The Beach House

The house in this story really exists, although unfortunately the events recounted here are only fiction. Our family lost access to the house, but I will never forget it. For many years, before development grew up around the house, it was alone near the end of a rocky point of land. The house was right on the beach, sitting on top of a granite and concrete sea wall. It could get spooky out there at night. There were no lights near the house, and it was pitch dark at night. The wind would whistle through the spanish tile roof and blow against the plate glass windows that looked out to sea. Intellectually I don't believe in ghosts. But the mind can play tricks at night and it was one night, when I was there alone, when I thought I saw a ghost.

From about the age of ten, I would go with my family to the beach house. As I started to grow into a sexual person I had fantasies of being alone with a girl there, where we would spend days filled with sex, spanking and the sea. I did take three women there over the years. Perhaps because I had built it up so much in my fantasies, there was only one time when the experience came near my fantasies. This was the last time I visited the house, shortly before we lost it. For me paradise would be endless days in that house with books, great food, and a sex and spanking obsessed woman.

The beach house was right off the beach. So close that the ocean had washed through it on a few occasions when the combination of wind and high tide was just right. The house was on a point of land that formed a small bay. Beachgoers went to the other side of the bay, where there was a parking lot. Few people ever went to the end of the bay where the house was sited.

John and Lisa had rented the house for two weeks and had been there two days. When john came back from his morning run on the beach he found Lisa sitting reading a book in the livingroom. She was wearing a short sundress, white cotton with blue print hibiscus flowers. Her blond hair was tied in a pony tail with a blue bandanna.

"How was your run?" Lisa asked. She loved the way he looked in the thin tight nylon shorts and the tee shirt with the arms cut off.

"It was great. It's a beautiful day, warm, but not too hot"

"When you're done with your shower I want you to bring me the ruler paddle. I want you naked, except for your panties."

John had once tried to correct Lisa's reference to his underwear: boys wore brief, girls wore panties. At the time this had been unwise since she was giving him a spanking and had just ordered him to "pull down his panties". His attempt at supplying the proper definition for men's underwear resulted in an extra ten strokes with the cane, given hard across his bare ass with the afore mentioned "panties" around his knees.

"Have I done something naughty?" John asked.

"We'll talk about it when you're done with your shower. Now off you go." Lisas told him.

John went to the bedroom and showered and shaved. Standing in the shower he tried to think of something that he had done (or not done) to earn a spanking. But he could not think of anything. In theory he was in that sin free state of the recently spanked, having paid for all of he previous sins.

Two days ago, on Sunday, Lisa had given him a long hard spanking. She spanked him every Sunday, whether he had been naughty or not. Sometimes the spankings were mixed with caresses and were a prelude to sex. Last Sunday she had given him a punishment spanking. Lisa kept a small sheet of lined memo paper pinned to the refrigerator with a magnet on which she wrote his "spankable offenses". John thought of as The List. Before Lisa spanked him she would give him what he thought of as his "sentence", assigning a particular number of strokes with a particular implement for each offense on The List. The implements in question were usually the cane, whip or bath brush,

John spent Sundays in suspense, especially if there were several items on Lisa's list. John never knew exactly when Lisa would spank him. She usually gave spankings on Sunday afternoon, but there were occaions when she waited until bedtime, sending him to his room like a naughty boy to get ready for bed and his punishment. Sometimes when The List was empty, she spanked him in the morning, before they made love.

The week before they went on vacation John had looked apprensively at The List every time he got something out of the refrigerator. Early in the week The List had grown to include four offenses and John knew that this would mean a long painful spanking on Sunday. His hope that punishment spankings might be suspended during vacation, perhaps converted to erotic spankings was dashed when Saturday night he saw that Lisa had transplanted The List to the beach house refrigerator.

That Sunday after sending him to the bedroom to undress she had bent him over the end of the bed. After caning him, she gave him a whipping. Looking in the mirror after his shower two days later he noticed that the welts from the whipping, which had lined his bottom the day before, had faded.

When John was done showering and shaving he put on a pair of sheer black string bikini briefs. The semi-transparent fabric would not provide much padding between his buttocks and the paddle, but he knew Lisa thought he looked sexy in the brief. John got the ruler paddle from the drawer in the night stand.

When John returned to the living room he found Lisa seated in the middle of the couch. He went to her right side. She hiked up her dress, giving him a glimse of her sheer white lace panties, and held out her hand. John handed Lisa the paddle.

