Cutting a Switch on Sunday Afternoon

John took the pruning shears and cut a long straight shoot from the peach tree. The peach switch he cut was about two and a half feet long and a quarter of an inch thick at the end. John carefully trimmed off the small side shoots and smoothed out the knots with a knife. Lisa would soon be applying the switch to John's bare bottom, so he wanted it to be as free of bumps and rough spots as possible.

Sunday was the day Lisa gave John his weekly punishment spanking. John knew that he would get a spanking every Sunday, but he never knew when. Lisa seemed to have a mental "to do" list. As the day passed John would wait nervously anticipating his punishment until Lisa got to the item "administer spanking". A half hour earlier, Lisa told him "Come with me, honey".

John followed Lisa into the library. She went to the desk and got the ruler paddle and sat down on the middle of the couch. He went to her right side and she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting them fall around his ankles. Then she pulled his bikini briefs down to his knees. Lisa hiked her skirt up, baring her thighs and patted her lap, "Over Mommy's lap, Honey."

John lay across Lisa's lap, her bare thigh under his cock. She held him with her left arm across his back, her hand on his hip. Her arm felt like a warm maternal embrace, which constrasted with the pain of the paddle as Lisa began spanking him. John did not know how long he was over Lisa's lap or how many strokes he got with the paddle. When Lisa was done John's bottom was hot and sore. Then Lisa sent him out to the garden to cut a switch. He was wearing only shoes, a shirt and bikini briefs and the crimson blush from the paddling could be seen around the edge of his briefs at the tops of his thighs.

When John finished preparing the switch, he went back to the living room, where his wife was sitting on the couch reading. She put her book down, stood up and took the switch he offered to her. The switch whistled through the air as she brought it down on a couch pillow, leaving a narrow dent.

"Good boy. You did a good job on the switch", he wife told him, running her hand down its length. "Lets try it out on the real target. Pull your panties down and lie over the arm of the couch please".

He slipped his briefs down to his knees and lay over the arm of the couch. She brought the switch down across his upraised buttocks, once, then again, leaving two thin crimson welts across the lighter red left by the earlier paddling.

"I think that this will be fine" Lisa told John after giving him a few more strokes. "You can get up now". He stood up and pulled up his briefs. "You're going to get another forty strokes with this", Lisa told John as she handed him the switch. "I want you to go upstairs and lay out the spanking strap too. Oh, and get the punishment dildo ready. I'll be up in a few minutes and I want to find you lying over the end of the bed, ready to take your punishment."

"Yes Ma'am", John answered, although he knew that no answer was really required.

John went upstairs to their bedroom and put the switch down on the bed. Then he got the spanking strap and put it beside the switch. He took a silicon dildo and a dildo harness out of a drawer in the dresser. They had two dildos. Lisa used the larger one when she punished him. John put a condom on the dildo and put the dildo, the harness, a tube of lube and a towel on the night stand. He undressed and put a low ottoman at the end of the bed.

When Lisa came up a few minutes later John was naked, kneeling on the ottoman, bent over the end of the bed, his his ass pushed up, offered to her like a sacrifice. The implements that Lisa would use to punish him lay by his side.

"Good boy", Lisa told him. "Are you ready for Mommy to give you the rest of your spanking?"

"Yes, Ma'am", John said softly.

Lisa picked up the switch and tapped his bottom with it, measuring her stroke. Then she drew it back and sliced it through the air, hard across his upraised bottom. She whipped him steadily with the switch, a stroke about ever second, covering his bottom and his thighs with thin red welts. After giving John twenty strokes she would moved to the other side, so that his buttocks and thighs would be evenly punished. At first he only cried out when the strokes where particularly hard. By the time Lisa had given him another twenty storkes, he was crying out with each stroke. John's bottom and thighs were crimson, heavily lined with welts.

"Spread your cheeks", Lisa ordered

He reached back, a palm on each buttock, his fingers surrounding his anus, spreading his buttocks apart.

She moved to the head of the bed, where he could see her. She loved seeing him, his buttocks spread, waiting, watching her as she undressed, leaving on only a pair of transparent string bikini panties. She stepped into the harness, pulling it up her thighs and slipped the dildo in and then tightened the straps. The dildo stood out like a hard cock.

She took the lube and the towel and moved behind him. He heard the squish of the lube.

"Push your bottom up"

He arched his bottom upward, as she pushed her finger inside him. The lube felt cold and slick.

"I want you ass ready for me", Lisa told him. "I'm going to whip you now until you're crying and then I'm going to finish your punishment with a good hard ass fucking, my love."

She moved away and wiped her finger on the towel. Then she picked up the strap. "Get that ass nice and high for me, honey", Lisa ordered.

Lisa drew her arm back behind her and swung the strap, her arm straight, her weight behind the stiff leather as it cracked hard across John's ass. He cried out as the strokes fell across his already sore bottom and thighs. As Lisa whipped him, the wide welts left by the strap started to overlay the thin welts from the switch. John's cries echoed in the room with the smack heavy leather, mixed with his promises to be a good boy. Lisa did not stop whipping him until the tears were running down his cheeks and sobs mixed with his cries of pain. Bruises had started to bloom amid the welts on his thighs and ass.

Lisa put down the strap. "Spread your thighs wider" she told him.

He moved his knees apart.

"A little wider. That's good. Now spread your cheeks and get that ass up"

He spread his buttocks and arched upward. His bottom was so sore that it hurt when his hands pressed against his punished cheeks. He heard the squish of lub again as she put it on the dildo. The big dildo hurt at first when Lisa pressed it into him and John struggled to relax as Lisa started to fuck him. Lisa loved the feel of John's hot punished ass under her as she fucked him. John was still crying like a spanked little boy as Lisa fucked him, his arms braced, taking her thrusts, slowly at first, then faster, Lisa's hands on his hips, steadying him for her thrusts.

"Have you learned your lesson, bad boy?", Lisa asked, breathlessly as she fucked him.

"Yes. Yes, Ma'am. I'll be a good boy", John said, his voice catching between his cries.

"Take your punishment. You've been a bad little boy and you're going to take it", Lisa said as she pounded the dildo into his ass, slapping against his thighs. "You're going to take it good and hard", Lisa said breathing fast now, as she came to her orgasm.

June, 2007

Case Wintermute