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Kathleen Cuts a Switch

I love all of the rituals that go with spanking. Some of the hottest are those that involve making the naughty girl take part in her own punishment. For example, getting out the implements that she's going to be punished with. Asking for her paddling. For a naughty girl of like mind, these things are hard to do, but also very hot.

I have always loved the idea of sending a naughty girl out to cut the swich that will be used for her spanking. In this story the naughty girl has to cut the switch when her bottom is still stinging from a paddling.

One of the most difficult things to explain is that spanking is like a mirror, bottom and top being reflections of each other. Or at least that's how it is for me. The mirror of this story is a F/M story, Cutting a Switch on Sunday Afternoon.

Kathleen got good girl spankings, bad girl spankings and just because spankings. Even with all of these spankings, Kathleen sometimes didn't think that she got spanked enough. Except on Sunday. Kathleen was quite sure that she got spanked more than enough on Sunday.

Kathleen was a a reformed Catholic School girl. For Kathleen, Sunday carried the association of confession, penance and forgiveness. She remembered going to confession on Sunday as a girl. Kathleen had always been a good girl and when she didn't have any little sins to confess, she made something up. Although Kathleen was a good girl, there was always guilt. After all, could you ever be good enough for a deity who had died a painful death for your sins? As a girl, Kathleen had watched several of her friends get spankings, but she had never been spanked by her parents. Watching a friend get spanked, her breath catching in her throat, her heart beating rapidly, she secretly wished that she was in the place of her friend, with her panties pulled down, crying as the hairbrush punished her bottom.

As an adult, Kathleen and the Church had long ago parted company. But Sunday still meant confession, penance and forgiveness. Sunday was the day that Kathleen was given a punishment spanking.

As Sunday approached Kathleen would try to remember what she might have done during the week that Case could punish her for. He was notoriously forgetful when it came to all those little naughty offenses that he threatened to spank her for. Once Kathleen had unwisely teased Case about being so forgetful and he started writing things down on what he called "Kathleen's Naughty List".

"Get the ruler paddle", Case said to Kathleen, one Sunday in the late spring, when the air was warm, but before the summer heat had set in.

"But I don't want to, Sir", Kathleen said, trying to put the right tone of pleading in her voice.

"I know that you don't want to get the paddle, young lady. But that's not what I asked. Now get the ruler paddle or you'll get extras with the Bath Brush"

Kathleen turned and left the room. As she left she said "Sir, has anyone ever told you that you're mean."

"Yes, young lady, a certain naughty girl tells me that all the time", Case replied.

When Kathleen returned she went over to where Case as sitting on the couch and handed him the ruler paddle. He put it down on the floor, on his left side.

"Undo your shorts, young lady", Case ordered.

Kathleen unbuttoned her shorts and let them fell down around her ankles, revealing a pair of sheer black bikini panties. She stepped out of her shorts.

"Pull you panties down", Case said.

"But Sir, I wore these panties just for you...", Kathleen complained.

"They are very cute", Case observed. "All right, young lady, you can keep your panties on for now." He patted his lap. "Over my knee, naughty girl", Case ordered.

"Yes, Sir", Kathleen said as she positioned herself over Case's lap.

He started spanking her over her panties, slapping first one cheek through the thin material, then the other. Kathleen started to make little cries in response to each smack. After giving her ten slaps on each side Case moved his hand between her thighs.

"Why you little slut", Case said, "you're wet. If I didn't know better I'd say that you were enjoying this."

"Oh, no Sir. I'm learning my lesson. I'll never be a bad girl, ever again..", Kathleen said, trying to sound earnest and sincere.

Case started spanking her again.

"Pull your panties down, young lady", Case said after giving Kathleen another ten slaps on each cheek.

"Please Sir, you know I hate having to pull my panties down. Why can't you do it, Sir?"

"Because it's hard for you. Now do as you're told"

Kathleen stood up and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and pulled them down to the middle of her thighs. Resigned to her fate, she lay across Case's lap.

"Now shall we discuss the naughty behavior of the last week", Case said as he picked up the the list of Kathleen's little sins from the couch beside him.

"Really, Sir I'd rather we didn't. Why don't we just move from the spanking part on to the orgasm part."

"You little slut! That would leave naughtiness unpunished!", Case said with mock outrage. "What kind of world would it be where naughty girls went unpunished?"

"A world where those poor innocent girls sat more comfortably?"

Case ignored Kathleen's last comment and started reading from the list, holding the list in one hand while he caressed Kathleen's bottom, with his other hand. There were several items on the list and Kathleen protested that some were not examples of naughtiness at all and the others were Case's fault.

"I can see that you're not ready to throw yourself on the mercy of the court", Case observed.

"No, Sir. Why should I? You're going to spank me anyway. I was a good girl", Kathleen protested.

"That is for me to decide, young lady."

