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Just a Punishment Spanking

For my Hot Bottom Stories web site, I write spanking erotica. The intent of erotica is to get the reader "hot and bothered". I feel that I have succeeded if my reader is so turned on that they need to cum after reading my story. There is an amazing power in writing words that make woman's pussy wet. I am always surprised that I can do this.

In my spanking erotica plot exists to set up the spanking scene. Plot also helps bring the reader into the story and make it more believable. If I'm reading a spanking story and I say to myself "no, that couldn't happen", it's not erotic for me. This is one reason I don't like spanking stories set in an office environment. I keep thinking "sexual harassment".

In this story I've tried as much as possible to dispense with plot and just write an erotic spanking fantasy. We never do find out what offense Daphne is guilty of, but it must have been pretty naughty.

Punishment tends to be a strong theme in spanking fantasy and I've had one spanking friend ask for a punishment style spanking. I don't enjoy giving punishment spankings as much as I enjoy giving affectionate spankings. My affectionate spankings hurt a lot (young lady), but they have a long build up. There are caresses and laughing about offenses like procrastination and parking tickets.

A punishment spanking has an edge. I have to be stern with my bad girl and there's a lot of scolding. I want to get a woman into the mindset of a bad little girl. There may be caresses, but the spanking tends take place in a smaller time frame than an affectionate spanking. The sets of smacks are longer, so the spanking hurts more. This kind of spanking goes much deeper psychologically and I would not do this kind of spanking scene with a woman I had not played with a few times.

This is a fantasy that's been rattling around in my head and it demanded to be written. I find the fantasy of this kind of punishment spanking very hot. There is the willing submission of a naughty girl, who knows that she needs to be punished. She knows that she needs to be spanked hard, but she's afraid too because she knows it will hurt a lot. By the time her spanking is over, she will be crying like a spanked little girl.

"Go to the bedroom and get ready for your spanking", Sol told Daphne. "I want to see you standing naked in the corner, young lady."

"Yes, Sir", Daphne answered as she turned and went upstairs to the bedroom. Daphne undressed and hung her cloths in the closet and put her panties and bra on the dresser. Daphne looked at the sheer panties and wished that she could at least keep her panties on. She used the bathroom and then went to stand in the corner.

Daphne hated "corner time". When she had complained about having to stand in the corner before her spanking, Sol had infuriatingly pointed out that the reason corner time is used to punish bad girls is because it's unpleasant. Daphne had then tried to suggest that since corner time was an unpleasant punishment, there was no need to follow it with a spanking. This argument didn't work and after her time in the corner, she had been soundly spanked.

Sol let Daphne wait in the corner for half an hour. When Daphne was in the corner, she was not allowed to wear her watch, so she never knew how long she had been standing in the corner unless Sol told her. The wait seemed much longer than a half-hour to Daphne. Her nakedness made her feel very submissive and vulnerable. Which started her thinking about the punishment spanking Sol was going to give her. Daphne felt very bad about what she had done. She knew that she needed a hard punishment spanking. But her tummy felt like it was doing little flips as Daphne thought about how much the spanking she was going to get would hurt. Daphne put her left middle finger between her pussy lips. Her lips were slick and swollen. She moved her hand away. If Sol caught her touching herself she would get extra punishment. Daphne really did feel guilty about what she had done and she knew that she needed a hard spanking. But the prospect excited her too. "Go figure", Daphne though.

When Daphne heard Sol's footsteps on the stairs she felt a wave of relief. She would be able to get out of that damn corner and get her spanking over with. She heard Sol open and close the drawer where the spanking implements were kept.

"Come here, young lady", Sol told her. Sol watched Daphne walk toward him. He thought that she looked like a Renaissance Venus crossing the room, her blond hair cascading down her shoulders. Looking at Daphne took his breath away. For a brief moment he considered giving Daphne a hand spanking, then a bit of the paddle and fucking her. Sol preferred giving affectionate and erotic spankings much more than punishment spankings. But he knew that Daphne needed a punishment spanking and it would be a betrayal to not give her what she needed.

Daphne went to Sol's right side and stood, looking down at his thighs and her bare toes. Sol had the ruler paddle in his right hand. Daphne fleetingly wished that she had destroyed that damn paddle a long time ago.

