One of the great rewards of writing these stories is when a story (or stories) connect with someone. Perhaps even better is when they connect with someone who has kept their spanking fantasies a deep secret, as I did for many years. In reading these stories (and the wonderful blogs linked to on the links page) they realize that they are no longer alone. That being a "spanko" is not something sick and twisted, but a wonderful fantasy that is shared by many intelligent, creative people.

This story was written for Trish, who was touched by my stories and who has discovered that we (spankos) are not alone. These things always go both ways and I've been touched by Trish too.

The borrowed money (and the resulting guilt) and the history of the "punishment paddle" were both suggested by Trish. From the fertile ground of these ideas, this story grew.

I love spankings for things that are naughty, but not bad. I've never enjoyed spanking stories where the offense that earned the spanking is serious (something like drunk driving or having an affair). The girl in this story is a good girl, who has been naughty and, of course, she needs a good hard spanking.

I sometimes joke that I am like the Fairy Godmother, except that I have lost my magic wand. I want everyone to have a happily ever after. I don't know why our world is so hard and such a veil of tears. Having lost my magic wand, I can only influence this world in small ways. Although it seems like such a tiny thing, I can send out my hope that Trish, who I wrote this story for, and you, dear reader, will find happiness and a deliciously sore bottom.

Paying Interest on a Loan

Since she read Alice in Wonderland in elementary school, Trish had felt a kinship with the White Rabbit that lead Alice down the Rabbit Hole.

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date", the Rabbit was always saying as he pulled his gold watch out of his waistcoat. As Trish was rooting around in her closet looking for a pair of black leather boots to go with the black leather pants she was wearing she was repeating "I'm late, I'm late" like the Rabbit. But in Trish's case with a few words appended that would have earned the Rabbit a sound spanking over the Queen of Hearts knee.

Trish finally rounded up the missing boots. After putting the boots on, she grabbed her purse and looked in her wallet. "Damn", she said to herself. She had forgotten to go by the ATM machine yesterday after work and she only had five dollars. Case's wallet was sitting on the top of the dresser where he always left it. She looked in the wallet. He had fifty dollars. She took forty dollars. She knew that Case hated it when she treated his wallet like an ATM machine, especially since she had a perfectly good ATM card herself. She promising herself that she would go by the ATM machine after lunch and replace the money.

When she opened the door and walked into Case's office she could hear The Sisters of Mercy's This Corrosion thumping through the thin tower speakers that stood three feet tall in each corner of the room behind where Case sat. She caught the lyrics "when love is the law, And then we'll turn round..." before Case clicked the pause on the computer control for the CD player.

Case and the top of the desk was obscured by five flat panel monitors, three on the bottom and two on the top. When Trish went around the desk she could see Case illuminated in the dim light of the room by the light of the monitors. The top two monitors crawled with the fractured patterns of some kind of financial market data. The bottom monitors were tiled with windows full of the colored text of some kind of programming language.

"I'm going off to meet Lisa for lunch", Trish told Case, leaning down to kiss him.

Case caressed Trish's bottom through the tight leather of her pants. "I'll miss you" he told her.

Trish glanced at the monitors. "You won't even notice I'm gone", she told him.

"I always miss you when you're not here". Case slapped her bottom. "Enjoy lunch and say 'Hi' to Lisa for me."

Trish rushed out, once again the protege of the White Rabbit. Trish was fifteen minutes late and Lisa was already seated when she arrived at the restaurant. Lisa was used to Trish's disorganized relationship with time. Lisa and her husband John had known Trish and Case for many years. On several occasions Lisa had playfully threatened to spank Trish for her constant lateness. And on a few occasions Trish had idly wondered what it would be like to be spanked by Lisa.

After a nice chicken Caesar salad, a couple of glasses of Spanish white wine, a chocolate dessert and Lisa's conversation, the origin of the thirty dollars that Trish used to pay for lunch had entirely slipped her mind, along with her resolution to visit the ATM on the way home.

