Most of the time I write stories because something sticks in my mind. There was a discussion on the Punishment Book blog titled Examining My Conscience. The idea of guilt, spanking and redemption stuck in my mind, so I wrote this story. I should note that I was not raised in any religion and I am an atheist. But what spanking top does not have a soft spot in their heart for recovering Catholic School Girls? How could we not offer our aid in helping them atone for their naughty behavior?

In Erica Jong's novel Fear of Flying she describes the zipless fuck in sexual fantasies. Fantasies are unbound from all of those concerns that exist with sex in real life. I have always loved the idea of a weekly spanking. In this story Maria gets spanked every Sunday. It is part of a ritual that she depends on. Sometimes it's a sexy spanking and sometimes it's a punishment spanking. Unfortunately I don't know of too many real couples that manage to keep to a schedule of regular weekly spankings over a long period of time. Real life tends to intrude and the schedule breaks down. So be careful trying this at home boys and girls and don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out in the long run.

One final note and then I'll quite cluttering up the page and we can get onto the story of Maria and the punishment spanking she gets one Sunday.

The wonderfully literate Postmodern Courtesan, whose blog is now sadly gone, commented that when it comes writing about the act of intercourse it can quickly become repetitive. There are a limited number of ways we can describe "insert tab A into slot B". Often what we find interesting are all of the events that lead up to penetration. The actual act is simply the crescendo that all of the other notes lead up to. I keep thinking of Postmodern Courtesan's comment when it comes to my spanking stories. There's a limit to the number of ways that a spanking can be described. My stories tend toward fetishistic detail when it comes to the spanking and I keep wondering if the repetition becomes tedious. The events that lead up to the spanking are different, but the spanking always seems to be the same. So I hope that this story doesn't bore you and that you will have your hand inside your panties as you read it (naughty girl).


Red Charls Raised Bottom
One of the breathtakingly erotic photographs published on the French site Red Charls

Maria loved Sunday ritual. Perhaps it was going to church when she was a little girl. Every Sunday James gave Maria a spanking. In Maria's mind these spankings where linked to memories of confession, penance and redemption. The key to forgiveness, the priests used to tell her, was true repentance. Maria found that repentance came easily when she was crying as James spanked her bare bottom.

On Sunday Maria sung in the church choir. She and James would get up early, have coffee and toast before going church. Maria loved the old stone building. The church had been built by Italian stone masons who had left "the old country" for America and had built the church to look like a small version of an Italian cathedral.

Maria and the Church had parted ways years ago and its meddling in right wing American politics infuriated her. Although Maria had her differences with the Church, she loved singing in the choir. The voices of the choir and the sacred space of the church still moved her. Most of all Maria loved singing choral pieces by Bach. Although she was not sure any more that God was really there, she thought that if He did exist, He had created Bach to write music for Him.

After choir Maria and James went out to a late breakfast. They always went to the same restaurant and the owners treated them like family, greeting them by name. Connie, who ran the the kitchen and would come out and talk to them. Maria felt like Mom had cooked her breakfast, which somehow fit into the Sunday spanking ritual.

The core of Maria's life was her marriage to James. She loved the fact that James was dependable and she knew that when she needed him, he would always be there for her. The fact that she could depend on James to give her a spanking every Sunday was very important to her. James always told Maria, usually when she was getting a spanking, that spankings where supposed to hurt. Spankings hurt, but they also felt like love, even when Maria was sobbing as she was spanked over James' knee.

It had been one of those weeks when everything seemed to go wrong. That Sunday Maria knew that she deserved a long hard spanking, so she was careful not to eat too much at breakfast. The thought of her impending spanking made her tummy nervous enough without the help of too many home fries.

When they got home after breakfast James went upstairs with Maria and ran the water in the bathtub. While the bathtub filled he undressed her, unzipping the back of her choir gown so she could slide it off her shoulders. While the bathtub filled Maria sat at her makeup table and James brushed her hair, winding it into a bun and pinning it with little hair clamps. The hairbrush was made of heavy dark wood and had a wide flat back, which James sometimes used to spank Maria. When James finished with her hair Maria stood up, slipped her panties off and walked naked into the bathroom. James thought that Maria looked indescribably beautiful as he watched her hips move as she walked away from him.

Ten minutes later, when James went into the bathroom Maria was leaning back in the tub, with her head resting on the edge. James rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and got a big natural sponge from under the sink and a container of bath soap. He knelt down next to the tub and Maria sat up so he could scrub her back. James had her stand up so he could wash the rest of her body. When James had run the sponge over her front, he turned Maria around and had her lean against the tiled wall. He ran the sponge over her lower back. When he got to her bottom he spread her cheeks, gently washing her cleft with the sponge. When he had first started giving her baths, Maria had clenched her buttocks, not letting the sponge into this private part of her. James had spanked her and Maria reluctantly obeyed him when he told her to relax. Now that she had learned to relax, she found that the sponge moving between her buttocks felt good, as the warm water slicing down her cleft.