Daphne remorse wash over her. She felt a few tears start to roll down her cheeks. "I'm sorry that I've disappointed you Sir", Daphne said in a soft voice.

"You haven't disappointed me, love. But you disappointed yourself, didn't you?"

"Yes, Sir"


Daphne hated this part. Why couldn't Sol just spank her. "Would you please give me the spanking you think that I deserve", Daphne said, the worlds tumbling from her, as if she were reciting a catechism.

"I will, young lady. Now over my lap"

"Here goes", Daphne thought to herself as she lay over Sol's lap, her hips over his right thigh. He moved his legs so that his right leg was a bit higher than his left, pushing Daphne's bottom up. He held her tightly with his left arm and brought he paddle down hard across Daphne's bottom.

To Daphne it felt like the sting of the paddle smacks flowed across her bottom in a wave of pain. She tried to count the strokes but soon gave up. All she could think about was how much the paddle hurt. Somehow she could never quite remember how much that damn ruler paddle stung and it was always a surprise when she got the first few smacks across her ass. After the first few strokes, the slap of the paddle on Daphne's bare bottom was echoed by her cries. She tried to be a good girl and not clench her buttocks, but the paddle hurt so much.

Sol covered Daphne's bottom with paddle strokes, from the upper side of the curve of her bottom down to her lower cheeks, just above her thighs. He raised his leg a little, pushing her bottom up, and gave her several strokes across her lower cheeks. Her bottom clenched with the pain of each stroke and then relaxed a little just as he gave her the next smack. Sol counted out twenty strokes and then stopped paddling Daphne. He caressed her bottom with the palm of his hand, then down over her upper thighs. Her bottom was starting to blush pink and her skin was starting to get warm. Sol loved the feel of Daphne's bottom under his hand.

After the pain delivered by the ruler paddle, Sol's caresses very good. Daphne felt like a cat being stroked, his hand following the curve of her buttocks, caressing her thighs. She pushed her bottom up, hoping that Sol might caress her between her thighs. But she was disappointed and all too soon she felt the caress of Sol's hand replaced by the caress of the smooth hardwood of the paddle, as Sol moved the paddle in little circles, over the lower curve of her buttocks. Sol gave her a few pats with the paddle. Trying to be a good girl, Daphne arched her back, offering her bottom for punishment. Daphne's spanking started again, the sting of the paddle burning across her bottom. Each paddle stroke bringing a cry from Daphne.

Sol paddled her harder than he had before, using the full swing of his arm to bring the paddle across his naughty girls bottom. He could feel her body tense with the pain of each stroke as he held her tightly with his left arm. Daphne had a beautiful bottom. Sol was sorry that he had to punish his girl, but he also loved spanking the full curve of Daphne's buttocks. When Sol had given Daphne another twenty strokes he told her that she could stand up. As Daphne stood beside him, Sol was pleased to see that Daphne resisted the temptation to rub her burning bottom.

Sol stood up, took two pillows from the head of the bed and piled them together in the middle. He got a riding whip from the umbrella stand in the corner of the room. "Over the pillows, naughty girl", Sol said, tapping the pillows with the tip of the whip.

Daphne moved onto the bed and lay face down, with the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up. Daphne referred to the whip in Sol's right hand as the "punishment whip". It was the heavier and more painful of their two riding whips and Sol only used it for punishment spankings. Seeing the whip in Sol's hand made Daphne feel remorseful and submissive.

Sol let Daphne wait for a few moments. Lying over the pillows, Daphne's body formed a shallow arch, with her bottom, which was blushed a deep pink from the paddling, at the apex of the arch. Daphne looked breathtaking in this position, Sol thought. With her bottom pushed up and her thighs spread, Daphne's shaved pussy was exposed, her buttocks were slightly spread, exposing her anus. Daphne was offering herself for either penetration or punishment in a position of primal submission.

Sol tapped Daphne's bottom with the whip. "Get that bottom up for me, naughty girl", he ordered. "Good girl", Sol said when Daphne had pushed her bottom up. "That's just right. I want you to keep your bottom up, just like that, to show me what a repentant girl you are.

Sol brought the whip down across Daphne's upraised bottom. The stroke felt like the burn of hot metal across Daphne's cheeks. She cried out. The whip strokes had a hard penetrating stroke that hurt more than the cane. Daphne tried to lie still with her bottom pushed up, offered for the whip and think about why she was being punished. Soon she was crying as Sol whipped her and her thoughts were filled with the pain of the whip strokes.