"Over my knee, Honey" she told him, patting her leg.

John lay over her lap, positioning his bottom over her bare right thigh.

Lisa caressed him between his buttocks, through the thin material of the panties. "You know that spanking you makes me wet", she said as she moved her hand down between his thighs, caressing the base of his cock.

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Whipping you on Sunday really turned me on, which is why I fucked you afterward." Lisa's caresses where making John cock hard, pressing against her high through his briefs.

"I want to spank you just for my pleasure. I want to give you a very hard spanking. I want to hurt you and listen to you cry like a spanked little boy. But since you have not been a naughty boy, I will not spank you without your consent. Will you take a hard spanking for me, my love?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Then I want you to ask me to give you a hard spanking" Lisa told him.

"Will you please give me a hard spanking?"

"Yes, I will, my love. Now shall we get started? Since I'm not punishing you, I'll let you have the first part of your warm-up spanking over your panties" Lisa told him, moving the paddle from her left hand to her right.

She brought the paddle down sharply across the seat of his panties. The paddle stung and the sting seemed to build as she paddled him. John now wished that he had worn a pair of cotton briefs instead of the sheer string bikinis.

"Pull down your panties for me, Honey" she told him after giving him twenty strokes. John stood up and pulled his panties down to his knees and then returned to Lisa's lap. The smooth skin of her thigh felt good under his cock.

Although the thin panties had not provided much protection from the paddle, the paddle hurt more across his bare bottom when Lisa started spanking him again. By the time she had finished giving him another twenty strokes the smack of the paddle was being echoed by an "Ow" from John.

Lisa caressed him bottom, petting his bare cheeks, running her finger down the cleft to the base of the cock. John breathing was faster and he moaned a little, rubbing his cock against Lisa's thigh. Lisa began spanking John again, paddling him harder now. She wanted to give him a long hard spanking and she did not want him to get too excited. Lisa gave him another twenty strokes. When she stopped paddling him John's bottom was red from the top of his buttocks to the tops of his thighs.

"I want you to go to the bedroom now and lay out a cane, the whip, the paddle ball paddle and the bath brush. I'll be there in a few minutes and I want you over the pillows ready for your caning", Lisa told him.

"Yes, Ma'am"

John got up from Lisa's lap, picked up his panties from the floor after stepping out of them. She watched his red bottom as he walked to the bedroom. She loved the way his ass looked, red from her punishment. Those cheeks would be much redder when she was done with him, Lisa thought to herself.

When Lisa went to the bedroom ten minutes later, she found John lying naked across the length of the bed, his bottom pushed up by two pillows under his hips. A black cane lay next to him on the left side. The black leather riding whip, the paddle ball paddle and the bath brush were laid out on the other side of the bed.

Lisa went to John's left side, where he could see he could see her. She unbuttoned the front of her sun dress and pulled it over her head, putting it on a chair behind her. She unhooked the front of her bra, sliding it off her shoulders, putting it with the dress. John thought that Lisa looked beautiful and very sexy, wearing nothing but a pair of sheer white lace string bikini panties.

Lisa loved seeing John like this, his ass pushed up by the pillows, presented, waiting for her to punish him. Lisa knelt on the side of the bed, next to John. She kissed his neck, caressing his ass and the base of his cock.

"Are you ready to take a caning for me, Darling?" She asked.

"Yes, Ma'am"

She stood up beside the bed. "Good boy", she told him.

Lisa had not told John which cane to lay out for his spanking. He had chosen the black synthetic cane, instead of one of the lighter rattan canes they sometimes used for sexual spankings. The black cane was the most painful cane they had and Lisa used it when she felt that John needed a particularly memorable punishment spanking. Lisa thought it was very sexy that, by choosing the punishment cane, John was showing her that he willingly accepted her punishment.

Lisa picked up the cane. She tapped his bottom lightly, measuring her stroke, before bringing the cane down hard across John's bottom. He took the first few strokes silently, but was soon crying out with each one. She gave the strokes slowly, letting the burn from each stroke spread before administering the next. After giving John twenty strokes she stopped to let him catch his breath. His buttocks were hot when she caressed him, running her finger across the welts left by the cane.

Lisa moved to the other side of the bed and began caning John again. For some reason Lisa's "backhand" was stronger than her "forehand" and the cane strokes hurt more now. The third stroke was especially painful and John cried out and squirmed, clenching his buttocks as the pain from the cane stroke burned across his bottom.

