A Punishment for Mommy's Boy (F/M, Age Play, oral, anal sex)

This story was partially inspired by a Daddy/Girl age play spanking story that Kathy McGuiness (KathyMcG, Jan 4, 2005) posted on the USENET (Google) group soc.sexuality.spanking.

This story is my mirror version of Kathy's story where Daddy's girl gets a spanking. Here Mommy's boy is getting a spanking. At the end of Kathy's story Daddy's girl sucks his cock. Mirroring Kathy's story, this one starts with a "punishment" spanking and ends with sex for Mommy.

To me Kathy's story and this story speak to something deep in the psyche's of some of us like sexual spanking. Giving up power to a parental figure. Sometimes I want to be a little boy crying over Mommy's knee as I'm getting spanked. Everything is OK when you're over Daddy or Mommy's knee getting a spanking. The spanking hurts, but you're protected and loved. For some of us this is also intertwined with our sexuality too.

I've gotten one email so far denouncing me for advocating corporal punishment of children. I state on the front page of this web site that I am against spanking children. Let me state it here too: I am against spanking children (got that?). Spanking in fantasy is nothing like spanking in real life. Fantasy spankings hurt, but they are warm and loving. Real life spankings are nothing like this. That place that lives in my fantasy, of being warm, safe and loved as I'm crying over Mommy's knee does not exist. It is just fantasy.

Crying is, in fact, the one part of this story that is totally made up. I've never been able to cry during a spanking, as much as I long to entirely give up control and cry like a little boy. I've always envied women who can cry when they are spanked.

Just as I don't advocate spanking children, I strongly condem sex between adults and children. There is no way to describe sex between adults and children except as a horrible crime. This story is what is called "Age Play". If you don't know what that means, I recommend that you stop reading now.

Until I started publishing my stories on this web site, I thought that the F/M stories would only appeal to men who bottom. I've been pleasantly surprised by email from a couple of women who love to spank men. So I hope that you enjoy this story, not matter who you are.


Brian was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs in the living room reading when Mommy came in.

"Its time for bed, honey" she told him.

Brian did not want to go to bed right then. He was at a good part in the book he was reading. But he know better than to argue with Mommy, so he shut his book.

"We also need to take care of the spanking you have coming, honey", Mommy told him in a matter of fact voice.

Brian had hoped that she had forgotten about his naughtyness earlier in the day. He could not have said why he harbored this hope, since Mommy never forgot when he had a spanking coming.

"I want you to go to your room, undress to your panties and bring me the ruler paddle", Mommy told Brian.

"Yes, Ma'am", Brian answered dejectedly

He went upstairs to the bedroom and undressed, hanging his shirt and pants in the closet. He was now wearing only a pair of sheer string bikini briefs. Mommy picked out his underwear and the sheer string bikinis where the only kind of underwear she allowed him to wear unless he was going to the gym.

Brian went to the dresser and got the ruler paddle from the top drawer. As he walked downstairs carrying the paddle, he thought about how Mommy would soon be applying it to his bare bottom.

Mommy was sitting on the middle of the cream colored couch. When Brian came into the living room, Mommy put the magazine she was reading down on the coffee table. He went to her and stood on her right side. Mommy was wearing a white "V" neck cashmere sweater and a skirt, which had ridden up to the middle of her thighs.

"Pull down your panties please, honey", Mommy said, taking the paddle from Brian's hand.

"Can't I keep them on, Mommy?", Brian begged. "They're really thin and it will hurt just as much with them on."

"You know better than that, honey. Naughty boys get spanked on their bare bottoms. I'll give you a choice. If you want to keep your panties on, you can take a paddling over your panties and then pull your panties down for the spanking I'm going to give you."

"No Mommy. I don't want an extra spanking"

"Well then you'd better pull your panties down, young man"

"Yes, Ma'am", Brian said as he pulled his briefs down to the middle of his thighs and lay across Mommy's lap. He could feel the bare skin of her thigh warm against his cock.

In a calm voice Mommy proceeded to discuss the things that Brian had done to earn the spanking she was going to give him. As she talked she caressed his bottom and gave his buttocks a pat every-once-in-a-while for emphasis. Mommy's caresses felt good, but the light slaps were an uncomfortable reminder of what was soon to come. As Mommy scolded him, Brian said the appropriate things at the appropriate places, promising to never be a naughty boy, ever again.

