This Will Hurt Me More Than You

This story was inspired by the brief account by a mother who reluctantly used spanking to discipline her children.

I initially thought of bringing my children up without the need of spanking - perhaps in reaction to the way I'd been brought up. However, by the time my daughter got to six her behaviour was really bad (she takes after me) so I had to admit my parenting methods weren't working and she went over my knee. The improvement in her behaviour was considerable, so I continued with it.

I must say I found spanking my kids much better for family relationships. I remember once my daughter (about nine) had been a real pain on a shopping trip, so when we got home she got a spanking over my knee. After a cooling off period we had cuddles and a talk and she was delightful the rest of the day. I think without the spanking we might have had endless conflict the rest of the day.

Another inspiration for this story is that classic spanking cliche: A mother pulls down her daughter's pants and puts her over her knee. Before spanking her, the mother tells her daughter that the spanking will hurt her more than her daughter. In this story, this cliche actually true.

This story is fantasy, not reality and I don't support spanking children in real life.

Abigale was nearing the end of her patience. She had taken her nine year old daughter, Lily, on a shopping trip to buy clothes for the coming school year.

The morning had not started well. Abigale asked Lily wear a dress, but Lily wanted to wear jeans and a t-shirt. When Abigale insisted on the dress, Lily protested, but finally put on the dress Abigale laid out for her.

Lily was at an age where she didn't care about clothes and she quickly grew impatient as she tried on the outfits her mother selected at the department store. When Abigale asked Lily to try on another outfit, Lily stamped her foot and asked when they could go home.

"We're going to leave when we're done. This behavior needs to stop young lady or you are getting a spanking when we get home", Abigale said firmly.

The threat of a spanking got Lily to behave until they went to the shoe store and started trying on shoes. When Abigale asked Lily to try on some "Mary Jane" style shoes, Lily loudly stated that she hated them. Abigale bought Lily the hiking boots she wanted, along with a pair of "Mary Jane" shoes to go with her school uniforms. By the time they left the shoe store, Abigale was angrily thinking about the spanking she was going to give Lily when they got home.

When they got home, Abigale sent Lily to her room. Abigale was careful to never spank Lily when she was angry and on several occasions she decided to not spank her when she calmed down.

When Abigale was growing up, she and her sister had been spanked whenever they misbehaved. Abigale and her sister were only a year and a half apart. They were very close, but they also got into loud fights that sometimes ended in pushing and hair pulling. These fights often ended with them both getting bare bottom spankings over their mother's knee.

Since Abigale's sister was younger so she always got spanked first. That meant that Abigale would have to watch her sister crying over their mother's knee, knowing that soon she would have to pull her panties down and bend over her mothers knee for her spanking.

When Abigale turned nine many of spankings that she and her sister got where given with a paddle. Getting paddled hurt much more than their mother's hand spankings.

The paddle not only made the spankings the girls got more painful, but also added a ritualistic aspect to their punishment. Sometime the sister who was getting a spanking would be sent to fetch the paddle. On other occasions, their mother she would order the naughty girl to pull her panties down and bend over her knee. Then she would send the other sister to fetch the paddle while the naughty girl waited, with her bottom bared, for her spanking.

Although spankings became more infrequent as they got older, Abigale's mother spanked the sisters until they left for college.

Abigale planned to raise Lily without spankings. She planned to use time-outs, talks and lots of love to deal with misbehavior. Unfortunately, Abigale found that Lily took after her. Lily was stubborn and threw tantrums when she did not get her way. When Lily was six, Abigale sent Lily to her room for a time-out when she had misbehaved. Lily started slamming her door repeatedly, while she threw a tantrum. Abigale realized that her approach to disciplining her daughter was not working. She held Lily in her arms. When Lily calmed down, Abigale told her that she was going to give her a spanking. She pulled Lily's pants down, put her over her knee and spanked her until she was crying and her bottom was red.

Abigale found that spankings worked well for Lily. Putting Lily over her knee halted the out of control tantrums. Often when Lily started to wind up for a tantrum, Abigale would ask her if she needed a spanking. Most of the time that got Lily to calm down and Abigale could talk to her. Still, on some occasions, Lily would launch into a tantrum not seeming to care about the threatened spanking. Then Lily would go over Abigale her knee for a spanking.

