Red Charls Over the Knee Spanking
One of the breathtakingly erotic photographs published on the French site Red Charls

Cecelia and the Scary Paddle

Jan opened the door when he heard the knock. Cecelia stood in the doorway wearing a short dress, with a blue Japanese pattern print. She stepped into the hotel suite.

"Hello, my dear", Jan said, taking Cecelia into his arms, his left hand on her bottom, his right arm around her back. Cecelia snuggled up against his chest as he kissed her hair.

When Jan let her go, Cecelia looked around the suite. There was a little sitting room area that they stood in. The door to the bedroom was open.

They sat down on the couch. Cecelia snuggled up against Jan's chest as he sat with his back against the arm of the couch, holding her. They talked about their lives since they had last seen each other.

"Have you been a good girl since I saw you last time", Jan asked her.

"No, Sir", Cecelia said.

"No!", Jan said in mock surprise. "I'm shocked. Just shocked that you would be naughty. Especially since I spanked you so soundly last time. Didn't De Sade write a book 'Cecelia and the Misfortunes of Naughtiness'? The demented old Marquis must have been thinking of you."

"I think that was 'The Misfortunes of Virtue''. I never liked De Sade", Cecelia said.

"Well my dear, since you have not mended your naughty girl ways, I'm afraid that you will just have to be spanked again", Jan said trying to adopt a tone of proper sternness.

"Do I get lunch first? And dessert?", Cecelia asked.

"Dessert? Do you mean that naughty girls get dessert?", Jan said with surprise.

"Of course they do. Dessert fortifies them for the draconian punishments that are unfairly visited upon their sweet innocent bottoms"

"Well, it does seem overly cruel to punish a naughty girl on an empty tummy. Besides, I made lunch reservations. But to remind you of the just deserts that are awaiting you after dessert, I'm going to give you a little spanking now. Please go to the bedroom and get me the ruler paddle."

Cecelia stood up. "If it's a little spanking, why do you need the paddle? Can't you use your hand?" Cecelia tried to pout in a pleasing manner. She did look lovely in the little blue dress, Jan thought.

"My hand gets sore spanking that naughty bottom of yours. That's why there are paddles. Now, the paddle please young lady! Or am I going to have to spank you for disobedience too?"

Cecelia went into the bedroom. She saw that Jan had laid out several paddles on the dresser. One of them was the paddle that Jan called "The Scary Paddle". It was shaped like a large paddle ball paddle, but made out of dark hard wood. Seeing it gave Cecelia a little shiver as she remembered how much it hurt. There was a rattan cane and a riding crop next to the scary paddle. She picked up the thin ruler paddle and returned to the sitting room. Jan was sitting in the middle of the couch.

Cecelia went over to his right side and held the paddle out. "Here", she said, pouting. "I don't think that I should have to get the paddle before lunch."

"Thank you, my dear", Jan said as he took it from her and put it on the floor on his left side. "I'm afraid that self-confessed naughty girls don't get to say whether they should get the paddle or not. I think you know what comes next"

"We go to Lunch now?", Cecelia said innocently

"Not quite. Guess again."

"Probably a spanking", Cecelia said as she lay over Jan's lap.

"Yes, definitely a spanking"

Jan pulled the skirt of Cecelia's dress up. She was wearing a pair of sheer pastel blue bikini panties. "Oh, these are lovely", he said as his hand moved over the sheer material of her panties, caressing her bottom.

"I'm glad you like them", Cecelia said. "I picked them out just for you."

"Spread your legs for me, please", Jan said as his caress moved down her legs and the inside of her thighs. His hand moved back to her bottom, patting her cheeks. Then he started spanking Cecelia over her panties, alternating sides. He loved the way her bottom looked in the sheer panties, naked but not naked at the same time. Cecelia made little cries as Jan's hand slapped her bottom. After a little while, when Jan had given her ten or fifteen slaps on each side, he slipped his fingers inside Cecelia's panties. She raised her hips, so that he could slide her panties down to the middle of her thighs. Jan caressed her bare cheeks, running his fingers down between her cheeks, over the soft skin on the inside of each cheek, down to her inner thighs. Jan started spanking Cecelia again, the slaps on her bare bottom loud in the room. The slaps hurt more on Cecelia's bare bottom and her cries were a little louder now. Cecelia's bottom was starting to blush pink.