Trish did not think of the borrowed forty dollars until dinner the next day. Trish and Case were eating dinner and talking about their day. Case mentioned that he had met his friend Christopher for lunch. Joking about his own absentmindedness, Case mentioned that he had been sure he had cash in his wallet, but found that he had spent it somewhere. He was embarrassed to have to ask Christopher to pick up the bill, since the Vietnamese sandwich place they were meeting at did not take credit cards. Case hated the idea that anyone would think that he was one of those people who always seemed to forget his wallet when it was time to pay the restaurant tab.

Trish almost blurted out that she had borrowed the money, that she intended to replace it, but just forgot, really. But she hated the idea that Case would be angry with her. And the thought of the spanking she knew she would get made her tummy feel like it was turning flips. She knew that Case would never suspect that Trish was responsible for the missing money. Although he could remember the plots of books he had read years ago, he frequently forgot where he spent money or even if he had money, unless he looked in his wallet. Trish decided to put off telling Case. She would tell him soon, not right then.

One day turned into another and the "better time" for Trish to confess that she had taken out what was now becoming a long term loan, did not seem to arrive. And as one day turned into another Trish felt more and more guilty. What had started out as minor naughtiness seemed to grow in her mind until she felt like she had stolen the money and betrayed Case's love. After three days Trish could not take it any more and resolved to confess what she had done.

Trish made sure that she got home before Case did so she had time to change into something sexy. She knew that she was going to get a spanking, but perhaps the right outfit would give Case a reason to cut short her punishment and move on to something more pleasant.

Trish showered, shaved her legs and put on some rose perfume. She put on a black lace bra and a pair of matching sheer black string bikini panties. Trish tried on a couple of dresses and a short skirt and top before deciding on a short silver gray silk print dress. The dress came down to the middle of her thighs and hugged her figure. It was low cut in front, just covering the black lace of her bra. She turned and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She knew that Case loved the way the dress hugged the curve of her ass.

When Case walked in the door, Trish went to meet him.

"You look beautiful, my love" Case told her after he kissed her. "What's the occasion?"

"I just wanted to look pretty for you", she told him.

"Well you look lovely", Case said, taking her in his arms and reaching around and caressing her bottom. Case was a foot taller than Trish and the top of her head came up to his collar bone when he held her. He loved the way her body felt beneath the silk.

They went into the kitchen and Case started to make dinner. There was a stock in refrigerator from the previous day for the paella. Trish put on an apron and cut up an onion for Case. Case took a wooden spoon out of the kitchen drawer and smacked Trish's bottom with it playfully, reminding Trish that a less playful spanking was in her future. As Case sauteed the onion and some chicken they talked about how their respective day's had gone.

When the onions and the chicken were done Case added them to the stock which was heating on another burner.

"Ah, Case..."

"Yes, my dear"

"I have something to confess."

"You've taken a lover and he writes better software than I do?", Case said jokingly.

"No!", Trish frowned, she was trying to be serious. "You know that forty dollars that you thought you had but was not there." Now that Trish had started there was no going back, so she rushed on. "Well, I borrowed it. I meant to return it, but I forgot to go to the ATM"

"You know I don't like it when you use my wallet as your ATM. You have a working ATM card, we have money in our account", Case scolded.

"I know. I'm sorry", Trish said contritely.

"Which brings us to the next question. Why didn't you tell me you took the money when I mentioned that I had to ask Christopher to pick up the tab for lunch?"

"Well, ahhh...". Trish ground to a halt. It just did not seem politic to mention the "S" word, as in "I didn't tell you because I knew I would get a spanking".

"Perhaps because you knew you would get a spanking?", Case suggested.

"Ahh, well, yeah, but I'm really sorry. And I've felt terrible about it."

"They say confession is good for the soul, my love. Especially confession followed by penance. I want you to go to the bedroom and take off that beautiful dress and bring me the punishment paddle."

"Yes, Sir", Trish said softly, trying to sound as repentant as possible. She couldn't think of any other response. She hoped she sounded sufficiently submissive and contrite. Perhaps her tone would inspire leniency.

Without saying anything more Trish headed off to the bedroom. When she had slipped her dress over her head and hung it in the closet, she went to the night stand and got the paddle from the drawer.

Trish and the paddle had a long history. This was the same paddle that her mother used to spank her bare bottom when she was a naughty girl.