The pink blush on Daphne's bottom was starting to redden as Sol whipped her. He was proud of her for the way she was taking her punishment. She stayed still, her bottom pushed up as he whipped her. Each whip stroke left a deep pink line across Daphne's bottom. She was crying softly, her crying mixed with the sounds of her pain as Sol punished her. Daphne's body was starting to glisten with sweat, her bottom quivering slightly as she struggled to stay in position as Sol brought the whip down hard across her bottom, just above her thighs. Daphne cried out and clenched her buttocks, pushing her hips into the pillows. Sol gave her a stroke with the tip of the whip, first on her right thigh, then on her left. "Keep that bottom up, young lady", he ordered. Daphne pushed her bottom up again, pushing her pussy up at the same time. Looking at Daphne's bottom, which was starting to become lined with welts, made Sol's cock uncomfortably hard in his underwear. He thought of unzipping his pants and sliding his cock between those offered pussy lips or perhaps between the cheeks of her ass. That could come later, he reminded himself, as he gave her another stroke with the whip.

After Sol had given Daphne twenty strokes with the whip he moved to the other side of the bed. He let her wait for a moment, as he caressed her bottom with the whip as Daphne lay crying. Daphne relaxed into the pillows as the whip caressed her thighs and the soft skin inside the cleft of her buttocks. When Daphne heard Sol say "Bottom up" and felt the tap of the whip across her bottom she made a sound like a whimper.

When Daphne's bottom was nicely pushed up, Sol began whipping her again. She was crying harder now, her body shaking slightly as the strokes of the whip punished her. The pain of the whipping drove the thoughts from Daphne's mind. All that was left where the tears that ran down her cheeks and the whip strokes that burned across her bottom. She was getting the punishment that she needed and deserved.

As Sol counted the strokes down, he encouraged Daphne, telling her that she was taking her punishment like a good girl. When Sol got to the last five strokes he told Daphne that there were only a few more left. Her bottom was making little shivers as she held herself in position. Her bottom was crimson now, from the top curve of her buttocks down to her thighs. When Sol finished whipping her, he put the whip back in the umbrella stand. Sol got the hardwood paddle ball shaped paddle out of the night stand. He helped Daphne stand up and guided her over to the side of the bed and sat down.

Daphne looked at the paddle in Sol's hand and looked at him pleadingly. Her bottom was very sore from the whipping and she felt like a well punished little girl. The look that passed between them told Daphne that her punishment was not over. Without a word, she lay across Sol's lap.

Sol caressed Daphne's bottom. Her cheeks were hot and her smooth skin ridged with welts from the whipping he had given her. He stroked the inside curve of her buttocks, trailing the back of his fingers over the cleft of her bottom down over the inside of her thighs.

"I'm going to give you fifteen smacks on each cheek, good and hard, young lady", Sol told Daphne as he patted her right buttock and then her left with the paddle.

"Please, not so many, Sir?", Daphne pleaded.

"Who decides how you're punished, naughty girl"

"You do, Sir", Daphne said, resigned. "But I'm not sure that I can take that many, Sir."

"I'm afraid that you don't have any choice in the matter, young lady. Now lets get this over with."

Sol slipped his left arm around Daphne, holding her firmly on his lap. He brought the paddle down hard on her right cheek, then quickly on her left, giving her a few seconds between each set of smacks. Sol counted to himself "one, one, two, two" as he spanked her. Daphne cried out with each stroke, her crying quickly turning to sobs. Sol was giving the strokes very hard. The hardwood seemed to drive the pain deep into each cheek as the paddle smacked into her buttock, the pain exquisite over the welts left by the whip. Daphne squirmed and kicked her legs trying to escape the pain, but Sol held her tightly. Mixed in with her sobs were promises to be a good girl and never, ever misbehave again. As the paddling continued Daphne stopped kicking and struggling, her buttocks relaxed. It seemed to Sol as if she had become resigned to her punishment as she lay limply over Sol's lap, sobbing.

When the paddling was over he took the sobbing girl in his arms and held her on his lap, her face buried against his shoulder as she cried. Sol stroked her hair and told her that she had taken her spanking like a good girl. He kissed her face, which was wet with tears, and talked softly into her ear. After a while Daphne stopped crying and Sol let her stand up.