"Do you have anything else to say before I spank you", Mommy asked when "the talk" had come to a close.

"I'm sorry, Mommy", Brian said. "I'll be a good boy, I promise. Please don't spank me too hard."

"I know you'll be a good boy, honey", Mommy said "But sometime you need a reminder and that is what spankings are for. I'm afraid that a hard spanking is exactly what is called for."

Mommy shifted the paddle to her right hand, her left arm around Brian, holding him against her body. She brought the thin paddle down hard across her boy's bare bottom. The sting of the first stroke was always a surprise to Brian, who never quite remembered how much the paddle hurt. He tried to be brave for Mommy and take his spanking in stoic silence. But after the first ten strokes the sting of each paddle smack seemed to build on the previous one. He was soon crying out as the paddle cracked across he bare buttocks.

After Mommy gave Brian twenty strokes with the ruler paddle she gave him a break for a minute or two. Brian's bottom was starting to blush pink and was warm under her hand as she caressed him.

"I love you, honey", Mommy said, as she lightly patted Brian's bottom with the paddle.

"I love you too, Mommy", Brian said softly.

"I'm afraid that the next twenty are going to have to be harder, honey", Mommy told Brian as she started paddling him again. As Mommy promised, the strokes hurt more. Soon the crack of the paddle across Brian's bare bottom was mixed with his cries.

"OK, honey, you can get up now", Mommy told Brian when the paddling stopped.

Brian got up and pulled up his briefs, rubbing his bottom.

Mommy stood up. "I want you to go to your room and lay out the cane and the spanking strap for me. Take your panties off and lie over the end of the bed. I'll be up in a little while to give you your spanking. While you're waiting for me, I want you to think about why you are being punished", Mommy told Brian.

"Please, Mommy, don't spank me any more." Brian had started to say that he had learned his lesson when Mommy put two fingers across his lips.

"Hush, darling". Mommy slapped his left buttock. "Now scoot. I better see a naked boy bent over the end of the bed waiting to take his spanking when I come up."

"Yes, Ma'am", Brian said as he turned and went to the bedroom, shuffling his bare feet on the tile floor.

He went to the walk-in closet and took down the rattan cane and the spanking strap from where they hung. He laid the cane and the strap on the end of the bed, on the left side. He slipped his briefs off and put them on the night stand (dropping clothes on the floor was a spankable offense as far as Mommy was concerned). Brian took a pillow from the head of the bed and placed it at the end of the bed, in the middle. He then lay over the end of the bed, with the pillow under his hips, his bottom pushed up.

Even if Mommy had not told Brian to think about why he was being punished, Brian would have thought about various naughty things he had done, as he lay naked over the end of the bed waiting for Mommy to spank him.

After a while his mind wondered back to the spankings his mother had given him when he was a boy.

When he was a child he had been very willful and there were times when it seemed that he was in constant rebellion against his mother's authority.

While he must have tried his mother's patience, she never raised her voice. But when Brian pushed her too far, he found himself with his pants down around his ankles, over his mother's knee, her hand smacking his bare bottom.

Brian knew how his mother expected him to behave and how hard he could push her before he ended up bent bare bottom across her knee. But sometimes he still acted out or pushed her until she spanked him.

One day when he had been particularly naughty, the paddle made it's appearance for the first time. The paddle was about the size of a ping-pong paddle, but made of three eights inch hardwood. That day Brian learned that the paddle hurt much more than mother's hand.

Thinking back, Brian realized that even though the spankings his mother gave him hurt, there was something comforting about crying over his mother's knee as she spanked him. When he got a spanking he always knew he had been a bad boy and his mother would make it all better. The rebellion was over and he had submitted to her authority as she paddled him.

Brian's memories of the spankings he had gotten when he was younger brought Brian's thoughts back to the cane and the spanking strap that were lying next to him on the bed. Mommy had spanked him last week and Brian remembered how much the cane and the strap hurt. He hated waiting, wondering how hard the spanking would be this time. Finally he heard the sound of Mommy's heels on the tile as she walked down the hall and came into the room.

Brian heard Mommy go into the closet. He knew better than to move out of position on the bed, so he did not turn around. He could hear the clothes hangers shift. A few minutes later Mommy walked over to the dresser. She was wearing a sheer black bra and a pair of matching string bikini panties. Brian could see the curves of her buttocks beneath the sheer material her panties. Mommy opened the dresser drawer and took out a ping-pong shaped hardwood paddle. This was the same paddle that Brian had been punished with when he was younger. She went to the left side of the bed and put the paddle on the night stand.