Trish and her mother went through a particularly difficult period when she was nine. It seemed that at least once a week Trish's mother would tell her that there was going to be an early bedtime and a spanking. Trish would go to her room and get ready for bed, washing her face, brushing her teeth and changing into a cotton shorty nightie, all the while thinking about the spanking she was going to get. Trish would sit on the side of her bed hugging her teddy bear, waiting for her mother. Although she usually only waited fifteen minutes or so, the wait always seemed like years.

There was a certain ritual nature to the spankings her mother gave Trish. Her mother would come sit on the bed next to Trish and talk to her about why she was going to give Trish a spanking. Trish usually answered "Yes, Ma'am" and "No, Ma'am" at the appropriate places, along with promises to be good in the future. Trish usually knew exactly why she was getting a spanking, so she rarely remembered what her mother said. The talk always ended the same way, with her mother ordering Trish to pull her panties down and to lie across her lap. Then her mother would pull up Trish's nightie and begin spanking her bare bottom.

Until Trish was nine she had always gotten hand spankings. The spankings hurt and Trish was always crying by the time the spanking was over. There had been one particularly bad week when Trish got spanked twice during the week. When Trish's mother walked into her room after the next incident of misbehavior, she had the paddle in her hand. It took a moment for Trish to realize what the object was. In with the "Yes, Ma'am's" and "No, Ma'am's" during the talk Trish begged her mother not to spank her with the paddle. But her mother responded that hand spankings seemed to be having no effect, so she had decided that Trish needed a more memorable lesson.

"I hope that next time you'll remember this spanking", Trish's mother told her as Trish lay bare bottom across her lap. When the paddle cracked down across Trish's bottom it hurt much more than her mother's hand ever had. By the time the spanking was over, Trish was sobbing as she promised to be a good girl.

Trish was on her best behavior for the next few weeks, which convinced her mother that the paddle was just as effective as she had hoped.

As Trish got older her rebellion quieted down and her mother spanked her less frequently. But Trish's mother believed in sticking with what worked, and a good hard bare bottom spanking worked to make life more livable with Trish. While some parents took away allowances or grounded their daughters, Trish's mother continued spanking Trish through her teens. The last spanking Trish got was two weeks before she went off to college. Trish and her mother had both been stressed by shopping for school and by the impending separation. By the time the spanking was over Trish's mother was crying almost as hard as Trish was.

After that spanking the paddle disappeared from Trish's life. The years passed, Trish graduated college, joined the working world and fell in love a few times. Like Bilbo's ring, the paddle was forgotten, lost in memories of Trish's childhood. The paddle returned to her life when she married Case. It was among their wedding presents, in a wine colored box, wrapped in pink tissue paper, tied with a pink ribbon. On a little red card in the box, in her mother's copperplate script was written "Be a good girl, love Mom".

This paddle was referred to as the "punishment paddle" because Case only used it to give Trish punishment spankings, never sexual spankings when they made love. The paddle was made from oak and was eighteen inches long and two inches wide. Trish's tummy felt like it did its little flips when ever she looked the paddle.

When Trish walked into the living room she found Case sitting in the middle of the couch waiting for her. She stood in front of him, holding out the paddle and feeling very vulnerable, almost naked in her skimpy panties and lace bra.

"I want you to ask me to give you a hard spanking", Case told her.

Trish hated having to ask for a spanking, but she had learned from past experience that disobedience just meant a harder spanking.

"Would you please give me a hard spanking, Sir", Trish said softly.

"Yes, I will my love. Now pull down your panties and lie over my knee", Case ordered.

Trish pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and lay over Case's lap.

Like Trish's mother, Case usually gave her "the talk" before giving a punishment spanking. But at least when she was a child, she would be standing at her mothers side or sitting next to her on the bed while listening to "the talk". Lying over Case's lap with her bottom bared for punishment, all Trish could think about was her impending paddling. Trish said she was sorry in the appropriate places and promised to never be a bad girl, ever again when it seemed right. But what she really remembered Case saying was "I'm going to give you thirty strokes. You can have a little break after each ten. Now take your spanking like a good girl and stay still"

"Please, Sir, not so hard. Not so many", Trish begged.

