A Visit to the Spanking Room

I've always through that it would be wonderful to build a custom designed house. And in this fantasy house, I'd have a spanking room. It would be dark wood walls and a half bathroom off to the side (in pale marble). Hanging on the walls would be paddles, canes and whips. There would be an antique dresser to hold dildos, harnesses and lube. There would be a spanking bench over which naughty "boys" and "girls" could be bound when they were "punished". There would be a bed over which punishments and fuckings could be given with no more restraint than the authority of the disciplinarian. The walls of the room would echo with the slap of implements on bare buttocks, cries of pain, moans of pleasure and lots of love.

When John entered the spanking room he saw that Lisa had prepared the spanking bench. She had moved it toward the center of the room. Next to the spanking bench was a small end table. A rattan cane and a black synthetic cane were leaning against the table. He always thought of the black cane as "the punishment cane". It hurt much more than the rattan cane and Lisa only used to for punishment spankings. On top of the end table he saw that she had laid out a leather twase and a school paddle. Next to the paddle was a dildo in a black leather harness and a tube of lube.

He went over to the spanking bench and lay over it, his knees resting on padded supports. The bench was low and slanted down, pushing his bottom up at about waist height. He was naked and his bottom and crimson from the spanking Lisa had just given him.

It was Sunday, the day Lisa gave him a spanking. Sometimes her spankings were long and sensual. This was not one of those times. He knew he was getting a punishment spanking. That morning, as he was drying off from the shower he found her sitting on end of the bed, waiting for him. She had the ruler paddle in her right hand.

"You look nice" Lisa said, admiring her naked husband. "Please come here and get over my knee".

He went over to her right side. She was wearing a low cut top and a short skirt. He lay across her lap, his cock over her right thigh. She caressed his bare bottom, running her fingers between his buttocks, down to the base of his cock.

"I forgot what a naughty boy you've been this week" she told him, bringing the ruler paddle down across his bare bottom.

"Since you're getting your weekly spanking today I looked at the punishment list." She gave him another stroke with the paddle.

On Sunday he always got a spanking, but he never knew when and, unless "The List" had lots of items on it, like this week, he did not know how hard the spanking would be.

"You've been a very naughty boy. I remembered that I meant to give you a spanking in the middle of the week. As I recall I told you to remind me. It slipped your mind. And then there was yesterday..." She sighed. "I'm afraid that you have a long hard punishment spanking coming honey. I'm going to give you a paddling now to help you think about how I'm going to punish you later."

Lisa began paddling him, bringing the thin paddle down hard across his buttocks every ten seconds or so. She did not stop spanking him until his bottom was crimsion.

As Lisa intended, he could not keep him mind off the punishment she promised him later in the day. He wondered how many storkes he would get and how much more it would hurt than the spanking she gave him that morning. The day seems to crawl by when, at about 2:00, Lisa said "Honey, could you please go upstairs, undress to your panties and bring me the ruler paddle?"

"Yes, Ma'am" he answered.

When he returned to where Lisa was waiting for him, sitting in the middle of the couch, he was wearing only a pair of silk bikini briefs. He went to Lisa's right side and handed her the paddle. She caressed his bottom through the briefs, feeling the curve of his buttocks underneath the slick material.

"Since you're wearing such nice panties I'll let you keep them on, at least for the first twenty strokes. Now over my knee please."

He lay across her lap, his bottom over her right thigh, his cock hard underneath the silk. She began spanking him, bringing the paddle down hard across the seat of his briefs. It hurt but even the sheer silk gave some protection, but not as much as it would have if he had been bare. She gave him twenty strokes over his briefs. Then he felt her pull his pants down and he arched his bottom up so she could pull his briefs down to the middle of his thighs.

She caressed his bottom for a moment and then began paddling him again. It hurt more now as she brought it down hard across his bare buttocks and the strokes elicited an occasional "ow". She gave him another twenty and let him rest a few minutes, caressing him. His bottom was starting to redden nicely she thought, but it was not hot yet. After Lisa administered another set of twenty strokes his bottom was starting to blush a deeper red.

"You're being punished today honey, so I want your bottom redder. What about another ten strokes, extra hard?"

He knew that this was simply a retorical question and just answered "Yes, Ma'am".

His bottom was already getting quite sore. As Lisa promised, she gave the strokes very hard, raising the paddle above her head and bringing it down hard across his ass. He cried out with each stroke. When he had received his sentence of ten stroke, Lisa told him he could get up.

"I want you to go upstairs to the spanking room. When I come up I want to find you over the spanking bench ready for me." Lisa told him.

Which was how he found himself laying over the spanking bench. He waited about ten minutes, thinking about the canes, the tawse, the school paddle and how he wished "The List" had been shorter.

When Lisa come in she was wearing only a pair of sheer string bikini panties and a lace bra. "Have you been thinking of what a naughty boy you've been, darling?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry I was a bad boy. I'll be a good boy".

"That is what all naughty boys say when their bare bottom are waiting for Mommy's cane." she said, caressing his bottom.

She picked up the rattan cane and swished it through the air a few times for effect, before tapping his bottom. "Are you ready to take the rest of your punishment, honey?"

He gave the only acceptable answer, which was "Yes, Ma'am".

She gave him sixty strokes with the rattan cane, in two sets, twenty hard across his bottom and ten across his thighs. Between the sets she let him rest and catch his breath from crying out as she caressed him.

She picked up the black punishment cane. He struggled to avoid clenching his buttocks as she tapped his bottom with the cane. He hated the wait for the first burning stroke, which she gave hard across his ass. She gave him eighteen strokes as he cried out. She let him wait a few minutes and then told him that he would get a final "six of the best", very hard. She gave the last strokes slowly, very hard as she promised, drawing tears by the time she was done.

His ass was a deep shade of crimson and lined with welts. She caressed him. His bottom was hot and, she was sure, very sore. She exchanged the cane for the heavy leather tawse. He was crying when she finished whipping his buttocks and thighs with the twase. She finished his punishment by spanking him with the school paddle as he cried, giving him twenty hard strokes across his bottom.

"Spread your cheeks" she ordered. He reached behind him and spread his buttocks, a punished boy, tears streaking his face, totally compliant. He waited with his buttocks spread wide, arched upward and presented, ready to recieve the final part of his of his punishment.

She loved seeing him like this, his ass arched and offered, waiting to be fucked. She took her time putting on the dildo harness, adjusting the dildo and appling lube. The dildo thrust out like a large erect silicon cock. There was no resistance as she slid the dildo into him, fucking him slowly at first, then harder, slamming into his punished ass, making him take her silicon cock.

September, 2004

Case Wintermute