After Abigale sent Lily to her room, she made a cup of tea. Sitting in the kitchen sipping her tea, Abigale thought about Lily's behavior on their shopping trip. Lily had been very selfish and spoiled. Lily had ignored Abigale's warnings about the consequences of acting out. She decided that Lily's behavior could not go unpunished and that she would have to give Lily a spanking. This meant that Abigale would also be getting a spanking that night.

When Abigale finished her tea, she went upstairs to her bedroom and got the spanking paddle from her dresser drawer where she kept it next to her panties. Abigale walked to Lily's bedroom at the other end of the hall. She knocked on the door and went in.

Lily was sitting on the side of her bed, looking exactly like what she was, a girl in a bad mood who was about to get a spanking.

Abigale sat down next to Lily and talked to her about why her behavior was unacceptable. This turned out to be a monologue, since Lily stared at the floor in front of her and didn't say anything.

"Do you have anything to say?", Abigale asked Lily

Lily didn't answer, but kept staring at the floor.

"I'd like an answer, young lady", Abigale said sternly.

"It doesn't matter what I say. You're going to spank me anyway", Lily said angrily.

Abigale repeated her discussion about Lily's behavior. This time Lily replied that she hated shopping. Abigale talked to her about how sometimes we have to do things that we don't like.

When the discussion was over, Lily looked like she was about to start crying.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry I acted like a brat", Lilly said softly

"I know you're sorry, honey", Abigale said. "But I am still going to have to give you a spanking."

Lily started crying softly. Lily stood up, reached under her dress, pulled her panties down and lay over her mother's left thigh. Abigale pulled Lily's dress up, baring her bottom.

Abigale held Lily with her left arm and started spanking her bare bottom, alternating cheeks. By the time Abigale had given her twenty slaps on each buttock, Lily was crying.

Abigale picked up the paddle. She patted Lily's bottom with the paddle.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I'll be a good girl. Please don't spank me with the paddle", Lily said as she cried.

Abigale tightened her hold on Lily and brought the paddle down across Lily's bottom. The paddle punished both of Lily's buttocks with each smack. Soon Lily was sobbing and kicking her legs as her mother paddled her.

Abigale decided on the spanking she would give Lily before she put her over her knee. She promised herself that she would administer the spanking she had decided Lily needed. This helped Abigale's resolve when Lily was sobbing, promising to be a good girl as Abigale paddled her.

When Abigale finished giving Lily twenty smacks with the paddle, Lily's bottom was red and she lay limply over her mother's knee sobbing.

"It's all over now, honey", Abigale told Lily.

Abigale let Lily stand. Lily rubbed her sore bottom before pulling up her panties.

Abigale took Lily in her arms so she was sitting on her lap. She told Lily that she loved her as she kissed her hair.

After Lily stopped crying, Abigale got up, put the paddle back in her bedroom and went downstairs. After a few minutes Lily joined her. Abigale hugged Lily again. When Lily apologized for acting out, Abigale told her that this was all forgotten. Lily had gotten a spanking and that was the end of the matter.

The moody, sulky Lily was gone for the rest of the day. Abigale and Lily had lunch and baked cookies together. Abigale through that Lily was delightful for the rest of the afternoon.

When Abigale's husband Lucas came home he was greeted with a hug from his daughter. He commented to Abigale privately that Lily seemed like she was in a good mood. Lily was very talkative during dinner. After dinner they watched a movie and then it was Lily's bedtime.

After Abigale kissed Lily goodnight, she went down to the living room where Lucas was sitting on the couch reading.

"I had to give Lily a spanking this morning", Abigale told Lucas when she sat down next to him. She told him about the shopping trip, Lily acting out and the spanking she gave Lily when they got home.

"I'm sorry that you had to spank Lily. I know how you hate having to spank her", Lucas said. "Unfortunately, spanking seems to work with her. Hopefully this is something that she will grow out of soon."

"Spankings do seem to be effective", Abigale admitted. "But I don't ever want to get to the point where spanking is the first thing I do. If I spank Lily, I want to make sure that I have tried other options and that I've thought about it carefully. If I give Lily a spanking, I should be willing to take a spanking myself."

Lucas kissed his wife. "OK, love. Do you need me to give you a spanking?"

"Yes, Sir"

"All right. Go upstairs and get ready. When you're done, come get me", Lucas said.

Abigale went upstairs and undressed. She gave herself a water enema and took a shower. After showering she put on a pair of sheer black string bikini panties and a matching sheer bra. She laid out the spanking paddle, the punishment strap, a hand towel and a tube of lube. Then she went downstairs.