"Hand me the paddle", Jan said when his hand was starting to get sore. The paddle lay on the floor, below Cecelia's head. She reached down and passed the paddle back to Jan. She hated being made to be complicit in her spanking. But lying bare bottomed over Jan's lap was not a good position in which to resist Jan's requests.

Jan had his left arm around her, holding her, his left hand on her hip. Cecelia felt the smooth wood caress her bottom. Jan patted her with the paddle. "We don't want to be late for our lunch reservation, my dear", he told Cecelia. "So I'll get this over quickly. I'm going to give you twenty strokes. It's going to hurt, but it will be over soon. At least until after lunch. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir", Cecelia said softly.

Jan started paddling Cecelia. The light paddle stung as Jan brought it hard across her bottom. Cecelia was always surprised by the first smack of the paddle, by how much it hurt. She cried out as she was spanked and kicked her feet. Jan had promised that it would be over soon, but it didn't feel that way to Cecelia. The spanking seemed to go on and on as the paddle punished her bottom. Her cries got louder as she kicked and clenched her bottom. Finally the paddle stopped punishing her.

Jan's hand caressed her bottom. "Spread your thighs", he ordered. His hand caressed her inner thigh, then up to her pussy, over her lips.

"You're wet, you naughty little slut. If I didn't know better, I'd say that you liked being spanked. All that kicking and crying must have just been just for show."

"It was not", Cecelia protested. "It hurt. Oh", she said as Jan caressed her clit. She pushed against his hand, drawing her breath in sharply, starting to move against his hand.

Jan leaned down and kissed her neck, still moving his fingers over her pussy lips and clit. "Don't you dare cum without permission, young lady." Jan moved his hand away.

"But that feels so good. Especially after you were so cruel to my poor little bottom"

Jan slapped her bottom with his right hand, first one cheek, then the other, his head still next to hers. "That was just a little spanking, my dear", Jan assured her. "To remind you of the harder spanking you're going to get after lunch."

Jan sat up and slapped her bottom. "OK, young lady, up you go."

Cecelia stood and pulled up her panties, smoothing down her dress.

Jan had made reservations at a seafood restaurant. This inside was all dark wood and brass. Cecelia eyed one of the booths on the side of the room. Her bottom was feeling tender from the spanking she had gotten fifteen minutes ago. The brown leather padded seats looked comfortable.

Jan asked to be seated at one of the tables by the window. The Maitre de moved the chair out for Cecelia and she sat down. The thin material of the dress and her sheer panties didn't provide much padding between her bottom and the hard wood of the chair. She had a feeling that the view as not the only thing that Jan had in mind when he asked for this table as he watched her shift in the chair. Jan sat next to Cecelia and put his hand on her thigh as they looked at their menus.

Cecelia ordered a romaine lettuce and crab salad. Jan ordered sole, with vegetables on the side. He as happy to discover that the sole was wonderful. It was cooked with a light crust and had a delicate sweet taste. They split a half bottle of Chateau St. Jean Fume Blanc.

As they ate, they talked more about their lives, work and, of course spanking. The hard wood seat kept reminding Cecelia of the latter topic. As the waiter took their plates Jan stroked Cecelia's bare thigh under the table and bent over to whisper in her ear. "The spanking I gave you was just a warm-up, young lady. You're getting a much harder spanking when we get back to the hotel."

"That was a hard spanking, Sir. My bottom is still very tender", Cecelia pointed out.

"You're bottom is supposed to be tender. That's why I spanked you before lunch. To give you a chance to contemplate the wages of naughtiness. Your cute little bottom is going to be a lot more tender when I'm done with you, young lady."

The waiter brought dessert menus and asked if they wanted coffee. Jan ordered an espresso. The waiter left to get the coffee while they looked at the dessert list.

"There's a rule that the condemned girl gets chocolate before she gets cruelly spanked", said Cecelia

"Is there? I missed that particular rule. And cruelly spanked?", Jan leaned over and kissed Cecelia's neck. "Quelle horreur!", he added as caressed Cecelia's thigh under the table.

"I suppose that we could order something chocolate in order to fortify you for your coming tribulations. Would you like to split the Chocolate Decadence?", Jan asked.

"Yes, Sir. That would be very nice."