Mommy picked up the cane and stood on Brian's left side.

"Have you been thinking about why you're being punished, young man?", Mommy asked.

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Good. Are you ready to take the rest of your punishment now, honey?"

"Yes Mommy", Brian answered softly.

"Good boy." Mommy tapped Brian's bottom lightly with the cane. "Scoot up a few inches and raise your bottom for me, darling", Mommy said.

Brian moved a few inches toward the head of the bed and arched his back, presenting his bare bottom for the cane. He felt the cane, light across the middle of this bottom. He looked over at Mommy. The cane, in her right hand was raised above her head. In that moment, as he waited for the cane stroke, he thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Eyes forward, honey", Mommy ordered.

Brian moved his head, burying his face in the comforter. He heard the swish of the cane and felt the first stroke burn across his bottom. A few seconds later the hot pain from the stroke burned across his buttocks. Mommy gave the cane strokes hard, using the full swing of her arm. As she caned him, the red lines of the cane welts bloomed across Brian's bare buttocks and across the tops of his thighs. Mommy administered a cane stroke about every ten seconds, giving Brian enough time to feel the flood of pain from the stroke before she gave him the next one. The strokes across the tops of his thighs were the ones that hurt the most and soon Brian was crying out with each stroke.

After giving Brian twenty strokes, Mommy sat down on the bed next to him. Her hand felt cool as she caressed him, her fingers running across the welts that lined his buttocks, then down between his cheeks to the base of his cock. "You're taking your punishment like a good boy", Mommy said.

She got up and moved to the other side of the bed and started caning him again, this time from the right side so that the caning would punish Brian's buttocks evenly. The strokes were harder and the slap of the cane across Brian's bottom was soon matched by his cries of pain.

Brian's bottom was crimson and welts lined the cheeks of his buttocks and the tops of his thighs when Mommy finished administering another twenty cane strokes.

Brian could hear Mommy go to the closet and hang up the cane. Mommy went to the bed and lay down. "Come here, honey" she said, holding her arms open. Brian got up and lay on the bed next to Mommy. She unhooked her bra and he snuggled his face between her breasts.

"I love you, honey" she told him. "Sometimes I have to give you a spanking so I can help you be a good boy."

"I love you, Mommy. I'm sorry I was a bad boy. Thank you for spanking me."

Mommy cupped her right breast in her hand, offering her nipple to Brian. He put his mouth to her nipple and sucked. She petting his hair for a few minutes as he sucked her nipple.

"I'm going to have to whip you now, darling", Mommy said softly. Brian pushed his face into her breasts. "Will you take your spanking for Mommy like a good boy?"

The pain of a whipping was scary, but Brian answered "Yes, Ma'am".

"Good boy. Please go lie over the end of the bed."

Brian did not want to leave the warm comfort of Mommy's breasts, but he got up and resumed his position, bent over the end of the bed.

Mommy slipped her bra off, putting it on the night stand next to Brian's briefs. When Mommy had picked up the spanking strap and moved to Brian's left side, he arched his back, presenting his welted bottom for punishment.

Mommy brought the thick leather strap down hard across his ass. The strap had a heavier impact than the cane and the pain was immediate. Mommy gave the strokes with the strap a little faster than she had when she caned him. The pain quickly built, as she whipped him with the strap across his already sore welted bottom. Brian's cries soon turned into soft sobs as tears streaked his face as Mommy whipped him. The wider welts left by the strap were soon covering Brian's buttocks, over the thinner cane welts.

As she had done when she caned him, Mommy gave Brian a break after giving him twenty strokes with the strap. She caressed him while she waited for him to stop crying and catch his breath. Then she moved to his right side and began whipping him again. Brian was sobbing by the time Mommy had given him another twenty strokes with the strap.

Mommy hung the strap in the closet and sat down next to Brian. "Come put your head in my lap, honey", Mommy said.

Brian knelt in front of Mommy, between her spread legs, laying his wet cheek across her bare thigh, his arms wrapped around her. She caressed him, petting his hair until he stopped crying.

"Would you like to kiss Mommy's pussy, darling", she asked Brian.

"Oh Yes, Mommy. I'd like that very much"

"If I let you kiss my pussy you'll have pay for it with a paddling over my knee. I'm afraid that I'll really have to make it hurt. I'll spank you until you're sobbing like a little boy."

"Yes, Mommy. I'll take the paddling. May I kiss your pussy"

"You may, honey"

Mommy lay back on the bed, her bottom on the edge, her thighs spread. Brian knelt between her thighs. He kissed her pussy through her panties. She was very wet and he could feel the lips of her vulva through the sheer wet crotch of her panties as he kissed her.

"May I take off your panties, Mommy"

"Yes honey", Mommy said as she arched up so he could slip her panties off her bottom and then down her legs.

She spread her legs again, caressing Brian's hair with her fingers as he licked the lips of her vulva and sucked on her clit. She pushed against he mouth as he licked her, moving slowly against him, then faster and faster as her orgasm built, her breath coming quicker. He could feel her orgasm sweep over her as he sucked her clit, her body shuddering, pushing against his mouth, her pussy very wet.

After a moment she gently pushed Brian away and sat up. "Get the paddle. It's time to pay the piper, young man"

Brian stood up and got the paddle from the night stand and handed it to Mommy. His cock stood out hard and erect as he stood beside her, before laying across her lap to take his punishment. Mommy's bare thigh felt good against his cock as he settled into place, his bottom over her right thigh.

"I'm not going to count the strokes this time, darling", Mommy told him. "I'm going to paddle you until your sobbing like you did when you were a little boy getting a spanking."

Mommy began spanking him with the paddle, first on one cheek, then the other. She spanked hard, putting her whole arm into each stroke. Mommy held Brian tightly as he cried out as the paddle punished his sore buttocks. He tried to stay still, but he could not stop his buttocks from clenching, his legs kicking slightly as the pain from Mommy's paddling burned across his buttocks.

After the first few strokes Brian was crying again, his soft cries intermixed with his louder cries of pain as the paddle smacked the cheeks of his bottom. After a while, as Mommy paddled him, he stopped kicking his legs. And finally he was lying still over her lap, limp, crying as Mommy spanked him.

Brian's bottom was starting to get mottled with bruises from the paddling. "Come on, honey, let it come. Let go", Mommy said as she paddled him.

Finally the sobs came. Brian was a little boy again, sobbing as he was spanked by Mommy, his breathless crying interspersed with partially formed words promising to be good, begging for an end to his spanking.

Mommy spanked him for a little while longer as he sobbed limply over her lap.

"You can get up now darling", Mommy told him when she stopped paddling him. "Your punishment is almost over. I want you to be a good boy and kneel on the bed and spread your cheeks for me."

Brian got up and moved to the middle of the bed so that he could reach out and put his hands against the headboard. Kneeling over the pillows piled under his hips, he rested his head on the comforter, his ass in the air. He reached back, cupping a buttock in each palm and spread his cheeks.

Mommy went to the dresser and took out a dildo, a dildo harness and a tube of lube. As Brian lay with his buttocks spread and his anus exposed, he watched as Mommy put on the harness, adjusted the straps and inserted the dildo he would soon be taking in his ass. The dildo stood out like an erect black silicon cock.

Mommy got a towel from the drawer and picked up the lube. She knelt behind Brian, between his spread legs. He heard the squish of the lube as Mommy put it on the dildo. He felt the lubed tip of the dildo against his anus.

"Relax, darling, and take your fucking for me", Mommy said as she pushed the dildo against him. Brian pulled his buttocks wider, relaxing as the dildo pressed inside him. Mommy always used the bigger dildo when she punished him. The dildo felt bigger than he could take and there was always some pain when she first penetrated him.

Mommy gently pushed the dildo into him until she was pressing against his sore bottom. She could feel the heat from his punished cheeks. Keeping his head down, Brian put his arms out in front of him, bracing his hands against the head board. Mommy's thrusts were shallow and slow at first as she fucked him. Mommy slowly built up the force of her thrusts until she was pulling the dildo half way out and thrusting back into Brian's ass, fucking him hard and fast. She loved the way he kept his ass raised, taking the dildo, taking his punishment fucking. She felt each thrust as the base of the dildo pressed against her mons and clit. Her excitement built slowly as she fucked him hard and after about five minutes Mommy had another orgasm.

Afterward Brian rinsed the lube off his bottom and washed off the dildo. When he came back to bed and Mommy held him against her bare breasts and they both fell asleep.

January, 2004

Case Wintermute