Lucas watched his wife walk across the livingroom. He thought that she looked breathtakingly beautiful.

Abigale went over to Lucas and sat on his lap. He could see her nipples through the sheer material of her bra. Lucas put his arms around her and kissed her.

"Are you ready for your spanking?", Lucas asked.

"Yes, Sir", Abigale replied.

Lucas kissed her. "All right my love, lets go upstairs and take care of your spanking".

Lucas followed Abigale upstairs. He watched her bottom as she walked in front of him. Her sheer panties barely covered her cheeks and he could see the cleft of her buttocks beneath the transparent material.

When Lucas followed Abigale into their bedroom he saw the paddle lying on the side of the bed and the dark brown harness leather punishment strap at the end of the bed, on the left side.

Lucas sat down on the side of the bed, next to the paddle. Abigale stood in front of him. Lucas unhooked her bra and she slipped it off her shoulders. He took her nipples in his mouth, first one, then the other. Abigale moaned softly as his tongue circled her nipples and they became erect.

"Pull down your panties", Lucas ordered.

Abigale pulled her panties down to her knees and bent over Lucas' left thigh with her upper body on the bed, and her bottom bent over his knee. She grabbed a pillow.

She felt Lucas' hand caress her bottom, moving over the curve of her buttocks and over her upper thighs.

"Are you ready to take your spanking, love?"

"Yes, Sir. Please give me a hard spanking", Abigale said softly.

Lucas started spanking her, alternating buttocks. Abigale buried her face in the pillow, muffling her cries as Lucas spanked her. Abigale felt like she was a naughty little girl again, being spanked over her mother's knee.

At first Abigale was able to take her spanking without crying. As the spanking continued, the pain started to build as Lucas' hand punished her bare buttocks. Abigale lay still over his lap and took her spanking with her buttocks relaxed. After a time she started to cry softly.

Abigale told Lucas that when she spanked Lily she had given her twenty slaps on each cheek. Lucas give Abigale forty smacks on each buttock. When Lucas stopped spanking Abigale her bottom was blushed a deep pink and she was crying steadily.

Lucas caressed her bottom, the soft, smooth skin warm under his hand. He thought about moving his hand between her thighs, but he reminded himself that this was a punishment spanking, not foreplay. Instead he picked up the paddle and patted Abigale's bottom with it. This was the same paddle that Abigale had spanked Lily that morning.

When Abigale had patted Lily's bottom with the paddle, Lily had begged her not to paddle her. The little girl in Abigale also wanted to beg Lucas not to spank her with the paddle. The mature part of Abigale knew that she needed to be paddled. She arched her back, pushing her bottom up, offering her buttocks for punishment.

"Good girl", Lucas said as he brought the paddle down on Abigale's right buttock, before administering another smack on her left cheek. He held her tightly as he paddled her, giving her a pair of smacks on each cheek every few seconds. The paddle really hurt. Abigale tried to remain still, with her buttocks relaxed like she had while Lucas spanked her with his hand. But the paddle hurt a lot more and it was difficult to avoid clenching her buttocks and kicking legs. Soon Abigale was sobbing, the pillow muffling her cries of pain as the Lucas spanked her.

"That's twenty on each cheek", Lucas told he sobbing wife. He caressed her bottom, which was hot and blushed red. After the paddling, Lucas' caresses felt very good.

"Do you need a little break before I give you the next twenty?", Lucas asked as he petted Abigale's bottom.

Abigale felt like her bottom was on fire. Thinking about the paddle punishing her sore cheeks, she was tempted to once again beg Lucas to stop spanking her. But when she through about how she had paddled Lily's bare bottom. She knew that she need the spanking Lucas was giving her.

Abigale pushed her bottom up. "Please, Sir, paddle me", she said between sobs.

When Lucas started paddling her again, it seemed to hurt even more. As her spanking continued, Abigale relaxed her bottom and stopped kicking her legs, lying limply over Lucas' knee, sobbing into the pillow, resigned to her punishment.

"That's ten on each cheek. I'm going to give you the final ten extra hard", Lucas told her.

This time Abigale could not help herself. "Please", Abigale sobbed, "don't spank me harder. It already hurts so much."

Lucas ignored her pleas and brought the paddle down hard on her buttocks. Abigale's cries of pain were interspersed with cries of "Please" and her sobbing.

