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This story is about two lesbians, lesbian sex and sexual spanking. It also happens to be written by a heterosexual man. If any of that offends you, please stop reading now.

OK, still with me... I wrote this story for someone who is trying to find her way, like most of us. I hope that this story pushes her buttons and makes her wet.

I hope that you, dear reader, like the story too. I always like hearing from readers, especially those who get turned on by my stories. If you don't like the story, what I wrote above about being a man is not actually true: my name is really Lynn Cheney. If you do like the story, my name is Wintermute at (replace the _at_ with @). Other stories can be found on my stories web page at hotbottomstories

New Love

Susan was looking forward to dinner at Lisa and John's house. She had known them both since they were in college together. Susan's three year old relationship with Debbie had broken up four months ago and she was not back in the dating scene. There were lots of free Saturday nights.

Only after Susan had accepted Lisa's dinner invitation did Lisa mention that another friend of hers would be there too.

"I think that you'll really like her, Susan", Lisa said. "She's a biologist and she reads a lot".

"And let me guess, she just happens to be a lesbian?", Susan responded.

"Her name's Alys and I've known her for a few years. She's really interesting, bright funny, well read... and cute. And yeah, she's a lesbian. I hope you won't hold that against her."

"Yeah, well, some my best friends are lesbians and a few are even straight people", Susan replied with a touch of sarcasm. "I'm not dating right now, Lisa. I'm not looking for anyone new. I'm still licking my wounds from Debbie".

There was nothing worse, Susan thought to herself, than your straight friends playing match maker. Sometimes it seemed like their attitude was "Susan's a lesbian, woman X is a lesbian, ergo Susan and X will hit it off".

"It's just dinner, good food, good conversation. No one's asking you to drag her off to bed."

"Oh all right", Susan said, "Can I bring a wine?"

"How about one of those great fruity Zinfandels you get?"

"OK, me and the Zin will see you Saturday"

Late Saturday afternoon Susan found herself doing the "closet thing", where she looked into her closet and tried to figure out what she was going to wear to dinner at Lisa and John's. If she was just going to have dinner with Lisa and John, she would have just shown up in a pair of jeans and a white cotton blouse. But since this Alys woman would be there it changed the dynamic. Even though she wasn't dating and didn't want to meet anyone new, she didn't want to look like a slob.

When Susan finally showed up at Lisa and John's she was wearing a pair of dark brown suede leather pants, brown boots and a maroon silk blouse that Susan thought looked good with her black hair. As she was putting on the pants she thought to herself "It'll be just my luck, Alys will probably be a vegan and hate me for wearing the skin of a dead animal."

The awkward evening that Susan had feared never materialized. As Lisa promised, the food was good and so was the conversation. Alys, as it turned out, was beautiful. She had honey blond hair that she wore loose that fell just past her shoulders, sea green eyes and the flat cheek bones of a model. The knee length skirt Alys was wearing outlined a round tight bottom that Susan thought looked delicious. Susan usually felt a little bit awkward when she meet new people, especially a woman as attractive as Alys. But Susan found Alys easy to talk to. She laughed as Susan's jokes, liked the same books and she had an easygoing, unselfconscious way about her. She did not act like a women who had grown up getting what ever she wanted because she was beautiful. Debbie had left Susan for another woman, which had dealt a blow to Susan's self-confidence. Somewhat to Susan's surprise, Alys seemed to find her attractive and when Susan suggested getting together for lunch soon, Alys suggested Sunday brunch the next day.

Susan arrived first at Pluto's Cafe (which had great sandwiches and salads). She was watching the door when Alys walked in. Alys was wearing a sun dress that came down to the middle of her thighs. After she saw Susan wave, she went over to the table. The dress was low cut in the front, showing Alys' cleavage as she sat down.

They split a chicken sandwich and they each had salads, along with mimosas made with tangerine juice. After a couple of mimosas Susan felt flushed and slightly tipsy. Lunch was even more enjoyable than dinner had been. Susan still could not believe that the lovely woman was interested in her.

After lunch they walked through the downtown, looking in shops and stopping at a bookstore. After a couple of hours Susan invited Alys to her apartment for coffee.

Susan busied herself in the kitchen making two cups of espresso. Her attraction to Alys had been building all day and now she felt nervous. What if she misread Alys? Maybe Alys just wanted to be friends. How could such a beautiful woman find her attractive? As she was getting some biscotti, Susan felt Alys come up behind her, caressing the back of her neck. As the espresso machine hissed and steamed, she turned toward Alys. Alys tilted her face up toward Susan and Susan kissed her.

