A Garden Party

Liz hated her mother's garden parties. It was a beautiful spring day and rather than wandering the hills wearing jeans and a tee shirt, Liz was wearing a frilly white dress with little blue flowers on it. The skirt came down to her knees and she was wearing white socks and a matching pair of white shoes. Liz hated the dress. The shoes were uncomfortable and the socks looked silly as far as she was concerned.

"You look beautiful" Nanny told Liz, stepping back after tying a ribbon in Liz's honey blond hair.

"Thank you Nanny". Liz was actually flattered by Nanny's praise. She loved being pretty for Nanny. But she still hated the dress. "Why do I have to go to Mum's silly garden party? It's so boring. No one ever talks about anything interesting and I have to sit there like some sort of prim china doll with my knees together and my back straight."

"You're thirteen now and your mother thinks that it is time that you learned to socialize. Now I want you to get rid of that little black cloud that is floating over your head. Or you're bare bottom is going to make a renewed acquaintance with the rattan cane. So I suggest that you at least pretend to be pleasant at the party."

"Yes, Nanny"

"Good girl. Now off you go."

Liz went downstairs to the solarium. It was a large glassed in room that adjoined one of the sitting rooms. There were large potted palms and tropical trees against the walls and oriental carpets on the floors. Four iron tables with glass tops had been moved into the solarium. Liz helped one of the maids set the tables and arrange the center pieces. At least it gave her something to do and took her mind off the silly dress and how she looked like a twit.

Liz's mother breezed in to check the table settings. "Oh you look lovely Elizabeth".

"Thank you Mummy", Liz answered looking down at her toes.

She watched as Liz arranged another center piece. "The flowers look lovely dear. Thank you so much for pitching in". With that Liz's mother breezed out again to check on the kitchen.

The guests started to arrive. Liz stood near one of the potted palms. She felt like another ornamental plant as she watched the guests arrive. The women were all wearing summer dresses, some with light summer hats. Her mother's friend, Mrs. Rhyce-Jones come in. Mrs. Rhyce-Jones' daughter Carolyn was in Liz's class. Carolyn was very pretty and one of the most popular girls in the class. She rarely talked to Liz or any of Liz's friends who were part of the "tomboy" faction at school.

"At least Carolyn is not here" Liz thought. She knew that she would be expected to entertain Carolyn. Unfortunately, her relief was short lived when Carolyn came gliding into the room a few minutes later. She must have been held up putting someone in their place, though Liz.

Liz's mother, Mrs. Rhyce-Jones and Carolyn were coming toward Liz. She felt doomed. Carolyn's dark hair was done in loose ringlets and ribbons and fell down the back of her light purple dress. Carolyn was only a few months older than Liz but she was already starting to get a figure. As always, Carolyn looked very pretty and poised. Liz thought that this must be what Nanny and Mummy meant when they talked about being a "proper young lady". At that moment Liz hated Carolyn.

Liz gave a little curtsy. "How pleasant to see you Mrs. Rhyce-Jones" Liz said, feeling like some robot was mouthing the words. "Your dress looks beautiful Carolyn" she added.

"You know each other from school, don't you?" Liz's mother asked.

"Yes, Mummy."

"Well then we'll leave you two together" said Liz's mother as she turned to join the main body of women that was forming in the center of the solarium.

Liz and Carolyn ate little sandwiches and cakes while Liz tried her best to make small talk with Carolyn. It was clear than Carolyn would never have talked to Liz but for the fact that they were both stuck at the garden party.

"Would you like to see the orchids?" Liz asked Carolyn, grasping at anything that would allow her to escape the garden party before she died of boredom or committed some faux pas that would result in getting Nanny's cane across her bare bottom.

Carolyn quickly expressed an interest in orchids. Liz thought that she was probably just as bored, but had a talent for looking like she was alive and interested even when her brain was shutdown. Liz lead the way outside, keeping to the stone path so she did not get her shoes dirty. She held the door of the greenhouse open, letting Carolyn go in before her. Long stone tables lined the sides of the greenhouse and ran down the center, leaving two isles down the center, broken in two places that allowed one to cross from one side to the other. Liz pointed out the various kinds of orchids and explained how she had helped the Gardner cross some of them to produce new kinds of flowers.