After what seemed like an eternity to Abigale, her paddling was over and she lay over Lucas' knee sobbing. He helped her stand up and held her as she sat on his lap, crying on his shoulder. Lucas kissed her and petted her hair. After a time Abigale stopped crying and stood up. Her panties were around her ankles and she stopped out of them.

Lucas stood up and took Abigale by the arm, guiding her to the end of the bed. She looked down at the punishment strap she had laid out half an hour before. Abigale started crying softly as she bent over the end of the bed, with a pillow under her hips, to take her whipping. Lucas gave her another pillow for her to cry into. He caressed her bottom. Her cheeks were blushed red from her spanking, her skin hot and sore under Lucas' caresses.

Lucas picked up the strap and brought it lightly down across Abigale's bottom a couple of times, measuring his stroke.

Abigale pushed her bottom up, offering her buttocks for the strap. She thought about how exposed she was in this position, her pussy and anus on display.

"I am going to whip you now, love. I am going to give you twenty strokes. Ten on each side", Lucas told Abigale.

Abigale pushed her bottom a little higher. Lucas brought the strap down hard across her bottom. After the first few strokes, Abigale was sobbing into the pillow, the crack of the strap across her bottom followed by her muffled cries of pain. The strap left wide red welts across her bottom and upper thighs. After giving her ten strokes, Lucas moved to Abigale's left side to give her the next ten, so her buttocks would be evenly punished.

Lucas stopped whipping Abigale and caressed her. "Your punishment is almost over, my love. I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks for me", Lucas ordered.

"Please, Sir, take my pussy instead. I've been punished. You spanked me so hard", Abigale said, still sobbing.

"Spread your cheeks or I will have to whip you for disobedience"

Abigale lay, bent over the end of the bed, crying, but made no move to do as Lucas ordered.

"OK, honey. I'm going to have to whip you until you do as you're told".

Lucas started whipping Abigale with the strap, giving the strokes hard, with about ten seconds between each stroke. She cried out as she took the strap across her red welted bottom.

"I'm sorry. I'll be a good girl", Abigale sobbed. "I'll spread my cheeks. Please don't whip me anymore"

Abigale arched her bottom up, cupping a buttock in each hand and spreading her cheeks. Her buttocks were very sore and felt hot under her hands.

Abigale's body shuddered slightly as she cried while she watched Lucas undress. When he took his pants off, she saw his hard cock pushed against the front of his bikini briefs. She watched it stand out in front of him when he took his briefs off. As she lay bent over the end of the bed, with her buttocks spread and her anus exposed, she thought about how she would soon be taking his cock in her ass.

Lucas squirted a generous portion of lube on his index finger and pushed it into her anus. He pushed in more lube, spreading her until he could get his index and middle finger into her, fucking her ass gently with his lubed fingers.

Lucas' cock was very hard. He put lube on his cock, moving it over the shaft and putting more on the tip. He put the tip of his cock against Abigale's anus and started pressing into her. She tried to pull her buttocks open more and pushed out, opening herself as he pressed his cock into her. His cock felt like it was too big to fit in her ass. She pushed outward more, pushing her bottom up against his cock. She cried out as she took cock all the way into her ass, but the pain faded as she relaxed. Abigale moved her arms forward, bracing herself on the bed.

Lucas leaned over Abigale, his feet on the floor, supporting himself with his arms on either side of her, moving his hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her ass, slowly at first, then harder and faster. He could feel her buttocks under him, hot from her spanking. She cried while he took her in her ass, slamming into her sore welted cheeks.

When Lucas' excitement started to build, he would stop thrusting into Abigale's ass for a moment, letting his excitement recede before starting to take her again. A couple of times he pulled almost all of the way out of her, putting more lube on the shaft of his cock.

After fucking Abigale's ass for about five minutes, Lucas pulled out, stood up and picked up the strap.

"Push your bottom up for me", Lucas ordered.

Abigale obediently arched her bottom up. Lucas put his left hand on her back and brought the strap down hard across her buttocks. He whipped her until she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Spread your cheeks", he ordered.

Abigale arched her bottom up and spread her buttocks. He pushed his cock into her offered anus. This time there was no resistance when he entered her. Abigale braced her hands on the bed again as Lucas took her, hard and fast while she sobbed into the pillow. She felt Lucas come in her ass as an intense orgasm washed over him.

When Lucas had caught his breath he stood up and helped Abigale stand. Her face was lined with tears. He held her until she stopped crying and they took a shower together. After they dried off and got into bed, Lucas held her until they fell asleep.