"Shhh darling", Case said as the smooth wood of the paddle caressed her bottom. Case held her firmly, his arm wrapped around her, his hand on her hip. The paddle lifted and the next thing she felt was the smack of the paddle across her bottom. Although Trish's bottom had felt countless strokes with the paddle over the years from her mother and then from Case, she never quite remembered how much it hurt. Trish drew a sharp breath. Ow, it hurt. The paddle smacked across her bottom again and she cried out. Trish promised herself that she would be brave and managed to take the first ten strokes without crying. Case caressed her bottom for a minute or two. Her buttocks were starting to blush pink and were warming under the paddle's punishment. After the pain of the paddle, his hand felt so good. But soon he was punishing her again, bringing the paddle down, the smack of the paddle echoing in the room, with Trish's cries as the tears ran down her face.

"You've been a good girl", Case told her as he caressed her. "Just ten more, my love"

"Please Sir, I'll be a good girl. Don't paddle me more", Trish begged.

"Push your bottom up for me, darling", Case ordered.

When Trish had pushed her bottom up, Case brought the paddle down hard across the lower curve of her buttocks. Trish cried out. Soon she was sobbing, promising to be a good girl as Case spanked her.

Finally the smacks of the paddle stopped. She lay limply over Case's lap, still crying. Her bottom was blushed a deep pink and felt warm under Case's hand. Case let her up and she sat in his lap as her held her. He petted her back through the brown hair that cascaded down her back. After a few minutes Trish stopped crying.

"You can pull your panties up, but I don't want you to put anything else on", Case told Trish.

Trish followed Case into the kitchen. He added rice to the stock and chicken. While the rice cooked he made a butter lettuce salad with balsamic vinegar and Trish set the table. When she was getting glasses out of the cupboard he kissed her neck and caressed her bottom. When Trish was in the dining room she slipped her fingers inside her panties and found that she was wet.

Trish thought that the paella and salad were very good. That night they did not have wine, but just a little cassis mixed with spring water. She kept shifting from side to side during dinner. Her sheer panties provided no padding between her recently paddled bottom and the hard wood of the chair.

After they had eaten Trish helped carry the dishes into the kitchen. Case came up behind her as she stood at the kitchen counter and caressed her bottom.

"Get me the ruler paddle, please", Case told her.

"But I just got a spanking. I've already been punished", Trish protested.

"Yes, you did get a spanking, but that was for borrowing my cash without asking first. We still have to address the matter of not telling me for three days. If you had just told me that you took the money, you would only have gotten the spanking I just gave you. But by not telling me, it was like lying by omission."

"I didn't lie, and besides, I did tell you. And I already got paddled. And it hurt a lot. I've learned by lesson."

"Part of the lesson is to come to me and tell me when you've been a naughty girl. Waiting three days to tell me suggests that there are still things to learn. Now I don't want any more argument, young lady", Case told her. "Get the ruler paddle please."

Trish went off to the bedroom, shuffling her feet and feeling sorry for herself. When she returned with the paddle, Case was sitting in the middle of the couch again. The punishment paddle lay on the coffee table.

"Here", Trish said, pouting and handing Case the ruler paddle. She pulled down her panties with a quick motion and lay over Case's lap before he could make her ask for another spanking. That would just be too much, Trish thought.

Case could see that there was no point in further discussion, so he brought the ruler paddle down hard across Trish's bare bottom. The thin paddle stung much more than the punishment paddle. It did not have the same immediate pain as the heavier paddle and Trish resolved that Case could spank her until her bottom fell off, there would be no cries and promises to be good.

As Case gave Trish the first set of twenty strokes, the room was silent except for the slap of the paddle across Trish's bare bottom. Trish's bottom was still pink from the earlier paddling and as Case spanked her the blush over the cheeks of her buttocks slowly deepened. Although the strokes from the ruler paddle did not hurt as much as the punishment paddle, the sting built as Trish's spanking continued, her buttocks clenching slightly after each stroke. She was having a hard time keeping her resolve to take her spanking in silence.

After giving Trish the first set of twenty strokes, he caressed her. Her thighs were pressed together, her cheeks clenched as he ran his hand over her bottom.

