Punishment Detention

Woman Bent Over a Desk
A young woman, dressed as a school girl, waiting for
her punishment. Found on the Web.

Someone posted a note to the Google group soc.sexuality.spanking asking if anyone was actually made to stand in the corner with their bottom bare either before, during or after a childhood spanking. Or, the poster asked, was this just something from spanking fantasy.

I think that for many spanking fetishists it can be a surprise to find that some people actually play out some of the little rituals of a fetish spanking when they spank their children.

As I've noted before, I am opposed to more than the random smack on the bottom of a young child. And giving children ritualist spankings seems pretty demented to me. I've run into discussion groups on the Internet which are allegedly about disciplining children but seem to me to be a cover for a spanking fetishist. One of the people who ran the Yahoo group was quoting the Bible and mentioning God. "Better a spanking than the eternal fires of Hell". Definitely a sick individual. I hope that he never has power over any child. When fantasy crosses into reality and impacts real children it turns my stomach.

But in fantasy no real children are hurt. In fantasy the "children" are the avitars of some childhood part of the adult. In fantasy I find the little rituals that go with a spanking very erotic. "Go to your room and pull down your pants. I'll be up in a few minutes to spank you". A spanked young lady in the corner, her bottom bare and crimson as she waits for the cane. Having to count the cane strokes and ask for each one.

Someone in the soc.sexuality.spanking discussion briefly mentioned a spanking mixed with writing lines. This stuck in my mind, and this story about an incorrigible naughty school girl was the result.

On the slip of yellow paper was written "Report for punishment detention on Saturday at 2:00". Sarah had plenty of experience with detention. It was boring. You sat there and did your homework and missed out on fun things that you could be doing instead. And Saturday? Who ever heard of Saturday detention? And what was "punishment detention". Detention on Saturday was punishment enough.

Sarah made sure she was on time. She figured that she was already in enough trouble. And she wore her school uniform: a white button down blouse and a dark blue pleated skirt. The skirt was a couple of inches above her knees, which was not exactly regulation length. She was carrying her history book.

When she entered the room there was a man sitting behind an oak desk. In front of the desk was a student desk, with a sloped top and an attached chair.

The first thing that Sarah noticed was that the man behind the desk was very handsome. Usually detention was with some ancient teacher or the Vice Principle. She went over to the desk and put the slip of paper down, pushing it toward the man.

"I'm Sarah Parker. I was assigned detention today"

The man was reading an open manila file and did not immediately look up. When he did finally look up Sarah saw that he had pale blue eyes.

"I see from your file that you've had a number of detentions. They don't seem to have any effect, which is why you're here today."

"I see that this time your math teacher sent you to detention for passing notes to boys. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?"

"I'm sorry, Sir. Really I am. I won't do it again", Sarah answered in a contrite voice.

"I suspect that others have heard your promises to reform before, which is why you're here today. Put your book down beside the desk and come here" he said, pointing to the side of the desk.

"I see that despite your frequent detention, your grades are excellent" he told Sarah as she stood at the right side of the desk. "This suggests to me that you are not a bad girl, just a naughty one. Which is, again, why I think that you've been sent to me. Now bend over the desk please"

He said it in a firm and commanding way so that it never crossed Sarah's mind to disobey. She bent over the desk, resting on her arms, her hands on the surface.

"No, all the way over, with your body resting on the desk top, hand gripping the sides" he told her. When she had complied she heard him open a desk drawer. Glancing to her side she could see that he was holding a leather strap that divided into three tails at the end.

"Did you wonder what the difference was between detention and punishment detention?" he asked her.

"Yes, Sir"

"The difference is that in punishment detention you get spanked. You're a good girl at heart, but you have a wild streak that gets you into trouble. So today you're going to get a good hard spanking to remind the good girl not to yield to those naughty girl temptations"

"Please, Sir, please don't spank me. I'll be a good girl."

"I'm afraid that it's a bit late for that. Now I want you to stay in position and not move from the desk. If you stand up or if you try to cover your bottom during your spanking, you'll get extras."

He moved behind her and she felt him flip her skirt up. She was wearing a pair of sheer black Calvin Klein string bikini panties.