As Case caressed her, Kathleen spread her thighs, but instead of caressing her in more intimate places, Case brought his hand down hard on Kathleen's bare bottom. The slaps hurt more now. She was always surprised that the sheer material of the panties provided any protection from Case's punishing hand. Soon Kathleen's cries were echoing the slaps of Case's hand on her bare cheeks. As Case continued to spank her, she has started to cry softly. Through her tears, Kathleen could see the ruler paddle on the floor.

"Hand me the ruler paddle, Kathleen", Case said.

Kathleen reached down to the floor with her right hand and passed the paddle back to Case. Case rubbed the smooth wood in circles over her bottom and than patted her with it. Kathleen hated waiting for the first smack. When Case brought he paddle down hard across her cheeks, the pain was a surprise. At the start of the paddling, Case gave Kathleen a few strokes with the paddled, mixed with caresses. As he continued to paddle her he gave longer sets, until finally he gave her a set of ten hard strokes. When he was done, Kathleen was sobbing.

Case bent over Kathleen, his left arm under her head and hugged her and petted her hair until she stopped crying. "I want you to go outside and cut a switch for me to punish you with", Case told Kathleen.

Kathleen buried her face in the couch.

Case smacked her bottom with the paddle. "Kathleen..."

"Ow. I don't want to cut a switch. Ow. OK, OK."

Kathleen got up from Case's lap and pulled her panties up. She rubbed her bottom. "Has anyone ever told you you're a mean man, Sir?"

"Yes, I believe that I recently heard that complaint from a certain naughty girl. Now, the switch..."

Kathleen put her shorts on. She felt like stamping her feet. It was so cruel of Case to make her go outside and cut the switch that he would then use to whip her bare bottom. It just wasn't fair. There must be something in the Geneva Convention for Naughty Girls that prohibited this kind of cruel treatment. But past experience had demonstrated that protests of this sort not only didn't do any good and would probably result in another paddling with the ruler paddle or worse, the bath brush.

Kathleen went outside to the tool shed to get the pruning shears and a pruning knife before heading to the stand of birch trees. Her bottom felt hot and stung from the spanking Case had given her. She kept thinking of how mean and unfair Case was to make her cut the switch for her spanking. Maybe she would hide in the bushes, she thought. That would teach Case. He'd come out after a while to look for her. When he didn't find her, he'd be worried. Maybe he'd think that she had been eaten by bears. Then he'd be sorry. But Kathleen knew that she would have to come out from her hiding place eventually. Then there would be a long hard spanking and much sobbing as the Evil Bath Brush punished her bare bottom. And she would still get spanked with the switch. It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't she just have a hand spanking and lots of orgasms? But there was that little voice that said "well, that wouldn't be much of a punishment, would it". She didn't like the little voice either.

Kathleen selected a branch that was about as thick as her index finger at the base. She cut the branch and then trimmed it so it was about two and a half feet long and about a quarter inch at the end. Kathleen carefully trimmed off all of the little side branches, making sure that the switch was smooth. Since it would soon be applied to her bare bottom she wanted to make sure that little branch nubs wouldn't cut into the soft skin.

One time Kathleen had cut a switch that broke half way through Kathleen's punishment. Case had made her go out and cut another switch. When he started spanking her with the new switch, he started the count of her strokes over at one. After that, Kathleen tried to select switches that looked sturdy enough to last through her spanking.

Kathleen cut the air a few times with the switch. She didn't like the idea of her bottom being on the receiving end of her carefully trimmed switch.

Kathleen went back to the tool shed and put the shears and the pruning knife back in their place. "Naughty Girl, walking", Kathleen thought, as she went back to the living room where she found Case sitting on the couch.

Case stood up as Kathleen walked over to him and handed him the switch. "You did a good job", Case said, as he examined the switch. "Now get undressed please and bend over the back of the couch"

Case watched Kathleen as she took off her blouse, then her shorts, her bra and, finally, reluctantly, her panties. She had a hard time taking her eyes off the switch that was in Case's right hand.

Kathleen went over to the couch and bent over the back, her hands resting on the cushions. She always felt very exposed in this position, her bottom up and presented for punishment. She didn't realize that she had her thighs pressed together until Case said "Spread your thighs, young lady". She did as she was told, thinking of how her pussy and bottom were now fully on display. She reminded herself to be a good girl and not clench her bottom.

Kathleen felt the switch tap her bottom, caressing her from the lower curve of her bottom upward. She hated waiting for the first stroke, and Case always made her wait. She heard the switch cut the air just before she felt it burn across her bottom. It wasn't that bad, Kathleen thought. Not as bad as the cane and not nearly as bad as the whip. But that thought quickly faded as Case gave her more strokes. The switch seemed to be lighting her bottom on fire, each stinging stroke leaving a little more fire behind. Case used the switch across her bottom, from the center of her cheeks to the top of her thighs. Kathleen started to cry, her tears falling on the cushions.

After a while Case stopped spanking her and caressed her bottom, running his hand gently over the welts left by the switch. Then he moved his hand between her thighs and over her clit. As she started to move against his hand, he withdrew it and moved to her other side. The switch can down again, this time the tip punished the her other buttock. When Kathleen was sobbing, her bottom was crimson and lined with welts, Case stopped spanking her. He helped her up from the couch and held her in his arms and petted her hair until she stopped crying.