"Spread your legs and relax your bottom, young lady", Case ordered. Fleetingly Trish thought of disobeying, but she did as she was told. Case's hand did feel good as it caressed her.

When Case started paddling her again, the strokes were harder and Trish's silence only lasted through the first five strokes. Once her cries started echoing the smack of paddle, her tears quickly followed and Trish was crying like a little girl by the time Case finished administering the last set of twenty strokes.

After he had held the crying Trish for a few minutes, Case told her to go to the bedroom and lay out the rattan cane. "I want you to take off your bra and panties and lie over the pillows. I'm going to do the dishes and then I'll give you a caning."

"Yes, Sir", Trish said, trying to pack as much repentant girl sound as she could into those two words. She was feeling much less rebellious after the session with the paddle.

In the bedroom Trish took off her bra and panties. She got the rattan cane from where it hung at the back of her walk-in closet and laid it on the side of the bed. After piling two pillows in the middle of the bed, she lay over them.

Lying naked with the pillows under her hips, it was impossible for Trish to avoid thinking about how her bottom was pushed up and presented, waiting to take the cane which lay next to her. It seemed to Trish that it took forever for Case to finish with the dishes. Trish was comfortable, but she still fidgeted, rolling her hips, and kicking her feet. If Case was going to give her a caning, she wished he would come in and get it over with. Then she started thinking about the cane, which seemed to grow as it lay beside her. How hard would her caning be? How much would it hurt? Case was being such a meanie. She knew she should have told him about borrowing the money and that she deserved a spanking, but did he have to spank her so hard?

Finally after the glaciers has receded and grown again, Case walked into the room. When Trish saw him she pushed her face into the comforter, her brown hair cascading down hiding her face. She noticed that he was carrying the ruler paddle and the punishment paddle which he put down on the nightstand. Case thought she looked beautiful, her bottom pushed up, her thighs spread exposing her pussy.

Case picked up the cane and sat down next to Trish on the bed and stroked her back, moving his hand down to the small of her back and over the arch of her bottom. Trish loved it when Case caressed her, but she turned her head way from him. He was a meanie. He was going to cane her, after he had just paddled her. And it was going to hurt.

"I love you", he told her, his hand caressing the curve of her left buttock.

"Then why are you going to cane me", Trish said in a little girl voice.

"Because it's what you need my love." He slapped her bottom lightly. "Now raise that bottom for me."

Trish obediently arched her bottom up a little. Case stood up and lightly tapped the lower curve of her cheeks with the cane. She arched a little more. Case brought the cane down across the top curve of her buttocks. Trish gave a little muffled cry, her face buried in the comforter. The next stroke was across the lower curve of her cheeks. Case gave the cane strokes every ten seconds or so, giving Trish a chance to feel the burn of the cane spread from the line of impact before he gave her the next stroke.

The cane hurt! Trish did not try to remain silent this time. After the first few strokes she was crying softly into the blanket, her face hidden by her hair. Her bottom was already sore from the paddings she had gotten earlier in the evening, making the cane strokes hurt even more than they usually did.

After Case had given Trish twenty strokes, he sat down next to her. He petted her hair and caressed her back again, crooning to her that he loved her and that she was a good girl. Case's hand felt cool as he caressed her bottom. Her buttocks were crimson, lined with light welts from the top curve of her cheeks to the lower curve just above her thighs.

Trish was still crying when Case got up and went to the other side of the bed. He always switched sides half way through a caning so that Trish's buttocks would be punished evenly. Trish started crying harder when Case began spanking her again. As he caned her, the strokes seemed to hurt more with each one. After a hard stroke across the top curve of her bottom, she clenched her cheeks and squirmed.

"Lie still, my love, or I'll have to give you extras. I'm not going to warn you again", Case told her.

"But it hurts", Trish protested.

"Spankings are supposed to hurt, darling. Now lie still and take your punishment."

Trish did try to stay still, but the cane hurt so much. Twice more she clenched and squirmed as the cane burned across her bottom. Each time, Case warned her that she had earned extras.

"You have four extra strokes you earned for not staying still for me" Case told Trish after he had given her the final set of twenty strokes. "Put your legs together so I can spank your thighs please."

