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This is an edited and slightly rewritten version of a story that I wrote many years ago. Except for "age play" stories between adult lovers, I don't write school girl spanking stories much anymore. I prefer the power dynamic of adult lovers and the voluntary submisson of an adult sexual or punishment spanking.

I do not, by the way, approve of spanking children (or young women in high school, for that matter). Spanking fantasy that involves childhood spanking is just that: a fantasy. The adult reader projects themselves into the scene. In a fantasy context a childhood spanking can be loving, however strict. The only thing that is hurt is the bare bottom.

Real life is not that way. Real childhood spankings are full of pain, fear and anger. They are nothing like this. So the fantasy here should not be read as in any way condoning anything but consentual adult spanking.

Home Discipline

The highway department had chosen well when they built the "scenic overlook". Looking out from the parking lot at night, the lights of the city spread out like white jewels on a black velvet background.

The beauty of view was invisible to Daphne and Sol, who where in the lone care in the parking lot. The windows had steamed up a couple of hours ago. Even if they could have seen the view through the glass, it would have meant nothing to them. Their thoughts were only for each other.

Daphne's blouse was unbuttoned, her bra was unhooked in the front and her skirt was pushed up around her waist. She and Sol were kissing deeply, their tongues moving in and out of each others mouths. Daphne moaned softly as Sol caressed her vulva through the her panties. The sheer material was wet and she felt like she would catch fire from the lust Sol aroused in her. As she moved to slip her panties off, she glanced at the clock on the car dash board. "Oh my God Sol, its already an hour after I promised my parents I would be home. We've got to leave, now!"

Instead of slipping her panties off, Daphne moved away from Sol and frantically began buttoning up her blouse.

"Ok, Daphne, we'll leave", Sol said, rather petulantly. "Maybe your parents have already gone to bed and they won't notice that you came home late."

"I hope so. I came home late last time we went out and I got quite a lecture. If I'm caught coming home late again, I'll be in real trouble."

It took half an hour for Sol to drive Daphne home. Daphne was mostly silent, giving Sol one word answers to his attempts at conversation. Daphne started to feel angry. It wasn't fair that she would be the only one to get into trouble for her tardiness. Sol's parents let him stay out as late as he wanted.

When they pulled up to her house, she kissed Sol lightly on the lips and hurried out of the car, shutting the door as silently as she could. The porch light was on and she let herself quietly into the house and turned off the light. As Daphne headed up the stairs to her bedroom, she heard her mother call her name. Daphne's mother was standing at the door of the study, dimly illuminated by the light behind her. She was wearing a bathrobe over an ankle length royal blue silk night gown.

"Oh, Mommy, I didn't think that you would still be awake", Daphne said lightly, trying to pretend that nothing was wrong.

"No, I'm sure you didn't", her mother replied sternly. "Come in here, young lady. We need to talk."

Her hopes of silent, unnoticed escape to her bedroom foiled, Daphne walked reluctantly into the study. A trip to the study with her mother was never good. The study had been the site of numerous parental scoldings and, on occasion, spankings. As Daphne's mother shut the door behind her, she thought, "Uh oh, I'm really going to get yelled at this time." Daphne tried to adopt a suitably repentant look.

"Why were you so late? I am very disappointed in you, especially after your promised to be home on time just a few days ago.", her mother said.

"I'm sorry Mommy, we just lost track of the time. I won't let it happen again", Daphne said with a pleading tone.

"You acted very irresponsibly", Daphne's mother told her. "You are a young woman now, not a little girl who can't keep track of time. I expect you to keep your promises. Since you are acting so irresponsibly, I am going to have to ground you for the next week."

"No, please don't ground me Mommy", Daphne wailed. "There's a dance and I just have to go."

"You should have thought of that earlier and kept your promise, young lady."

"You can't do this to me!", Daphne cried, stamping her foot and sticking out her lower lip. "Sol asked me to go. All my friends will be at the dance. And I have a new dress. I just have to go!" Daphne stamped her foot again. It was one stamp too many.

"I though that it might come to this. You are acting like a spoiled brat and I will not put up with it" her Mother told her.

"I am not a spoiled brat", Daphne loudly retorted.

"I've had enough out of you, young lady! I can see that words are having no effect."

Daphne's mother grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her over to the couch. She sat down, pulling Daphne across her lap. As Daphne fell across her mother's lap, she caught sight of the paddle, lying on the coffee table in front of the couch. Daphne knew from experience where events were heading. She kicked and struggled, but her mother held her firmly, pinning her right arm behind her back.

"Since you are acting like a naughty brat, Daphne, so you are going to get treated like one".

Daphne felt her skirt being raised. When Daphne felt her panties being pulled down she renewed her struggles. It was just too humiliating. She was too old for a bare bottom spanking.

Although Daphne was sure that she was too old for such treatment, spankings were not unfamiliar. Daphne had always had a head strong, bratty, streak and her mother did not hesitate to spank her when she felt it necessary. When Daphne was little, she had been spanked with her mother's hand. At nine her mother had started spanking her with the paddle that was lying next to her on the coffee table.

Since Daphne started high school, she had only been spanked a few times, but on those occasions, part of her punishment had been given with a rattan cane.

