Daddy's Naughty Girl Gets (Another) Spanking

My dear friend Kay (who I wrote the story Even Pirates get Spankings for) reminded me of this story I wrote in December of 2002 and posted on the Google group soc.sexuality.spanking. Although that is less than five years ago, it seems like a long time. I had just moved 1000 miles for a new job, in an environment like nothing else I'd ever experienced. The job worked out well in the long run, I'm happy to say, but in the beginning is was a bit rough.

This story is "age play", the adult characters are playing roles. I despise spanking of children and am revolted by sex between adults and children.

I originally wrote this introduction for the story. The Naomi mentioned is the woman who did some writing under the name Namomi Darvell, whose spanking stories are republished here.

I wrote this originally for the Cliteratti web site, which is pointed to by the Erosblog site, which Naomi so kindly pointed out. I thought that it might be enjoyed her as well. I hope that it is obvious from the context here that you're never too old for a spanking or to be a naughty girl. And that the mean Daddy in the story is only cruelly spanking his "daughter".

The story has been slightly edited.

Once upon a time, there was a naughty young lady. Usually she did not intend to be naughty, it just came naturally. And equally naturally, her daddy had to spank her frequently.

Our lovely young lady went to a very exclusive school, where she wore a school girl uniform. I'm sure you've seen them in Vogue magazine: a short plaid skirt, white calf high sox, white blouse and a silk tie (stripped, of course). The white blouse swelled over her full breasts and the short skirt showed off her shapely calves and thighs. She frequently wore her hair tied in two pony tails, with bright red lipstick. And under that short school girl skirt, she always wore naughty panties (if she wore panties at all). Lacy black panties or little sheer panties. She especially liked the panties made by Calvin Klein.

One lovely spring day, our young lady came skipping in the door of her house, which she shared with her mean old Daddy (naughty girls seem to be commonly found in the company of mean old Daddies). She kissed him and he asked her how school had been that day. As always she said "Oh, it was fine".

Her Daddy mentioned that he had gotten a note of condolence from the school, sending their sympathies for the recent death of his brother. Our naughty young lady's Daddy found this odd, since he did not have a brother. He quickly concluded that the young lady standing before him had used the imaginary death of an imaginary uncle to skip school. When confronted with the uncomfortable evidence, our girl reluctantly admitted that perhaps she had been somewhat liberal and creative with the truth and had, in fact, used this as an excuse to skip school with some of her girl friends.

Her Daddy, being the mean Daddy that he was, was not very understanding about how girls sometimes needed to shop and ordered the lovely young lady to get the ruler paddle. Quickly deducing the direction of events, the naughty girl promised to be good and stated, quite firmly, that she did not want a spanking, that she was too old for spankings, and so on. None of this had much effect on her Daddy (as I mentioned, he was a mean old Daddy, much given to spanking naughty girls). After lodging her protests, she did as she was told and got the ruler paddle.

When she returned her Daddy was sitting in the middle of the couch waiting her for. She went over to his right side and handed the paddle to him, trying to pout in a most dejected fashion. Instead of concluding that a pouting young lady must have learned her lesson, her Daddy ordered her over his lap (being a mean Daddy, he was big on ordering her around). After she assumed that position which naughty girls so often find themselves in, she felt her Daddy lift her skirt, exposing a tiny pair of black lace string bikini panties (Calvin Klein). After commenting that it was very naughty of her to wear such slutty little panties, her mean old Daddy brought the paddle down hard across the seat of those very same panties, repeatedly. After giving her twenty strokes with the paddle over her panties, he ordered her (see, he's doing it again) to get up and pull her panties down. She stood up and protested that her sheer panties were no protection and that she should be allowed to keep them on. Mean Daddies hate being argued with and he gave her a couple of smacks on the thighs with the paddle for "back-talk" (which apparently was anytime a naughty girl argued with her daddy). The smacks on her thighs stung and the naughty girl quickly pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and again "assumed the position". Where upon, her daddy continued to cruelly paddle her, now across her bare bottom (Is that a mean daddy or what? Where is the United Nations Anti-Spanking Commission when a naughty girl needs them)

After giving our naughty girl another twenty strokes her daddy stopped and caressed her bottom. That felt much better than being spanked with the paddle, especially when he ran his fingers between her buttocks and down over her pussy. Sadly, the wages of naughtiness had not been fully paid and her Daddy ordered her to go to her room, undress and lie over the bed. In case she considered such a position odd, he added that he would be up shortly to give her a caning. For those of you "across the pond" this means being spanked with a rattan switch.

