Woman with her jeans pulled down for a spanking

A Lesson in English Composition

I'm sure that this is one of those generational differences. Or perhaps it's that I don't have a BlackBerry, so all the email I write is written using a computer keyboard. What ever the case, I have never liked email where lower case letters start sentences and words are abbreviated with letters (the letter u used for you and yr used for your, for example). This is a little story about a young lady who sends an email like this and how she learns a lesson about proper english composition.

Case sat down on the bed. "Come here, young lady", he told Lauren.

Lauren didn't like the way Case said that. It was that "You're going to get a spanking" tone of voice. She walked over to where Case sat.

"Pull down your pants, please", Case ordered.


"So I can give you a spanking."

"I don't want a spanking", Lauren said firmly.

"If you don't want to get the cane too, I suggest that you be a good girl and pull your pants down"

Lauren unzipped her jeans and pushed them down to her knees. Underneath the jeans she was wearing a pair of sheer string bikini panties. "Why am I getting a spanking?", Lauren thought. "I've been a good girl!"

"Panties too", Case ordered, slapping her bottom through the thin material.

Lauren pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs.

"Over my lap, young lady"

Lauren lay across Case's lap. He pushed her shirt up to the middle of her back. "Will you at least tell me why I'm getting spanked?", Lauren said impatiently.

Case put his left arm around Lauren's back, his hand on her hip, holding her over his lap. He brought his hand down on her bare bottom, first on the right cheek, then on the left.

"Ow, Ow. Case, why am I getting spanked? Ow. I've been a good girl!"

"Do I need to have a reason to spank you?", Case asked.

"No, Sir", Lauren said softly.

"Well, in this case I do have a reason. Do you remember the last email you sent me?"

"Yes, Sir", Lauren said uncertainly. She tried to remember what she had written.

"We're going to have a discussion about english composition", Case told Lauren as he gave her four more slaps, alternating buttocks.

"Ow, that hurts", Lauren complained.

"Of course it hurts", Case said as he gave her several more smacks. Lauren's bottom was starting to sting.

"Now", Case continued, "when good girls send email, they use properly formed sentences that start with capital letters and end with periods", Case told Lauren as he spanked her.

"Good girls write y-o-u when they mean 'you' instead of the letter u"

"Ow, Ow. OK, Case. Ow. What are you, my english teacher? Ow, Ow"

"No, I'm the man who is giving you a spanking for lazy composition. Also, when you mean to write 'your', you will not use y-r", Case told Lauren, punctuating his words with slaps on Lauren's bare cheeks. He could see that her buttocks were starting to blush pink.

Lauren's legs where doing a little flutter kick as Case spanked her. The spanking was really starting to hurt. "Who knew Case was such a stickler for english composition", Lauren thought ruefully.

"Ow. That really hurts, Case. I'll be a good girl. I promise. Ow, Ow. I won't write that way. Ow. I promise".

"I hope that this will remind you next time you send email to use proper composition."

"Ow. Yes it will. Ow, Ow. I promise", Lauren said. It felt like her bottom was on fire.

Case stopped spanking Lauren. He caressed her bottom. The caresses felt so good after the pain of the spanking. His hand moved over her thighs. "All right. I know that you will try to be a good girl."

"I will. I'll be a good girl, Sir. I promise. I won't use any of those abbreviations"

Case caressed her, running his fingers down between her cheeks, over the soft skin there. "I'm glad to hear that, young lady. Get up and get the ruler, please."

Lauren stood up and rubbed her bottom. The curve of her buttocks was warm, like her bottom had been toasted. "That's not fair. I just got a spanking. I promised to be good!"

"Get the ruler", case repeated. "If I have to get it you're going to be a very sorry young lady."

"OK, fine", Lauren pouted. "But it's not fair."

"I'll decide what's fair. Now, the ruler..."

Lauren started to pull her panties up.

"And leave your pants down", Case ordered.

With her legs hobbled by her jeans and her panties, Lauren could only take small steps. She felt like a penguin as she got the ruler from the top dresser drawer and returned to Case.

The ruler was 18 inches long and made out of oak. Lauren remembered from the last time she got spanked with it how much it stung.

"Here", she said petulantly as she held the ruler out to Case. Resigned to cruel fate she lay over Case's lap to take her punishment.

"To make sure that you remember this spanking in the future, I'm going to give you ten strokes with the ruler, good and hard", Case told Lauren.

"Does it have to be so many?", Lauren complained.

"I'm afraid so, honey."

"But I've already been spanked. Hard! I'll remember."

Case ignored Lauren's protest. "I want you to count the strokes out for me. If you clench your lovely bottom or squirm, you're going to get extras. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir", Lauren said, pouting. Case was so mean.

Case brought the ruler down hard across Lauren's buttocks and she cried out.

"What was that?", Case asked.

"That hurt", Lauren complained.

"That was 'one', young lady. Now, lets start again, with 'one'."

The ruler punished her again. "Ow. One"

"Ow, Two"

Lauren counted the strokes as the ruler burned across her buttocks. Case gave her a hard stroke across the lower curve of her bottom, just above her thighs. She clenched her buttocks and squirmed on his lap, kicking her legs.

"What did I say about clenching, young lady?"

Lauren didn't want to answer, but she knew that not answering might result in additional smacks.

"That I would get extras, Sir. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. It hurts", Lauren complained.

"Spankings are supposed to hurt. That's why spankings are used to punish naughty girls", Case reminded her. "You earned yourself two extra strokes. Now stay still so you don't get more"

Lauren thought that this was very unfair, but she also through that any protests might compound the injustice the ruler was visiting on her bare bottom. The ruler came down hard across her bottom again.

"Ow. Six"

Lauren managed to stay still as she took the next two strokes, but Case gave the ninth stroke just above her thighs again. Once again she clenched and squirmed. A few tears were running down her cheeks. She felt like a very soundly spanked little girl.

"That's an another two", Case said as the ruler punished Lauren again and she counted the tenth stroke.

"How many extras is that?", Case asked

"Four, Sir"

"How are extras given?", Case asked.

Lauren was silent. She shouldn't have to answer this. It was just not too cruel to make her say it.

"Well, young lady? How are extras given?"

"Extra hard, Sir", Lauren said, reluctantly, but resigned.

"That's right.", Case said. "Now be a good girl and take your punishment".

Lauren was crying when Case finished giving her the last four strokes, very hard. Case Lauren get up. She rubbed her bottom. Her buttocks were hot and she was sure that if she looked in the mirror her bottom would be crimson.

"Have you learned your lesson, young lady?", Case asked.

"Yes Sir. I won't use any of those abbreviations. And I also learned that you're a big meanie to spank me so hard"

"I only spank you hard because I care for you", Case told Lauren.

August 2007

Case Wintermute