Lisa slapped John's right buttock with her hand. "You know better than to squirm and clench. You're going to have to take that stroke over. If there is any more squirming or clenching I'm going to have to give you punishment strokes. Now get that bottom up for me!"

"Yes, Ma'am" John replied, pushing his bottom up. He cried out as the cane lashed across his upraised ass.

John managed to avoid clenching his buttocks, keeping his bottom pushed up, presented for the cane, through most of the second set of twenty strokes. But near then end, as the pain built, without thinking he squirmed after Lisa gave him a cane stroke low across his bottom, near the top of his thighs.

"Naughty boy!" Lisa said. "What did I say would happen if you squirmed again?"

"That I'd get extras, Ma'am"

"That's right. You've just earned five extras. Now stay still and take your punishment or I'll have to make it ten"

Somehow John managed to stay still through the last three storkes, which Lisa gave very hard.

Lisa put the cane down and knelt beside John, caressing the base of his cock, kissing the back of his neck. "I'm afraid you caning is not over yet, darling" she whispered in his ear, sliding her fingers from the base of his cock up between his buttocks. "You still have five punishment strokes for being a naughty boy and not staying still for me. And I think that I'll give them across your thighs. Now put your thighs together so I can cane them".

Lisa stood up and picked up the cane. John's thighs were pressed together, white and unmarked. Lisa brought the cane down across the tops of John's thighs, leaving a deep red welt. He cried out. She gave the strokes very slowly, one every thirty seconds. When she finished, five red welts lined the tops of John's thighs.

Lisa leaned the cane on the night stand and went to the left side of the bed. She lay down next to John and took him in her arms, cradling his head against her bare breasts. He nuzzled between her breasts, comforted by their softness and their warmth after the pain of the caning. After a few minutes Lisa cupped her right breast in her hand, offering her nipple to John's mouth.

"Bite, gently" Lisa told him. She moaned as John sucked on her nipple and gently bit it. "You took such a hard spanking for me, Darling" Lisa said as she caressed John's hair. Lisa shifted slightly, offering John her left breast and nipple. She continued petting his hair as he sucked her breast. "I'm not finished spanking you, my love. I'm going to give you a whipping. I'm going to whip you hard. It is going to hurt a lot. Even more than the cane. Will you take a whipping for me, Darling? Will you cry for me?"

John moved away from her breast for a moment to answer "Yes, Ma'am, I'll take your whipping."

"Good boy" Lisa crooned as John took her nipple back in his mouth, taking comfort in her breasts, knowing that he would soon be taking the whip across his ass.

After a few minutes Lisa gently pulled her nipple from his mouth and stood up.

"Back over the pillows, darling", Lisa ordered.

She got the black leather riding whip and moved to the left side of the bed. She caressed John's bottom with the tip of the whip, running it lightly between his cheeks and down over his thigh.

"Ask me to whip you, my love"

"Please whip me, Ma'am" John asked obediently.

"I will, my love. Bottom up please!"

Looking at John's upraised bottom, as he waited to for the first stroke of the whip made Lisa's heart beat faster. John's bottom was crimson and covered with welts. The five welts from the cane still stood out on his thighs. She let him wait for a moment, sliding her fingers inside her panties. She was very wet.

Lisa raised the whip to shoulder height and brought it down hard across Johns buttocks. As Lisa promised, the whip hurt more than the cane. The whip strokes had a heavier thud than the cane, burning even more painfully and deeply. John cried out as Lisa whipped him slowly, each stroke of the whip leaving a red welt across the thinner welts left by the cane. After giving John ten strokes, Lisa moved to the other side of the bed and knelt next to John. She caressed his hair, caressing his cheek, which was now wet with tears.

"Just another ten, Darling", she told him. "Can you take another ten strokes with the whip for me?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Good boy"

Lisa began whipping John again, a little faster this time, his cries merging together. "Put your thighs together, Darling" Lisa told him after she had administered another ten strokes across his bottom. "I'm going to give you five more strokes". She told him as the whip burned across his thighs again. When she was done five wider whip welts joined the thinner cane marks.

Lisa exchanged the whip for the paddle ball paddle. The paddle was made from a dark heavy hard wood, and about half an inch thick.

"You can get up now. I'm going to put you over my knee" Lisa told John as she sat down on the side of the bed.