The waiter returned with Jan's coffee and Jan ordered the Chocolate Decadence for both of them. A few minutes later the Chocolate Decadence arrived, with two spoons. It was surrounded by an artful pool of deep red raspberry sauce, with swirls of vanilla. The dense dark chocolate cake had a topping of hazelnuts. Cecelia preemptively cut the wedge of cake lengthwise down the middle. A girls got to claim what's hers, she thought.

After they had finished the cake and the waiter had taken their dessert plates, Jan told Cecelia "I want you to go to the ladies room and take off your panties. You're not going to be needing them for a while", he said

Jan watched Cecelia's bottom under the short dress as she walked toward the lady's room. The check came while she was gone and Jan left cash.

Cecelia returned ten minutes later and leaned over Jan's shoulder and said "I've been a good girl and done as I've been told". Then she dropped her panties on the table, over the leather folder that contained the check. Jan snatched the panties off the table and put them in his jacket pocket.

"You are such a naughty girl. Incorrigibly naughty!", Jan said.

Still leaning over Jan's ear Cecelia said, trying to sound very innocent, "But Sir, I only did as I was told".

Jan stood up and kissed Cecelia's hair. "Come along, young lady. You're getting a spanking."

Sitting on the seat of the rented car as Jan drove her back to the hotel, Cecelia thought about the spanking she knew she was going to get. She slid down in the seat, letting her dress ride up her thighs. Jan glanced over at Cecelia. He caressed her bare inner thigh. "You do need a spanking, don't you", he said.

"Yes, Sir"

"Now be a good girl and sit up. We don't want any Britney Spears moments, young lady."

When they got to the hotel Cecelia made sure that her dress was smoothed down when she got out of the car. Teasing Jan about a Britney Spears moment was one thing, having one was another.

When they got back to Jan's suite he took Cecelia in his arms, caressing her bare bottom under her dress as he held her.

"I want you to go to the bedroom, take off your dress off and stand in the corner, like the naughty little girl you are", Jan said. "I'll be there in a few minutes to punish you. And I want to see those hands behind your back. No touching your pussy, young lady."

"Are you going to spank me hard, Sir?"

Yes, I'm going to spank you very hard." Jan slapped her bottom through the thin material of the dress. "Now scoot."

Cecelia took off her dress and hung it in the closet. Jan had not specified which corner of the room she was supposed to stand in, so she went to the corner next to the head of the bed, on the left side. Cecelia felt very exposed standing naked in the corner, her hands clasped behind her, across the small of her back. She found it humiliating to be standing naked like this, on display.

Cecelia remembered standing in the corner in grade school as punishment for talking in class. She felt a bit like a naughty little girl again, except that this time she was waiting for a spanking. That thought made her want to touch her pussy, but she knew that Jan would probably cane her thighs if he caught her in such slutty disobedience. She didn't want to get the cane across her thighs but strangely, the thought of the burning pain made her feel even hotter. She was sure her pussy was wet.

Cecelia thought that physicists should study the way time passed in a corner in the presence of a naughty girl about to get a spanking. Somehow Einstein had left this out of his theory of relativity. Cecelia's research suggested that time slowed to a crawl in the presence of a girl standing naked in the corner waiting to be spanked. Corners were boring too. Examining the fine detail of the wall paper got old after about ten seconds. Cecelia could imagine Jan saying "That's why naughty girls are punished with corner time". He should try it, Cecelia thought.

Cecelia tried to think about what she had to do in the coming week. But then she would feel the air on her naked skin and think about the paddle and the cane on her bare bottom. There was that black riding whip that lay next to the cane, she thought. Was Jan going to give her a whipping? She loved how the word "whipping" sounded. But it was a little scary too. Would she cry as she was whipped? The thought of her bottom, crimson and quivering under the whip made her want to touch her pussy again. She wouldn't rub herself. She'd just see how wet she was. But then she remembered the cane on her thighs. She looked at the wall paper again. Maybe she should call to Jan and ask him to spank her. She knew that the spanking she was going to get would hurt. But Jan would caress her pussy between sets of smacks and that would feel good. If she didn't wait in the corner like a good girl, Jan would probably just make her wait longer. Boy, that wall paper was boring, Cecelia thought.

Cecelia felt like she had been waiting in the corner forever when she heard Jan come into the room. She heard the bed move, but she kept her nose in the corner, like a good girl.

Jan looked at Cecelia. She looked so beautiful, standing naked in the corner waiting for her spanking. She had a wonderful bottom, Jan thought.

"Come here my dear", Jan said.