"May I rub, Sir", Daphne asked.

"Yes, you may"

Daphne rubbed the punished cheeks of her buttocks. Her bottom felt red hot and she could feel the welts lining her buttocks.

"I am going to put you in the corner for another half an hour", Sol told her. "Do you need to use the bathroom?"

"Yes, Sir"

Daphne turned and went into the bathroom. When she returned she saw that Sol had laid out the tawse and a tube of lube, which was lying on top of a hand towel, on the night stand.

"Into the corner, young lady"

"But I've been punished, Sir. It's not fair!"

"I'll decide what's fair, young lady. Your punishment is not over. Now, unless you'd like to be paddled for being disobedient, I suggest that you do as you're told"

Daphne went to the corner and thought about how mean Sol was. She thought about the tawse that was draped over the night stand, next to the lube. Daphne could hear the old kitchen timer Sol had set ticking behind her.

Sol sat on the bed, reading a book, glancing up every once in a while at his naked wife standing in the corner. He thought that she was beautiful beyond words, standing naked, her bottom crimson from the spanking he had given her. He shifted as his cock get hard.

When the bell of the timer rang Sol told Daphne she could come out of the corner. Normally she would have glared at him, but the spanking had made her very submissive.

"Over the pillows again, love", Sol told Daphne.

Daphne positioned herself over the pillows again, her face buried in the comforter, the cascade of her golden hair hiding her face.

Daphne's sojourn in the corner was both for punishment and to allow her bottom time to recover from the hard paddling Sol had given her. The paddle numbs the bottom, Sol knew. After half an hour in the corner, the numbness would be replaced be soreness.

Sol undressed, his cock standing out hard in front of him when he took his briefs off. He got the lube and the hand towel and went over and knelt next to Daphne. "Spread your cheeks, honey", he ordered.

Daphne reached back and cupped her buttocks in her hands, her fingers spreading the cleft, opening her anus. Sol put some lube on his finger. She was tight at first, the lube feeling cold against her anus as Sol pushed it inside her. Sol did this a few more times and then wiped his finger on the towel.

"Good girl. You can put your arms in front of you now", Sol told Daphne.

Sol got a condom out of the night stand and put it on his cock and then Sol picked up the tawse. It was made from heavy harness leather and its ancestors had been used to punish the bottoms of misbehaving Scottish school children a few decades in the past.

"Bottom up, my dear", Sol ordered.

Sol brought the tawse down hard across Daphne's upraised bottom. Sol gave her ten hard strokes across bottom, giving the strokes slowly with a few seconds between each one. When Sol went to the other side of the bed Daphne was crying again. She was sobbing when he finished giving her another ten strokes.

"All over, love. Your spanking is all over", he told the crying girl.

Without being told to, Daphne reached behind her and spread her buttocks, her thighs wide, her bottom pushed up.

Sol set the timer for ten minutes.

Daphne felt the bed move as Sol got behind her and then felt his cock against her anus.

Daphne was still crying. "Good girl. You're such a good girl", Sol told her.

Sol guided the tip of his cock into her anus, moving in and out slowly, pushing slowly deeper. It hurt at first and Daphne tried to relax, as he moved deeper into her ass. Finally the tip of his cock passed the muscle ring in her anus and the pain started to fade. She put her arms in front of her, bracing her palms flat against the head board, pushing her ass up to take her fucking. Sol was pressed all the way inside her and he started to move against her bottom. His thick cock was uncomfortable and it hurt as he pushed against her sore bottom.

As Sol fucked her, Daphne's bottom relaxed and she was able to take him with less discomfort, but it still hurt as Sol's thighs pressed against her punished buttocks as he thrust into ass.

Sol held off his orgasm until he heard the timer go off. He increased the speed of his thrusts, holding Daphne by the hips as he came. Sol withdrew and went in to the bathroom. When he returned he lay next to Daphne, holding her in his arms, kissing her and telling her that she was a good girl. Daphne snuggled against him as she slowly stopped crying.

"I'm sorry I was a bad girl, Sir. Thank you for punishing me", Daphne said softly.

"It's all forgotten, my love", Sol told her. "I'm very proud of you for taking your punishment like a good girl."

January, 2008

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