"I want you to go to the bedroom and lay out the punishment strap on the bed. Then I want you to lie over the pillows."

"Yes, Sir", Kathleen said softly.

When Kathleen was out of sight she put her hands back on her bottom. Her cheeks were hot and she could feel the soft skin lined with welts from the switch.

In the bedroom Kathleen went to the closet and got out the leather spanking strap. She ran her hand over the smooth leather, thinking of how the heavy strap would feel as Case whipped her sore welted cheeks. She put the strap on the end of the bed, on the left side. Then she piled three pillows in the middle of the bed and lay over them, the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up.

Kathleen didn't know how long she waited over the pillows. It was probably only a few minutes, but it seemed like a long time. As she lay waiting for her whipping, Kathleen could not take her mind the fact that the strap that she would soon be punished with lay on the bed, next to her.

When Case finally came into the bedroom, Kathleen was almost relieved. She hated waiting for a spanking. Case knelt on the bed next to Kathleen and caressed her bottom, tracing the welts with his fingers, then down over the soft skin between her cheeks, down between her thighs.

"Spread your thighs, bad girl", Case ordered.

Kathleen spread her legs and Case ran his finger over her pussy lips. "You're wet, little slut", Case said, in an almost off hand way. He moved his finger to her clit rubbing, then moving back to her lips and back to her clit. She started to push her bottom up, pushing against his hand. He could feel her excitement building toward orgasm. Case removed his hand and picked up the strap.

Kathleen almost started crying when she felt the light slap of the strap against her bottom. She knew that the whipping was going to hurt. The strap patted her bottom several more times before Case brought it down hard across her ass. The pain was intense on her already sore bottom. Case gave the strokes hard and fast and Kathleen was sobbing after the first few strokes. She had only a short break when Case switched sides and started whipping her from the other side so that her bottom would be evenly punished.

Case went to the closet and exchanged the strap for the bath brush. "OK, young lady", he told Kathleen who was still crying softly. "Over my knee." He helped Kathleen up and sat down on the bed. She moved over to his right side. Her bottom was very sore and the idea of getting a paddling was a bit scary. She hesitated a moment before laying across Case's lap to take her punishment. Case put the bath brush up near Kathleen's head. He ran his hand over her bottom, over the curve of her cheek. Her bottom was red from just above the top curve of her buttocks to the top of her thighs. As he caressed her he could feel the lines of the welts from the switch and then thicker lines from the strap. Her bottom was hot from the spanking.

"Is our bottom sore", Case asked, his voice sounding solicitous.

"Our bottom, Sir? My bottom is on fire, Sir."

"Poor girl", Case said. "Spread your thighs, now", he added.

He moved his hand between Kathleen's thighs, moving his finger between her pussy lips and then to her clit. Her lips were slick with her excitement. He slipped his right thumb into her, pressing up against that spot under her mons while he rubble her clit with his middle finger. Kathleen started to breath faster and press against his hand. "Close, Sir", she said.

"You're a very good girl", Case told her as he withdrew his hand. "As a reward for your virtue, could you please hand me the bath brush?"

"That's not fair, Sir", Kathleen complained. "You said that I'm a good girl and now I'm going to get spanked with the bath brush?"

"'Kathleen and the Misfortunes of Virtue'. Now, the bath brush please"

Kathleen passed the bath brush to Case. He took the brush from her and patted her bottom. Kathleen started crying softly. Case wrapped his left arm around her, holding her tightly.

"I'm going to give you ten on each cheek, young lady. Now I want you to ask me for your paddling."

Kathleen hated to ask for her punishment, which was exactly why Case made her ask for it. "Please, Sir, will you paddle me?"

"How should I paddle you?", Case prompted.

"Please Sir, will you paddle me hard."

"I will, naughty girl", Case said just before he brought the brush down on Kathleen's right buttock, then her left. He counted "One". After the first few smacks Kathleen was crying hard. The paddling hurt so much. When Case counted five he told her that she was half way done. At eight Case told her that it was almost over. And after giving her the ninth stroke he told her "Just one more. It's going to be hard". Those last smacks on Kathleen's buttocks hurt more than the others and she lay sobbing over Case's lap.

Case spread Kathleen's pussy lips and penetrated her with his thumb, rubbing her clit and her G-spot. She was very wet, the inside of her pussy hot with her excitement. Her body was still echoing with the pain from the paddling as he moved her finger inside her and against her clit. Kathleen's excitement started to build. "Please Sir, may I come. Please..."

"Yes, you may. You took your spanking very, very well", Case said.

Kathleen started to rock her body against Case's hand, faster pushing harder. When her orgasm came it flashed though her like white light, blanking out everything but the orgasm itself.

"It's almost like the harder the spanking is, the harder I cum", Kathleen said later as Case held her.

Case Wintermute
October, 2008

Case Wintermute