For me spanking is intensely sexual. I'm turned on by giving a spanking, even if it involves punishment. In a couple of the stories I've written, the naughty girl is being punished, so she is not allowed to have an orgasm after her spanking (which she might get from having her pussy fucked). But there is no reason that the top should have to suffer after becoming fantastically turned on giving her a hard spanking. So the naughty girl has to spread her buttocks and take an ass fucking. Having to take her disciplinarian's cock between her hot, sore, well spanked buttocks seems to add deliciously to the punishment.

This story is different from the others I've written. It is a straight domestic discipline spanking story, where the spanking does not involve explicit sex. It is different because I wrote it for someone else.

On one of the spanking bulletin boards I saw a short note from a European woman who wanted to know what it was like to be spanked. She wrote that she wanted the feeling she had when she was a child. There was not much else to go on, so this story was a guess at what she was looking for. It seemed to me that she might be a woman who might not like spanking itself, but liked the structure and childhood punishment aspect of spanking. So the spankings here are not sexual. After I sent her the story, she wrote back briefly that she really liked the story. I sent a reply, but have not heard from her since.

As I've written on the main page, I don't believe in spanking children. Real childhood spankings are full of anger, powerlessness and pain. But childhood spankings are a staple of spanking fantasy. In spanking fantasy, the spankings take place in what I think of as "the land of never was". The spankings hurt, but they are warm and loving. Fantasy childhood spankings are loving and they make everything OK.

Also, for the record, I don't believe that wives (or husbands) should be spanked or have to "obey" unless that is part of the agreed upon relationship. I'm a feminist. I don't believe in superiority on the basis of gender. I thought of adding a bit of this in the story, but a disclaimer does not work well in the middle of a M/F domestic discipline story.

In Loco Parentis

"The more things change, the more they stay the same", Vera thought to herself. She felt the same nervous, fearful anticipation that she had as a child. The circumstances were even similar to the events of her childhood. But now she was now a twenty-eight year old woman. Like the girl of her memory, Vera was waiting in her bedroom, wearing only a camisole and panties, knowing that she would soon get a spanking.

As a schoolgirl Vera would drag her feet, putting off her homework and school assignments until the last minute. Or sometimes beyond the last minute, which meant late term papers.

Between themselves, Vera's parents referred to struggle to her to do her homework and assignments promptly as "the homework wars". Vera's parents raised her strictly and insisted on good grades. When necessary they also believed that a good hard spanking did a child good, especially their procrastinating daughter. Vera's mother checked her homework assignments everyday. When Vera did not start her homework on time and especially when it was late, she gave Vera a spanking.

Vera would come home from school and have a snack. When she was done she would stand beside the kitchen table as her mother checked her assignment book. When something was not done or late, Vera would wait nervously hoping that her mother would miss the uncompleted assigment. But this never happened. Her mother would soon find the problem. After a short scolding her mother would inform Vera that she was going to get a spanking. If it was a late assignment Vera would be ordered to get "the spoon" from the kitchen drawer. This was a wide flat spoon that she came to think of as the "spanking spoon". Vera would then have to pull her panties down to the middle of her thighs and lie across her mothers lap. Her mother would raise her navy blue school uniform skirt and spank her on the bare bottom in a quick one-two pattern, right buttock, left buttock.

If it was not a late assignment, but just an assignment that was getting started late, Vera would get a hand spanking. Although her mother's hand did not hurt as much as the dreaded spoon, by the end of the spanking Vera was always sobbing breathlessly, promising to never be a bad girl ever again.

After the spanking Vera's mother would hug her and pet her hair, while she told her that she loved her.

When Vera did something really naughty, like talking back to her mother or lying, her mother would just say "I'll speak to your father about this, honey" rather than spanking her. At dinner Vera be much quieter than normal. After dinner, Vera's mother would tell her to go to her room. It was this feeling, of waiting in her room, knowing that she was going to get a spanking, that Vera remembered years later.

Vera's parents would always come into her room together. Her father would have the strap in his hand. He never yelled at her, but he would calmly order Vera to pull down her panties and bend over the end of the bed. As she waited, bent over the end of the bed, her panties around her thighs, her skirt raised, her father would explain why the spanking was necessary. Vera would beg and plead not to be whipped, but soon the strap would burn across her bare bottom.