As Carolyn walked down the rows looking at the exotic flowers she noticed a wooden box lying at the end of one of the tables.

"What's in this box?" she asked Liz

"Oh, that's nothing. Look at this orchid Carolyn, it is a rare black orchid".

"Is there something that I should not see in this box?"

"Well it's my box and what is in it is of no interest to you" Liz answered firmly.

"Mommy says that your Nanny still spanks you. Is there something in here that would get you a spanking? Maybe something you should not have, like cigarettes?"

"No, it's nothing like that. Just leave it alone. Now lets go back to the party" Liz said angrily.

"Well, lets see" Carolyn said opening the box. The box was full of tree frogs, which jumped out like jack-in-the-boxes as the lid was opened. They sprang in all directions, two landing on Carolyn's dress and one landing in her hair. She screamed and brushed them off her dress. Then she felt the frog that was caught in her hair. She went running out of the greenhouse brushing at her hair, screaming for someone to get the frog off her. The frog fell down the back of her dress and she was in full flight when she arrived back at the garden party. One of the maids was able to take the hysterical girl into one of the guest rooms where she got Carolyn's dress off and managed to capture and eject the frog into the outdoors.

As the maid was leading Carolyn off, Liz's mother grabbed her arm as lead her to a corner of the sitting room. Liz was trying to avoid laughing at Carolyn's silliness.

"Elizabeth, what is all this about?"

"I was showing Carolyn the orchids and she opened a box of tree frogs. They jumped all over her. If she had not panicked I could have gotten the frog off her."

"Was this your box of frogs?"

"Well, yes, but I told her to leave it alone."

"I imagine that you knew that after telling her that there is no way she could resist opening the box."

Mummy was not supposed to have figured that out. Liz looked down at her toes.

"I want you to go find Nanny and ask her to give you a good hard spanking" Liz's mother said sternly.

"But Mummy, she opened the box..."

"Elizabeth, don't make me tell you twice."

"Yes, Mummy"

Liz found Nanny in the library.

"Is the party over already?" Nanny asked.

"No, Ma'am"

"Well, shouldn't you be at the party then?"

"No, Ma'am" Liz was on the edge of tears. She hated this part. "Nanny, would you please give me a hard spanking?"

"Why do you need a spanking, dear?"

"Because Mummy says..." and then Liz told her about what a terrible bore the party was and being stuck with that prig Carolyn and about the tree frogs. And how she told Carolyn not to open the box.

"Did you tell her what was in the box?"

"No, it was none of her business."

"You set her up, didn't you?" Nanny asked

"Well, yes. But I don't think..."

"That you'd get a spanking?"

Liz looked down at her toes. "No, Ma'am".

"I want you to go to your room. I'll send one of the maids up to help you out of your dress. I'll be up in a little while. I want you to think about what a naughty girl you've been."

Liz was sitting on the bed looking down at the carpet when the maid Fionna came in. Fionna was only a couple years older than Liz. She helped Liz out of the dress and made sympathetic noises about the trouble Liz was in. Fionna took her dress and her shoes. The dress would be pressed and the shoes cleaned. Liz was left in a lace chemise and a pair of brief French panties. Fionna returned a few minutes later with a heavy oak ruler and a bath brush, which she put on the night stand. Then she returned about a minute later with a rattan cane and a leather twase which she put on the bed.

"I'm sorry about the spanking, Miss", Fionna said, seeing Liz look fearfully at the items Fionna had laid out for Nanny's use.

"Thank you Fionna" Liz said, glad for the sympathy.

A few minutes after Fionna left, Nanny come in. She picked up the ruler and sat on the bed.

"Do we need to discuss why you are getting a spanking or shall we proceed directly to the spanking?" Nanny asked in a matter of fact way.

"No, Ma'am. I know why I'm getting a spanking. I'm sorry Nanny" Liz said as she pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and lay across Nanny's lap.