John lay across lisa's left thigh. She started paddling him, fast and hard, alternating buttocks. His cries started to mix with softer sobs as she spanked him. By the time she had given him twenty strokes on each buttock he was crying like he did when he was a little boy being spanked across his mother's knee.

Lisa put the paddle down and caressed him, starting on his back, sliding her hand down over his hot buttocks, to the base of his cock. She caressed him until she felt his cock grow hard against her thigh.

Lisa ran her finger down the cleft of his buttocks. "Would you like to lick my pussy?"

She felt his cock throb against her thigh. "Oh yes, Ma'am".

"Do you want to lick my pussy enough to take another spanking with the bath brush?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll take the extra spanking."

Lisa exchanged the paddle for the bath brush and lay back on the bed, her thighs spread, the brush resting on her right thigh.

John knelt between Lisa's legs. She felt the wetness of his tears on her inner thigh. John kissed Lisa's pussy through the sheer silk of her panties. Lisa was very wet and the thin material molded to the curves of her vulva. He nuzzled her, pressing into her lips, sucking her clit through her panties. After a moment he pulled back and Lisa pushed her hips up as he slipped her panties down her thighs and off her feet. John loved burying his face in Lisa's wet pussy. He ran his tongue between the swollen lips of her vulva, licking her clit and then taking it between his lips, sucking on it. Lisa moaned and pressed into his chin. As John licked her and sucked on her clit she thought about him crying for her as she whipped him. She could feel her excitement build. In her minds eye she saw John crying under the whip as her orgasm swept over her.

After the waves of her orgasm passed and Lisa caught her breath, she sat up, moving her pussy away from Johns tongue. She moved to the side of the bed.

John stood up and, without being told, lay over Lisa's left thigh to take the paddling Lisa has promised him for the privilege of licking her pussy.

Lisa began spanking John with the bath brush. Lisa was still in a haze of lust as she paddled John with the brush. She wanted to hear him crying again. She could not have said how many strokes she gave him as she spanked him, alternating cheeks. Lisa did not stop until he lay limp over her lap sobbing like a punished little boy.

Instead of comforting him as she had before, Lisa ordered John to lie over the pillows.

"Spread you cheeks and push your bottom up" Lisa ordered when John had positioned himself over the pillows. John reached back and cupped a buttock in each hand, spreading his cheeks, his back arched pushing his bottom up.

Even more than taking a painful spanking, offering Lisa his ass for penetration was the ultimate symbol of John's submission. It made Lisa almost breathless with desire.

Lisa went over to the night stand and got out a silicone rubber dildo and a condom. She took her time fitting the condom on the dildo, letting John wait for her with his cheeks spread. Lisa spread KY Jelly over the shaft of the dildo. She went over to the bed and knelt down next to John. She caressed his back with her left hand. "I want you to relax and take the dildo for me. If you clench up I'll have to spank you, Darling"

Lisa put the tip of the dildo against Johns anus and gently pressed inward. There was a moment of resistance as John tried to relax take the thick punishment dildo. He pushed out against it, opening his muscles as Lisa pushed the dildo inside him. She gently started moving the dildo in and out of his ass, slowly fucking him as she caressed the base of his cock. As she fucked him and caressed him his breathing started to come faster and his cock started to get hard.

"Roll over on your back, Darling. And keep the dildo inside you" Lisa told John after fucking him for a few minutes with the dildo.

Lisa moved the pillows aside and straddled John's chest, leaning her hands against the wall at the head of the bed, pressing her pussy down to John's mouth. He cupped her bottom in his hands and hungrily licked the cleft of her lips and sucked her clit. After a few minutes she pulled away and moved down Johns body, straddling his hips, over his cock. She slid John's hard cock into her pussy. Lisa loved the idea of John's cock inside her while the thick punishment dildo was inside him. She started to move against him, pushing her pelvic bone against him.

"I want you to ask me before you come, Darling" Lisa told John.

Which made John want to come, but he managed to answer "Yes, Ma'am".

Lisa started to move faster, pushing Johns sore bottom into the bed, pushing the dildo deeper into his ass. Lisa loved the idea of fucking John's ass while she rode him hard. John reached up and took each of Lisa's breast in his hands, gently pinching her nipples. They grew hard his touch and she started to moan as she moved harder and faster.

"May I come?" John panted, as Lisa rode his cock

"Yes, my love" she answered as they came together.

September, 2004

Case Wintermute