When Vera's spanking was over, her bottom crimson and lined with welts from the whipping, she would pull her panties up and her father would hold her in his arms until she stopped crying.

Vera's strict upbringing and the spankings her parents gave her (even when she was a teenager in the Gymnasium), taught Vera to be disciplined and organized most of the time. But there were still times when she put off something that she did not want to do. The more she put it off, the worse it seemed to be. Some relatively small task would seem to grow bigger and bigger, until it seemed overwhelming. It would get later and later and it would seem more and more impossible to complete.

Six months before Vera found herself once again in her room waiting for a spanking, Vera had met Hugo. They met at an industry social event hosted by the company she worked for. She noticed him from across the room. He was wearing a dark blue, almost black Italian suit (an Armani, she wondered?) He was tall, over six feet and athletic, with black hair, lined with gray. He must have seen her looking at him, because a few minutes later he worked his way across the room and started talking to her. It was then that she saw that he had angular cheekbones and ice blue eyes.

They talked about the industry and he told her funny stories about some of the industry luminaries. After introducing himself and getting her name, he invited her to lunch. And then to dinner. As they say, one thing led to another. Hugo invited her to his apartment, which was furnished with Scandinavian furniture and Japanese art. Vera was already starting to fall a bit in love with Hugo by then and she let him take her into the bedroom and make love to her. Hugo was a gentle, passionate and skilled lover.

In the time they had been together, Vera had never heard Hugo raise his voice. He always listened to what people said. While he could talk about books, art, architecture and a host of amusing stories, Hugo always seems to guard what he said, thinking carefully before he spoke and remaining silent when he had nothing to say.

The first time Hugo spanked Vera was when she was trying to make a dent in this reserve. It had been a bad week for Vera. She had let a project go until the last minute and had been working at the office for the last two days late to finish. It was finally done, but she was tired and even Huge seemed to get on her nerves. They had gone out to dinner and Vera had been difficult all evening. Hugo was patient with her, but as the evening wore on, his patience was slowly eroded. In Hugo's case meant that he got quieter and spoke even more softly. When they had returned to his apartment, he put on some Jazz, but even music did not sooth the bratty Vera. Finally, Hugo told her that if she did not start behaving he would spank her.

"So if I don't behave you're going to beat me", Vera said, outrage coloring her voice.

"I'm not going to beat you, my Dear, I'm going to spank you. There is a difference. If you keep acting like a bad tempered little girl in need of a spanking, you're going to get treated like one", Hugo informed her.

This started Vera off on a rant about the way women were treated in her business, as she paced back and forth in front of the couch that Hugo was sitting on. She told Hugo that he was just another male pig who wanted to keep women under his thumb. It was because of people like him, she informed Hugo, that women in hir industry were not paid fairly.

Something about Hugo's eyes changed when she said "pig". He got up from the couch and grabbed her arm, pulling her over his lap. It was summer and Vera was wearing a short black dress without tights. The next thing she knew, Hugo had pulled up the skirt of her black dress, pulled down the black lace panties. She squirmed, trying to get off his lap, but he held her firmly in place.

"I firmly believe in equal pay, my love", Hugo told her. "But I have always believed that a husband should spank his wife when she needs it. And you are definitely a woman who needs a spanking".

With that, Hugo started spanking her, holding her seemingly effortlessly over his lap as he sparked her. He alternated buttocks, spanking her hard. It hurt and Vera protested and ordered Hugo to let her up. But he just continued to spank her. The pain built as Hugo punished her bare bottom. All of her tiredness and the difficulties in the last week seemed to combine with the pain of the spanking and Vera started crying. Hugo did not stop spanking her until she was sobbing, lying limply over his lap taking her punishment. When he stopped her bottom was red from the top curve of her cheeks to the tops of her thighs.

Hugo took her into his arms and held her, petting her hair, comforting her as she cried. For some reason, after the spanking everything seemed better. Vera could not understand now how she could have been so difficult. She felt terrible about treating Hugo so badly.