Nanny held Liz firmly with her left arm and brought the heavy ruler down hard across Liz's bare bottom. At first Liz tried to take her spanking stoically and the only sound in the room was the metronome like smack of the oak across Liz's bare buttocks. The ruler stung and as Nanny continued to spank her, the ruler strokes elicited ever louder cries. When Nanny finally stopped Liz was crying and her bottom was crimson.

"Bend over the end of the bed, dear" Nanny told Liz.

Liz stood up. Her panties fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Liz stood at the end of the bed, her knees and thighs resting against the bed. She bent forward, supporting herself on the palms of her hands, her back arched, her bottom pushed out. Time seemed to be very slow for Liz as she waited for Nanny to get the cane and move to her left size. Nanny tapped her bottom with the cane, measuring her stroke. Then the cane whistled through the air as Nanny brought it hard across the center of Liz's bottom. At first it did not seem that bad and then the burning pain came, a hot line across her buttocks. Nanny administered a stroke every ten seconds or so, the welts perfectly level and parallel, lining Liz's bottom and upper thighs. After the first few strokes Liz was sobbing as the rattan cut across her bottom. After giving her twenty strokes, Nanny sat on the bed and pulled the crying girl into her arms, holding her until she stopped crying.

"All right then, bend over the bed again, please" Nanny told Liz after a few minutes. Liz started crying again as she positioned herself for the cane. The second set of strokes, given hard over her already welted buttocks and thighs hurt even more than the first. Liz squirmed and clenched her buttocks after Nanny gave her a hard stroke across the tops of her thighs.

"You know better than that dear. Now stay still. I'm going to give you that stroke over and you'll have to take two extra punishment strokes" Nanny warned, bringing the cane down hard across Liz's bottom.

Nanny warned Liz two more times to stay in position. Finally the caning stopped and Nanny comforted the sobbing girl.

"How many extras do you have coming, dear", Nanny asked when Liz's sobs had quieted down. Tears were still running down Liz's cheeks. She got a tissue and blew her nose. She had tried to be a good girl and stay still for her caning. Liz remembered Nanny's warnings, but it all ran together in her mind. "Four, Ma'am?" Liz answered hopefully.

"I'm afraid that it was six. I'm going to give you another two for not keeping track, so that will make eight. Now back over the bed. I want you to count the strokes for me."

Liz reluctantly bent over the bed again. The cane sliced the air and she cried out.

"One. Thank you Ma'am"

"Two. Thank you Ma'am"

When Liz had counted out and thanked Nanny for eight strokes, Nanny finally put the cane aside. Liz stood up and watched as Nanny piled the lace edged pillows in the middle of the bed.

"Over the pillows, dear", Nanny told her. Liz lay on her stomach, with the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up.

Liz looked fearfully at the twase Nanny held in her right hand. "Please don't whip me, Nanny. I've learned my lesson. My bottom is so sore. I'll be a good girl."

"I know that you'll be a good girl. But I'm afraid that your spanking is not over yet. Now get that bottom up for me!"

Liz arched her back and offering her bottom for the heavy leather of the twase which cracked hard across her welted cheeks. Years later, as Liz was crying while her lover whipped her with the same twase Nanny used, she realized that lying like this, her bottom pushed up and offered for the twase, her thighs spread exposing her pussy, was a position of total submission.

After giving Liz twenty strokes with the twase, Nanny put the crying girl over her knee. Liz lay limply over Nanny's knee, sobbing, as Nanny spanked her, the bath brush smacking first on one buttock then the other. When Nanny took the crying girl into her arms again, her bottom and thighs were a deep crimson, bruises from the bath brush mixed with the welts from the cane and the twase.

The next morning Liz sat on a pillow at breakfast. When she had looked at her bottom in the mirror after she showered she could still see some fading welts and bruises.

"I want you to apologize to Carolyn for the frogs" Nanny told her. "I can drive you over to her house this afternoon"

"But that's not fair, Nanny. I've been spanked. Hard." Liz said pouting. "And its Carolyn's fault too. If she was not such a twit there would not have been such a row."

"Well then, let me put it another way. You can apologize to Carolyn this afternoon or you can have another spanking at bed time."

"That's just not fair Nanny! I don't see why I should have to apologize to that stuck-up twit. She thinks she's so pretty and perfect."