The cane burned across her upper thighs, just below her bottom. Although Case did not cane her thighs as hard as he had caned her bottom, it hurt much more across the tender skin of her upper thighs. It was all Trish could do to lie still and take the four strokes Case gave her.

Case got the punishment paddle from the nightstand and sat down on the side of the bed. "Come here and lie over my knee", he told Trish. She got up and went to Case's right side. At first she hoped that he would only give her a hand spanking, but then she saw the paddle. The spanking had made her feel very submissive and she lay across Case's lap without protest to take her paddling.

Case raised his right leg, pushing her bottom up, wrapping his left arm around her and holding her tightly. The smacks of the punishment paddle across her cane welted bottom hurt even more than the paddling Trish had gotten earlier. Her cries were soon mixed with sobs as Case paddled her. He gave her two sets of ten strokes, giving her a little break between each set as he caressed her.

"Your spanking is almost over, my love", Case told the sobbing girl. "Almost over. I'm going to give you twenty more. You're going to have to take them straight through. I'm going to paddle you hard and it's going to hurt, but then it will all be over."

"Please Sir, I'll be a good girl. I've learned my lesson. Please don't spank me more."

Case petted Trish's hair. "I know you're a good girl, my love. But spankings help good girls be good. Now I want you to be brave for me and take your paddling. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Sir", Trish said in a small voice, still crying. "I'll try, Sir."

"Good girl", Case told her.

As Case promised, he gave the last twenty strokes hard. Trish lay limply over Case's lap, crying out with each stroke and sobbing, promising to be a good girl. Finally her spanking was over.

Case helped her up and lay back with her on the bed, cradling her head against his chest, petting her hair and kissing her as he told her that she was a good girl, that she had been a brave girl taking such a hard spanking and that he loved her. As Trish lay sobbing against Case's chest, she felt very loved and very cared for. Slowly Trish's sobbing turned to crying and then finally her tears stopped.

Trish sat up and got a tissue and blew her nose, drying the tears from her cheeks.

Case patted the middle of the bed beside Trish. "I want you on your hands and knees, with your head down on the comforter", he told her.

Trish moved to the middle of the bed, leaning her upper body on her forearms, her head down, her bottom up, her thighs spread. She was totally offered to Case in this position, her pussy exposed. Her bottom was a deep crimson, with a few light bruises in places.

"Now spread your cheeks, darling", Case told her.

"Please, Sir, can't you take my pussy instead", Trish begged.

"I'm sorry, my love, but naughty girls do not get to cum after they get spanked. Now be a good girl and spread your cheeks for me."

"Yes, Sir", Trish said, reaching behind her and cupping a buttock in each hand, spreading her buttocks exposing her anus. She waited in this position while Case undressed and got a tube of KY and a hand towel.

She felt the bed shift behind her as Case knelt between her spread thighs. She heard the squirt of the KY and then felt his finger against her anus, gently pushing the KY inside her.

"Spread wider for me, my love", Case told her, as he put more KY on his cock.

Trish felt the tip of his cock against her anus, gently but inexorably pushing insider her. At first it hurt a little bit and it felt like she would never be able to take his cock in her ass. But she managed to relax a little and then he was inside her. Trish leaned her weight on her arms again, as Case held her around the hips and fucked her ass with slow deep strokes. Trish's ass felt hot as he moved against her cheeks. Trish pushed her bottom up more, her head and shoulders against the bed so Case could take her ass more deeply.

After fucking her like this for awhile, Case said "Brace you hands against the head board, my love, so I can fuck you harder."

When Trish had stretched her arms out, her hands against the head board, Case started to fuck her ass harder. Her bottom was very sore from the spanking and it hurt a little every time Case slammed against her cheeks as he fucked her ass. He was deep insider her now, his breathing getting faster as he fucked her ass fast and hard. She felt his body shudder as he came insider her.

They stayed in that position, Case inside her ass, panting to catch their breath. Case caressed her back, feeling her bottom again, hot against him.

Afterward they took a shower together, the hot water slightly uncomfortable on Trish's punished bottom as Case soaped her between her buttocks. After he dried her off and she brushed her teeth, they went back to bed. Trish fell asleep in Case's arms with her head against his chest.

June 2005

Case Wintermute