"I'm sorry I was such a beast, Hugo", Vera said as she cried against his shoulder. "Do you still like me?"

"I love you, my dear" he told her, as he held her.

"I'm sorry if I ruined the evening, Hugo. I'm sorry you had to spank me" she said, between sobs.

After a while Vera stopped crying and Hugo led her into the bedroom. Their love making was very passionate that night. As they were lying together afterward, Vera asked Hugo "What did you mean about husbands spanking their wives?"

"I believe in equality outside of the home, but I think that the husband should have the final say at home", Hugo told her. "If a wife needs a spanking her husband should give it to her and she should accept that he has the right to spank her."

"Well, you just gave me a spanking..."

"Yes, I did". Hugo got up and went to the closet where his suit jacket was hanging. Vera loved to see him naked, his muscular buttocks moving as he walked. Hugo took a small royal blue velvet box out of his suit.

"I was going to save this for Sunday"

Hugo opened the box and took out a diamond band. "I love you, Vera." He held out the ring. "Will you be my wife? To love, honor and obey? And take your spankings when I decide you need them?"

"Yes", Vera said. She put the ring on her left hand and found that it fit perfectly.

Afterward, Vera would alter the story of how Hugo asked her to marry him a little bit when her girl friends asked where he "popped the question". She could hardly tell them that she had been a brat, Hugo had given her a good hard spanking and then asked her to marry him.

Hugo was an attentive and kind lover and fiancee, but there were certain things that he insisted on with Vera. One of these was that she change her habit of putting her projects off to the last minute and then work long hours to turn them in on time. Hugo had already given her two spanking for her habbit of waiting until the last minute.

Vera had a project proposal that she had promised to deliver at the end of the month. As the middle of the month approached she still had not started writing it. When Hugo asked her how it was going, she would respond with a sunny "oh, just fine" and change the subject. But Hugo was not so easily fooled. A couple of days later he asked to see what she had done. She tried telling him that it was her work and it was none of his business. Hugo reminded her that if she spent long hours on a last minute rush to finish it did effect him. And then he reminded her about the "obey" part of "love, honor and obey".

"Well, actually I have not started", Vera admitted, looking down at her shoes. "I'm going to start it tomorrow. There's enough time still".

"You're cutting it close", Vera. "We talked about this before. Now, I want you to go to the bedroom and get ready for a spanking."

"No! I don't want a spanking. It's not fair. My proposal is not late."

"I know that it is not late yet. But you're back to your bad habbits of leaving your project to the last minute. Now go to the bedroom and undress to your panties."

Hugo did not raise his voice, but Vera know that if she did not do as he told her he would spank her right then and there and then spank her a second time in the bedroom.

When Vera reached the bedroom she undressed to her camisole and bikini panties and sat down on the bed. Waiting was the worst part. Although Hugo only made her wait for fifteen minutes it seemed like much longer. Vera's mind bounced between ideas, as she waited. She knew she should have already started on the proposal. She deserved a spanking. But she did not want a spanking. It hurt, a lot. And who was Hugo to spank her like a little girl? She was a grown successful woman, with a successful career. She loved Hugo. And he loved her, which was why he was going to spank her. Would he cane her time time? She hated the cane. She had been a bad girl. The spanking would hurt and she did not want a spanking.

Finally she heard Hugo's footsteps in the hallway and the door opened. She got up from the bed and went over to him. He took her in his arms and kissed her. In the back of her mind she thought that perhaps she could get him to make love to her, instead of spanking her. She know he liked the way she looked in the little silk camisole and the sheer string bikini panties. But it was not to be. Hugo let her go and went to the closet and got the rattan punishment cane.

"I don't want to be caned" Vera said, stamping her bare foot. "I have not been that bad a girl!"

Hugo put two fingers over her mouth. "Naughty girls do not get to decide how they get spanked. Now I don't want to hear any more of this". He leaned the cane against the side of the night stand.

He went to the night stand and took out a thin ruler paddle and a bath brush. He left the bath brush on the night stand and kept the ruler paddle in his right hand. Vera hated the bath brush even more than the cane, but she did not complain this time.