"I'm not going to argue with you, young lady. Its very simple. You can apologize to the twitish Carolyn (as you would say) or you can go to sleep a very sore bottomed young lady" Nanny replied.

Liz made up her mind. There is no way that she would apologize to that Carolyn the Twit as she thought of her. Nanny could beat her until her bottom fell off and she cried a sea of tears. Liz would not apologize. Nanny could not make her. She would see!

At bedtime Liz carried one of the leather ottomans upstairs to her room. When Nanny come in to Liz's room at bed time she found Liz kneeling on the ottoman, bent over the end of the bed. Liz was wearing a short white cotton nightie, which she had pulled up past her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down. Her panties were lying on her right side and the rattan cane and the twase lay on the left. Nanny could see that there were still faint welts and bruises on Liz's buttocks and upper thighs.

"You are a very stubborn young lady" Nanny told her. "I'm sorry you're going to have to have another spanking so soon after the last one."

Liz watched Nanny pick up the cane and move to her left side. Nanny was wearing a long silk nightie, with thin straps which left Nanny's arms and shoulders bare. Liz could see her body outlined through the silk. Liz thought that Nanny was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Nanny raised the cane and brought it down hard across Liz's bare bottom. Liz tried to stay silent at first. Then she buried her face in a pillow, muffling the cries that followed each cane stroke. Nanny gave her sets of twenty strokes with the cane, giving Liz a few minutes to catch her breath between each set. By the time Nanny was in the middle of administering the second set, Liz was crying like a little girl. When Nanny finished giving Liz the second set of twenty strokes she put the cane down and piled the pillows in the middle of the bed. Without being told, Liz got up and lay over the pillows, still crying. Her head rested on the mattress, her bottom up, arched and offered for her whipping. Nanny picked up the twase and caressed Liz's bottom and thighs, letting her wait, letting her think about the whipping she would soon get across her welted buttocks.

After giving her twenty lashes with the twase Nanny took Liz in her arms, cradling her against her breasts. She petted Liz's hair as Liz nuzzled her face into Nanny's warm breasts.

"Have you changed your mind about apologizing to Carolyn?" Nanny asked Without saying anything Liz got up and lay over the pillows, pulling her nightie up and pushing her bottom up.

Nanny sighed. "I guess that is 'No'", Nanny said as she brought the twase down hard across Liz's welted buttocks. Liz was soon sobbing as Nanny whipped her. Nanny concentrated on giving the strokes across the lower curve of Liz's bottom and on her thighs, giving a stroke to one thigh and then the other. Finally, sobbing and promising to be a good girl, Liz said that she would apologize to Carolyn, if only Nanny would stop whipping her. Nanny finished the second set of twenty strokes with the twase before telling Liz she could get up.

"Please get the bath brush"

"I'll be a good girl. I'm sorry I was stubborn. I'll apologize to Carolyn. Just please don't spank me anymore."

"Get the bath brush, dear"

"Yes, Ma'am" Liz said, resigned to her fate.

When Liz returned with the bath brush Nanny was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Take you nightie off, please" Nanny told her. Liz handed the brush to Nanny and slipped the nightie over her head, laying it on the bed next to her panties. Without waiting for Nanny to tell her, Liz lay over Nanny's lap. The smooth silk over Nanny's bare thighs felt very sensual. Liz put her right arm behind her back and Nanny held her arm with her left hand. Lying naked and helpless over Nanny's knee she felt like a little girl. She though about how much she loved Nanny as Nanny began spanking her with the heavy wooden brush. Nanny spanked hard and fast, alternating cheeks, as Liz sobbed and promised to be a good girl.

At tea time the next day Nanny took Liz to the Rhyce-Jones' house. They had tea with Carolyn and her mother. Liz noticed Carolyn watching her as she shifted uncomfortably on the hard wood of the chair she was sitting in. She was sure that Carolyn knew that she had been soundly spanked. She hated to give Carolyn the satisfaction of knowing that she had been punished. Liz wondered if Carolyn ever got the cane across her perfect little bottom. She certainly hoped so. Liz did not want another spanking, so she obediently apologized for the frog incident. Nanny mentioned later that Liz did a good job of sounding sincere.

September, 2004

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