They stood in the kitchen, kissing, Susan pressed up against the counter, Alys' body pressing into her. Susan could feel the bikini panties Alys was wearing through the thin material of the sun dress as cupped Alys' bottom in her right hand as she kissed her. Susan unzipped Alys dress, pushing it off her shoulders, letting it fall. Alys kicked her feet out her shoes and stepped out of the dress and continued kissing Susan. Pushing away slightly after a deep kiss, Susan looked at Alys. She was wearing a sheer lavender lace bra, the aureoles of her nipples visible through the sheer lace. Susan cupped Alys' breast in her palm, caressing its underside as she kissed Alys. Alys gave a little gasp as Susan gently rolled the erect nipple between her fingers.

Susan led Alys into the bedroom, the thought flickering briefly through her mind that she was glad that she had changed the sheets and made the bed. Susan sat down on the bed, pulling Alys to her between her legs. She unhooked Alys' bra in the front, taking her nipple in her mouth, cupping her bottom in her hands. Alys' eyes were closed, her face slightly flushed, her head back, as Susan moved to her other breast. Susan pushed the lavender string bikini panties down Alys' thighs.

"Come here", Susan said, patting the bed beside her, her voice low and soft.

"Can I undress you?", Alys asked

"Later. I want you now"

Alys lay down on the bed on her back, moving up toward the headboard as Susan moved her head between Alys' thighs. Susan found her wet, as she ran her tongue over her, labia, Alys' clit erect as Susan sucked it. Alys pressed against her, moaning slightly, pressing herself into Susan's mouth. Susan could feel Alys' excitement building, as Alys moved against her tongue and lips as she sucked her clit and finally as Alys' orgasm came and she lay still for a moment.

Afterward she lay down next to Alys, holding her, before Alys started to undress her, taking off her shoes, her pants, her blouse and finally her panties and bra. Alys started to caress her pussy, moving her finger over her lips, into her, before moving her head down, kissing Susan's pussy, sucking her clit.

It was always easier for Susan to give pleasure than to receive it. Alys' mouth felt so good and finally Susan felt the wave of her orgasm building as Alys sucked her clit, moving her fingers inside of her.

The next few weeks were fogged in the blur of new love. Neither of them got much done at work. When they had lunch with Lisa, she commented on how drippingly in love they both looked.

Alys had a studio apartment which started to feel claustrophobic with the two of them in it, so they spent most of their nights at Susan's apartment.

One evening, after a dinner of Chinese takeout, Susan had fucked Alys with a silicon dildo, her mouth Alys' clit, as she moved the dildo in and out of her. Afterward, when Alys had washed off the dildo, she went to put the dildo back in the drawer in the nightstand Susan had taken it out of. The paddles lay at the bottom of the drawer, dark wood against the dark wood of the drawer.

Alys did not say anything about the paddles to Susan, but their image burned in Alys' mind all the next day. That night, after a simple dinner of salad and sourdough bread, Susan was working in the bedroom she used as an office. Alys went to the door, standing motionless as Susan looked up at her.

"Hi, Honey", Susan said

"Umm Susan...", Alys stopped, as if frozen.

"What is it. Is something wrong, sweetie"

"Northing's wrong", Alys said, hesitating. "Ah, if I were a bad girl, would you spank me?", Alys said, blurting out her words.

Susan got up and went over to Alys, caressing her cheeks with the back of her fingers. "Yes, I'd spank you if that's what you needed. Have you been a bad girl?"

Alys' cheeks flushed. "Yes, I've been a bad girl", she said, almost whispering the words.

Susan tipped Alys' face up toward her with her left hand and kissed her on the lips. "Then I'm going to have to give you a spanking Honey. Go to the bedroom and undress to your panties. I want you to go stand in the corner near the dresser and wait for me. While you're waiting I want you to think about why you're going to get a spanking."

"Yes, Susan"

Alys walked down the hall to the bedroom. As she undressed she could feel her pulse pounding. She had fantasized about being spanked for so long, but she had never told anyone until now.

Alys went over to the corner. The last time she had stood in a corner was when she had been a little girl, but she had never been spanked. Now it was going to happen. Would she like it? Would it hurt too much?

Standing with her face in the corner thinking about the spanking that Susan was going to give her Alys was surprised to find that she really did feel like a bad little girl waiting her spanking.