When James had washed her he pulled the plug in the tub and dried Maria with a fluffy bath towel. Maria put on the sheer white bikini panties that James had put on the bathroom counter for her and followed James into the bedroom.

James got the ruler paddle from the night stand and sat down on the side of the bed. Maria stood on his right side, looking down at the paddle and his lap.

"Come on, love, over my lap"

When Maria had positioned herself across his lap, James started spanking the seat of her panties with the ruler paddle. As the smacks continued each was echoed by a "ow" from Maria. Her sheer panties where not much protection from the hardwood that was punishing her bottom. After James had counted out twenty smacks he put down the ruler paddle. Maria raised her hips as he slid her panties down to her knees. James stroked the smooth curves of Maria's buttocks.

"Now let's talk about this last week, my love", James prompted.

Lying naked over James' lap with her panties bunched up around her knees made Maria feel very submissive. Like a penitent little girl, she began to confess all of her little naughtinesses for the past week. When she had to talk about something embarrassing it was easier when she did not have to look James in the eye. Although in this position it was also difficult to forget that her bottom would soon pay for all of her little sins.

Some weeks were relatively spotless, with little in the way of naughty behavior to confess. At most, calling another driver a bad name when she was cut on in traffic. One week she had confessed that she has masturbated at work, with her office door locked, lying back in her chair with her panties down around her thighs, thinking of James spanking her. No matter how minor the naughtiness, Maria always got spanked on Sunday, but when there were only minor offenses to atone for, James gave her several orgasms mixed in with the pain of her spanking before he entered her pussy from behind.

When Maria started to talk about the things she felt guilty about it was always hard at first. Once she got going all of the things she felt bad about just started flow out in a stream of words. James listened to her without saying much, interjecting an encouraging comment here and there and an occasional question.

"I'm going to give you a hard spanking, my love", James said when Maria had finally stopped talking. He stroked her back. "Then it will all be better. But you're going to have to do some crying first."

"Yes, Sir", Maria said in a little voice.

"I'm going to give you another twenty strokes with the ruler paddle", John told her. "Then I want you to lie over the pillows for me and take forty strokes with the whip. I'll finish your spanking over my lap with twenty strokes on each cheek with the punishment paddle."

"Do I have to be whipped? Can't I have the cane instead?", Maria pleaded.

"Do you think that you haven't been naughty enough for a whipping?"

Maria hated this kind of question. She knew that she probably did deserve a whipping, but she didn't want to have to say so.

"Well, young lady", James prompted as the silence stretched out.

"Yes, Sir"

"Yes, Sir what?"

"Yes, Sir I deserve a whipping", Maria said rapidly, as if somehow by saying the words fast they would disappear before James heard them.

James picked up the ruler paddle and patted Maria's bare bottom. "Is there anything else you want to tell me before I spank you?"

"I'm very sorry, Sir. I promise that I'll try harder to be a good girl."

"I know, love. A hard spanking will help you remember to be a good girl. Now shall we get started?"

Maria knew that she needed a spanking, but it was with great reluctance that she said "Yes, Sir".

James brought the paddle down across Maria's bare bottom. The strokes hurt and Maria kicked her legs, which were confined by her panties around her knees. Maria wished that she still had the thin material of her panties between the soft skin of her bottom and the paddle. Maria tried to be a good girl and think about why she was getting a spanking as James reddened her bottom with the ruler paddle. She knew that she had been naughty and she felt that she had let herself down as well. When James stopped paddling her, a few tears lined her cheeks.

"OK, my love, you can get up now."

When Maria stood up, her panties fell down around her ankles and she stepped out of them.

"Please get the whip", James told her, as he started piling pillows in the middle of the bed.

Maria looked up at him pleadingly. Seeing that James was not going to suddenly change his mind, she turned and went to the closet where the spanking implements hung.

Maria returned with the whip and held it out for James. The whip James punished her with was a black English riding whip, with smooth leather covering the shaft and a short thin leather loop at the end. When James had taken the whip from her hands, Maria went to the bed and lay over the pillows that James had piled in the middle. Her teddy bear was pushed up against the head board and she pulled the bear to her, burying her face against it. She felt very vulnerable, the pillows under her hips pushing her bottom up, her thighs spread exposing her pussy.

James brought the shaft of the whip down across Maria's upraised bottom. Her cry was muffled by the teddy bear. James gave her a stroke every few seconds, each stroke leaving a faint red line across her buttocks. Maria tried to think about the things that she had done to earn herself a spanking, but as the whip burned across her bottom all she could think about was how much it hurt. Soon she as crying softly into the terrycloth of her bear. James gave her a stroke near the lower curve of her bottom, where the tender skin was sore from the paddling he had given her. She pressed her thighs together, clenching her buttocks, squirming as the fire of the whip stroke burned across her bottom.

"You know better than that, love", James reminded her. "You've just earned yourself another two strokes"

Maria moved back to the center of the pillows, her thighs together, her hips pressed down.

"Thighs spread and get that bottom up", James ordered.