Daphne felt the sting of her mother's palm as it landed against the bare right cheek of her bottom. Her mother alternated cheeks, angrily spanking Daphne, hard and fast. The slaps rang out in the closed room, along with Daphne's cries. Finally the stinging slaps stopped raining down. For a moment Daphne thought that her mother would let her up. Then she felt her mother reach over to the coffee table and pick up the paddle.

"No, no, please Mommy, I'll be good!", Daphne said, squirming and pressing her thighs together. "Please don't spank me with the paddle!"

"You should have thought about being good earlier, young lady. You deserve a long, hard, spanking and that is what you are going to get."

Daphne started crying again as she felt the paddle come down sharply across her bottom. In the six months that had passed since Daphne's last spanking, she had forgotten how much the strokes of the paddle stung. As she lay across her mothers lap, squirming as she was punished, she pressed her thighs together. The spanking hurt but without really being aware of it, she started to get excited too.

Daphne and Sol had been kissing and petting for a couple of hours. Daphne was still aroused when she got home. The pain delivered by the paddle seemed to inflame her lust, as well as her bottom. When her mother finally stopped spanking her with the paddle, Daphne lay across her lap, breathlessly sobbing like a little girl.

Daphne's mother let go of her right arm and gave her a slap on her bottom. "Up you go, young lady."

Still crying, Daphne stood up. Her panties lay at her feet, kicked off during the spanking.

Daphne's mother got up from the couch and placed a straight backed chair in the middle of the room. "Take off your skirt and blouse and kneel on the chair", her mother ordered.

"Please, Mommy, I've learned my lesson. I won't be late again. Please don't spank me any more. I promise I'll be good."

Daphne's mother just gave her a steely look and said "Undress and kneel on the chair! Now!"

Bowing to the inevitable, Daphne obeyed and undressed, hoping that obedience would minimize any further punishment. She knelt the seat of chair, as her mother ordered, wearing only her bra. She leaned her upper body against the back of the chair forming her body into a vee, with her crimson bottom at its apex.

Daphne's mother took off her robe, putting it over the desk and crossed the room to the closet. She opened the closet and took down a rattan punishment cane that was hanging on a hook by a leather thong.

When Daphne saw the cane she started sobbing softly, promising her mother that she would never misbehave again, if only her mother would not cane her.

Her mother crossed the room and stood on Daphne's left side. Daphne watched fearfully as the cane cut the air, coming lightly across her cheeks as her mother took a few practice swings. For a moment Daphne thought that her mother looked very beautiful in the dark blue silk gown. The gown had thin shoulder straps and was low cut in the front, cupping her mother's breasts. It hugged her figure, showing her waist and the swell of her hips. Daphne felt both fear and a strange excitement, which she did not understand.

Daphne felt the cane again, feather light. It drew away and then swished through the air, coming down hard across her buttocks. Daphne cried out, her body quivering under the stroke. She gripped the back of the chair tightly as the pain burned across her bottom.

There was a another swish and another stroke landed, this time on the soft skin where her bottom joined her thigh. Her mother administered the strokes slowly, allowing the burning from the last stroke to fade, before administering the next. The anticipation, as she waited for the next stroke, made the punishment even worse. She bucked and cried under the strokes, her buttocks clenching. But Daphne did not dare try to move her bare cheeks from the cane's path. Daphne knew that this would only result in additional punishment. Finally, when the sobbing girl's crimson bottom and upper thighs were lined with welts, the caning stopped. Daphne lay draped over the chair, crying, while her mother comforted her, petting her hair, telling her she loved her. Finally Daphne's crying lessened and she got up, somewhat stiffly.

"I hope that you have learned your lesson, honey", her mother said, her previous sternness replaced by a more tender tone.

"Yes Ma'am, I've learned my lesson. I'm sorry I was bad. I will not be late again."

"Good. I love you Daphne. I'm sorry I had to spank you. Now, off to bed"

Daphne gingerly pulled on her panties, gathered her clothes and went up stairs to her bedroom.

As she was changing into a shortie nightie, she looked at her bottom in the mirror. Her cheeks were blushed crimson, beneath the deeper red of the welts left by the cane. She knew that it would hurt to sit down the next day.

As she rubbed her sore punished buttocks, she started to have the strange hot aroused feeling she had when Sol touched her. The spanking her mother had given her was the hardest she had ever gotten and she certainly had not enjoyed it. But it had been strangely arousing too.

Daphne lay in bed that night on her stomach, her bottom sore from her spanking. Her right hand was under her, caressing her vulva and her clit. As her excitement mounted she thought about kneeling on the chair again, waiting for the first stroke of the cane. But now it was not her mother who held the cane, but Sol.

Although the caning had been very painful and she would have promised anything at the time to end her punishment, the thought of Sol giving her a caning was very exciting now. She imagined herself quivering and crying under his cane strokes as he punished her. Although the caning hurt, she raised her bottom, offering her hot red cheeks to the cane.

As her fingers moved over the slick lips of her vulva, she imagined that after Sol had caned her soundly, he took her from behind, pounding into her punished bottom as she brought herself to orgasm.


There are not many people who are lucky enough to fall in love in high school and find "the one" who they are still in love with twenty years later. I've known a few people who have had this good fortune. I'd like to think that this is what happened with Daphne and Sol. In these stories Daphne is older, but she can still be a brat and she is not too old for a good hard bare bottom spanking: