Debbie (F/M)

This is a work of fiction and is not based on real people or the author's actual experiences.

The author does not believe that children should be spanked. This fictional account is not an endorsement of spanking children. Only consenting adults should be spanked.

If you are obsessed with spanking, you may like this story. If you don't share this obsession, you would probably be happier reading something else.


Childhood Spankings

Although there was nothing sexual in the corporal punishment I received from my parents, the fact that someone loved me, was giving me attention and cared enough about my behavior to take such measures to correct it was a genuine comfort. A sense of relief follows, a feeling of having paid for my crimes and been washed clean again.

Fantasies of a Young Submissive by Rosaleen Young, Chimera Books

Although as an adult I have moved away from Alabama, both physically and intellectually, that is where I grew up. My mother and father met while working at the NASA Space Flight Center in Huntsville. My father had a Phd in electrical engineering and my mother had a Phd in physics. In short, they were both rocket scientists.

My mother had me a couple of years after they got married. She took a brief leave at the end of her pregnancy and during the first few weeks after I arrived. But then she returned to work.

About a year after I was born, my father founded a company that did underground mapping for the oil industry. In the early days, when the company was struggling, my mother's salary at NASA supported the family.

As the company my father founded grew, my mother started working there too. When I was about four my father was killed in an oil field accident. My mother was devastated, but she took over as CEO of the company and still runs the company today.

Like most parents in Alabama at the time, my mother was a firm believer in the effectiveness of spanking when it came to raising well behaved children. From about the age of three I got spanked whenever I misbehaved. At first the spankings were just a few smacks on the bare bottom. As I got older I got spanked over my mothers knee or, when I was a teenager, bent over the end of my bed.

Alabama is spanking country. When I was growing up, all of the children I knew were spanked when they were naughty. Paddles and punishment straps were passed down from one generation to the next. When one of my mother's friends was getting ready to spank her daughter, she commented to my mother that she had been spanked by her mother with the same paddle she was going use to spank her daughter. To this day spanking is allowed in Alabama schools.

I sometimes played with a girl a few houses away. We would go to the playground and sometimes we would play house. One of us would play the parent and the other would play the child. Spankings were often part of our role play. This seemed natural, since all of the children we knew were spanked when they were naughty.

Sometimes my friends would recount spankings they had gotten the previous day. I would listen with rapt attention, trying to get them to provide as much detail as possible.

My mother was someone who was always in control of her emotions. Perhaps this is what helped her continue after my father died. I'm sure that this was also useful when she was raising me, since I was what the other mother's described as a "handful".

Without a "man in the house" raising a boy, I think that my mother felt that she had to be a strict disciplinarian and I was spanked frequently. She was never angry when she spanked me, even when I gave her reason to be.

When I misbehaved I remember my mother calmly discussing how my behavior was unacceptable. She always asked why I had behaved that way. Usually my response was to look down at my toes and answer "I don't know". Then my mother would tell me that she was going to give me a spanking.

While I was protesting and promising to be a good boy, my mother would undo my pants and pull my briefs down to my knees. If I had been especially naughty and I knew that I was in for a hard spanking, I might already be crying when my mother put me over her knee for a bare bottom spanking.

Lying over my mother's knee, I was braced against her hip as she held me firmly with her left arm. I knew that I had been naughty and this felt comforting, at least until my mother started spanking me, when all I could think about was how my bottom felt like it was on fire.

My mother always spanked me until my bottom was red and I was sobbing as I lay over her knee. When the spanking was over, she would help me stand up and pull up my underpants and pants. Then she would hold me and tell me that she loved me until I stopped crying.

When I was younger my mother spanked me as soon as possible after I misbehaved. I would often get spanked in the kitchen or my mother would march me upstairs to my room for a spanking.

I remember one time when we were visiting a friend of my mother's I misbehaved and my mother took me into her friend's guest room, pulled down my pants and proceeded to give me a spanking.

When I got older my mother spanked me at bed time. When she told me to get ready for bed, she would add "I'll be up in a little while to give you your spanking".

I would go upstairs, take a shower and brush my teeth. I would not put on my pajamas if I was going to get a spanking, but just put on a clean pair of briefs. Then I would sit on the edge of my bed waiting for the sound of my mother walking upstairs.

She would sit on the side of the bed and I would have to stand in front of her while my mother talked to me about my behavior. If I gave more than a "I don't know" response, she always listened to me. In a few cases when I explained my side of what happened, she decided not to spank me. Those cases were rare, since she almost always had a good reason to warm my bottom.

When the discussion was over my mother would tell me to pull down my pants, before bending me over her knee. Baring my bottom for my spanking showed that I accepted my punishment. On the few occasions when I protested and refused to pull my pants down, I got extra spanking.

When my mother finished spanking me, she would hold me until I stopped crying and tuck me into bed.

Soon after my eighth birthday, I did something to earn a spanking. At bed time, when my mother came up to my bedroom to spank me, she had a paddle in her hand. The paddle was about the size of a ping-pong paddle, but was made of dark hardwood. This was a spanking implement that I would come to know well in the coming years.

When my mother sat down on the bed she put the paddle down next to her. Standing in front of her as she discussed the reasons for my impending spanking, I could not take my eyes off the paddle. My mother explained that I was older now and she expected better behavior. Now if I misbehaved I would be spanked with the paddle.

When "the talk" was done, I reluctantly pulled my pants down and bent over my mother's knee. She held me tightly over her knee and started spanking me with the paddle. I was shocked by how much the paddle hurt. It hurt much more than the hand spankings I had gotten up till then. Soon I was sobbing as the paddle punished by bare bottom. The paddling seemed to last a long time, but it was probably over sooner than a hand spanking since my the paddle reddened my bottom more quickly.

I cried for a long time as my mother held me before tucking me into bed.

After the paddling I was on my best behavior for a couple of weeks. Knowing that if I misbehaved I would be get another session over my mother's knee with the paddle did modify my behavior and my spankings became more infrequent.

After my thirteenth birthday a spanking strap was added to my mother's disciplinary arsenal. There was a saddle maker in town who had a side business making paddles and punishment straps. The strap my mother purchased was eighteen inches long and made from harness leather. It had a wooden handle, which allowed the strap to be applied forcefully across my bottom.

The strap appeared without prior warning, just as the paddle had when I was eight. One night, at bed time, I was undressed to my briefs, waiting in my bedroom for a well deserved spanking. When my mother came in to give me my spanking, I saw that she had the paddle that I was expecting to be spanked with and the punishment strap.

After the usual pre-spanking talk, I pulled down my pants and bent over my mother's knee. I knew that I deserved a hard paddling and this is exactly what my mother gave me. When the paddling ended, I lay sobbing like a little boy over her knee.

When I stood up I discovered that my spanking was not over. Instead of holding me and comforting me, my mother bent me over the end of the bed with a pillow under my hips pushing my bottom up.

My mother told me that now that I was thirteen I would be whipped when I deserved it. Because this was my first whipping, I would only get ten strokes, but in the future I could expect more.

"The strap is going to hurt, but I expect you to show remorse and take your punishment", my mother told me. "If you get up, I will start over. If you try to cover your bottom or you move out of position, I will add an extra stroke to your punishment. Is that clear?", my mother asked.

I was still crying when I answered "Yes, Ma'am".

My mother told me to push my bottom up. I arched my back and presented by bottom for the strap. As I waited for the first stroke of the strap, I missed the comfort of my mother's embrace when she spanked me over her knee.

The strap cracked hard across by bottom, followed immediately by a deep burning pain. My bottom was already sore from the paddling and it was all I could do to stay still for the next stroke.

After taking the second stroke, I pushed into the bed, clenching my bottom against the pain and my mother ordered me to push my bottom up. When my buttocks where properly positioned, my mother brought the strap down hard across the lower part of my cheeks, just above my thighs. I cried out, jumped up and rubbed my bottom.

"What did I say would happen if you got up?", my mother asked calmly.

"That you would start over", I answered between sobs. "Please, Ma'am... I couldn't help it. It hurts so much."

"Spankings are supposed to hurt and we both know that you deserve a long hard spanking. Now bend over the bed".

When I first bent over the end of the bed my briefs were around my knees. When I stood up, they fell around my ankles and I kicked them off as I danced around rubbing my bottom. I was naked when I bent over the end of the bed again to take my whipping.

"Now stay still and take your punishment, Honey", my mother told me. "If you had stayed in position you would be getting your forth stroke. But now we are going to have to start again at one."

After I pushed my bottom up, my mother brought the strap down hard across my buttocks. I managed to stay bent over the end of the bed, although my mother had to remind me to push my bottom up every few strokes. She added extra strokes when I rolled to my side after two especially painful strokes.

When my whipping was over my mother held me until I stopped crying and then tucked me in bed like a little boy. My bottom was still very sore the next day and the welts from the strap took a few days to fade.

I misbehaved a lot that year. My mother was working long hours running her company and perhaps I was trying to get attention. I think that she understood this and tried to spend time with me on the weekends. What ever the reason, I earned a whipping almost every week for about six months.

Most of the time my mother would paddle me over her knee before bending me over the end of the bed to finish my punishment with a whipping. If my behavior had been especially egregious my mother would skip the paddling, bend me over the bed and give me a long whipping of forty strokes or more.

When I had to take a whipping, I learned to lie still over the end of the bed with my bottom pushed up, presented for punishment, to avoid getting extra strokes or worse, starting the whipping over.

In Loco Parentis

Soon after my mother took over the company my father founded, she hired a full time nanny who I called Ms. Susan. Ms. Susan looked after me when I came home from school and worked with my mother to monitor my school work. She also did the grocery shopping and cooking on weekdays (she had weekends off). When ever possible my mother was home for dinner and the three of us ate together.

When my mother was looking for a nanny, one of her requirements was that the nanny would be willing to spank me when necessary. Ms. Susan grew up taking care of three younger brothers. She told my mother that she often had to spank one or more of her brothers. On a few occasions, when they all misbehaved, she lined them up, youngest to oldest and spanked all three of them. After her three brothers, she didn't think that she would have any problem warming my bottom when necessary.

I often felt like I grew up with two mothers. Both Ms. Susan and my mother kept a close eye on my school work. For minor misbehavior Ms. Susan would take me to my room, pull my pants down and spank me. However, if I had done something more serious she would talk to my mother about what I had done. Sometimes my mother would ask Ms. Susan to give me a spanking, but more often my mother would spank me at bedtime.

If my mother was traveling on business Ms. Susan would take care of me. I learned to be on my best behavior. Raising three rambunctious brothers had made Ms. Susan an accomplished spanker. When I got old enough for whippings I discovered that Ms. Susan's skill with the punishment strap resulted in some very memorable spankings.

Both my mother and father had PhDs, so education was very important to my mother. I went to private schools that were noted for their academic excellence. As was common at the time in Alabama, the schools I attended practiced corporal punishment and misbehaving students could expect a spanking.

In elementary school spankings where almost always administered by teachers. If we talked in class or were caught passing notes or did not complete an assignment, we had to stay after class for a spanking. If you were the only student kept after class, the spanking was administered as soon as the other students left the classroom. If more than one student was getting spanked, one student was kept in the classroom while the others waited their turn in the hall. This made the spanking even worse, since those of us who were waiting could hear the spanking being administered in the classroom. When the spanking ended the student would exit the classroom, face wet with tears, rubbing their bottom. Then one of our names would be called.

In my elementary school all of the teachers were women. Spankings were given on the bare bottom, with the student bent over their teacher's knee. In most cases we got hand spankings, but if the student had been particularly naughty we got spanked with a ruler.

In middle school we always got spanked with a paddle. If the offense was fairly minor, the teacher would keep the student after class and spank them. Paddlings were always given on the bare bottom, bend over the teacher's desk.

For more serious offences, we had to stay after school for detention. Students who got detention were spanked my assistant principle, Ms. McLoed. Spankings from Ms. McLeod were a more formal affair. When you got detention you had to wait in the principle's waiting room until Ms. McLeod called you into her office for your spanking.

Compared to the previous assistant principle, Ms. McLeod was young. Looking back I think that she was probably in her late twenties. She was tall and very attractive. When Ms. McLeod first became assistant principle there was a rash of boys who had a crush on her and misbehaved to get detention so they could be spanked by the beautiful assistant principle.

I was one of those boys. I remember waiting outside of Ms. McLoed's office with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as I listened to one of my classmates being paddled. When the boy left her office he was still crying and was rubbing his bottom. When I was called into Ms. McLeod's office, I saw that she had a spanking paddle in her hand. After briefly discussing my offense, she ordered me to pull down my pants and bend over the desk. She pulled up my shirt, which had fallen down over my bottom. With my bottom properly bared, she held me down over the desk with her left hand while she spanked me with the paddle in her right. She used the paddle hard across my buttocks and after the first few strokes I was crying like a spanked little boy. The paddling seemed to go on for a long time and by the time it was over I was lying limply over her desk sobbing. Discovering that the beautiful object of my crush gave such a hard spanking assured that I tried to say out of detention in the future.

A Spanking at School Means a Spanking at Home

If I got a spanking at school, my mother viewed this as an academic failure that needed to be addressed with another spanking at home.

The school always called my mother to tell her that I had gotten a spanking. I also had to bring home a form for either my mother or Ms. Susan to sign. The form listed the offence and the spanking I had received.

In the early grades of elementary school my teachers usually spanked me for things like talking in class, not paying attention or passing notes. Since my mother didn't get home until dinner time, Ms. Susan would spank me for being spanked at school. When I got home, Ms Susan was usually working in the kitchen. I would reluctantly hand her the spanking form that she had to sign. After she read it over she would sit down on a kitchen chair and talk to me about what I had done to earn a spanking at school. After the discussion she would tell me to pull down my pants, put me across her knee and spank me.

When I got older and I got a spanking at school, my mother would spank me at bed time. Just before bed time she would discuss what had happened at school and why I had gotten a spanking. Then she would send me upstairs to get ready for bed and to wait for my punishment.

When my mother came upstairs to punish me, there was no further discussion. She would sit down on the side of the bed and I would pull my pants down and bend over her knee.

After I was eight, the spankings I received for being spanked at school were always given with the paddle. After I started middle school, I often had to bend over the end of my bed for a whipping after I was paddled.

Ms. McLeod

I was a good student and I never got a grade below a B. What got me in trouble in school was a smart mouth that was faster than the more prudent parts of my brain and a love of pranks.

In my last year of middle school, in late May, a few weeks before school was going to get out, it was a prank that earned me one last spanking from the beautiful Ms. McLeod.

My social studies teacher was one of the few male teachers in the school, a Mr. Ward. He was a boring teacher who took himself very seriously. After spending a year with him droning on in class, an idea for a prank occurred to me. In my defence, let me state that at first I resisted the idea, but it grew on me until I felt like I had to do it. Naturally the guilty party was quickly uncovered, followed by a note to Ms. McLeod and detention.

When I reported for detention, the Principle's waiting room was empty and his secretary had gone home. The door to Ms. McLeod's office was open and I knocked on the side of the door.

Ms. McLeod looked up when I knocked and told me to come in and shut the door.

She stood up and walked over to a couch that sat at the back of the room. She sat down on one end of the couch and indicated that I should join her.

When I sat on the other end of the couch, turned toward her, she started to ask me about the prank that I had played on Mr. Ward.

She asked a few questions and as I explained the prank Ms. McLeod started to smile and then, almost involuntarily, she started to laugh.

"I would have loved to see his face", Ms. McLeod said. Then, remembering that it was part of her job to punish such misbehavior she said, "Never the less, what you did is not acceptable", trying to sound stern.

I later found out that Mr. Ward constantly made comments about what Ms. McLoed was wearing, her figure and her dating life. The type of comments that would get someone fired today, even in Alabama. But back then men could get away with this sort of thing. Although she could not say so, I suspect that Ms. McLeod enjoyed my account of the prank I played on Mr. Ward.

Ms. McLoed told me that she was going to have to give me a spanking. She said that she would give me a choice: I could bend over the desk and take twenty swats with the paddle across my bottom. Or she could put me over her knee and give me thirty smacks on each cheek.

When I replied that I would go over knee for my spanking, Ms. McLeod went to her desk and took a paddle out of the drawer. This paddle looked exactly like the paddle my mother spanked me with. I guessed that it had probably been made by the saddle maker who made my mother's paddle and the punishment strap.

"You know what happens next", Ms. McLeod said when she sat down on the middle of the couch.

I undid my trousers, which fell down to my ankles. When I pulled my briefs down to my knees I was embarrassed to find that I had an erection. Ms McLeod hiked up her skirt, baring her stocking covered thigh. She guided me over her knee with my upper body resting on the couch.

The silky feeling of Ms. McLeod's stockings under me while I lay across her knee and the gentle pat of the paddle on my bare bottom before she started spanking me was my first erotic experience with spanking. This feeling was quickly replaced by the pain inflicted by the paddle when Ms. McLeod started spanking me.

She alternated sides, two hard, quick smacks, first on my right buttock, then on my left followed by a break of perhaps five seconds before the next pair of smacks.

I managed to lie still and take my spanking without clenching my buttocks. Although I tried to be brave and take my punishment in silence, after the first ten or so pairs of smacks I was crying like a spanked little boy.

The spanking that Ms. McLeod gave me probably only lasted about five minutes, but it seemed much longer. When my spanking was finally over she patted my bottom and told me that I could get up. I stood up and pulled up my briefs and pants. Ms. McLeod held me until I stopped crying, my head against her breasts.

She handed me a tissue so I could dry my eyes and blow my nose.

"School is almost over, so I trust that this will be the last time you have detention", Ms. McLeod said.

I assured her that I would be on my best behavior for the rest of the school year and that there would be no further pranks.

When Ms. McLeod gave me a spanking form for my mother to sign, I noticed that it said that I had been given twenty smacks with the paddle. I never told anyone that Ms. McLeod had spanked my over her knee.

That evening my mother sat me down in the living room before bed time and we discussed why I had been spanked at school. Like Ms. McLeod, my mother found my prank amusing, but she also didn't believe that this should excuse me from being spanked. She signed the form and set me upstairs to get ready for bed.

As I waited for my spanking, wearing only my briefs, I thought about the spanking that Ms. McLeod had given me. I dreaded the hard spanking I knew my mother was going to give me on my already sore bottom.

The first thing that I looked for when my mother came into my room was the punishment strap. When I saw the strap I knew that I was in for a whipping after I had been paddled.

When my mother sat down on the bed with the paddle in her right hand, I pulled my briefs down and bent over her left knee to take my punishment. I felt the smooth wood of the paddle pat my bottom. My mother told me that I would be getting forty smacks on each cheek with the paddle and twenty strokes with the strap.

My mother held me firmly with her left arm as she paddled me, alternating buttocks. She spanked very hard and soon I lay crying across her knee as the paddle punished my bottom.

When my paddling was over, I bent over the end of the bed to take my whipping. I sobbing as I arched my back, pushing my bottom up, presenting my reddened buttocks for punishment. I managed to keep my bottom presented as my mother brought the strap down hard across my bottom, ten strokes standing on my left side and then ten strokes on my right.

When my spanking was over my mother held me until I stopped crying and then put me to bed, kissing me and turning out the light.

Ms. Susan

My mother's company provided funding for child care for all employees. Since my mother was the company CEO, the company employed Ms. Susan for my care. My mother often commented that she could not have built the company without Ms. Susan's help.

As a company employee, Ms. Susan had health care and matching funds for the company 401K retirement plan. She also had employee stock options in the company stock.

Ms. Susan had been taking care of me for ten years, since I was five. My mother's company went public when I was in my second year of high school. I didn't understand, at the time, what this meant when it came to our finances. What I did understand was that Ms. Susan was leaving.

One evening, after dinner, my mother and Ms. Susan sat down with me and told me that Ms. Susan would be leaving at then end of April. Ms. Susan told me that she was going to travel for a year and then go to graduate school.

Growing up with Ms. Susan I thought of her almost like a second mother. Just as I always thought that my mother would be there, I thought that Ms. Susan would be too.

When people leave us it can be a bit like death, since they are no longer with us. My first response was denial. I had a hard time believing that Ms. Susan would actually leave. Denial was followed by anger, which manifested in misbehavior. Rather than spanking me, Ms. Susan talked to me about how she cared for me, but that she also had to live her life. Finally I accepted that Ms. Susan was going to leave, but I was still sad.

Two weeks before Ms. Susan was scheduled to leave, my mother was traveling for five days on business. During those five days when Ms. Susan and I were alone in the evenings, I felt especially close to her. We would cook dinner together and I would do homework in the evenings.

I thought about how much I would miss Ms. Susan. Not only would I not have her in my life, but I would never get another spanking from her. I generally tired to behave and avoid being spanked by Ms. Susan, but when she had to punish me I felt that she was spanking me because she cared for me. And now this would never happen again.

I spent several days sadly thinking about Ms. Susan leaving. Finally, just before bedtime, I gathered the courage to ask her to give me a spanking.

"Have you done something naughty that I need to spank you for?", Ms. Susan responded when I asked her to give me a spanking.

"No, Ma'am", I replied. I think that I must have been blushing, since my face felt hot.

"Then why do you want me to spank you?"

"Because you're leaving and you're never going to spank me again". Much to my embarrassment, I started to cry.

Ms. Susan held me as I cried. When I stopped she said "I'll give you a spanking if that's what you want. But it is going to be a real spanking, just like I give when you have been naughty. Are you sure that is what you want?"

"Yes, Ma'am", I said softly.

"OK, Honey. Go to your room and get ready for bed."

I took a shower and got ready for bed. As I sat on the side of the bed wearing only a pair of briefs waiting for Ms. Susan, I wondered what I was doing. I wanted the closeness and love that went along with Ms. Susan's spankings. But she had promised me a real spanking and I knew that it would hurt and I would be crying when the spanking was over.

When Ms. Susan came into my room she was wearing a sleeveless white nightgown that came down to her knees. The nightgown had thin straps and left her shoulders bare. Her blond hair cascaded down over her shoulders. This was one of the few times I saw Ms. Susan with her hair down. I thought that she looked very beautiful. She had the spanking paddle in her right hand.

Ms. Susan sat down on the bed next to me and talked to me about how much she cared for me and how it had meant a lot to her to take care of me as I grew up. She explained that I was older now and didn't need her as much. There were things that she wanted to do, like travel and going back to school.

I told her that I did need her and I started crying softly. She put her arm around me and I rested my head on her shoulder.

"Do you still want me to give you a spanking?", Ms. Susan asked.

"Yes, Ma'am"

"OK, Honey. But I want you to understand that if I give you a spanking I am going to punish you just like I do when you have been a naughty boy. It's going to hurt and you will be crying when I'm done. Once I start spanking you, I am not going to let you change your mind. The spanking is not going to stop until I decide it's over."

"Yes Ma'am. I understand."

"All right. Pull down your pants", Ms. Susan ordered.

When my briefs were around my knees, Ms. Susan bent me over her knee. Her nightgown rode up when I lay across her thigh and I could feel her bare skin, smooth and warm under me.

Ms. Susan started spanking me with her hand, alternating sides. At first the intimacy of her thigh under me and her palm slapping my bare bottom felt good. She held me with her left arm as she spanked me and I could feel her body, warm and soft, under the thin cotton of her nightgown. I felt like I was a little boy again who was loved and was getting the spanking he needed.

As Ms. Susan spanked me, the pain started to build and I started to let out little cries of pain. The hand spanking seemed to go on for a long time and I was close to crying by the time she stopped.

Ms. Susan caressed my bottom, running her fingers over my buttocks. My bottom felt like it had been toasted and her caresses felt good after the spanking.

The pleasure of Ms. Susan's caresses didn't last long and I felt her pat my bottom with the paddle, first one cheek, then then other. She tightened her hold on me with her left arm, holding me against her body, while she spanked me with the paddle, alternating buttocks.

When Ms. Susan punished me, she spanked hard and fast, one paddle smack every few seconds. I suppose that because I had asked for this spanking and I had not misbehaved, the spanking was not as hard.

My bottom was already sore from the hand spanking and after ten smacks or so with the paddle, I started to cry. Ms. Susan paddled me at a leisurely pace while I lay over her knee, crying. The pain of the spanking got more intense as she punished my bottom with the paddle and my cries turned to sobs. Finally I was lying limply over Ms. Susan's knee, my buttocks relaxed as she paddled me. She gave the last part of my spanking harder and faster, as I sobbed under the paddle.

As I lay sobbing over Ms. Susan's knee after she finished paddling me she petted me while I caught my breath and my sobs turned to soft crying. Finally I got up and up and pulled up my briefs, rubbing my bottom.

Ms. Susan had me get into bed and lay next to me, with my head cradled on her chest and her arms around me. I could feel her breasts, soft and warm, bare under her nightgown.

"Did you get what you needed, honey?", Ms. Susan asked when I stopped crying.

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you for spanking me. I wish you didn't have to go."

"I know, honey", Ms. Susan said as she kissed my hair.

Lying next to me, she held me until I fell asleep. She was gone when I woke up in the morning. At first I thought that it might have been a dream, but then I felt my bottom, which was still very sore from the spanking she gave me.

Ms. Susan left at the end of the following week.


Debbie was a teenage girl who lived down the street from us. When Debbie was in High School, taking calculus at the local community college, she sometimes asked for my mother's help with her homework problems. I think that my mother saw something of her younger self in Debbie and she helped her whenever she could. This included babysitting jobs when Ms. Susan was off on weekends or on vacation.

Debbie started babysitting me when I was twelve and she was sixteen. A four year age difference is minor when looked at from the perspective of middle age, but it was large at the time.

From the first time Debbie came over to babysit me, I had a crush on her. She was tall, beautiful and seemed very mature, almost like an adult to my twelve-year-old mind. What set Debbie apart from other beautiful teenage girls was that she always tried to be kind. Also, she was not obsessed with clothes, makeup and similar things. Which was probably another reason my mother liked her.

The first time Debbie came over to babysit me, my mother discussed my bed time and told Debbie that she would be back by midnight. She also told Debbie that she had complete authority to spank me if she felt a spanking was needed. If Debbie had to gave me a spanking, she could administer it with her hand or a paddle. My mother's only requirement was that the spanking be given on my bare bottom.

Debbie ordered pizza for dinner. After we ate, we both did our homework. When I finished my assignments I started reading a book in the living room. At nine Debbie told me that it was time to get ready for bed. I told her that I would go upstairs in a moment. About ten minutes later, she told me again that it was time for bed. I told myself that I would read another couple of pages and then go upstairs. When I saw Debbie about five minutes later, she had my mother's spanking paddle in her hand.

"Stand up, please", Debbie ordered. This was a new no nonsense Debbie that I had not seen before. I stood up and she sat down on the middle of the couch.

"I have a rule", Debbie told me. "If I have to ask you do do something three times, the third time comes with a spanking. Pull down your pants, please".

I remembered that my mother told me that Debbie had complete authority to spank me and I knew that if I didn't cooperate, the spanking I would get from my mother would be much worse. So I pulled down my jeans to my knees.

After I was bent over Debbie's knee, she pulled my briefs down to the middle of my thighs.

"Do you have anything to say before I spank you?", Debbie asked

"I'm sorry I didn't get ready for bed when you told me to. I'll be better in the future, I promise", I said hoping to placate her and escape a spanking. Which was rather silly in retrospect since no one ever avoids a spanking once they are lying bare bottom over their disciplinarian's knee.

"Good", Debbie replied. "I'm glad that the lesson I am about to give you will not be wasted". Then she started spanking me with the paddle, alternating sides, giving me ten hard smacks on each buttock.

The paddling hurt, but it was over quickly and I was glad that I managed to avoid crying.

When Debbie told me that I could get up, I pulled up my briefs and trousers and went upstairs to get ready for bed. A few minutes later Debbie came up, kissed me on the cheek and turned out the light.

The paddling Debbie gave me had the effect she intended and she never had to repeat a request more than once.

Which was not to say that Debbie never spanked me again. She just didn't spank me for that reason. After that first trip over Debbie's knee, the spankings she gave me were much harder and I was always crying by the time the spanking was over.

I really liked Debbie and I tried to be on my best behavior around her. There were still a few times when I was naughty and she spanked me. Like my mother, Debbie would spank me at bedtime, bare bottom across her knee, with the paddle.

On a few occasions my mother asked Debbie to give me a spanking. This happened when I had earned a bedtime spanking and Debbie came over to babysit. The first time this happened, I thought that I had escaped the promised spanking. As it turned out, my mother left Debbie a note which included a request that Debbie spank me.

I didn't find out about this until Debbie told me to get ready for bed and added that she would be up in a few minutes to give me a spanking.

As I waited for Debbie, I thought about how I should have known that my mother would arrange for me to get the spanking I had coming.

When Debbie came up to my room, she sat on the bed with the paddle next to her. She had me stand in front of her in my briefs while I recounted what I had done to earn a spanking. When the discussion was over Debbie ordered me to pull down my pants and I bent over her jeans covered thigh to take my punishment.

I don't know if my mother's note told Debbie how many smacks to administer, but by the time she finished paddling me I was sobbing and promising to be a good boy.

When the spanking was over, I stood up and pulled up my pants. Debbie held me in her arms until I stopped crying. When I got into bed, she kissed me on the forehead and turned out the light.

There was another time when Debbie spanked me when my mother or Ms. Susan were not available.

My mother had fallen and caught herself on her hands. She sprained both wrists and had to wear wrist braces for a week or so. My mother's wrists were sore, but she could still type and perform other routine tasks.

We had been out shopping on Saturday afternoon. I was bored and didn't want to be there. My mother was patient for a while before warning me that if I didn't start behaving, I would get a spanking when we got home. That worked for awhile, but as time passed, I started complaining about how bored I was.

When we were driving home, my mother told me that my behavior had been very selfish and childish. Since I had acted like a little brat, I was going to get spanked like one.

When we got home, my mother realized that she could not administer a paddling with her sprained wrists.

"Do you want me to call Debbie to see if she can come over and give you a spanking, or do you want to wait until Monday for Ms. Susan to spank you?", my mother asked.

"I'm sorry I behaved like a brat, Ma'am. I know that I deserve a spanking. I'd rather get it over with than wait until Monday", I said, looking down at my feet.

My mother called Debbie. I heard my mother tell Debbie that she had injured her wrists and that I needed a spanking. Could Debbie come over and administer the spanking?

When my mother got off the phone she told me that Debbie would come over at five and give me a spanking. Afterward, Debbie was going to stay for dinner.

My mother sent me to my room to wait for an hour and a half until Debbie came over.

At five I heard the doorbell ring. About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door and my mother came in, followed by Debbie. I noticed that Debbie had the spanking paddle in her right hand.

Debbie sat on the side of my bed and my mother sat on her left side.

"I think that you know why you're getting spanked", my mother said. "Do we need to discuss this more?"

"No, Ma'am", I answered.

"Is there anything you want to say before I give you your spanking?", Debbie asked.

I turned to my mother. "I'm sorry that I was a brat when we where shopping." Then I turned to Debbie, "Thank you for coming over to give me a spanking."

"Please pull your pants down and bend over my knee", Debbie said.

"How many smacks should I give him?", Debbie asked my mother when I was lying bare bottom over her left thigh.

"Forty on each cheek, please. And I would like you to give the last ten on each side extra hard", my mother said.

Debbie started paddling me, alternating sides. By the time she announced that she had given me thirty on each cheek, I was crying and my bottom felt like it was on fire.

"The last ten are going to be extra hard", Debbie told me.

"Please, Ma'm. Don't spank me harder. I've learned my lesson", I said between sobs.

"Hush, honey", Debbie said. "Now lie still for me. Your spanking is almost over."

As she promised, the paddle smacks for the final part of my spanking were given slowly and very hard. I was sobbing by the time Debbie finished punishing me.

When I stood up and pulled up my pants, Debbie and my mother hugged me.

Sitting at dinner was uncomfortable after the paddling Debbie gave me, but otherwise dinner was very pleasant. Afterward Debbie and I cleaned up the dishes while my mother was in her office.

"I'm sorry I had to give you such a hard spanking", Debbie said.

"I deserved it", I assured Debbie. "Thank you for coming over or I would have had to wait until Monday for Ms. Susan to spank me. There's nothing worse than waiting, knowing that you have a spanking coming."

"Glad to be of help", Debbie said lightly kissing me on the cheek. Then she turned and to find my mother to say goodbye for the evening.

When I was fifteen Debbie went away to attend college. That was also the year that Ms. Susan left. I was old enough to ride my bicycle home from school or take the bus. I would get home, eat a snack and start my homework. Without a drivers license I was not old enough to stay alone when my mother was gone for more than an overnight trip.

In late May of that year, my mother had to go on an extended business trip to work on a large oil field mapping project. This was the largest project her company had ever had and she wanted to be there to personally supervise the project.

Although Debbie's family had moved away when she went to college, my mother and Debbie stayed in touch exchanging email from time to time. Over the years my mother and Debbie had become close and my mother would sometimes tell me about what Debbie was doing in college. This was especially true for her academic successes.

When my mother wrote Debbie that she would be away working on the oil field mapping project for most of the summer, Debbie agreed to stay with me while my mother was gone. My mother was friends with the sciences provost at Debbie's university and called in a favor so that Debbie would be allowed to take her exams early.

Debbie came over to stay with us a couple of days before my mother was scheduled to leave. This gave Debbie time to settle into the guest bedroom that would be hers while my mother was gone.

The afternoon before my mother left, the three of us sat down together around the dining room table. My mother had typed up a sheet of paper with phone numbers for people to contact in various situations. She also told Debbie that she had contacted my school to tell them that Debbie would have parental authority while she was gone. She also left a notarized letter that stated that Debbie could make medical decisions for me if necessary. After running through the list, she also reminded me that Debbie had the responsibility and authority to spank me. She then turned to Debbie and told her that if there was any misbehavior on my part she expected Debbie to give me a good hard bare bottom spanking.

My crush on Debbie had, if anything, gotten stronger over time. I was happy that I got to spend time when her and we got along well. Since I was still in school we had a routine. I would do homework when I got home from school, we would make dinner together and, if I still had school work, I would work on that until bedtime. If I finished early, we would sit reading in the livingroom or watch television.

During the first week with Debbie the only spanking she gave me was a semi-playful hand spanking.

I had finished a paper for school and I asked Debbie to review it for me. She told me that one of the points I made in the paper was not factually correct. I was sure that she was wrong and I was probably a bit bratty in my insistence that I was right. When Debbie assured me that I was mistaken, I asked her if she wanted to make a bet.

"OK, Mr. Smartypants", Debbie said. "What do you want to bet."

"If I'm right, you have to let me stay up an extra hour", I said, very sure of myself.

"All right, but if you're wrong you have to take a spanking. On your bare bottom."

I was sure that I was right, so I agreed. The bet was not completely asymmetric, since without really understanding the feeling, the idea of being spanked Debbie was exciting.

"All right, young man", Debbie said, "Come with me."

She lead me into my mother's library, pulled a book off the shelf and paged through it until she found the section on the topic we had bet on. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that Debbie was right.

"Go fix your paper", Debbie said. "When you're done, come find me and you can pay off the bet."

I went upstairs to my room and rewrote the section of the paper that Debbie had corrected. I was glad that she had caught the error, since it would have lowered my grade. But now I was wondering why I had agreed to take a spanking if I was wrong.

When I was done with the paper, I went downstairs to the livingroom where Debbie was sitting on the couch reading. She put her book down on the coffee table.

"Ready to pay off your bet?", Debbie asked.

"Yes, Ma'am", I replied reluctantly as I went over to stand in front of her.

"All right, get that bottom bared for me", Debbie ordered.

I undid my trousers. When I pulled down my briefs, I was embarrassed that I had an erection. Fortunately Debbie politely ignored it.

She patted her left thigh. She was wearing a pair of shorts and her legs were bare. When I lay over her knee I felt her skin, smooth and warm under me, my cock pressed against her thigh.

While Debbie caressed my bottom and patted my cheeks, she lectured me on the virtues of listening to people and not being so sure I was right all the time. The lecture made me realize that this might be more than just a play spanking.

When the lecture was done, Debbie began spanking me, giving me a hard slap on one buttock, then the other. The slaps stung, but they also felt good. At least at first. As the spanking progressed I was caught between the erotic feeling of her bare thigh under me, the intimacy of her palm spanking my bare bottom and the growing pain as the spanking progressed. Debbie did not stop spanking me until I started to cry softly.

When the spanking was over, Debbie held me over her knee, caressing my bottom. "Shh.. It's all over now", she said, her voice soft. "All over, Sweetie."

When she let me stand up and pull up my pants, I saw that her face was flushed. She stood up and kissed me on the cheek. "Time for bed, honey", she told me.

That night in bed, as I lay rubbing my cock on the soft sheets under me, thinking about what it felt like being spanked by Debbie, I gave myself an orgasm.

With only two weeks left in the school year, I was getting impatient for summer to arrive. A neighborhood friend who went to a different school suggested that we cut our last period classes on Thursday. We both had PE that period, so we would not have to make up any school work for the missed class.

We both forged notes with our mother's signatures and turned them in to our respective schools. We happily left school a hour and a half early. My friend's parents did not get home until after five, so we hung out at his house until it was time for me to go home.

The next day my homeroom teacher gave me a note instructing me to report to the Vice Principle's office during the study hall period. I suspected that the note meant that somehow my cutting class without proper permission had been found out. That mean I would be getting a spanking.

The Principle and Vice Principle shared an outer office and a secretary, Miss Anderson, who was an attractive women in her twenties.

When I handed Miss Anderson the note and told her my name she lead me into the Vice Principle's office. I stood in from the the Vice Principle's desk. Miss Anderson stood on my left side.

The Vice Principle, Mrs. Wilson, was probably in her mid-forties. She had dark hair that she wore up in a bun. She also had large breasts that were a topic of fantasy among many of the boys in my school. Mrs. Wilson always seemed calm and maternal, calling students "Honey" and "Dear". Like our mothers, it was Mrs. Wilson's job to spank us when we misbehaved. In my High School a spanking meant a caning, across the bare bottom.

Mrs. Wilson asked me if I knew why I had been given a note to report to her office.

"So you can give me a spanking?", I said, looking down at the edge of Mrs. Wilson's desk.

"Why would I give you a spanking?", Mrs. Wilson asked

"Ah, because I cut my PE class yesterday?"

"Yes, that's right. And one other thing... You also forged your absence note. When we reviewed the notes this morning, we noticed that the note was signed by your mother. But your mother gave us a letter telling us that Debbie would have parental authority while she was on a business trip. When I called the number on the note, I got Debbie's mobile phone. Debbie told me that your mother was still away. Debbie didn't know about your absence until we told her about it."

I had forgotten that Mrs. Wilson might know Debbie, who had been a star student at the same High School. I wondered if Mrs. Wilson had ever given Debbie a spanking.

"So yes, you are going to get a spanking. I am going to give you twelve strokes with the cane. Six strokes for cutting class and six strokes for forging the note."

"Now let's get this over with. Miss Anderson, could you please get him ready?"

"Yes, Ma'am", Mrs. Anderson replied. She took me by the arm and lead me out of the room, across the waiting room, to a room on the right side of the Vice Principle's office.

When we entered the room, I saw that there were shelves on the left and right walls that stored school supplies. On the back wall there where hooks on which hung several canes, punishment straps and paddles. Above the canes where labels with the words "junior" and "senior".

In the middle of the room was the spanking block. The spanking block had a curved top, about the height of a desk. The lower part of the legs had leather straps and a leather strap hung from the right side.

I had been caned over the spanking block once before. I remembered how the curve of the spanking block had pushed my hips up so that the lower part of my buttocks were presented for the cane.

"Since you are going to receive twelve strokes, you have the option of asking me to restrain you", Miss Anderson said. "Although for this privilege an extra two strokes will have to be added to your punishment."

"If you are restrained you will not get extra strokes for moving out of position", Miss Anderson reminded me. "In my experience most students who have to take twelve strokes get more than two extras. Mrs. Wilson caned a young lady yesterday who did not want to be restrained and ended up getting six extras."

I remembered that when I had been given six strokes I had not been able to stay still and Mrs. Wilson had added two extra strokes. I knew that I would not be able to stay still for twelve strokes, so I asked Miss Anderson to restrain me.

"All right, then", Miss Anderson said. "You may leave your on your socks, but please remove the rest of your clothes."

This was unexpected. When I had been caned before I only had to lower my trousers and pull down my pants before I bent over the spanking block.

I undressed, leaving my clothes in a neatly folded pile with my underpants on top. When I was naked except for my socks, Miss Anderson took me by the arm and lead me over to the spanking block. She bent me over it and fastened a leather strap across my lower back. Then she fastened straps on my ankles and wrists.

"All ready for your spanking", Miss Anderson said, slapping my bottom, first on one side, then the other. "I will let Mrs. Wilson know that you are ready to be caned."

It was probably only a few minutes before Mrs. Wilson came in, but it seemed longer. I was completely helpless, with my bare bottom pushed up by the curved top of the spanking block, waiting for the strokes of the cane.

When Mrs. Wilson came into the room, she walked to the back wall. I was facing the wall with the canes, so I saw her remove one of the canes labeled "junior".

"Since you are in your second year, I will spank you with a junior cane. If your earn a spanking in your third or forth year, you will be punished with a senior cane, which is more painful", Mrs. Wilson told me. "Something to remember in the future", she added.

"Yes, Ma'am"

"I will be giving you fourteen strokes with the junior cane. Miss Anderson will be witnessing your spanking and counting the strokes out loud." Mrs. Wilson tapped me across the bottom with the cane a couple of times.

"Is there anything you want to say before I administer your punishment?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm very sorry Ma'am. I'm sorry I cut class and I'm sorry I forged the note. It will never happen again. I promise", I said abjectly.

"I'm glad to hear that, young man. Now, shall me get started, Miss Anderson?", Mrs. Wilson asked

"Yes, Ma'am"

I heard the faint swish of the cane just before the stroke landed across my bare bottom. I let out a soft cry. "One", I heard Miss Anderson say in her feminine, slightly breathy voice.

Her duties caning misbehaving students had made Mrs. Wilson an expert with the cane. Each stroke was exactly has hard as the previous one. There was enough time between each stroke for me to feel the pain spread, but not enough time to recover from the pain and soon I was crying. When I looked at my bottom later I saw that the cane welts were all perfectly parallel from the top curve of my bottom to the top of my thighs.

After I started crying, everything was reduced to the pain of the cane strokes across my buttocks and Miss Anderson's voice as she counted out the strokes.

Mrs. Wilson gave the seventh stroke very hard. There was a brief break and I felt a hand caress my bottom, fingers running over the cane welts. Then Mrs. Wilson moved to the other side. I felt the cane tap my bottom, then I heard the swish of the cane, followed by the pain of the cane stroke and Miss Anderson's lovely voice counting "eight".

I was lying limply over the spanking block, sobbing while Mrs. Wilson caned me. Finally I heard Miss Anderson count "thirteen" and I knew my punishment was almost over. As she had with when she gave me the seventh stroke, Mrs. Wilson gave the the final stroke was very hard.

I felt a hand pat my bottom and caress the cane welts. "I hope that you have learned your lesson and I will not see you back here any time soon, young man", Mrs. Wilson said.

"Yes, Ma'am. I have learned my lesson. I promise", I said, still crying.

"Good. Miss Anderson you may unstrap him", Mrs. Wilson said before walking out of the room.

When Miss Anderson released me, I stood up and she handed me my briefs. When I put my breifs on she handed me a box of tissues so I could dry my eyes and blow my nose.

After I got dressed and went out into the waiting room, Miss Anderson was sitting at her desk.

"Please have this signed and bring it in on Monday morning", she told me, handing me a spanking form.

"Yes, Ma'am", I said before I left.

After the study hall period, I had a history class before school ended. My freshly caned bottom made sitting on the hard wooden seat quite uncomfortable. I tried not to squirm too much as I sat to avoid giving away the fact that had just gotten a spanking.

When I got home Debbie was out, so I went to my room to do some school work. About an hour and a half later Debbie got home and came up to my room.

"Mrs. Wilson called earlier today. She told me that you forged a permission note and cut your last period PE class yesterday", Debbie said.

I looked away from Debbie. "My friend Jimmy and I both cut class. We just hung out at his house. It was just a PE class... And school is almost over..."

"I'm really surprised that you would do this. Cutting a class and forging a note really bad behavior."

The hated the idea that I might have disappointed Debbie. "I know that what I did was wrong. Mrs. Wilson gave me a caning", I said.

"We'll talk about this more later", Debbie said. "Now lets make dinner."

After we had eaten dinner and cleaned up the dishes, I followed Debbie into the living room and sat down next to her on the couch.

"If you had misbehaved at home we could take care of this between us. I would not have to tell your mother unless it was something really serious. But since you got a spanking at school, I had to talk to your mother about it", Debbie told me.

"I told her that you cut class yesterday and forged the permission note. I also told her that Mrs. Wilson gave you a caning. I thought that since you were punished at school that might be the end of it. But your mother told me that if you got a spanking at school, she or Mrs. Susan always gave you another spanking at home.", Debbie continued.

"Your mother asked me to give you a spanking at bed time tonight and we discussed what she felt would be appropriate."

I had sat in silence looking down at the rug as Debbie talked. "Do you have anything to say?", Debbie asked.

"No, Ma'am", I answered, since I knew that nothing was going to get me out of getting a spanking.

"OK, Honey. Go to your room. I want you to be ready for me by nine thirty", Debbie said

Walking upstairs I felt like a naughty boy who had been sent to his room. It was around six thirty and in three hours I would be getting a spanking.

Waiting in my room for my spanking seemed like a punishment in itself. I tried to read but I found that I kept reading the same page as I thought about how dumb I had been to cut class and about the spanking Debbie was going to give me.

Finally nine o'clock arrived. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on a clean pair of briefs. I was sitting on the edge my bed when Debbie knocked on my door and came in.

She was wearing a sheer black babydoll nightie with spaghetti straps that rose from the bra top. I could see her areolas and nipples faintly through the thin material of her top. Debbie's chestnut hair was loose and cascaded over her shoulders. Looking at her literally took my breath away. I just stared at her for a moment, probably with my mouth open.

"You are beautiful", I blurted out.

"Thank you, Honey", Debbie replied. "Please take off your pants"

I was surprised to see that she was not carrying the paddle or the punishment strap. For a moment I thought that I was going to be let off with a hand spanking.

"Come with me", Debbie said when I had taken my briefs off. I followed her down the hall to her bedroom. I could see her black string bikini panties under the sheer nightie.

When I followed Debbie into her bedroom I saw that she had pushed an ottoman up against the end of the bed. Above the ottoman, at the bottom of the bed, was a pillow and next to the pillow, on the left side, lay the punishment strap. The paddle was lying on the right side of the bed near the middle.

Debbie sat down on the bed, next to the paddle.

I was still standing in the doorway. "Come here, Honey", Debbie said.

I walked over to where she sat and stood in front of her, looking down at her breasts, which were cupped by the sheer material of the nightie. I also saw that my cock was very hard.

"Lie over my knee, please", Debbie said, taking my left arm and guiding me over her left thigh, with my upper body resting on the bed. I could feel her bare thigh under my hard cock.

Debbie caressed my bottom, running her fingers across my buttocks. "You still have welts, Love. How many did Mrs. Wilson give you? Fourteen strokes?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I got twelve for cutting class and forging the note and two for asking to be restrained."

Debbie's hand felt very good as she petted my bottom. Debbie sighed softly. "It's going to hurt more, I'm afraid, being spanked over the welts".

"I talked to your mother about your punishment. She said that cutting class and forging a permission note was the kind of misbehavior that should never be repeated."

"I am going to have to give you a very hard spanking, Honey", Debbie said, caressing my bottom. "Your mother asked me to give your forty smacks on each cheek with the paddle. The last ten on each cheek will be extra hard. Then I am going to have to give you forty strokes with the strap, the last ten extra hard."

"Do you have anything you want to say before I spank you", Debbie asked.

"I'm sorry, Debbie. I'll never do anything like that again", I said.

"I know, Honey"

Debbie picked up the paddle and held me with her left arm, her hand on my hip. She patted my bottom with the paddle. "Are you ready to take your punishment, Love?", Debbie asked.

"Yes, Ma'am" I said softly.

Debbie started paddling me, alternating buttocks. She gave the smacks hard, giving time between each smack for me to feel it before I got the next one. I tried to count them, but after the first ten on each cheek, I was crying. I tried to lie still and keep my bottom relaxed, but the paddling hurt so much that it was difficult to avoid clenching my buttocks. Debbie stopped spanking me a few times to tell me to relax my bottom before continuing to paddle me. Finally, I lay limply sobbing across her knee as she held me tightly with he left arm and spanked me with the paddle in her right hand.

"That's thirty on each cheek", Debbie said, after smacking my left buttock with the paddle. "The last ten are going to be extra hard."

"Please, Debbie, it really hurts. Please don't spank me harder. I'll be a good boy, I promise", I said between sobs.

"Hush, Honey. Now lie still for me", Debbie said.

Debbie started spanking me again, giving the paddle smacks very hard, alternating sides, with what felt like lots of time between each smack.

Finally my paddling was over and I lay limply sobbing over Debbie's knee. She held me and petted my back and caressed my bottom until my sobs turned into soft crying.

"Stand up, please", Debbie ordered.

I stood up and rubbed my bottom which was very sore and hot under my hands.

Debbie stood up. I noticed that her face was slightly flushed, as it had been when she spanked me for losing the bet. She took hold of my left arm and walked me to the end of the bed, to the ottoman. I looked down at the the pillow on the end of the bed and the punishment strap lying next to it.

"Please bend over the bed so I can whip you, Love", Debbie said.

I knelt on the ottoman and bent over the end of the bed, with the pillow under my hips. Debbie went to my left side. "Put your legs together and arch your bottom up for me, Honey"

I pushed my bottom up, presenting my sore buttocks for the strap. Debbie caressed my bottom, running her hand over my cheeks. "That's right. Just like that", she told me patting my bottom. "I am going to give you forty strokes. The last ten will be extra hard. I want you to be a good boy and stay in position. If you move out of position, I will have to give you extra strokes and I don't want to have to do that."

Debbie swung the strap down hard across my bottom. My bottom was already very sore from the paddling and I was crying again after the first few strokes.

Debbie gave me a stroke across the crease of my buttocks, at the tops of my thighs. This hurt more than the other strokes had and I squirmed and rolled to my side as the pain burned across my bottom.

"I'm going to have to give you an extra stroke for that, Honey. Now please get back in position", Debbie ordered.

"Get your bottom up", Debbie said when I was back over the pillow.

I arched my back and Debbie brought the strap down hard across my bottom. After Debbie gave me fifteen strokes, she moved to stand on my right to give me the next fifteen so that my buttocks would be evenly punished.

I tried to stay in position and keep my bottom pushed up and properly presented for my whipping, but the strap hurt so much that I moved out of position three more times.

I was sobbing when Debbie said "That's thirty strokes. Now I'm going to have to give you the four extra strokes that you earned for not staying in position"

Debbie gave me four strokes, hard and fast as I cried.

"Your punishment is almost over, Love", Debbie said, caressing my bottom. "I am going to give you ten more, extra hard and then it will all be over. Now please stay still and keep your bottom up for me."

Debbie give me ten strokes, slowly and very hard. I was sobbing, resigned to my punishment and I managed to take the rest of my whipping without moving out of position.

"All over now, Love", Debbie said. "You can stand up."

I was still crying when I stood up. Debbie handed me a tissue so I could blow my nose and dry my eyes. Debbie picked up the pillow I had been bent over and moved it to the head of the bed. She lay down on the left side.

"Come here, Love", Debbie said, opening her arms. I put the tissue down on the night stand and lay down next to her. She cradling my head on her chest. I could feel her breasts, soft and warm under the sheer material of her nightie. Debbie caressed my hair and kissed me until I stopped crying. Being held in Debbie's arms after she spanked me gave me a feeling of being cared for. I knew that I deserved the spanking Debbie gave me and now it was over. All was forgiven.

After a time Debbie slipped the thin straps of her nightie down over her arms, pulling down the top of her nightie and baring her breasts. I started kissing her over the top curve of her right breast.

"Suck on the nipple", Debbie said softly. "Gently", as I took her nipple in my mouth. After a few minutes Debbie rolled onto her back and moved to me to her left breast. I could feel her heart beating as I gently sucked on her nipple.

Debbie caressed my face and took her breast from my mouth. She sat up and pulled her nightie over her head. I sat up too and looked at her. Seeing her naked except for the sheer black string bikini panties was beyond any sexual fantasy I had ever had.

"Would you like to kiss my pussy", Debbie asked.

"Yes, Ma'am", I replied.

Debbie lay back on the bed, her head on a pillow, her thighs spread. "Your spanking is over so You don't have to call me Ma'am", she told me. "Come here."

I lay down, my head between her thighs, my feet off he end of the bed. I could see her vulva outlined by the sheer material of her panties. I started kissing her pussy through the thin material. She was very wet and her vulva felt almost bare. She gently moved my head to her clit. As I kissed her she started rubbing against my lips.

"Take my panties off", Debbie said, her voice soft and breathy.

She pushed her hips up as I slipped her panties down her legs. I saw that she had shaved her pubic hair so that there was only a thin strip on her mons. She spread her thighs again and I lay between her legs and started to kiss her again.

Perhaps because she was older and more sexually experienced, Debbie didn't hesitate to instruct me on how to please her. That first time, when I did not know what I was doing as I licked her pussy, she told me to "lick there" and "suck there gently" until she had an orgasm as she pushed her wet pussy against my tongue.

When Debbie's breathing slowed from her orgasm, she guided me up to her and we kissed, her arms around me, one of her hands cupping my buttock.

After a while Debbie told me to lie back on the bed. She opened the drawer in the nightstand and took out a condom. She straddled me, her bottom over my thighs. My cock was hard and standing up. Debbie put the condom on my cock and then moved over me, guiding my cock inside her. The feeling of being inside her was electric.

Debbie's dark hair cascaded down over the top of her breasts, which looked full and perfect, her nipples hard and erect when I caressed her breasts.

"Lie still, Love", Debbie said when I started to move under her.

She started to rub her pussy against me, pushing herself against my cock, moving in little up and down motions. As she did, she started to move faster, grinding her clit against me, her breathing fast. I started to move with her and arch back.

"Don't you come yet", Debbie said. "If you do I will put you over my knee and spank you until you can't sit down", she said her voice breathy. "I'll paddle you until you're sobbing", she said softly just before her orgasm washed over her.

"You can come now, Love", she said as she started moving faster moving up and down so my cock thrust into her and I came.

Afterward I lay in Debbie's arms for a while before she got up and went into the bathroom. "It's time for bed, Love", Debbie said when she came back.

I followed her down the hall, looking at her walk naked in front of me, her bottom the most perfect I had ever seen.

Debbie drew back the covers on my bed. I got into bed and she kissed me on the lips. "Sleep well, Love", she said and then walked out of the room.

When I went downstairs the next morning Debbie was already up and reading the New York Times.

"How is your bottom?", Debbie asked.

"It's sore, Ma'am", I replied.

"Good. I hope that this is the last time you ever cut class."

"Pull down your pants and let me see."

I pulled down my trousers and briefs and turned around, pushing my bottom out.

"You still have some welts, Honey", Debbie said caressing my bottom. She gave my right cheek a slap and then kissed me. "You can pull up your pants now"

"The spanking you gave me hurt a lot. I learned my lesson and I promise, I'll never cut class again. But after the spanking, that was wonderful", I said.

Debbie put her arms around me and kissed me again. "Yes, it was wonderful. Now let's have breakfast. I'm hungry."

I made omelets and toast for breakfast. Debbie made coffee. It was Saturday and we didn't have to do anything, which felt wonderful. After we cleaned up the breakfast dishes we went into the livingroom. We sat on the couch and kissed for a while. After having a crush on Debbie for so long, kissing her and making love was something that I had thought would never exist outside my fantasies. At times I felt like I was in one of my fantasies.

"There's something very important we need to talk about", Debbie said, pulling gently away. I looked at her attentively.

"You cannot tell anyone about us being lovers. No matter how much you think that you can trust someone to keep this private, you cannot tell anyone. This is really important.", Debbie said very seriously. "If you can't promise me this we need to stop, right now."

"I'll never tell anyone, Debbie", I said. "I promise. Please believe me."

"OK, Love. I believe you"

As I promised Debbie, I never told anyone about our time together.

Debbie lead me upstairs to her bedroom. Standing in her bedroom she put her arms around me and kissed me. Then she guided my hand to her blouse, which I unbuttoned. I removed her blouse and her jeans and then her bra. She undressed me and lay back on the bed. I lay next to her and caressed her breasts, kissing them and sucking on her nipples. Debbie's nipples were hard and she moaned as I sucked them. She pushed me away gently and I moved down her body, kissing her.

Debbie was wearing a pair of sheer peach colored bikini panties. I kissed her pussy through the sheer material of the panties.

"May I take our panties off", I asked

"You may", Debbie said.

I slipped her panties down and moved between her thighs and started kissing the lips of her vulva. She was very wet. I moved my tongue over her lips, to her clit. As I licked her and sucked her clit she told me to move up, or suck more gently, showing me how to please her. As I licked her she started moving against my mouth as I licked her clit. Her breathing was fast as she came.

I kept licking her gently as the waves of her orgasm faded and she caught her breath. Debbie gently pushed me up and had me lie back on the bed. She put a condom on my cock and straddled me, guiding me into her.

I cupped her breasts as she rode me. I was able to last longer this time, as she started to move above me faster and I felt her orgasm, he pussy contracting as she came.

"Come for me, Love. Or I'm going to put you over my knee and paddle you. Paddle you very hard", Debbie said, which sent me over the edge and I came.

Later, as we were lying together, Debbie had me roll over on my stomach so she could look at my bottom. "You still have some welts from the whipping I gave you", Debbie said as she caressed my bottom. I arched up as she ran her hand over my bottom. "I think that you bottom will be healed and ready for another spanking in a couple of days", she said lightly slapping my buttocks.

I was starting to get hard again when I rolled on my side to kiss her.

"Does that turn you on, Love. Do you like the through to being put over my knee."

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Naughty boys need to be spanked, don't they?", Debbie said and started to tell me how she would spank and paddle me.

I was very hard by the time Debbie finished telling me her story. She straddled me again, this time her pussy over my face, wet and pushing down on my mouth, moving over me. Then she moved down, putting another condom on me and straddled my cock. She fucked me hard, moving up and down on my cock as she came. It took longer for me to come this time. I didn't come until she started to tell me that she was going to bend me over the bed and give me a whipping if I didn't come for her.

I finished the school year without any further visits to Mrs. Wilson to have her cane applied to my bare bottom. I had exams at the end of the following week and did well, which made my mother happy when I told her when we talked on the phone.

My mother said that both Debbie and I sounded happy, which I think made my mother feel better about leaving me with Debbie for most of the summer.

Debbie and I were teenagers, so we had sex often, at least every other day, sometimes twice a day. Spankings were almost always part of our foreplay. Sometimes after we had kissed for a time, Debbie would have me roll over on my stomach and she would give me a hand spanking followed by a brief paddling. More often Debbie would put me over her knee.

I think that Debbie liked to bend me over her knee because it gave her more control. She could spank me, caress my bottom and the base of my cock. With her left arm holding me, I was not going to go anywhere until she let me go. There was also the psychological frisson of this being the position that was used when naughty children where being punished.

Debbie liked to spank me until my bottom was red and often I was crying by the time the spanking was over. Spanking me got Debbie very wet. After she had comforted me, cuddling me against her breasts as I sucked her nipples, she would get on top of me and ride my cock until we both came.

We played lots of spanking games. Sometimes I was a naughty boy guilty of some undefined infraction. Or Debbie was my teacher and I was a misbehaving student. Once Debbie bent me over the end of the bed and whipped me with the punishment strap, pretending to administer the corporal punishment that I had been sentenced to by an imaginary law court.

A few times we pretended that my mother was not able to spank me and had asked Debbie to come over to give me a spanking. Just as this had happened in the past, Debbie sent me to my room to get ready for my spanking. When she come up to my room she was wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless top. She had the spanking paddle in her right hand.

Debbie sat down on the side my bed and talked to me about my imaginary misbehavior. Standing in front of her, looking down at her breasts, I could see her nipples through the thin material of her top. By the time Debbie stopped scolding me I felt like I really was a naughty boy. Debbie told me to pull my pants down and she bent me over her knee, my cock hard against her bare thigh.

Debbie held me firmly with her left arm, my upper body resting on the bed. "Is there anything you want to say before I spank you?", Debbie asked.

"I'm sorry I was a bad boy, Ma'am. I will do better in the future", I replied. Although I was answering "in character", I felt that I was about to get a well deserved spanking.

"I am going to help you to remember to do better in the future, Love", Debbie said caressing my bottom.

Debbie tightened her hold on me with her left arm and started paddling me. Debbie was not just pretending that I had been a naughty boy, she was spanking me like one. The spanking hurt and after the first ten or fifteen smacks on each cheek, I was crying.

When Debbie finished paddling me, she had me lie on the bed, on my back. My face was still wet with my tears as she straddled me. She slipped the straps of her top down and baring her breasts. I put my hands on her breasts and caressed them, running my thumb gently over her nipples.

Debbie was not wearing panties under her skirt and when I was hard again, she guided me inside her and rode me until we both came.

Spanking Debbie

On the spectrum of those who spank and those who get spanked, Debbie was definitely a spanker. Our spanking games often started with a erotic fantasy that Debbie would tell me and that I would sometimes elaborate on. A couple of these fantasies involved Debbie getting a spanking.

In one fantasy Debbie was a naughty girl who was going to go out in a low cut blouse and a skirt that was so short it barely covered her panties. Debbie described exactly what would happen to such a naughty girl, which was helpful since I had never given anyone a spanking before. We planned to play out the fantasy at bed time. Debbie made me promise that I would give her a good hard spanking and that I would not stop even if she was crying and promising to be good girl.

Around nine that night Debbie went upstairs. I was sitting in the living room when Debbie came down about half an hour latter wearing a very short skirt and a low cut blouse without a bra.

"I'm going out", Debbie said.

I looked up at her. "You're not going out wearing that, young lady", I said, trying to sound stern. "That skirt barely covers your bottom and that top... Your breasts are almost bare"

"What are you, the fashion police", Debbie said in a bratty voice. "I can wear what I want"

"That's it, young lady", I said. "You're getting a spanking!"

I got up from the couch and took Debbie by the hand, marching her upstairs. She tried to pull away, but I kept a firm grip on her hand.

When we got to her bedroom, I sat down on the bed and pulled Debbie over my left thigh. She struggled (although not with a lot of conviction) as I held her down over my knee with my left arm. I flipped up the short pleated skirt she was wearing, revealing a pair of sheer black string bikini panties that barely covered her bottom.

"I will not tolerate this slutty behavior", I told Debbie. "It's high time you were reined in and a spanking is exactly you need!"

"No, you can't spank me! I'm too old for a spanking", Debbie said struggling again and kicking her feet.

I smacked her panty covered bottom, first on one cheek, then the other. "I can spank you and I will", I assured her as I continued to slap her bottom beneath the sheer panties.

I found that I really liked spanking Debbie. My cock was very hard, pressing against my pants as I spanked Debbie. As I spanked Debbie she let out little cries of pain. Her panties did not completely cover her buttocks and as I spanked her I saw her cheeks start to blush pink around the edges of her panties.

I took hold of the waistband of her panties and started pull them down. "No", Debbie protested, as she reached back with her right arm to try to stop me from baring her bottom. I pinned her arm against her back and finished pulling her panties down to the middle of her thighs.

I started spanking Debbie's bare bottom. I loved the feeling of her bare cheeks against the palm of my hand as I spanked her. Debbie's cries became louder as her bottom started to blush red. I stopped spanking her and caressed her bottom, feeling her hot cheeks under my hand. I moved my hand between her thighs. She spread her legs as far as her panties would allow, as I moved my fingers over her pussy. She was very wet. After rubbing her clit gently, I started to spank her again, harder this time. I kept spanking her and caressing her until her bottom blushed a deep pink and she was crying softly.

"All right, young lady, you can get up", I said releasing her. When she stood up, I told her to undress. Watching Debbie undress was very erotic.

"Get the paddle, please", I told Debbie when she was naked.

Debbie got the paddle from the night stand. Looking down at her feet, Debbie held out the paddle, offering it to me.

I took the the paddle from her hand. "Over my knee, young lady", I ordered.

This time Debbie did not resist and obediently bent over my left thigh, adjusting her position so that her bottom was presented for punishment.

I started paddling Debbie, alternating buttocks. Debbie lay still, her bottom relaxed as I paddled her. Soon she was crying, as her bottom reddened. Every five smacks or so I would stop and caress her and rub her clit, letting her move closer to orgasm before I started spanking her again. When Debbie's bottom was red and she had started to sob as I paddled her, I stopped spanking her. Debbie was still very wet, her pussy lips hot. Debbie was still crying from her spanking as she came as I rubbed her clit.

I caressed Debbie as she lay over my knee, her breathing slowing from her orgasm and her crying subsiding.

Debbie got up and lay back on the bed on her back, her thighs spread. "Take your clothes off and come here, Love", she said.

When I undressed, Debbie opened her arms as I lay over her, between her thighs. I was very hard, exquisitely turned on from spanking her. She reached down and guided me into her. Her pussy felt hot and very slick as I started to move inside her. She raised her legs, wrapping them around my lower back, taking me deeply as I thrust into her. I could feel Debbie start to come. I kissed her on the lips as we came together.

"That was wonderful", Debbie said, lying on her side as we cuddled afterward. She rubbed her bottom "That was a hard spanking you gave me, Sir"

"That's what happens to naughty girls who dress like little sluts", I said.

"Yes, well, I think that we're going to focus on what happens to naughty boys for a while", Debbie said.

As it turned out, there was one more spanking that I gave Debbie.

One morning, while Debbie and I were in bed, she told me about a "trip to the woodshed" fantasy she had. Telling me about her fantasy got Debbie very web and I gave her an orgasm caressing her pussy and her clit.

That night, at bed time, I sent Debbie to her room. "When I come up I want to see you bent over the end of your bed ready to take your spanking", I told her.

When I went up to her bedroom half an hour later Debbie was bent over the end of her bed with two pillows under her hips pushing her bottom up. Her pink bikini panties were pulled down to the middle of her thighs. Lying next to her, on the left side, was the punishment strap.

While I undressed I looked at Debbie lying over the end of the bed. The round curves of Debbie's bottom were accentuated by the pillows under her hips. I could see her the lips of her pussy between her thighs and her anus between her relaxed cheeks. With her panties pulled down, Debbie seemed more vulnerable than she would have been if she had been naked. The panties around her thighs emphasised that Debbie had bared her bottom for punishment.

When I had undressed, I sat down next to Debbie on her left side next to the punishment strap. I caressed her bottom, over the smooth curve of her buttocks, then down between her thighs, running my hand up to her vulva, to her clit and then between her lips. Her lips were slick with her excitement.

"You have been a very naughty girl. I told you that you had to be home by eleven, but disobeyed", I told Debbie, playing the disciplinarian in her fantasy.

"I'm sorry, I lost track of time Sir", Debbie said. "I will be home on time in the future. I promise."

"It's a bit late for promises, young lady. This is not the first time I've had to spank you for being late. Since you did not learn your lesson over my knee, I am going to have to give you a whipping", I said sternly.

"Yes, Sir", Debbie said quietly, sounding resigned to her punishment.

I stood up and picked up the strap.

"Push your bottom up", I ordered

Debbie arched her back, pushing her bottom up, presenting her buttocks for the strap, or her pussy for fucking.

Debbie let out a soft cry as I brought the strap down hard across Debbie's bottom. I gave the strokes slowly, every five seconds or so. The strap left a wide pink line across her buttocks, which blushed pink, shading toward red as I whipped her.

Debbie kept her bottom up, submitted for punishment, as she took the strokes of the strap across her ass. Even when I whipped her upper thighs, she did not clench her bottom or move out of position.

After I had given Debbie ten strokes, I noticed that her soft cries of pain as I whipped her had turned into crying. Debbie's buttocks, still perfectly presented, shuddering slightly with her sobs as I administered her fifteenth stroke.

I sat down next to her and caressed her, giving her a moment to catch her breath. Debbie's bottom was red and warm under my hand. As I caressed her, Debbie kept her bottom up, her thighs slightly spread. As I caressed her Debbie's sobs subsided to soft crying. I kissed her and got up, moving to her right side so I could punish her buttocks evenly.

I began whipping her again. After the first few strokes Debbie's cries had turned to sobs. "I'll be a good girl. I'll never be late again. Please don't whip me any more", Debbie begged between sobs.

The only reply I gave was to bring the strap down again hard across her buttocks. Debbie promised to be a good girl twice more as I whipped her, before she seemed to resign herself to punishment, sobbing as the strap cracked across her bottom. Even while begging me to stop whipping her, Debbie kept her bottom arched up, taking the strap across relaxed buttocks.

When I had given Debbie another fifteen strokes I told her that the whipping was over. I told her that she had been a good girl and taken her punishment very well.

My cock had been very hard since I came into Debbie's room and saw her bent over the end of her bed with the strap next to her, waiting for her whipping. I went to the night stand and took a condom out of the drawer and put it on.

Debbie's bottom was still arched up, a deep red from her whipping. She was still crying when I entered her, pushing my cock deep inside her. I started slowly, with shallow thrusts at first. Debbie braced her arms on the bed, the covers gripped tightly in her hands as I started to take her harder, pulling half way out before thrusting hard all the way into her. I could feel her buttocks under me, hot from the whipping. I imagined that her bottom was very sore and that as I slammed into her, it was like giving her another spanking.

I wanted to give Debbie the long hard fucking that she fantasized about after her whipping, so I tried to last as long as I could. As my excitement built, I would stop and let it subside a little before I started thrusting into her again. As I took her, Debbie's crying slowly faded, replaced by little moans as she took my cock. After a while I stopped trying to resist my orgasm, giving my thrusts hard and fast. My orgasm, when it finally came, was a flash of white light, throwing all thought from my minds with its intensity.

Debbie and I moved up on the bed. She lay on her side, partially over me and kissed me on the lips hard several times. "That was amazing, my love. Even better than my fantasy", Debbie said kissing me again.

"You didn't come", I said.

"I am sure that can do something about that", Debbie said, her voice soft breathy.

Debbie's panties had fallen down around her ankles and I slipped them off. She spread legs and I moved between her thighs. I licked her pussy until she had a shuddering orgasm, pressing my face into her pussy as she came.

In addition to the sex spankings that Debbie gave me, she also administered a few punishment spankings as well. These were usually for things like not cleaning up after myself or leaving my clothing on the floor. Getting paddled over Debbie's knee when she punished me was different from our sex spankings. When Debbie punished me, I knew that I was getting a spanking because I had disappointed Debbie. This hurt more than the spankings she gave me.

Even two sex crazed teenagers could not spank and make love all the time. We went to movies and walked around the Huntsville. We went on hikes and picnics in the regional parks. Although watching Debbie walking in front of me in a pair of shorts lead some outdoor sex. After we found an isolated spot, Debbie welted my bottom with a switch before I lay under her and she rode me.

I enjoyed spending time with Debbie, even we were just sitting together and reading. She was an interesting person to talk to and she had a great sense of humor. Looking back at that summer I spent with Debbie, it seems like a golden time.

I had my sixteenth birthday in late June. With my sixteenth birthday I had reached the "age of consent" in Alabama, which removed the legal issue of Debbie and I being lovers.

Debbie asked if I wanted to have a birthday party. Most of the people I knew were away for the summer. What I really wanted to do was spend the time with Debbie anyway.

My mother called and we all talked. I told her about some of the more innocent things that Debbie and I did. My mother mentioned again that it sounded like I was happy and she thanked Debbie for taking such good care of me. Debbie gave me some presents my mother had sent and a present that she picked out. We had dinner together at an Italian restaurant.

That night we made love and Debbie gave me an erotic birthday spanking.

Debbie and I both had academic work, although school was out

My High School gave us a reading list for the summer and we were required to read a book a week and write a two to four page report on each book. One of the punishment spankings that Debbie gave me that summer was for procrastinating on my reading assignments.

Debbie had a math and a physics book that she was working through that summer for the work that she would be doing with school started. When Debbie worked on math or physics she worked with complete focus. She also exchanged emails with the professor she would be working with in the fall.

Shopping for a cane

"When I talked to your mother last night, I mentioned that I was surprised that you are not spanked with a cane at home", Debbie said one morning after we had finished breakfast.

"You said what?", I replied, horrified at what this might mean.

"You are getting cane if you misbehave at school. So it makes sense that you would also be spanked with the cane at home too", Debbie said, sounding matter of fact. "You mother agreed, so we are going to go shopping for a cane today", Debbie added.

Debbie was still wearing a cotton nightie and went upstairs to change. When she came down she was wearing a sun dress that came down to her mid-thigh. The dress was white, with small blue flowers and it had a scoop neckline that showed off the tops of her breasts. Debbie had gathered the sides of her dark hair into a ponytail that left the rest of her hair falling beneath it. I told her that she looked beautiful.

We got into the car and drove to the saddle shop. Walking into the shop, I could not believe that we were there and shopping for a cane that I would be spanked with.

The front of the shop had several custom saddles and other custom horse tack. Debbie went over to one of the saddles and ran her hand over the leather.

"Can I help you find something", a woman asked Debbie. The woman was tall, slightly taller than Debbie. She had black hair that feel to the shoulders of her white button down shirt. The shirt was tucked into a pair of tight tan riding pants with a black belt at her waist. She was wearing black boots that came up over her calves. The smooth curve of the woman's bottom looked very nice in the riding pants.

"Your saddles are beautiful", Debbie said.

"Thank you", the woman replied. "I'm Ella", she said holding our her hand.

Debbie shook Ella's hand and introduced us. She mentioned that she was taking care of me for the summer while my mother was gone.

"I made most of the saddles here, although I also sell some from other saddle makers. Are you interested in a saddle", Ella asked.

"Not today", Debbie replied. "I am familiar with your punishment straps from, shall we say, both sides. I'm looking for a cane."

Ella lead us to the back of the store. On the back right wall, out of direct sight of the front of the store, there were a variety of punishment straps and spanking paddles hanging on the wall under a row of small spotlights.

Many of the punishment straps were basic brown harness leather, like the strap I got spanked with. A few straps had smooth leather where the strap would be applied across the bottom and a hand tooled leather back. Debbie took one of these straps off the wall and examined the decorative work. "You do amazing work. These are really beautiful too", Debbie said.

"Thank you", Ella said.

Debbie looked at the spanking paddles that hung next to the punishment straps. She took down one of the paddles and told Ella that this was just like the paddle that I got spanked with.

"That paddle is designed for younger children. It is thinner and smaller so it can be used on smaller bottom", Ella said. "I recommend using a different paddle for spanking teenagers", Ella said pointing to another paddle on the wall. "I designed this paddle for use on teenage children. It is heavier, longer and wider for spanking a more mature bottom."

Debbie put the paddle she had in her hand back on the wall and took down the paddle that Ella had pointed out. The paddle had a round handle, like a hairbrush, and a square blade with rounded edges. It was made of a dark, almost purple wood. Debbie ran her fingers over the smooth surface of the paddle.

"That paddle is made from a wood called 'purple heart'", Ella said.

"I imagine that it hurts more than the other paddle", Debbie said.

"Yes, it does. How old are you?", Ella asked.

Debbie looked surprised at the question. "I'm nineteen", Debbie said.

"We can go to my office and I can give you a chance to see how each paddle feels", Ella said.

"Ah, OK", Debbie she said, blushing.

"Come with me", Ella said, taking the paddle from Debbie's hand and the other paddle from the wall.

Debbie followed Ella through a door and Ella shut it behind them. It was rather strange being left standing there, but then the whole experience of shopping for implements that I would be spanked with was strange.

After a minute or so I heard four smacks that sounded like a paddle being used on a bare bottom. Then there was a pause, followed by another four smacks. A couple of minutes later Ella opened the door and Debbie followed her out, rubbing her bottom under her dress.

"Thank you for the paddle demonstration", Debbie said.

"It was my pleasure. You have a lovely bottom", Ella replied.

Debbie told Ella that she wanted to buy "the paddle for teenagers", since she agreed that I should not be getting spanked with a paddle designed for small children. "That paddle definitely hurts more", Debbie said.

"You said that you also wanted go buy a cane?", Ella asked.

"Yes", Debbie replied.

Ella pointed to an umbrella stand. "The canes are over here. The thinner canes have more sting. The thicker canes have more impact. I can help you pick out a cane of you tell me a bit about how it is going to be used."

"The cane will be used across this young man's bare bottom", Debbie said. I felt my face flush.

I wondered why I had agreed to go shopping with Debbie to buy a cane that would be used across my bottom. Of course part of the answer was that she would have given me a spanking if I refused and then I would have ended up going anyway. Also, while this was embarrassing, it was also very erotic. I was glad that I was wearing loose trousers and I hoped that my erection didn't show.

Ella picked up a cane and handed it to Debbie. "This is a medium weight cane", she said. "The thickness is good for spanking a boy's bare bottom. Boys have firmer bottoms than girls, so a somewhat heavier cane is best. This length is also easier to control."

The cane Debbie was holding was a deep tan color. It looked about as thick as the tip of my little finger. The cane was about two and a half feet long and had a leather covered handle. There was a loop at the end so the cane could be hung up.

Debbie tried a couple of cuts through the air with the cane. "This is good", Debbie said, "I'll take it also."

"Do you need anything else?", Ella asked.

"No thank you. I think that this will do it for today", Debbie said.

I watched Ella's bottom as she lead us to the cash register. Debbie paid with a debit card that my mother gave her for shopping and other expenses.

Following Debbie to the car, I worried for a moment that someone I knew would see me following Debbie, carrying the cane and the new paddle in her right hand. Most of the kids I knew who were my age were spanked when the misbehaved. But it would have been embarrassing if people knew that the spanking implements that Debbie was carrying would be used on my bottom.

As we were driving away Debbie said "When we get home, you're getting a spanking young man. I saw you ogling Ella's bottom. You just couldn't keep your eyes off her. That's very disrespectful, both to her and, especially, to me", Debbie said sternly.

"She was wearing those tight riding pants. It was hard not to look at her bottom", I protested.

"A lack of self-control is no excuse, young man", Debbie said. "When we get home we are going to try out the new paddle."

Debbie didn't say anything else while we drove home. I knew that I had stared at Ella's bottom and I felt guilty about it. Debbie was beautiful and I was in love with her. I should not even think of looking at another woman.

"Go to your room and get ready for your spanking", Debbie ordered, sounding very stern.

I went up to my room, undressed to my briefs and waited for Debbie.

Debbie knocked on my door and came into the room. Seeing her in the sun dress, I thought again about how beautiful she was. The next thing that I noticed was that she had the new paddle in her right hand.

I stood up and Debbie went over to me. She put her left hand behind my head and kissed me on the lips. Then she sat down on the edge of my bed.

"Do we need to discuss why you're getting a spanking?", Debbie asked.

"No, Ma'am", I answered.

"OK. Pull down your pants and bend over my knee", Debbie ordered.

"Your punishment is going to be forty smacks on each cheek", Debbie told me when I was lying across her knee with my briefs around my knees.

"Do you have anything to say before I spank you?", Debbie asked

"You are beautiful and I love you. I'm sorry I was disrespectful. I know I deserve a hard spanking."

Debbie began paddling me, alternating cheeks. The new paddle hurt more than the paddle I was used to being spanked with. I had a hard time staying still and not clenching my bottom as Debbie spanked me. As I lay over her knee, crying while she paddled me, I thought about how I had hurt her feelings. I felt that I deserved the pain the paddle was inflicting on my bare bottom.

Debbie had been holding me tightly over her knee while she punished me. When the paddling was over she let me go and told me that I could get up. She stood up as well and pulled the sun dress over her head. She was not wearing underwear and in that one motion she was naked. Debbie lay on the bed, on her side and took me in her arms and held me, cradling my head on her breasts until I stopped crying.

When I moved between her thighs and started licking her pussy, I found that she was very wet. I only licked her for a few minutes before she had an orgasm that left her out of breath.

When Debbie caught her breath, she had me lie on my back and she rode me until we came together. Afterward, she held me again, petting my hair as I lay against her breasts.

"I was not really upset that you were ogling Ella's bottom", Debbie said. "She has a lovely bottom and I looked at it too."

"I was wet the whole time we were looking at the straps and paddles. I think that Ella may have guessed how turned on I was, which is why she offered to let me see what how the new paddle felt."

"Having Ella give me a few smacks on my bare bottom didn't help. When we walked out of her office, I just wanted an excuse to give you a hard spanking with that lovely new paddle. Also, I've always thought that the 'You're getting a spanking when we get home' scene was very hot."

"When you told me you were going to spank me when we got home, I got very hard", I said. "But I'm glad that I didn't really hurt your feelings. I really did feel guilty. You are so beautiful and I only have eyes for you. But sometimes when an attractive bottom goes by, it's hard not to look."

"I know, love. We can look together. Just try not to be too obvious about it."

"You know, you don't need an excuse to spank me", I said softly. "You can spank me when ever you want, however you want."

Debbie kissed me and patted my bottom. "I know, love. This bottom is mine."

Trying Out the New Cane

One lazy Sunday afternoon in early August, when Debbie and I were cuddling after making love, she said "No more sex until next Sunday, love. The rules for the week are that we can kiss, but no touching anywhere that you can't touch at a school dance. Then on Sunday I will give you a nice long punishment spanking and we will make love. We can try out the new cane."

With sex and, really, everything else, I followed Debbie's lead. So I agreed.

"Promise me that you will not masturbate. I know you're going to want to, but you have to promise me that you won't", Debbie said.

"I promise", I said. "But you can't get yourself off either"

"I promise that I'll be a good girl and I will not masturbate", Debbie said.

Debbie and I usually made love at least every other day, so it was difficult to spend a week behaving as if nuns were watching us. I was used to putting my hand on Debbie's bottom when I took her in my arms and kissed her. Now when I did this Debbie would move my hand to her waist.

Knowing that we were going to have a spanking and love making session on Sunday gave us something to fantasize about and look forward to. At least in my case, I constantly thought about the punishment spanking that Debbie had promised to give me.

Debbie told me that she sometimes had to change her panties twice a day because she was constantly wet.

The only sexual outlet we allowed ourselves was kissing. We would sit on the living room couch watching a movie and kiss. I would not have wanted to give up our extended kissing sessions, but they made the sexual tension worse. I had to resist the urge to caress Debbie's breasts as I usually did when we kissed.

To try to get her mind off of sex, Debbie worked on her math and physics. I read three books from the summer reading list and wrote three book reports.

Finally Sunday arrived. Debbie wore a short blue sun dress that showed off her legs. It was short enough that I saw a flash of white panty when she bent over. I don't think that it was an accident that this dress served to inflame my desire for Debbie even more. I suggested that we make love after breakfast.

"No, let's wait until this evening. We've waited all week. We can wait a few more hours", Debbie said.

That night Debbie called in a take-out order for Chinese food and we ate an early dinner.

After dinner we went sat in the living room and kissed. Debbie slipped the shoulder straps of her sun dress down, baring her breasts so I could caress her as we kissed.

"I told you that I was going to give you a punishment spanking. But you have been a good boy, so it would not be fair to give you such a hard spanking without your consent. I can give you a foreplay spanking instead.", Debbie said

"I've been thinking about the punishment spanking all week. My cock gets hard when ever I think about it. I'll your punishment", I said softly.

Debbie kissed me. "I am going to spank you just like I would if you really needed to be punished. I am going to hurt you and you will be crying when I'm done. Is that what you want?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I know that you're going to cane me and that it will hurt. I want to take my spanking for you", I said.

"Thank you, my love", Debbie said kissing me.

Debbie slipped the straps of her dress back up to her shoulders. "Now I want you to go upstairs and get ready for your spanking. When you're ready, come down to the living room and wait for me."

As I turned to go upstairs, Debbie smacked me on the bottom.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and changed into a pair of clean briefs. Then I went down to the living room. Debbie was still upstairs and I sat down on the couch to wait for her.

Lying on the coffee table in front of me was the cane. Looking at the cane, I wondered how much it would hurt. Would the caning that Debbie was going to give me hurt as much as the caning I got from Mrs. Wilson?

I looked up when I heard Debbie come down stairs. She was wearing her sheer black babydoll nightie and a pair of black high heeled shoes. All I could think of as Debbie walked toward me was how beautiful she was. The nightie just covered her panties and her bare legs looked long and sexy in the heels.

I stood up as I watched her. Debbie came over to me, close, taking me in her arms. She slipped her right hand inside the back of my briefs, cupping my buttock and pressing me against her as she kissed me.

"I want you to remember this when I spank you", Debbie said, kissing me again.

"Are you ready to take your punishment, my love?", Debbie said, her voice soft and husky.

"Yes, Ma'am"

Debbie sat down on the couch, her thighs spread. "All right, then. Slip your pants off. I'll take you over my knee and before I cane you."

I took off my briefs, put them on the coffee table and went over to Debbie. Debbie caressed my cock, which was very hard. "I'm going to have fun with this latter", she said petting the shaft of my cock. "But first I am going to punish you. Bend over my knee please."

I lay over Debbie's left thigh, with my upper body resting on the couch. Debbie held me firmly with her left hand on my hip. She caressed my bottom, which felt very erotic. "I'm going to spank you now, honey", she said.

Debbie started spanking me hard, alternating buttocks. I loved the intimacy of being spanked over Debbie's knee. After a week of lusting after Debbie and now, lying naked over her knee, with the soft warm skin of her thigh under my cock and her palm smacking my bottom, only the pain of the spanking stopped me from coming on her thigh. As she spanked me, I started to cry out with each smack.

My bottom was stinging when Debbie stopped spanking me. Debbie caressed me, petting my bottom and my upper thighs. "Stand up please", Debbie said. My cock was still hard when I got up.

Debbie took me by the arm and lead me around to the back of the couch. "Bend over, please", Debbie ordered.

She positioned me so that I was bent over the middle of the couch, with the back under my hips, my arms straight, my palms on the seat of the couch and my legs together. "Face forward and look up, please", Debbie said.

She caressed my bottom, running her hand over my cheeks. "I want you to stay just like this, love. Keep your head up, so that your bottom will be arched up for me."

I watched as Debbie picked up the cane from the Coffee table, walking behind me.

Debbie patted my bottom. "I'm going to give you forty-two strokes across your bottom and upper thighs. The last twelve will be extra hard."

"Keep your hands on the seat of the couch and don't stand up, honey. If you move your hands off the couch or stand up, I will start over, and you really don't want that."

"If you move after I give you a cane stroke, I expect you to immediately get back into position, just like you are now. If I have to tell you to get back in position, I will add an extra stroke to your punishment."

Debbie patted my bottom. "I'm going to cane you now, my love."

I heard the swish of the cane as Debbie gave me a stroke across my bottom. I cried out as the hot pain spread out from where the stroke landed.

Debbie gave me a cane stroke every five seconds or so. The pace of the cane strokes allowed me to feel the pain of each stroke before Debbie gave me the next one. I was crying after the first ten strokes. For every four or five cane strokes Debbie gave me across my bottom, she gave me a stroke across the top of my thighs.

I had managed to stay in position, with my head up and my buttocks presented for the cane until Debbie gave me the first stroke across my upper thighs, just below my cheeks. The stroke hurt more than the strokes across my bottom. I managed to keep my hands on the seat of the couch, but I squirmed, moving my hips to the side until Debbie told me to get back in position.

After what seemed like a long time, Debbie said "That's fifteen, honey". She caressed my bottom and thighs, feeling the heat of my punished cheeks under her hand. "I'm going to give you another fifteen from the other side now."

Debbie moved to my right side. I felt the cane tap my bottom and then the swish of the cane as Debbie administered the next stroke. I cried through the next set of fifteen strokes, doing my best to keep my head up and my bottom presented for punishment. Debbie scolded me a few more times for not getting back in position when she caned my thighs.

"That's thirty. I'm going to have to give you another four strokes for not getting back in position until I told you to", Debbie said.

She gave me another four cane strokes, two on one side and two on the other, faster than she had given the previous strokes.

Debbie caressed my hair, moving her hand down to my bottom, stroking my buttocks. Her hand felt cool on my hot skin.

"What is going to happen next, my love?", Debbie asked, her voice soft.

"You are going to give me another twelve strokes. Extra hard", I answered reluctantly, still crying.

"That's right, honey. I am going to give you eight welts across your bottom and four across your thighs. I'll give them slowly so you have time to get in position for the next stroke. Now get that bottom up for me!"

I looked forward and arching my bottom up. As Debbie promised, the cane strokes she gave me were very hard and the pain was intense. I cried out and squirmed as the pain flowed from where the cane landed and the welts rose. I had learned my lesson from the extra strokes Debbie gave me. I did not want any extras like these. I got back in position after each stroke, arching my back, offering my buttocks for the next cane stroke.

With every two strokes Debbie gave me across my bottom, she gave me a stroke across my upper thighs. I thought of Debbie kissing me as I cried and struggled to stay in position, with bottom arched up for the cane. Debbie gave me a final stroke across my upper thighs and the caning was over.

"You can get up now, honey", Debbie said.

When I stood up my face was wet with tears. I cupped my punished buttocks in my hands, massaging the sore cheeks. My skin felt hot and I could feel welts under my fingers.

Debbie walked around to the front of the couch and put the cane down on the coffee table. "Come here, honey", she said as she sat down on the couch.

When I went over to Debbie, she had me kneel in front of her, between her spread thighs. She folded her arms around me, hugging me gently. I could feel her breasts against my face, soft and warm under the sheer material of nightie. Debbie held me, kissing my hair and caressing my back until I stopped crying.

"Come with me", Debbie said when we stood up.

I followed Debbie upstairs, watching her bottom beneath the transparent nightie and string bikini panties. Debbie lead me into her bedroom, to the end of her bed. The ottoman was pushed up against end of the bed with a pillow above it. Lying next to the pillow was the punishment strap.

Debbie took me into her arms, her left hand behind my head and gave me a long, lingering kiss on the lips.

"Bend over the end of the bed, my love. I am going to give you a whipping", Debbie said when the kiss ended, her body still pressed against me, her lips close to my ear, her voice soft.

I knelt on the ottoman and bent over, with the pillow under my hips.

"If you are paddled first, a whipping will hurt less because the paddling numbs your bottom", Debbie said said meditatively as she caressed me. "But a caning leaves your bottom sore and welted, so the whipping will hurt more", She traced the lines of the cane welts on my bottom with her fingers.

"I am going to give you forty strokes across your bottom and your thighs. The last ten will be extra hard", Debbie told me. "Now, get your bottom up for me."

I pushed my bottom out and arched up.

Debbie patted my bottom, first one cheek, then the other. "That's good, love. I want you to stay just like that."

Debbie brought the punishment strap down hard across my ass. She gave every third stroke across my upper thighs. As Debbie observed, my bottom and thighs were very sore and I started crying after the first few strokes. I tried to focus on keeping my bottom up, still and presented for the punishment strap. I thought about the deep kiss she gave me before she bent me over the bed. Presenting my bottom and taking my whipping was a way for me to give myself to Debbie. By the time Debbie announced that she had given me fifteen strokes, I was crying.

Debbie caressed my buttocks and let me catch my breath briefly, before she switched sides and began whipping me again. As I cried as the strap punished my bottom, my world narrowed down to the pain of the whipping as Debbie punished me. Finally she announced that she had given me thirty strokes.

"You don't have to keep your bottom up now", Debbie said. "I am going to give you the last ten strokes very hard. Relax over the pillow, love, and our punishment will be over soon."

Debbie exhaled sharply as she swung the strap down hard across my buttocks. I cried out with each stroke. After giving me four strokes across my bottom and one stroke on my thighs, Debbie switched sides and repeated the pattern. I was sobbing when Debbie told me that my whipping was over and I could get up.

Debbie slipped the spaghetti straps of her nightie down over her arms. The sheer material slid down her body, pooling around her ankles. She stepped out of the nightie, leaving her naked except for her sheer black bikini panties. "Come here, honey", she said, lying down on the bed.

I lay down next to Debbie and she took me in her arms. She held me as I cried, my face pillowed against her breasts. Debbie rocked me gently and stroked my hair until I stopped crying.

Debbie gave me a long kiss on my lips. As we kissed, I caressed her breasts. Her nipples were erect and she moaned softly as I gently sucked on them, first on one breast then the other.

"Give me your hand", Debbie said.

She took my hand and guided it between her thighs, moving my fingers to the crotch of her panties. Her panties were sheer over her pussy and the thin material was damp with her excitement.

"Punishing you me very wet", Debbie said, her voice low and sexy.

I started to gently rub her clit, under the thin material of her panties. "Not yet", Debbie said, moving my hand away from her pussy.

"May I lick your pussy?", I asked.

"What a naughty boy you are", Debbie said in mock shock. "Asking to lick your disciplinarian's pussy, right after she gave you a punishment spanking. Really, the nerve, young man. The privilege of licking my pussy is not without a price. If you want to lick my pussy you will have to bend over my knee take a paddling."

"I'll take a paddling", I said.

"I'd think carefully. You have a very sore bottom, young sir. If I paddle you, I can assure you that it will really hurt", Debbie said.

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand."

"OK, love. You may lick my pussy. But I will give you twenty smacks on each cheek for every orgasm you give me."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I had fantasized all week about licking Debbie's pussy and giving her orgasms. After feeling how wet she was, all I could think about was licking her. I would have agreed to almost anything, so it was easy to agree to take a paddling. I knew the spanking would hurt, but that was in the future, after I had licked her pussy.

I kissed Debbie's vulva and nuzzled her clit through the sheer crotch of her panties. Debbie arched her hips up so I could slip her panties down her legs. I put a pillow under her bottom to push her hips up.

I started licking Debbie's pussy, moving my tongue up over her lips to her clit. I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue and moved my tongue over the hood of her clit. She was very wet as I licked her and after a few minutes she started to push into my tongue, her hands on my head, guiding me, pressing into me as she orgasmed.

I kept licking Debbie after she came, licking the inside of her vulva and inner lips.

"That feels so good", Debbie said. "If you keep doing that you're going to make me come again. Do you really want to another twenty smacks, naughty boy?"

I loved licking Debbie's pussy and I wanted to make her come again, so I told her that the paddling was worth the pleasure of licking her.

I moved my tongue down to the opening of Debbie's vagina, pushing my tongue into her and then moving it up over her lips to her clit.

As I licked Debbie's pussy, her excitement started to build slowly. I started concentrating on her clit more, flicking the hood with the tip of my tongue and gently sucking it.

As I licked Debbie's pussy, I imagined how I would soon be over Debbie's knee getting spanked with the paddle until I was crying. This fantasy made my cock very hard and I licked her pussy with enthusiasm.

When Debbie's orgasm arrived, she arched her back pushing her pussy against me lips and cried out softly. When the waves of her orgasm faded she pulled me up into her arms and we kissed.

"It's time to pay the piper, my love", Debbie said after her breathing slowed. "Please get the paddle from the nightstand".

I stood up and got the new paddle out the of top drawer of the nightstand. Debbie sat on the edge of the bed with her thighs spread. I handed her the paddle and lay over her left thigh with my upper body resting on the bed.

Debbie caressed my bottom. My cock was hard from licking Debbie's pussy. Her caresses felt very good.

"Lets see... You gave me two orgasms, you naughty boy, so you have forty smacks on each cheek coming. I hope that licking my pussy is worth the spanking you're going to get."

"Yes, Ma'am, it is", I said.

"We'll see if you still think so when you're crying under the paddle, love."

"When I spank you, I usually give you the last ten on each cheek extra hard. It would not be fair to do this without your consent since this was not part of the price you agreed to for licking my pussy."

"I'll take the extra hard smacks, Ma'am", I said softly, thinking that I might regret this.

"OK, honey." Debbie patted my bottom with the paddle. "Lie still and keep your bottom relaxed for me."

Debbie brought the paddle down hard on my right buttock, then my left. She spanked with an even rhythm, paddling each of my cheeks and then waiting a few seconds before administering the next pair of smacks. My bottom was welted from the cane and the punishment strap. As Debbie promised, the paddling on my sore bottom really hurt and I was crying soon after she started spanking me. I managed to lie still and take my punishment, but as the pain built I clenched my bottom a few times. Then Debbie would stop spanking me and scold me for clenching my buttocks. When I relaxed my bottom, she would start paddling me again.

When Debbie told me that she had given me thirty smacks on each cheek, I was lying limply over her knee, crying and resigned to my punishment.

Debbie stroked my bottom with her fingers, caressing my cheeks with her palm. After the paddle heating my bottom, her hand felt cool and sensual.

"You spanking is almost over, honey", Debbie said softly, her hand stroking my bottom. "You gave me such a lovely pussy licking, so I will let you choose. You may ask me to give you between five and twenty smacks on each cheek, extra hard."

The paddling had been very painful and a part of me dreaded taking this final part of my spanking, which would hurt even more. But there was another part of me that wanted Debbie to punish me.

"Please Ma'am", I said, still crying. "May I have twenty on each cheek, extra hard?"

"Are you sure that's what you want, sweetie?", Debbie asked.

"Yes, Ma'am", I said, starting to cry harder.

"All right, love", Debbie said, holding me tightly with her left arm as she started to paddle me again, giving me pairs of smacks on my buttocks, very hard. She spanked slowly, so that there was a brief wait before the next pair of smacks. I sobbed as Debbie paddled me, until finally she told me that she had given me twenty on each cheek.

Debbie held me over her knee, stroking my back and my bottom. "All over now", Debbie said as she caressed me.

After a few minutes Debbie patted my bottom and told me to stand up. I watched her lovely bottom as she walked to her bathroom. She came out a moment later with a bottle of body lotion.

Debbie sat down in the middle of the bed, with her back against the headboard and her legs out in front of her. She had me walk around to the left side of the bed and lie over her lap, with my bottom positioned over her left thigh.

Debbie put lotion on my bottom, in the center of each cheek, gently rubbing the lotion over my skin. The lotion felt cool on my cheeks, which were hot and sore. I relaxed over Debbie's lap as she rubbed the lotion over my bottom and my upper thighs.

"Spread your legs", Debbie ordered, rubbing the lotion into the base of my cock and then up between my cheeks.

I clenched my bottom as her fingers moved between my buttocks. Debbie spanked one cheek, then the other.

"Relax your bottom", she ordered. When I relaxed, she rubbed the lotion between my cheeks and over my anus. I was embarrassed at how good this felt.

The gentle massage and caresses Debbie gave me with the lotion felt very good and my cock start to get hard. Debbie asked me to get up from her lap and she lay down on the bed, on her back. She arched her back up and put a pillow under her bottom.

"Come here, my love", Debbie said, her voice soft and husky.

I lay between her spread thighs. She reached down and guided my cock to her pussy. She was very wet and I moved easily into her.

"Lie still for a moment, love", Debbie said as I started to thrust into her. "Kiss me", she said as she put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

Lying above Debbie, inside her, wrapped in her arms as we kissed, felt deeply intimate.

"When you asked me to give you twenty on each cheek, extra hard, I almost came. Paddling you like that made me very wet.", Debbie said after we had kissed for a while. "I want you to fuck me now."

As I started to thrust into her, Debbie moved her hands down to my bottom, cupping my cheeks in her hands, guiding the timing of my thrusts. The mild pain from her squeezing my sore buttocks as I thrust into her was very erotic. As I thrust into Debbie, harder and faster, she started to make soft moans with every thrust. As she started to come, she moved her hand to the back of my head, pulling my head down and kissing me hard on the lips as her pussy contracted with her orgasm. Kissing Debbie and feeling her come brought on my orgasm, with a flash of white light as I gasped for breath.

Afterward, I held Debbie in my arms and we both fell asleep.

When I woke up, Debbie was spooning against me, feeling soft and warm. My cock was hard and nestled against her bottom.

Debbie got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, she had my lie on my back. She straddled me, guiding my cock into her, riding me as I caressed her breasts until she came.

I had not come, so Debbie got her hands and knees, her head down and her hands braced against the headboard. She looked fantastically sexy with her bottom up and her thighs spread. I took her from behind, slamming into her until I came.

The End of Idyll

Spending that summer with Debbie was a magic time. This was a time before we had the pressures and obligations that we would have in later years. Debbie and I played house together. We cleaned the house a couple of times a week, did laundry, cooked dinner, all with lots of sex and spankings. I got to experience living intimately with a woman who was my lover.

Denial is an underrated coping mechanism. Denial is a way to deal with things that we don't want, but cannot change.

The Buddhists tell us that we should live in the moment. Denial can help us live in the moment without thinking about the future.

I knew that the summer would come to end and that I would lose Debbie, perhaps forever.

Debbie had been accepted in a year long study abroad program at the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Physics in Switzerland. She would be leaving for Europe in early September.

The only way I could deal with the approaching end of my time with Debbie was to deny it and engage in magical thinking. Somehow, summer would never end. Or I would not lose Debbie. Mainly, I just avoided thinking about it.

Although I loved being with Debbie, I also missed my mother terribly and I was looking forward to her coming back. In my magical thinking, I didn't consider that this would mean that Debbie would be leaving.

On a Friday afternoon in late August, an airport limousine dropped my mother off at our house. Debbie and I went out to the car and my mother gave me a long hug and then hugged Debbie.

The three of us spent the weekend together. My mother asked Debbie if I had behaved while she was gone. Debbie told her that I had been wonderful. My mother asked Debbie if she had to spank me for anything other than cutting class. Debbie diplomatically said that she did have to spank me a few times, but that she would prefer to keep this between she and I. My mother politely honored this request.

My mother had been working long hours throughout the summer and that weekend was a chance to relax a little. The three of us went to a movie and spent time talking. My mother told us about the oil field mapping project that had consumed her time that summer.

We went out to dinner on Friday and Saturday. Debbie wore dresses both nights with her hair up, leaving her neck bare. I had to resist telling her how beautiful she looked. I think that my mother noticed the way I looked at Debbie, but she put it down to a crush.

Debbie had a razor sharp mind and was gifted in mathematics. I think that my mother thought of Debbie as a daughter that she never had. They spent time talking about Debbie's interests and the work that Debbie would be doing.

The problem with denial is that events always catch up with you. Debbie and I made dinner on Sunday night and Debbie packed. Debbie's mother was going to come pick her up at 3:00 on Monday afternoon. Debbie told me that my mother had paid her generously for the summer and that night my mother gave Debbie an envelope of Euros for her trip.

On Monday morning, before my mother went to work, she thanked Debbie for taking such good care of me. She hugged Debbie and told her to keep in touch, kissing her on the cheek.

Looking back, one of the things I remember the about Debbie is her kindness and courage.

After my mother left, we sat in the livingroom and talked. Debbie leaving was the worst emotional pain that I had felt so far in my life. Debbie sat close to me and talked. She told me that she had always cared for me and that the summer we spent together had been wonderful. She was going to CERN and I would start my junior year of high school. We were parting not because she didn't care for me or because she was unhappy with me. We were parting because we were pursing different paths in our lives.

I was in love with Debbie. I think that she loved me, but she was not in love with me. I cried, sobbing with the pain of losing Debbie. She held me and cried a bit too. Her courage was to experience my pain with me, because she cared for me.

After a break-up with a lover, people often ask themselves what they did wrong, could they have done something differently and why were they left? Debbie's gift to me was to take all these questions away. The pain was still there, but that afternoon she spent with me made our parting easier, at least in the long run.

We had lunch and talked more, about the coming year and our summer together. Debbie held me again, and kissed me. Then her mother came and I helped her carry her bags to the car. And then Debbie was gone.