Hugo sat down on the edge of the bed. "Please come over her, Vera" he said, pointing to his right side. Vera briefly thought of running out of the room, but went over to stand at Hugo's side, looking down at the floor. He pulled her panties down to her knees and gently guided her over his lap.

Hugo started to lecture her about putting projects off, working long hours, being tired and the harm it did their relationship.

Vera answered "yes" and "no", "I'm sorry" and "I won't do it again" at the appropriate places. But lying bare bottom over Hugo's waiting for her spanking, she did not really pay attention to what he was saying. She know that what ever she said, she was still going to get spanked and all she could think about was that it would hurt.

After a while, Hugo stopped talking. She felt him caress her bottom. His hand felt good. Then the ruler paddle cracked across her bottom. Vera cried out in surprise. The thin wood hurt and left a sting as he spanked her, giving her a stroke across her buttocks every few seconds. After he gave her twenty strokes he stopped for a moment to let her catch her breath, caressing her. After a few minutes he started paddling her again. Vera's cries turned to tears as he spanked her. When Hugo had given her another twenty strokes he let her up. She rubbed her bottom. It was sore and hot. Her panties had fallen down around her ankles.

"Take off your camisole and your panties and lie over the pillows, please", Hugo told her has he piled the pillows in the middle of the bed.

Vera did not want a caning. The cane hurt so much and besides, she had already been paddled. She had learned her lesson. But after the first paddling over Hugo's lap she was always very submissive and did as she was told without saying anything.

Hugo always spanked her on the bare bottom, but at least with her camisole top on Vera felt at partially covered. Lying naked over the pillows, her bottom pushed up by the pillows under her hips, she felt very exposed and vulnerable.

Hugo moved to her left side, next to her bottom. She looked back, seeing him raise the cane and buried her face in the soft comforter as the cane cut the air, slashing across her bottom. The stroke felt like hot metal burning across her bare cheeks. Vera started crying again as the next stroke fell. Hugo gave her ten strokes, while she cried into the comforter.

Vera felt the bed move as Hugo sat down next to her, caressing her punished bottom, feeling the welts which lined her buttocks. His hand felt cool on her hot skin. She looked back at him through the lens of tears. "I love you, Vera. You're taking your spanking like a good girl. I'm proud of you."

He got up and picked up the cane from where it lay.

"Please don't cane me any more", Vera said, crying. "I'll be a good girl. I promise I'll do my projects on time."

"Shhh. I know, honey. Now raise your bottom, please"

Vera felt the cane burn across her bottom again as she arched her back, pushing her bottom up, offering it to the cane. She tried to keep her bottom up as Hugo caned her to show that she was his good girl. But it hurt so much and she squirmed under a cane stroke. Hugo gave her the next stroke across the top of her thighs to punish her for not staying in place.

Finally the caning was over. Hugo held her in his arms and comforted her and kissed her. After a few minutes Vera stopped crying. Hugo handed her a tissue so she could blow her nose.

Hugo gently guided Vera over his lap. Knowing that her punishment was not over yet, Vera started crying again, but did not resist. Hugo reached over to the night stand and picked up the bath brush.

Hugo caressed her bottom. "Almost over, honey. I'm going to give you one final paddling with the bath brush and then it will all be over."

Hugo wrapped his left arm around Vera and held her close. He brought the flat back of the bath brush down hard on Vera's right buttock, following quickly with a stroke on her left cheek. The strokes of the brush over her welted sore bottom filled her mind with pain. But Vera also felt loved and protected as she lay limply sobbing as she took her spanking. She knew that she had been a bad girl and that Hugo was giving her the spanking she needed.

"It's all over now, my love", Hugo told her after giving her a final stroke on each cheek. "All over. Are you going to be a good girl and stop procrastinating and start your project proposal?"

"Yes, sir" said the very well spanked Vera. That night Hugo held her as they fell asleep. When she looked at her bottom in the mirror the next morning there were bruises from the bath brush and a few cane welts. Sitting was uncomfortable, which reminded Vera of what happened a girl who procrastinated. It was odd, once she got started the project, it was not that bad. Two weeks later she finished it on time, without working late hours.

December, 2004

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