"Good girl", James told her when Maria had complied. "Now keep that bottom nice and high for me."

James brought the whip down across Maria's upraised bottom. She cried out again but managed to stay in position, pushing her bottom up, offering it for the whip. She managed to stay in position for another six strokes when James gave her another hard stroke across the lower curve of her bottom.

"That's another two, young lady", James warned as Maria squirmed on the bed. "Now get that bottom up, young lady". Crying, Maria complied, arching and offering her ass as James whipped her.

"OK, thighs together, girl", James ordered. "I'm going to give you the extras you've earned."

When Maria had put her legs together, James gave her a stroke across her upper thighs. The pain of the stroke took her breath away. As it faded James gave her another, just below the first. "This is what girls get when the don't keep their bottoms nice and high", James told her as he gave her the third and then the forth stroke. Maria was crying harder now.

James sat down next to her and petted her hair, caressing her and kissing her. He stroked her bottom, feeling her hot skin and the welts that crossed the curves of her buttocks. After a few minutes of James' caresses Maria's crying slowed, then stopped.

James got up and moved to the other side of the bed. He tapped Maria's bottom with the whip. "Get that bottom up", he ordered.

"Please, Sir. I'm sorry I was a bad girl. I promise I'll be good", Maria said as she pushed her bottom up.

"I know, love. I know you'll be a good girl. Now I want you to show me what a good girl you can be by keeping your bottom up for me so I don't have to give you extras. Can you do that for me?"

Maria started crying. "I'll try, Sir. But it hurts so much."

James started whipping her again. Maria tried to count the strokes but she soon lost track and the pain flowed across her bottom. Somehow she managed to keep her bottom up as she cried into the comforter, holding her bear tightly. Finally the strokes stopped.

James walked over to the night stand and got the punishment paddle. The paddle was made of dense, dark hardwood and was shaped like a paddle ball paddle. It was only used for punishment spankings. James sat down on the side of the bed, holding the paddle in his right hand.

Maria got up from the pillows and rubbed her bottom as she walked over to James' right side. Her face was streaked with tears. She lay across his lap.

"Good girl", James told her. He was pleased to see that Maria had positioned her bottom over his right knee, her body at a slight angle so that he would be able to use the full swing of his arm when he spanked her with the paddle. Maria was crying as James caressed her for a few minutes, running his fingers over the curve buttocks and down the cleft. Her bottom was crimson and welted from the whipping.

Maria felt the smooth wood of the paddle caress her right buttock. "You're spanking is almost over, love", James told her. The caress stopped and then a moment later the paddle came down on her cheek, very hard. Then another hard smack on her left cheek. James gave the paddle smacks hard, alternating sides. Maria was soon sobbing as James spanked her. At first James held her tightly as she kicked her legs as the paddle punished her welted bottom. Then it was as if she stopped fighting the pain and she lay limp over James knee, not even clenching her cheeks, as she sobbed as he spanked her.

When the strokes stopped she was still sobbing like a spanked little girl. James pulled her up into his arms and held her, petting her hair, kissing her and telling her she was a good girl. James handed her a tissue so she could blow her nose and dry her tears.

When Maria had stopped crying James told her that he wanted her to lie over the pillows again so he could take her. Lying over the pillows, Maria heard James undressing behind her. She watched him get the lube, a condom and a hand towel from the bedside night stand.

"Spread your cheeks", James ordered.

Maria pushed her bottom up, reached back and spread her buttocks. She felt the cool lube as James pushed it inside her bottom. His finger withdrew for a moment and then returned with more lube. She watched as James put the condom on his cock, which stood straight out in front of him.

James went to the closet and returned with the spanking strap. "I want you to take another ten strokes with the strap for me. Can you do that for me, love", James asked.

"Yes, Sir", Maria said reluctantly. She moved her arms in front of her, putting her thighs together slightly, pushing her bottom up.

James brought the strap down hard across Maria's bottom, using a forehand stroke on her right buttock and a backhand stroke on her left cheek. She cried out and after a few strokes was crying again as the strap cracked across her punished bottom.

When the strap stopped punishing her, she heard James say "Spread your cheeks, love".

She felt James move behind her. She could feel the welts and the hot skin of her punished bottom as she spread her buttocks for James. She felt his cock against her anus, pressing gently, moving in and out, then deeper. At first there was a brief flare of pain and she felt like she would never be able to take his cock. The she started to relax as his cock passed the ring of muscle. As James' thrusts went deeper and faster, the pain of penetration was replaced by the soreness of her bottom as he took her hard, slamming into her punished cheeks. She heard him breathing fast and then gasp as he came. After a moment he pulled out of her and went to the bathroom to discard the condom. When he came back he held her again, kissing her, telling her that she was a good girl and that he loved her.

When they took a shower together Maria shied away from the hot water as it ran against her welted bottom. James washed her bottom and then gently dried her. He got a tube of lotion and she lay across his lap as he rubbed the cool lotion over her punished bottom. Maria felt relaxed, all of her little sins atoned for.

May 2007

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