After a little while Alys hear Susan come into the room. She felt a little surge of fear as she heard Susan open the nightstand drawer. In her minds eye she could see the dark wood paddles that had lain there.

"Come over here, Honey", Susan told her.

Susan was sitting on the side of the bed, in the middle. Alys' eye was immediately drawn to the two dark wood paddles that lay behind her on the bed. One of them was long and thin, the other looked like a ping-pong paddle made of thick dark wood. Alys went over and stood in front of Susan. Susan took Alys' hand and guided Alys to her right side.

"Over my lap, Honey."

Alys lay across Susan's knees, her bottom over Susan's right thigh. Susan caressed her bottom, sliding her hand over the thin sheer material of Alys' panties.

"Have you been a bad girl?", Susan asked her.

"Yes, Ma'am", Alys answered softly.

Susan moved her hand between Alys' thighs, caressing her pussy. The sheer material over her vulva as soaked. She ran her index fingers along the line of Alys' lips, up toward her clit, rubbing her.

She withdrew her hand and smacked Alys on her right buttock. "You need this, don't you Honey."

"Yes, please, I've been bad".

Susan started spanking her, alternating sides, her palm slapping Alys' bottom through the thin panties. The spanking stung and it hurt, but Alys was relieved to find that she did not want it to stop. She wanted it harder and she eagerly raised her hips when Susan pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. The slaps hurt more now on her bare bottom, the heat spreading with the sting. Susan caressed Alys' pussy again, finding her lips slick, swollen with excitement. She moved up to Alys' back, then the honey hair that had fallen over her face, drawing it away so she could see her. Alys' lovely bottom was starting to blush pink from the spanking. Alys was so beautiful, Susan though to herself.

"Have you learned your lesson, naughty girl. Or do you need to be spanked more?"


"Please what, little one?", Susan said caressing Alys' face. "Please stop, or 'Please spank me'".


"Say it"

"Please spank me, Susan", Alys said softly

Alys felt the smooth wood of one of the paddles caress her bottom. She felt the tingle of fear again, scared that the paddle would hurt too much. Then she felt the stroke of the thin across her ass. It stung more than Susan's hand had, but as Susan paddled her, she did not want it to stop, even as she was crying out under the strokes.

Susan stopped, caressing Alys again, sliding her fingers over Alys' pussy lips, rubbing her clit. Susan bent over to the side, resting her arm on the bed, her face close to Alys', her hand still on Alys' pussy.

"You really are a bad girl. Your pussy is soaking wet. You're such a naughty little slut."

"Yes, Susan. I'm a bad girl."

Susan sat up. "Get up, Sweetie", she told Alys.

Alys stood up, stepping out of her panties when they fell to her ankles.

Susan got two pillows and piled them in the middle of the bed.

"Over the pillows, Honey"

When Alys lay over the pillows, Susan knelt next to her, on Alys' right side, the small round dark wood paddle on the bed next to her. She caressed Alys' bottom, feeling her skin, hot from the spanking. She ran her fingers between Alys' cheeks, the skin there still pale next to the deep pink blush across Alys' bottom.

Alys' legs were spread, the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up, exposing her pussy, presenting her bottom for punishment. Susan slid her left thumb into Alys' pussy, thrusting gently into her, caressing her clit with the base of her index finger. Alys pressed against Susan's hand. Susan took the paddle in her right hand, leaning over Alys' bottom and began to spank her again.

This paddle hurt more, with a less stinging, deeper pain. Susan alternated cheeks, first one side, then the other. Alys' contracted her bottom with each smack, as the pain burned across the buttock, pushing down against Susan's hand. Susan stopped for a little bit, thrusting her thumb into Alys, rubbing her clit faster.

"You like this, don't you, my little slut", Susan said

"Yes", Alys moaned, too lost in her hunger to care how she sounded. "Please, Susan..."

Susan started paddling her again, harder now, faster, Alys crying out with each stroke, pushing hard against Susan's hand, moving faster, her bottom clenching, then relaxing as she pushed against Susan, until she cried out as her orgasm came with a flash of white light.

Susan stopped spanking her and lay down next to her, pulling Alys into her arms. Alys snuggling into Susan's breasts as Susan kissed her and stroked her hair. Alys lay against Susan, limp, as her breathing slowly returned to normal. In the aftermath of her hard, white hot orgasm, her face buried in Susan's soft warm breasts, her bottom still stinging from the spanking, the world was, for that tiny moment, perfect for Alys.

October, 2005

Case Wintermute