Cecelia turned and walked toward Jan. He held out his arms to her and she came and stood between his thighs. His face was at the level of her breasts. He took her right nipple in his mouth, while his hands cupped her bottom. Jan's sucking and gentle biting on her nipple made her feel like there was a line directly between her nipples and her pussy. She pressed her legs together, moving one thigh over the other. Jan transferred his mouth to her left nipple. "God that felt good", Cecelia thought. She wondered if she could seduce Jan into forgoing the spanking and fuck her immediately.

Jan smacked Cecelia's left buttock. "Are you ready to take your punishment, naughty girl?"

"Yes, Sir", Cecelia said, somewhat out of breath. She noticed that the ruler paddle and the leather paddle were lying on the bed behind Jan.

"Then I think you know where you should be, young lady"

"Yes, Sir", Cecelia said as she lay across Jan's lap.

Jan caressed her bottom, stroking her cheeks, running his fingers down the cleft, over the soft skin on the side, then down over her thighs. Cecelia spread her legs and pushed her bottom up. Jan caressed her inner thighs. Looking at the curves of Cecelia's upraised bottom made Jan hungry for her. Her velvet skin felt so good under his hand. He knew that she was raising her bottom because she wanted his hand to move down between her thighs, over her pussy lips to her clit. Instead Jan brought his palm down on Cecelia's right buttock, then her left. The slaps where fairly light to start with, but as he spanked her the the slaps got harder. After giving her ten smacks on each side Jan stopped and caressed her again, running his fingers over the base of her buttocks, over her perineum and down to her pussy lips. She pushed her bottom up again. Jan leaned over and kissed Cecelia's neck.

"You're a naughty little girl, aren't you", Jan said, his voice soft, next to Cecelia's ear as he spanked her bottom with his right hand.

"Yes, Sir. I've been a very naughty girl", Cecelia agreed.

Jan put his left arm under Cecelia, cradling her head as he spanked her, his head next to hers. She started to make little cries as the slaps stung her bottom.

"My hand is starting to hurt", Jan said. "Do you know what that means, young lady?"

"That you're going to stop spanking me, give me lots of orgasms and some chocolate?"

Jan smacked Cecelia on each buttock, hard. "No, young lady. It means that it's time for the paddle."

"No chocolate? No orgasms?"

Jan sat up and picked up the leather paddle. He brought it down hard across Cecelia's bottom. "No chocolate. Orgasms later. Right now, the paddle", Jan said as he continued paddling her.

The leather paddle hurt more than Jan's hand and Cecelia's bottom was starting to sting and was blushed pink by the time Jan stopped paddling her. The soft skin on her buttocks felt warm as he ran his hand over the curve of her bottom. She spread her legs, which she had pressed her legs together as the paddle had punished her. Jan's hand moved down to her pussy, over her slick lips, to her clit. She arched her bottom up, like a cat wanting to be petted. Cecelia's breath came faster as he rubbed her clit.

Jan leaned down, his head next to Cecelia's. "Don't you dare cum without permission, young lady", Jan reminded her.

Cecelia barely managed to say "Yes, Sir", as she rubbed against Jan's hand. He withdrew his hand and picked up the ruler paddle. Although Cecelia had been spanked with the ruler paddle before lunch, she was surprised again by the pain of that first stroke. Cecelia gave little cries as Jan brought the ruler paddle down hard across her ass. Her legs gave little kicks and when Jan gave a stroke down low, where her cheeks joined her thighs, she would pull her legs up as if she were kneeling. Then Jan would then order her to straighten her legs out and relax her bottom before continuing to paddle her. Jan stopped to caress Cecelia, moving his hand down her back, to the muscles on her neck, then down again to the base of her spine. That point, at the base of her spine was a chakra, and he could feel the mild flow of energy as his hand passed over this point, rubbing it. Then down over her bottom, to her pussy. Then the paddling started again. Cecelia's cries were louder this time. "Damn that paddle hurt", she thought as she clenched her bottom and squirmed on Jan's lap.

Jan leaned over and kissed Cecelia's neck and then her hair. "You took your spanking like a good girl, my dear", Jan said softly, his lips next to her ear. I'm afraid that we've only just gotten started. You may get up now, dear heart."

Cecelia stood up and rubbed her bottom. Her cheeks felt warm and sore.

Jan took the pillows from the head of the bed and made a little pyramid in the center of the bed. He went over to the dresser and picked up the rattan cane.

