Stepford Spanking

Jayson and Daphne were discussing childhood spankings. Although the spankings had been no fun at the time, there was a certain erotic thrill when remembered from the distance of adulthood.

Daphne's spankings had a certain ritualistic aspect. When she had been naughty, she had been sent to her room to wait for her mother. When Daphne's mother came into the room, she would have a flat backed hairbrush that was used to administer spankings in her hand. Daphne would have to bare her bottom, pulling her panties or her panties and jeans down to her knees and lie across her mother's lap to take her punishment.

After describing some of the harder spankings she got, Daphne asked Jayson about the spankings he had gotten when he was a kid.

"I spent my childhood growing up in a small suburban development", Jayson told Daphne. "The houses where not all the same, but everyone was from the same kind of background. Upper middle class professionals. Dads went to work every day and Moms stayed home and raised the kids. In that era Dads were not involved much with the children. And at least where and when I grew up this included discipline. Moms gave the spankings."

"Most of the Moms in the neighborhood got together at least once a week for coffee. It was like they agreed on everything at these weekly coffees. As I said, it was a pretty homogenious place. People had similar views on lots of things and that included spanking. No one thought twice about spanking then. All the kids in the neighborhood got spanked when they were naughty and the Moms administered the spankings."

"The Moms kept a list on the refrigerator. If you were naughty during the week, it got written down on the list. At the end of the week, on Sunday, you got a spanking if anything was written on the list. Spankings were given at bed time. And everyone had the same bed time, nine at night. On a Sunday night in the summer, when the windows were open, if you walked through the neighborhood at nine you would have heard the sound of Moms spanking the bare bottoms of children who had been naughty that week."

"At the time none of us kids thought it strange that we all had the same routine. Sunday night, half an hour before bed time your Mom sent you upstairs to get ready for bed. If you had been naughty during the week your Mom told you that she would be up to give you a spanking. You took a bath, got into your pajamas and brushed your teeth. Except if you were going to get a spanking, then you only put on your underwear."

"At nine Mom came upstairs to tuck the children in and to give any spankings that had been earned that week. If you had brothers and sisters and more than one of you was getting a spanking, spankings were given youngest to oldest."

"When my two sisters and I had all been naughty it was the worst, because Mom would work her way down the hall giving spankings. Since I was oldest, I got spanked last. I would sit on the bed waiting for my turn, listening to the sound of a bedroom door opening and then closing as Mom when in. Then after a little bit there would be the sound of Mom's paddle on a bare bottom and crying as my sister got her spanking. Spankings where always given on the bare bottom. When Mom finished giving the first spanking she would go to my other sisters room, which was next to mine. I could hear almost everything, including the bed creak as Mom sat down, pulled down my sisters panties and took her over her lap. Mom was never mad when she spanked us. She would calmly discuss why the spanking was being given. When she was done she would administer the spanking. The Moms always spanked hard and we all cried when we got spanked. I would listen to my sister crying as she was paddled, knowing that soon it would be my bare bottom that would be feeling the paddle."

"If we had been really naughty we would have to bend over the end of the bed after the paddling and Mom would give us a whipping with a belt. I remember once my sister and I had gotten into trouble, I don't even remember what it was now. But I remember sitting on my bed in my underwear, waiting for my spanking, listening as my sister got paddled. I didn't know that we were getting the belt until I heard her order my sister to bend over the end of the bed. My sister must have protested, which always got you extras. Mom calmly repeated her order. The next thing I heard was the slap of the leather on my sister's bare bottom and her crying even louder."

"There was a girl named Debbie who was the same age as me. She was very pretty and I had a bit of a crush on her. When she was thirteen she was going through a rebelious period and her Mom spanked her almost every Sunday night that summer. I remember lying in bed on a warm summer night listening to the sound of her being paddled over her Mom's lap. I imagined her, naked except for her panties, pulled down around her knees, her bottom reddening under her Mom's paddle. Or, if she had been very naughty that week, I listened to her cry as she bent over the end of the bed, her bottom red from the paddling, getting the strap across her buttocks. I started masturbating to those images of Debbie getting spanked."

"Once Debbie and I had gotten into trouble together. When my Mom came up to my room to spank me, she had both the paddle and the strap in her hand. I knew that my Mom and Debbie's Mom would have talked and that we were both going to get the same punishment."

"Mom pulled down my pants and I lay across her lap to take my spanking. Mom began her usual calm discussion of why I was going to get a spanking. Debbie's Mom must have started earlier, because as I was lying bare bottom across Mom's lap waiting for my punishment, I heard the sound of the paddle on Debbie bare bottom and her crying as she was spanked. Debbie's spanking was about half way through when Mom started spanking me. As my Mom finished paddling me, I could hear Debbie spanked with the belt. Soon I was bent over the end of the bed taking my whipping and we where crying together."

"There was no escaping those Sunday night spankings. I remember I once spent the night at another kid's house in the neighborhood on Sunday night. I knew that I had a spanking coming and thought that I had escaped, or at least postponed, my fate. But as I said, the Moms talked about everything. At eitht-thirty when my friend's Mom told us to get ready for bed, she also told me that she would be up to give me a spanking."

"I was thirteen and my friend's Mom was about thirty four. She was a very attractive woman and the idea of being spanked, bare bottom, by my friends Mom was both scary and exciting. My friend and I got ready for bed. We sat for about five minutes while he asked me what naughtyness I was guilty of the previous week and we spectulated about whether I had earned a whipping or not. The question was answered when his Mom came up and she was carrying both a paddle and a belt. I noticed that the paddle and the belt were exactly the same as my Mom's."

"She told my friend to leave the room so she could spank me in private. She sat down on the bed and pulled my pants down. I was embarrassed to find that I had an erection, but she ignored it and pulled me over her lap. I remember feeling her thighs through her thin summer dress. As I lay across her lap, bare bottom with my pants pulled down to my knees, she gave me a lecture in a clam voice, discussing why I was going to get a spanking. Her voice was different than my Mom's, softer. But the lecture seemed like it was the same. And she spanked just as hard as my Mom. In fact it was so much like being spanked by my Mom that I called her Mommy when I was crying, promising to be a good boy. When I bent over the bed she made me raise my bottom while she whipped me with the belt."

"I want to spank you like your mother did", Daphne told Jayson "Go to the bedroom and undress to your panties. I'll be up in a few minutes to give you a spanking".

Soon after Jayson had undressed to his bikini briefs, she came up. She got ruler paddle from where it hung on the wall and sat on the bed. He went to stand or her right side. She placed the paddle on the bed, slightly behind her and pulled his briefs down to his knees, guiding him over her lap.

She caressed his bare buttocks, sliding her fingers over his cheeks, down between his thighs. His wife stopped caressing his bottom. "I think that its time to paddle you, young man", she told him. The she calmly discussed why he was being spanked. When she was done, she started to paddle him, bringing the paddle down hard across his buttocks. Once again it was like he was over Mommy's lap, taking his spanking. She spanked him until his bottom was crimson.

"Ok, darling, over the end of the bed"

Daphne took the belt down and doubled it, winding it around her hand.

"Raise that bottom" Daphne told Jayson. "Keep it up, or I'm going to have to give you extras", she said as she brought the belt down hard across his ass. She whipped him slowly with the belt, giving the strokes hard, leaving red marks across his bottom and upper thighs.

September, 2004

Case Wintermute