. As Daphne's buttocks and upper thighs blushed toward crimson the smack of the paddle started to elicit soft cries, like a kitten mewing to be let in.

When Sol let Daphne up from his lap her bottom and upper thighs were crimson. She sat on the bed next to him, sobbing softly. He took her in his arms and petted her, telling her he loved her. Finally when she stopped crying he reminded her again that she could not have a motorcycle because he loved her and did not want anything to happen to her.

"I'll be careful. I won't even speed. I promise. I'm sorry I threw a tantrum. I've gotten a spanking. So now can I have a motorcycle." Daphne said

"No. If you're not going to speed why do you want one of the Japanese superbikes?"

"'cuz they look really cool. Who wants a moped?"

"Yes, who indeed. No motorcycle!"

"But Lela has one. Josh got her the motorcycle. How come she can have one and I can't?"

"Daphne, this is the same discussion we just had. Get the rattan cane please" said Sol. He had hopped that the spanking he had just given Daphne would put an end to the tantrum and the demands for a motorcycle. But among the many reasons that he loved Daphne was the fact that she was very determined, or to put it another way, stubborn.

Daphne stood up and kicked off her panties, which were now around her ankles and stomped over to the umbrella stand in the corner where the canes were kept, grabbing one of the rattan canes and stomping back.

"Here" she said, holding out the cane to Sol. She grabbed one of the pillows from the head of the bed, threw it down at the end of the bed and threw herself over the pillow, her upper body on the bed, her legs stretched out behind her pressed tightly together.

"I guess that this is what they mean when they say 'the beatings will continue until moral improves'!" Daphne said petulantly before she buried her face in her arms.

"Spread your legs please, my love" Sol told Daphne, ignoring her sarcasm.

"No" answered Daphne, her voice muffled by the bed and her arms.

"You are being so naughty today. I don't know what's gotten into you. Being disobedient while you are bent over the bed waiting to be caned might not be the best idea."

"I don't care" came Daphne's muffled voice. "I'm not going to spread my legs". When Daphne was mad at Sol she hated being bent over the end of the bed with her legs spread, totally exposed.

"All right. You have twenty strokes with the cane coming for your 'I want a motorcycle tantrum'. If you won't be a good girl and spread your legs, I'm going to give you a set of five strokes. And they're not going to count toward your punishment. If you spread your legs I'll start your punishment. Otherwise you're going to get another five."

"Now be a good girl and spread your leg" Sol said, tapping Daphne's bottom with the cane.

"No" Daphne said firmly

Daphne heard the swish of the cane and then felt a stroke burn across her bottom. She pressed into the bed, staying silent as the hot pain burned across her buttocks. Four more strokes followed, leaving welts across her buttocks, darker red over the crimson blush left the paddling.

"Spread your legs, honey", Sol ordered.

Daphne remained disobedient, so Sol started to give her another five strokes. She cried out as he gave the last two strokes across the tops of her thighs. When she still had no obeyed, he started giving her the third set of five across her thighs, as she cried out with each stroke. After taking three strokes she spread her legs and Sol gave the last two strokes across her bottom.

Sol sat down on the end of the bed next to Daphne and caressed her hair. "You can be so stubborn" he told her. "Your caning would be almost over if you had not been disobedient" He caressed her back, running his hand down over the hot skin of her bottom and thighs, over the welts.

After caressing Daphne for a few minutes Sol stood up and tapped her bottom with the cane. "Bottom up, honey" he told her. Daphne arched her back, pushing her bottom up, her thighs spread shoulder width. Daphne was sobbing as he gave her another ten strokes, followed by a brief break and then the final ten. Daphne nuzzled into Sol's shoulder when he took her into his arms, sobbing as he petted her.

"I'm sorry I was a bad girl" Daphne sobbed, the rebellious motorcycle wench replaced by a well spanked repentant girl. "I know that you don't want me to have a motorcycle because you love me. Please don't spank me anymore. My bottom is so sore. I won't ask for a motorcycle again. I promise."

Sol held Daphne and kept telling her he loved her until she stopped crying. "I'm glad that the motorcycle issue is settled. I don't want you riding with Lela anymore either, is that understood."

"Yes, Sir" Daphne replied

"OK, good girl. Now I want you to show me that you know you've been a naughty girl and take some strap for me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Sir" Daphne said softly. "How many strokes do I have to take?"

"Twenty, but you can have two sets of ten."

"Does it have to be so many?"

"I'm afraid so, my love. Get in position for your strapping, please"

While Sol got the heavy leather spanking strap from the closet Daphne piled the pillows in the middle of the bed and knelt over them. When Sol returned to the bed with the strap, Daphne was on her knees, her head down on the bed, arms braced against the head board, her bottom up, thighs spread. Daphne had started crying again as she waited for her punishment. Trying to comfort her, Sol caressed her thighs for a moment.

Sol raised the strap to shoulder level and brought it down hard across Daphne's welted ass, rocking her forward slightly. He gave the strokes slowly, allowing her to feel the burn from each one as she cried out, sobbing and promising to never be a bad girl ever again.

When Sol finished strapping her she stayed in her kneeling position, since he had not told her to get up.

"Spread your cheeks, my love" Sol ordered the crying girl.

Daphne reached behind her, cupping a cheek in each hand, holding her buttocks open. "Please, Sir, could you fuck me in the pussy instead?"

"You're being punished, so you don't get to cum, honey" Sol reminded her

"Yes, Sir" Daphne said sadly

Sol undressed and got a condom and some lube from the night stand. After putting the condom on spreading lube on it, he moved behind Daphne, putting the tip of his cock against her anus. She was still crying when he gently slid inside her. He started to thrust into her slowly at first, then harder, slamming into her punished buttocks until he finally came. After throwing away the condom and washing, Sol went back to the bed and lay next to Daphne, holding her in his arms, kissing her.

"I'm sorry I was a bad girl" Daphne told Sol in a quiet voice.

"Shh" Sol said petting her. "Its all over and all is forgiven. You're my good girl and I love you."

"I love you, Sir" Daphne said

September, 2004

Case Wintermute