"Over the pillows, please", Jan told Cecelia

When Cecelia lay over the pillows, her body formed into a pyramid, with her bottom at its apex, her head down, her knees on the bed, her legs pressed together.

Jan gave her a light stroke with the cane across her thighs. "Spread your legs, young lady". Cecelia didn't want to get a harder cane stroke on the tender skin at the top of her thighs so she spread her legs.

Cecelia found her position over the pillows humiliating for the same reason that Jan loved her like this. Looking a Cecelia in this position took Jan's breath away. Positioned like this, her bottom pushed up and presented, her thighs spread, her pussy open and exposed, she was his spank or penetrate.

Jan knelt on the bed beside Cecelia. He stroked her back with his right hand and slipped his left hand under her, finding her left nipple. He gently pinched it, rolling it between his fingers. Cecelia drew in a breath sharply. Jan withdrew his hand and caressed Cecelia's bottom, caressing the soft skin between her buttocks, then down to her inner thighs. He moved his finger over her vulva. Her lips where slick and swollen with her excitement. He caressed her lips, teasing her, not touching her clit yet. She pushed her hips up, moving her clit over Jan's hand.

Jan leaned over, his face next to Cecelia's. "You want me to fuck you, don't you, you naughty little slut?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir..."

"Your spanking isn't over yet, my dear", Jan said as stroked Cecelia's pussy, teasing her. She pushed her clit against Jan's hand again, moving faster harder. He withdrew his hand and spanked her, alternating cheeks, giving her hard slaps.

"Not yet, my dear. Not yet." Jan moved off the bed and picked up the cane. He tapped Cecelia's bottom with the cane. "Get that bottom up for me, nice and high, young lady", Jan said firmly.

Cecelia pushed her bottom up, offering her bottom for the cane, but also offering her pussy. Jan brought the cane down across Cecelia's bottom. The cane left a light pink line across her cheeks. He gave the cane strokes slowly, letting Cecelia feel the impact of each stroke and then the hot burn that followed before he gave her the next stroke. After giving a set of four or six strokes, Jan would stop and caress Cecelia's pussy, and pinch her nipples until he could feel her, panting to cum. Then he would give her another set of strokes.

Cecelia's bottom was a deep pink, the light cane welts crossing her buttocks. Jan caressed her cheeks. Her bottom was hot. He went over to the dresser and undressed, putting his cloths on the top of the dresser, next to the spanking implements. Jan's cock stood out, erect in front of him. He opened the drawer and took out a condom and a tube of lube. He put the condom on and put a little lub on it. Jan took the riding whip and went over to the bed where Cecelia waited. He put the whip down next to her.

"Do you want the cock, young lady?"

"Yes, please"

Jan moved behind Cecelia, between her spread legs. He spread her pussy lips with one hand and pushed his cock inside her. As he thrust inside her, Cecelia started to move under him. Jan withdrew. Cecelia moaned and gasped "Please, Sir"

Jan spanked her with his hand. Her bottom was sore and she gave little cries with each slap. "I haven't finished spanking you, young lady. I'm going to whip you. If you want the cock before your whipping you have to lie still."

Jan pushed inside Cecelia again. He could feel her bottom, hot from the spanking he had given her, as he thrust hard into her. Cecelia started to move under him again. Jan pulled out of her. "Naughty girl", he said.

Cecelia kicked her feet in frustration. "I couldn't help it", she protested. She wanted Jan's cock back in her pussy. It wasn't fair!

Jan got up from the bed and gave Cecelia a light stroke across her bottom with the whip. "Get that bottom up", Jan ordered.

Resigned to her fate, Cecelia pushed her bottom up, presenting her ass for her whipping. Jan gave Cecelia five strokes with the whip, hard across her bottom. Then he moved behind her and pushed inside her again. "Now, stay still", he warned as he took Cecelia hard.

Perhaps with the whip in mind, Cecelia managed to stay still this time. But all too soon, she felt Jan pull out of her. He moved to the other side of the bed and tapped her bottom with the whip. Cecelia obediently raised her bottom and the whip burned across her cheeks again. The whip hurt more than the cane and each stroke was followed by a loud cry from Cecelia. When Jan had given her another five strokes he went over to the night stand and exchanged the whip for the "Scary Paddle". Jan had told Cecelia that one young lady who had felt the paddle on her bare bottom referred to it as evil.