"I don't think that those are regulation panties, are they?" he asked

"No, Sir. I'm sorry Sir. It's Saturday and..."

"Passing notes to boys and wearing slutty little panties. I can see that you've had this spanking coming for some time."

The tawse cracked across Sarah's panty covered bottom. She gave a little cry of surprise at the pain. The sheer panties did not provide much protection from the tawse. As the second stroke landed across her bottom, Sarah regretted not wearing the regulation cotton school briefs she had purchased with the skirt.

Sarah tried to count the strokes to herself, but she lost count at fifteen. A few strokes later the strokes stopped. She felt his hand on the middle of her back, holding her down. She felt his finger slip into the waistband of her panties.

"Please, Sir. I'll be a good girl. Can't I take my spanking over my panties?"

"There are two things to remember about spankings, young lady. First, spanking are supposed to hurt. And second, spankings are given on the bare bottom" he told her as he pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs.

The tawse came down again across her bare cheeks. Sarah cried out. As he whipped her with the tawse it felt like her bottom was slowly being roasted as the leather cracked across her bottom. She was crying when he finally told her she could stand up.

"Take off your panties and put them on the desk" he told her. "You will not be needing them for the rest of detention"

Sarah was wearing black Mary Jane style shoes with white socks. She bent down and undid the buckles stepping out of her shoes and sliding her panties off. She was still crying when she put them on the desk. He handed her a tissue that she used to cry her tears.

He put a pencil and three pieces of paper on the oak desk.

"You're going to write three pages of lines. The lines will alternate between 'I will not pass notes to boys in class' and 'I will not wear slutty panties'. After you finish each page you will put it on my desk and bend over. You'll get another twenty strokes and then you can start on the next page. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir", Sarah said softly.

Sarah picked up the pencil and one of the sheets of paper and sat down at the student desk. The skirt fabric did not provide much padding between the hard wood of the chair and her bottom which was tender from her spanking. She started writing. He sat reading a magazine article while she worked. When the page was filled with lines, she got up and put it on the desk. He picked it up and looked over it.

"Very good. Now bend over, please"

The tawse lay on the desk next to her panties, as if it were waiting for her. She bent over the desk again. She felt cool air on her bottom as he pulled up her skirt. Sarah was crying again when he finished whipping her with the tawse. After drying her eyes she took the second sheet of paper and the pencil and started the second page.

As the lines filled the third sheet of paper Sarah kept thinking of the whipping she would get when she finished. Her bottom was already very sore and sitting was uncomfortable. But there was no point in procrastinating. The spanking was inevitable. And she would probably be punished if she wrote too slowly.

Sarah put the sheet of paper on the desk, bent over and pulled up her skirt. He let her wait for a moment, admiring her long legs and round bottom. The curves of her bottoms were crimson and lined with welts from the tawse. In a few places she was starting to bruise. Bent over the desk, waiting for her spanking Sarah looked very beautiful. He raised the tawse and brought it down hard across her bottom. This was the last spanking and it was going to be hard. Sarah cried out under the stroke.

After he had given her ten strokes, he stopped and caressed the hot cheeks of her bottom. He slide his hand downward, between her thighs. He bent over next to her, his lips near her ear.

"You're wet, you naughty little slut", Sarah's husband Vic said. "Passing notes to boys. Wearing slutty little panties and having a wet pussy when you're being punished." He stood up, caressing her again between her thighs, his fingers against the slick lips of her pussy. She moved against his hand. "Your spanking is not over yet, young lady. Ten more. And they are going to be hard."

The tawse came down ten more times and Sarah cried out with each stroke, tears lining her cheeks. He put the tawse down on the desk and she heard his zipper. She spread her thighs slightly and pushed her bottom up when she felt his hard cock against the base of her pussy. She pushed up a little more as he slid insider her. He could feel the heat of her freshly spanked bottom through the fabric of his trousers as he thrust into her. As the tension built, she pushed against the desk, arching getting the thrust of his cock just right. She came as she felt the throb of his cock as he came inside her.

Still inside her he leaned over her and said "Have you learned your lesson, young lady?"

"Oh no, Sir. I'm an incorrigible repeat offender, Sir"

September, 2004

Case Wintermute