Our naughty girl, whose bottom was now a deep pink, stood up and protested such harsh treatment, stating that she had learned her lesson and most certainly did not deserve such a cruel and unfair punishment. Her Daddy informed her that she would be getting extra strokes for arguing. Now faced with the prospect of additional (unfair) punishment, our young lady pulled her panties up and stomped upstairs (it's hard to stomp with your panties around you knees) to fulfill yet another mean old Daddy order ("do this, do that", mean Daddies must think that naughty girls are robots!)

She undressed and threw her cloths on the floor (she knew Daddy hated that and she was, after all, a naughty girl). She piled her lace bordered pillows in the middle of the bed and lay face down over them, the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up. She waited like this for a few minutes, thinking about how much the cane would hurt and how mean her Daddy was to punish his loving and most innocent girl in such a barbaric and politically incorrect fashion.

When her Daddy came into the room he saw his girl waiting for him, bottom pushed up and presented, thighs spread, showing her pussy. He briefly considered letting our young lady off and moving on to other things. But he remembered his duty and took up the rattan cane. After swishing it through the air for effect (the effect being to instill fear in the heart of a certain naughty young lady, now lying naked over a pile of pillows), he brought the cane down hard across her ass.

She took the first few strokes in silence, resolving that she would show her mean old Daddy, he could do his worst and she would not make a sound. But her resolve was brief and after the first ten strokes or so she was crying out after each stroke. After her Daddy had given her twenty strokes, he stopped and caressed her bottom, running his hand over her hot skin and the welts that lined her buttocks. He moved his hand between her thighs and caressed her clit and pussy lips. This felt very good and his naughty girl moved against his hand, her mind briefly distracted from her sore bottom. But, sadly, the distraction was short lived. Her Daddy moved to the other side of the bed and started to cane her again, giving the strokes slowly so she could feel each one, administering every forth or fifth stroke on the tops of her thighs. Being caned on the thighs hurt lots (see, isn't he a mean Daddy?) and our naughty young lady was once again promising total reform in return for mercy. Finally after another twenty strokes (cruel Daddy), her Daddy stopped. He made her spread her thighs wider and bent down to lick her pussy and suck her clit. She was already wet and she thought that this felt very, very good. In fact it felt so good that she wanted Daddy to keep doing it, but he once again demonstrated how he got such a fell reputation as a mean Daddy by getting the riding crop. This hurt EVEN MORE than the rattan cane (if you can imagine such a thing), and he lost no time in slicing this cruel instrument of correction across our naughty girl's bare bottom.

The strokes from the black whip felt like hot metal across her poor bottom and she was soon crying, tears streaking down her cheeks (the ones on her face, that is, the whip was leaving red streaks across her other cheeks). Finally, after giving the poor crying girl another twenty strokes, her Daddy stopped. Now it might surprise you that when her Daddy went to lick her pussy again, he found her even hotter and wetter than before. After spending some time comforting our now well spanked naughty girl (well, I guess that he is not THAT mean), her Daddy stood up and ordered her (yes, he's still ordering her about) to lie over his lap. She stood up and thought that maybe he was not going to be too mean and just spank her with his hand (which, by the way, hurt enough). But he had not gotten a reputation as a mean Daddy for nothing. In his hand she saw the wooden bath brush, which is the absolute bane of naughty girls everywhere. That awful brush hurt more than anything, else, even the bad old black whip. On seeing the brush our naughty girl started crying again, as she lay over Daddy's lap to take her punishment.

As soon as he had her adjusted properly over his lap her Daddy started paddling her with the brush, smacking first one buttock and then the other. The brush hurt a lot and she was crying, regretting her career as a naughty girl, or at least regretting what happened to naughty girls bottoms. The paddling seemed to go on and on as her merciless (and did we mention mean) Daddy gave her one smack after another (well, actually he gave her twenty smacks on each cheek, if you're counting). Finally, it was over and he caressed her until she caught her breath. Then he told her she could get up. Her Daddy undressed and lay back on the bed. His cock was rock hard and pointing up toward the ceiling. As all naughty girls know, hard cocks need to be ridden, especially after a long, hard spanking, so that is what she did, or at least until she had a very intense orgasm as she came with her Daddy.

Of course being a naughty girl she did not really learn her lesson (despite her repeated promises while she was being spanked to never, every bad naughty, ever again). Our girl continued to do naughty things and her mean Daddy continued to give her long hard spankings on her bare bottom (mean Daddy that he was). They lived happily ever after (although our naughty girl frequently complained about having a sore bottom and not being able to sit comfortably).

Originally written in December 2002, posted on in June 2007