Jan sat down on the bed and called Cecelia over to him. She got up from the pillows and went over to Jan's right side. She looked down at the paddle with trepidation. She lay across Jan's lap. Cecelia could feel his hard cock pressing against her through the thin latex sheath of the condom. Jan stroked her bottom and she spread her legs.

"Your spanking is almost over, my dear", Jan told her as he caressed Cecelia's inner thighs and then her pussy. I'm going to give you ten strokes on each cheek and then it will all be over. Do you want to take your punishment all at once and get it over with or in two sets, with a little break?"

"In two sets, please, Sir", Cecelia said. "Does it have to be so many, Sir? My bottom is already very sore."

"I'm afraid so, honey. Now I want you to take your paddling for me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Sir", Cecelia said softly.

Jan held Cecelia tightly with his left arm and brought the paddle down hard on her left cheek, then on her right. Cecelia cried out and kicked her legs as he paddled her. She felt like she was close to tears. Then pain stopped and she felt Jan caress her thighs. She had pressed her thighs together, clenching her bottom as Jan punished her. Now she spread her thighs as he caressed her. He stroked her pussy lips, then her clit, pushing his thumb inside her as he rubbed her clit with the base of his index finger. Cecelia started to move against his hand.

"Do you want to cum now, little girl?", Jan asked softly.

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir"

"You still have five strokes to take. The paddle may hurt more after you cum."

Cecelia was beyond caring about anything but having an orgasm. She started to move faster against Jan's hand, his thumb pushing against her G-spot.

"Yes, Sir. Please, may I cum."

"You may", Jan said as he fucked her with his thumb, the base of his index finger against her clit, moving with her as she moved her hips. "Cum for me, naughty girl".

Cecelia was breathing fast now and Jan felt Cecelia's body shudder, her pussy contracting against his thumb as her orgasm washed over her. Jan held her, stroking her back with his left hand and gently stroking her pussy lips with his right. Cecelia felt his hand withdraw. The next thing she felt was the smooth wood of the Scary Paddle.

"Five on each cheek", Jan said. "They're going to be hard and it will hurt, but then it will all be over."

Jan started paddling Cecelia, alternating buttocks, giving the strokes hard, with a pause between each one. Her paddling lasted less than two minutes, but to Cecelia it seemed much longer. All she could think about was how much the paddle hurt as it punished her bottom, which was already sore and tender. She cried out with each stroke and she thought that if her spanking had lasted longer she might have been crying like a spanked little girl.

Jan put the paddle down and leaned over Cecelia, his left arm under her head, holding her, kissing her hair. "You a very good girl. You took you spanking so well. I'm very proud of you", he told her as he kissed her neck.

"I want you to lie over the pillows again, my dear", Jan told Cecelia. He helped Cecelia stand up. When she was over the pillows, Jan stroked her back, then her bottom. He gently pressed her thighs open and caressed her pussy. Her pussy lips were slick with her excitement and swollen. As he caressed her pussy lips and Jan moved his left hand under her to her breast, gently pinching her nipple. When her breathing quickened and she started to move against his hand, Jan moved behind her, kneeling between her thighs. Her pussy reminded him of a flower, waiting for his cock.

"Brace your arms against the headboard, honey", Jan said. "Push your bottom up a little for me. That's good." Jan spread her pussy lips and guided his cock inside her, pressing into her as he moved his body over hers, supporting himself on his arms.

Jan started thrusting into her, taking her deeply. "Keep your bottom up and take it. That's right. Good girl", he told Cecelia as he gave her hard thrusts. He could feel her bottom under him, hot from the spanking he had given her. As he slammed into Cecelia, taking her with hard strokes, it hurt a little against her sore bottom. She kept her hips raised, her arms straight out, pushing against the headboard, taking Jan's hard thrusts. Cecelia felt her orgasm build and it finally washed over her, like a wave of white light. She heard Jan give a cry as he came, pushing deeply inside her.

Afterward Jan held Cecelia in his arms, spooned against him, her bottom still hot, her head cradled against his chest. She drifted off to sleep.

When Cecelia woke Jan was still holding her. "I'm hungry", Cecelia declared. "Do I get something chocolate to lend comfort to my sore bottom?"

"Chocolate? But if you have chocolate you'll have to get another spanking", Jan told her.

"Well, chocolate first", Cecelia said firmly.

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September, 2007